Renekton Build Guide

Renekton Top Lane Guide

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Hes an aggressive champion that can bully really hard early game. He is also tanky and has awesome wave clear. Pros? -Strong early and mid game presence -High damage -Has a stun -No mana -Compliments ganks Cons? -Easily kited -Doesn’t scale into late game well compare to other top lane champs

Levels 1-6 you just go ham and try to assert dominance by pushing the lane while harassing the enemy laner and make him miss cs under turret. If you get to level 3 and hes overextended, you can go on him and deal out a bunch of damage. Once you are level 6, you have the potential to dive the other laner if hes half hp or if your jungler comes and dives with you.

Once you got his turret, you can still pressure your lane pushing it all the way to the 2nd turret. After that, you can do the enemies jungle or look to roam mid or bot and see if you can get a kill. You can also group with your team and go for objectives like pushing mid and getting the turret or going for dragon.

At this point, you want to group up with your team and look to catch people out or push for turrets. You can also splitpush if you are stronger then the other splitpusher on the other team. Just make sure your team knows that you are splitting and that they won't get caught off by the other team. If you are grouped with your team, you can coordinate dives on the enemy team if you are tanky and they want you to engage and tank the turret first.

In Teamfights, you want to go on the ad carry or ap carry whichever is squishier or a threat. You want to soak up as much damage and zone their backline from your backline. Just don't go in and let it be a 1 vs 5 where your teammates aren't near you enough and the enemy just kills you. You want to be close to your teammates where they are a threat to the enemies, but their ad and ap carry have to focus you.

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