Bard Build Guide

It's pretty Bard to think of a punny title patch 5.24

Uploader 3griff
Updated 1 year ago

Hello, obviously if your rank in LoL is quite low, this can diminish credibility for a guide, so I will not be giving out my username because I have ELO decayed quite a bit since my desktop broke and I had to play on my 20 fps laptop for quite some time. However I will be attempting to climb back to plat now that I have a desktop again and once this is done I will Publish my in game name. The purpose of this guide is to educate on how I play bard, and give a good template for people who are attempting to play him, and want to know more about him. That being said, in any guide just understand that it is highly about player preferences and style play, so things that I put in here are never mandatory. If you rush I.E on bard you might suck but if you're diamond and you win every game, well you win every game.

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