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Hey guys, I'm Meteos from Cloud 9 and this is my nocturne guide! I'll try to share my thoughts on how to play nocturne with you all and hopefully you find something in here that is useful to you. Nocturne is a strong jungler who is fun to play and great to learn the jungle on!

In the early game focus on farming and counter ganking. Nocturne ganks aren't that bad early game, but he's weaker than most other junglers before level 6, doesn't have a real gap closer pre-6, and isn't very good if he falls behind so be careful about when choosing to gank. Farming is usually the safest option.

In the mid game, try to make plays every time that your ult is up. Any lane can be ganked by walking through the lane with nocturne's ultimate so any time you see someone out of position and you don't think it's a bait, go for it. As of patch 3.14, I think that bot lane is the best lane to gank with nocturne because of how strong supports can get and because you can usually take dragon or a turret after a successful gank.

In the late game, nocturne can be a very good split pusher because of how much range his ult has at max range and because he's a great assassin/duelist. Try to get the rest of your team to group middle while you split push a side lane, then ult to them when the fight starts.

In team fights, it's generally best to dive onto the enemy carries and try to assassinate them. With blade of the ruined king, nocturne can kill most carries by himself. Do as much damage as you can and then back off before you die and try to peel their divers off your carries if you can't kill the other team's carries.

In conclusion, Nocturne is a very well rounded jungler who farms quickly, has strong ganks with his ultimate, and is strong throughout the entire game. He's not very mechanically intensive so I would recommend him to new junglers looking to improve! I hope this guide helped and have fun :) [vid=]

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