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Please note: This is for reference use only. Abbreviations: AD = Attack Damage, ADC = Attack Damage Carry, AP = Ability Power, CDR = Cooldown Reduction Welcome! All of the information on this page will guide you on how to play Blue Ezreal! This guide features a 40% CDR. Pros: -Clears creep waves easily, -Passive stacks up attack speed, -Double flash = Ezreal's E + Summoner Spell: Flash, -Has items with additional effects Cons: -If behind, Low Damage Output, -Mana Usage Problems, -Hard to land Ezreal's R on to targets, -Fragile

When playing Ezreal, you want to outplay enemies with your Q. If you land at least 75% of your Q's that can hit them, then you should be fine as Ezreal. In the laning phase, last hit minions with your auto attack when you wont get punished for it and then land a Q when you would get harassed for last hitting minions. Harass them to about half health before you go all in to win the lane. At level 6, if you're support can toss out the crowd control effect on to the enemies, then immediately use your R and go all in.

With the 3 items: Iceborn Gauntlet, Essence Reaver, and Boots of Lucidity, these will grant you 35% CDR plus the 5% CDR from the Mastery, Sorcery, in the Offense Tree. The total is 40% CDR. Iceborn Gauntlet will have additional effects on your Q and E. Toss out a Q or E that will land any target and it will create a field of ice that slows down the enemy's movement speed. Your auto attacks will also create a field of ice if you missed your Q or E. In a 1v1 duel, you will usually outplay enemy champions, take advantage of your items, especially Iceborn Gauntlet, unless those champions are far ahead or that they are your counters. You can split push bot lane and shoot your R to where team fights occur. You could also go mid lane and join the team fights in there as well.

At this point, you should have Muramana, Last Whisper, and Bladed of the Ruined King. Activate your Muramana during team fights, 1v1 duels, getting objectives, or chasing enemies with low health. Deactivate your Muramana when your farming, split pushing, or getting buffs. Stay together with your team and look for enemy champions that are isolated apart and kill them instantly. Be careful not to get baited.

When some champion on your team initiates, find a good spot that will land your R on all 5 enemy champions. Deal as much damage as possible with your Q and E back if needed to stay safe and alive. Prioritize and focus on fragile targets and then the tanks. Don't let the enemy team focus on you. Never go in alone or else you'll instantly get killed. Take advantage of your items like Farsight Orb or your Q to find and locate where the enemy team is, especially in brushes.

Hopefully you enjoy reading my Blue Ezreal guide, featuring 40% CDR. Please leave any questions or comments below. Thank you.

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