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The Venn Diagram System!

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This guide is basically finished. I may add a couple more things but probably not. I've made this guide for both mid and top lane Heimer. However, I strongly recommend playing top lane Heimer. Heimer simply works a lot better top lane I find, and then you can have an assassin or mage mid lane. This is really good because Heimer can't usually do the best job fulfilling the role of mage or assassin. The main reason for me making this guide was to introduce something that (as far as I know) I've invented. I call it The Venn Diagram System. I find it works extremely well in most situations. I will go in depth with it in the Tactics section. Please note that I've made this guide to be a...... well....... guide. As such, I expect you to use it to gain information and ideas for Heimer, then apply them to your own play. You should not take everything this guide has as law, you should take it as a suggestion or a recommendation. So, when you play, experiment a bit for yourself and try different things out and see what you like best. Most importantly, try to have fun; for what is a game for other than to enjoy yourself?

Early game you will want to have your turrets set up in your lane BEFORE the minions get there. This will REALLY help you out for the beginning as you will already have maximum defense before the laning phase begins. It may be tough for you before you get a [img=items/tear-of-the-goddess.png] as you won't be able to freely use your abilities. Just remember that Heimer is the ultimate defense champion and can win any lane simply by not being stupid and getting yourself killed. So, as long as you don't do something dangerous to get yourself killed you are almost guaranteed to not die and simply win.

I'm just going to classify mid game as the point after level 6 but before teamfights. So, with that in mind, some things you should know about mid game for Heimer is that he'll probably destroy people by mid game. If anyone tries to enter The Venn Diagram System (refer to Tactics) you can simply kill them with E>R>W. Also, if you ever push your opponent out of lane, make sure the river is warded, then push the lane and get to the enemy turret. Once at the enemy turret place down an upgraded turret and any other turrets you can place and just melt the tower. If you don't kill it you'll at least get it REALLY low health so that it's easy to kill later. I feel that one of the harder things to learn about Heimer though, is when to go back to base. Really, with Heimer, once you get a [img=items/tear-of-the-goddess.png] you may be able to stay in lane almost indefinitely just because your opponent will probably not be suicidal and you'll have near infinite mana. This makes it so that there won't usually be any reason for you to go back. However, if you keep staying in lane your opponent will get an advantage over you because you have 2000 gold lying around and he's spent 1000 gold. So, some good times to go back to your base are times like when your opponent recalls, instead of pushing your lane and taking his tower just recall with him and get some good items. Also, if you've already taken your opponents turret then you can usually recall whenever you've pushed the lane a bit. However, this doesn't work too well if you're versing someone who's a really good pusher. Just use discernment.

Teamfights are probably the hardest thing for Heimer. His entire existence kind of counteracts how teamfights work. So, let me try to help you as much as possible with teamfights. I have a few things I can recommend you do. 1. Try to keep 3 turret charges on you at all times. 2. If you think a teamfight might start soon then place your 3 turrets down using The Venn Diagram System. 3. Using R>E can be VERY useful for disabling the entire enemy team. 4. Using R>W can easily take out any squish enemy champions that get in range. During teamfights it's very important to make sure that you play defensively and poke with W. It's also very important that your team plays quite defensively too, so if they aren't then make sure to tell them. A poke team works really well for Heimer. A split push team can also work quite well. A chase team or any form of aggressive team will make it VERY difficult for Heimer. Also, I recommend not moving from your turrets until you have 3 charges.

This idea is one of the main reasons I've made this guide. I've never seen anyone other than myself do this. I call it The Venn Diagram System! [big]Setting up The Venn Diagram System[/big] [img=http://i.imgur.com/p8nOKAP.jpg] You see, by having your turrets placed in such a way that it forms a venn diagram it makes a defense system which works against most opponents. If you stay within the large circles, primarily staying in the center, you are extremely well protected from most attacks, and the lane is able to be held very well. This is how I normally start The Venn Diagram System in a lane: First, I place a turret! [img=http://i.imgur.com/EryFID2.png] Second, I place a second turret!! [img=http://i.imgur.com/BASM9xx.png] Then, I place a third turret!!! [img=http://i.imgur.com/MhPIOYW.png] The placing the turret thing isn't what it's about though. It's really about where you place the turrets. You see, in the first picture I essentially just placed the turret. In the second picture I placed the turret on the outside of the circle. And in the third picture I placed the turret where the two circles connect on the outsides of the circles. This will always work to create The Venn Diagram System. [big]Moving forward with The Venn Diagram System[/big] Using The Venn Diagram System you can move forward while maintaining optimal defense. You simply take the turret you placed first (or the one you placed latest(if that makes any sense)) and you place a new turret directly opposite of it on the outsides of the circles where they touch. Very similar to the third step on setting up The Venn Diagram System. [img=http://i.imgur.com/k93c2gu.png] And you can continue Moving forward. [img=http://i.imgur.com/Os6Qppt.png] And just keep moving forward as much as you want. Just make sure you don't go too too far because if you're pushed out too far then the minions will meet at your turret instead of at the other minions which could cause your turrets to quickly take a lot of damage. So be careful about that. [img=http://i.imgur.com/pYx5ti2.png] [big]Utilizing Pink Wards[/big] When using The Venn Diagram System against a team that has a champion that can turn invisible I would recommend upgrading your [img=items/greater-totem.png] to a [img=items/greater-vision-totem.png] and placing it in the center of your turrets it will help to provide an ultimate defense even against invisible people. However, you can only place a pink ward every 3 minutes so, although this is helpful, it will be difficult to utilize properly as you will be limited on either when you can move your turrets or when you are safe.

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