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Updated 2 years ago

Hey young Corki players! My name is Jason, but my in game name is TehJayJay (TEH-JAE-JAE) for all those who can't read real English. Anyway, I've been playing Corki since the end of season 3, and I've really enjoyed him. He's a wonderful champion and his kit provides many perks that more AD carries should have. Oh excuse me I meant to say, \"that more MARKSMAN should have.\" Corki has insane burst damage post sheen and post 6. His missiles shred enemies when in team fights because it's on a 2 second cooldown and if you have 7 you can spam them off cooldown and use the sheen proc each time. His biggest con is that he is at his weakest pre 6, and certain Marksman can take advantage of that. *Cough* Kalista *Cough* The only other major con I can think of is that although his late game is pretty good, it is not the best of all the Marksman in League of Legends currently. Other champs outscale him which can be a problem if your game lasts that long. That's all i got for an intro, so let's dive in!

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