Kindred Build Guide

Kindred Mid Lane Antagonist

Updated 1 year ago
Skill Order
Dance of Arrows
Wolf's Frenzy
Mounting Dread
Lamb's Respite
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So we're here today to talk about Kindred. Now I've seen her played a lot in both bot lane and jungle some times well and some time well...not. But today I'll be talking about taking Kindred into the Mid lane. I have no idea how anyone will react to this as far as whether it be a good or bad play but that aside bear with me. Mid lane may not be Kindred's strongest suit and maybe she is better off in the jungle or the bot lane as of now but that aside in mid Kindred is in relative proximity to all of the camps Wolf may mark for stacks, which is why ive been trying this out. She can be a bully too so you can potentially make laning for your opponent a living hell or even be a pain in the rear for the enemy jungler since he will likely have to pay many visits to ensure his mid isn't possible starved to death through early game.

Early game I tend to start with the chicken camp to get a fast lvl 2 then TP into lane with my freshly aquired Q and begin using wolfs frenzy to bully the enemy laner to their turret. I don't rush this by any means since I want to poke them down a decent amount to ensure they stay there or base so I can potentially leave lane for a camp. Do not forget to mark your lane opponent any time possible early if you can get the kill mark your more set than you are with out and any time the mark is used and you cannot mark them due to a recent kill try and look ofr potential opportunities to gank other lanes while they are away or bullied into their turret. TP helps with this if your team is keeping up with warding.

Mid game you should roam whenever you can do so without being punished I tend to stick to teammates who are either tanky and can engage or have CC to assist me with an engage of my own if we're moving in pair's or groups of any sort. Remember that you are squishy and getting caught out can be very deadly. So try to help provide vision when possible. You needn't get a sweeper if others have them and are clearing wards instead upgrading ward trinket can greatly assit in providing information on the enemies where about and can also help you land the kills you need on marks to get your stacks up. Mobility boots are a god send to hunt people down that are brave enough to wander alone. If you manage just 6 stacks from camps alone and have BotRK you are doing 15.5% current hp damage on hit and can easily half and enemies hp in 2 to 3 shots if they aren't super tank.

Late game stick behind the front lines unless the opportunity to blow up a squishy arises. Use you're W not only to zone and damage in engages but also to help take objectives be it dragon baron or even a tower as wolf will bite those for damage as well. Watch your other carries and high damage characters and use your ult when necessary to keep them well and living to win the fights but be aware they still may die so choose who and where you ult wisely you don't want to save the entire enemy team only for them to melt you or anyone else who didnt get in or stay in the circle. If you've gotten some stacks (say 8 or so) you should be able to melt even a tanky champ as long as you have built some damage or a L.W. to pen their tough outer shell. Also beware of sated jungle champions especially if they have stuns or knockups they will hurt a lot and if your not lucky enough to get an ult off on yourself you may well be dead otherwise if they aren't beating your face in immediately you can potentially melt them as well if you use your kit effectively.

Same as above. You are a back line unless there is an opening to blow something up otherwise poke their front line and preserve your team when possible with your ult preferably self cast ult from back line while standing close enough to ally to save them thus keeping the enemy out of your ult's loving embrace.

So let me know what you think if you decide to give this a run. I've had some fun making this guide and I hope this is of use to some one out there maybe who wants to step away from the norm. I'll keep an eye on the comments to see what people have to say and possibly make adjustments later but until then I'm gonna go p[lay a bit more. Later all.

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