Mordekaiser Build Guide

Misery loves ridiculously overpowered mains

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Hello everyone and welcome to my first guide. I've never tried something like this before so I apologize for anything I do wrong. I started playing league during season 2 and I started ranked in season 3. Since then i've been solid Silver but recently i've been making a real effort to get to Gold. Mordekaiser was one of the first champions I remember playing and he's always been my fave. I'm glad to see him finally getting support but I kinda feel bad since he's SO broken now. Anyway this is how I play Morde, hope you learn something and please give any criticism. I'd love advice.

You are almost always doing better than your opponent early game. Just keep farming and if they come to farm scare them with Qs. Poke them with E and Q them to finish. When you get your ult you fight a lot better and unless they have enough CC or mobility you'll be fine. Never be afraid to flash for kills.

Keep farming. No matter what. If you're not fighting or taking dragon focus on farming your lane. If your opponent is MIA and you've already destroyed one tower go for drake or help mid push their lane. You can also always take enemy jungle but this is easier if you're red side.

By now you're either winning beautifully or losing terribly. Hopefully the former. Just push lanes and farm and pressure towers. If your team and the enemies are next to each other join them and hopefully they will start a fight, with you there you will almost always win. When you do push towers or go for drake/baron then push more before going back. Remember that Morde has one of the best wave-clears in the game.

Always wait for your support or jungler to engage the fight or for the enemy team to. Throw your W onto either your adc or someone in the middle of the fight. Throw an E to charge your shield and then immediately jump onto one of their squishies. Put your ult on their adc (or yasuo or yi) when they're about to die and if you get to this point still alive you've probably won the fight. Good job. GGWP nerf morde.

So there's my first guide for my fave champion of all time. It probably needs a lot of work and I'll add to the matchups section as I fight new champs. Feel free to leave criticism and advice as i'd greatly appreciate it. I'm always wanting to learn and get better.

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