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[img=] [big][b]About preseason changes:[/b][/big] Check Mastery explanation for masteries or Change Log for what's up to date. Big note: Your R+Q has changed in effect. Your R+Q's auto attacks now cause you to get tower agro making your R+Q towerdive (read below in the guide) a lot harder to accomplish. Not impossible, but not as easy anymore either. So beware! [b]About the Guide:[/b] Hi there fokes! I made this guide because while playing Heimerdinger and watching and learning Heimerdinger myself I noticed there were no up to date guides. I also noticed that the champion match up department in existing guides weren't really explanatory or big or just lacked any depth. And guides on other champions usually neglect the Heimerdinger match up all together. So I might have gone a little overboard on the whole champion match up department, but if you want to learn your lane match ups this is the guide where you will find them. I've not only played all of the match ups myself, but I've researched them thoroughly by watching streams/vods/replays from some of the top Heimerdingers in NA/EU and Korea. Besides finding lane match ups you can learn about lane and team fighting mechanics and you can find out how to do some nice tricks and combo's and how you can get that 2 or 3 man baron. You'll find a detailed walk through of the important power spikes and which runes/masteries and items are recommended. I've begun writing the guide in season 4, but I continue to keep it up to date as season 5 progresses. Also, if you are looking for some Heimer streamers I suggest trying out: The best Heimer NA: The best Heimer KR: [b]About the Author:[/b] Shortly introducing myself. I've played the game since the end of season 3 where I hit silver just as the season ended. Since then I've learned a lot, and got 2 accounts to Diamond right at the start of season 4. My highest in season 4 was Diamond 3 80LP on the account I play whatever I like on (Stealthlink), where I like to fill in our team with whatever is needed. I'm currently Master on that same account and whenever my ping allows me I slowly climb the ladder. After watching Ganked By Korean's Gosu Challenger Series I decided that I wanted to give either Heimerdinger or Jayce a try, so I leveled up a new account to level 30 to see how I'd do from unranked to diamond using only (mainly) Heimerdinger. I managed to get to D5 with an 80% winrate that's now stagnated a bit to 70% winrate and D4. [center][b]Season 4 stats on Dr Dogboy account:[/b][/center] [center](Heimer only account)[/center] [center][img=][/center] [img=] [center][b] Season 5 stats on Stealthlink account:[/b][/center] [img=] [center][img=][/center] Made it to Masters, pretty happy with that. Now the slow climb towards Challenger begins. I usually play whatever I like on the Stealthlink account and Heimer only (mostly) on the Dr Dogboy account, but like before I'm still lagging pretty much the entire day and only have time for a couple of games each day. So I'm limiting myself to one account I'm seriously playing on and of course my ADC smurf where I continue to feed. [b]Pro's:[/b] Because of the utility of your [img=skills/heimerdinger/r.png], you fit in ANY teamcomp. You have insane zone control with your [img=skills/heimerdinger/q.png]. You have insane burst damage with your ult+[img=skills/heimerdinger/w.png]. You have an extremely powerful crowd control with your ult+[img=skills/heimerdinger/e.png]. You have very strong objective control. You don't need a lot of gold to be strong. Easy to play, hard to master. Strong defense against siege teams. Strong when enemy team engages on your team while you siege. Chances are your lane opponent has no clue how to lane against you. Most guides don't even consider Heimerdinger when they are making their match ups section. [b]Cons:[/b] Susceptible to early ganks. His skill shots are hard to hit and easy to dodge. No escape ability. Can't do a lot of sustained damage without your turrets. Not good at chasing/finishing kills. Easy to crowd control and destroy Heimer. Has low hp and armor and is squishy. You can't make a lot of mistakes against the harder match ups or you will get destroyed and turn into Feederdinger. [b]How to read this guide:[/b] [b]As a below level 30/unranked player: [/b] If you don't have previous knowledge of the game/champion, I suggest you cover the basics with the abilities and runes/masteries in as far as you have those. Then just jump right into action by playing. You won't understand a lot of this guide, but playing a couple of games before you return here can help you immensely and once you do, just take it slowly by going over the Early Game section and then play a bunch of games to try it out, and so on. I also remember when I started playing I knew nothing about what the enemy champion could do, so the Champion Match up department should really help you in your laning phase. [b]As a bronze/silver player:[/b] If you don't have previous knowledge of the game/champion, I suggest you cover the basics with the runes/masteries/item builds and read up the notes about the skills. If you feel you already know all the stuff in these chapters then think again and go through the basics with runes/masteries/item builds. Follow through with the game flow sections of the Early Game and so on. After you played a bunch of games with the knowledge from the Game Flow section, read up on the Mistakes/Tips section then return to playing again. And you can let the Matchup section help you when you have troubles in the laning phase. [b] As a gold/platinum player:[/b] You can glance over the runes/masteries/item builds and straight up copy it and use it, but if you aren't convinced by it you should read the whole chapters and then decide for yourself. After that, take your time to read through the Game Flow sections of the Early Game and so on and read the Mistakes/Tips section thoroughly. I can't stress this enough, read the Mistakes section, treat it as holy scripture until you can manage to go a game without dying. And you can let the Matchup section help you when you have troubles in the laning phase. [b] As a diamond 2/3/4/5 player:[/b] You can glance over the runes/masteries/item builds and straight up copy it and use it, but if you aren't convinced by it you should read the whole chapters and then decide for yourself. If you've played Heimer before, go straight to the Mistakes/Tips sections before playing again. But make sure you read the whole Game Flow section through at some point as well, especially if you can't maintain a high win rate on Heimer. The Matchup section is going to help you a lot as well so take the time to read it through, or just read the match up you're going to face. (Some match ups have a lot more info/details than others so the alt+tab and quick glance on how to beat this joker I'm laning against tactic can backfire). [b] As a diamond 1/master/challenger player:[/b] Yes, I know these 3 are in completely different skill levels, but that doesn't matter on reading this guide. You can glance over the runes/masteries/item builds and straight up copy it and use it, but if you aren't convinced by it you should read the whole chapters and then decide for yourself. The most important things for you are the Mistakes/Tips sections and the Matchups if you're having trouble with some. Also be sure to check the Game Flow sections they should prove helpful. Lastly, if you plan on reading the whole guide in one go I suggest you grab yourself a drink and put on your favorite music. It's a big read.

You have several different playstyles to go with in the early game. General rule is, you dominate the early game if you can manage to put down 3 Q-turrets and keep them up (make sure you put down new ones as you level up your Q so you don't have level 1 turrets). Your other choice is starting a jungle camp so you hit level 6 a full wave before your opponent even has a chance to get level 6. This is your 30 second window to get a huge lead in your lane. [b]1: Walk and spank [/b] Game starts, buy your items and walk straight to your lane, you put down your Q-turrets. The minions come at 1:45 minutes and you push them into the enemy turret while you auto attack harass your lane opponent. You ward the river at 3:30 ish and you have a pretty safe lane. If you can manage to push in your opponent 24/7 while neither one of you goes back to buy. You and your jungler can dive your lane opponent at lvl 6 for a pretty much guaranteed kill with Ult+Q. Remember to be careful when pushing in, the enemy jungler always has his eyes on you. [b]2: No Q-turrets no joy [/b] Game starts and your lane opponent is waiting for you to kill your Q-turrets, or even his teammates helping him (in the mid lane). Depending on the match up they may be able to keep destroying your Q-turrets. That's all fine, it just changes your playstyle from instant bully to a slowly building up bully. Place your Q-turrets under or behind your own tower where they are safe and use them to help you last hit minions under turret. It's a bit tricky in the start, but quite easy once you get used to it. Just get your second Doran's Ring and boots or a Fiendish Codex early at level 5 and return to the lane. Let the minion wave bounce back from your tower and place your own Q-turrets in the minion wave to help it push back and voila, you are back where you want to be. In the bully zone. The most important part here is that you don't use your Q-turret too early and too far away from your tower. Because then the bigger enemy minion wave will make it very easy for your opponent to just take out your turret and that means you have another 20/25 second wait until you can put down a new turret. [b]3: Starting with a jungle camp[/b] [b]Blue side - Gromp[/b] This camp doesn't move, so you need to place your Q-turrets within range for them to auto attack Gromp. If you place 3 Q-turrets and take 2 or 3 auto attacks to keep your Q-turrets alive you can clear this camp while losing about 200hp. You'll be back in the lane with 1 Q-turret in storage to help you anywhere from 1:50 to 2:05 and miss anywhere from 1 to 2 melee minions. In exchange you will be one minion away from reaching level 2 while your opponent needs to kill one minion from the second wave to get to that point. [vid=] Worth it when: It's pretty much always worth it unless it means you lose lane control. (Like against a Yasuo, but that's hard enough already :D) [b]Red side - Krugs[/b] If you place 3 Q-turrets inside the brush, you won't need to tank any hits from the Krugs. They will run to your Q-turrets and try to reset but the rapid auto attacks from you and your Q-turrets keep them coming back while they die. They take a bit longer to kill than the Gromp camp on blue side, but you lose less hp for it. Note: It now takes a pretty long time for you to kill the Krugs. You will likely lose 2 or 3 melee minions while you kill the Krugs. So you still get more exp than your opponent, but not as big a difference as you'd get from killing the Gromp/Raptors. [vid=] [b]Mid lane - Wolves[/b] I don't have video footage of this but it's pretty simple. 2 wolves spawn on the side and 1 big wolf spawns in the middle of the camp. Place a Q-turret on top of each wolf that spawns so your turrets each tank one wolf. Auto attack the small wolves down first and then kill the big wolf. Replace your Q-turret that tanked the big wolf and you're now level 2 while your opponent in the mid lane is level 1. This camp is slower to take down than the Raptor camp, but it's safer when on the blue side in case of an invade. [b]Mid lane -Raptors[/b] These are the fastest and easiest camp to take down when you're in the mid lane. You simply place your 3 turrets in the middle of the brush next to the camp and pull the small ones with an auto attack when the camp spawns at 1:40. Depending on pathing/turret placement you will either hit all 3 small raptors or just 2 with your lasers. Just make sure that you auto these down first and then you can work on the big raptor. Practice in when you can leave the Raptor camp early to let your turrets finish off the raptors to save time and possibly get in range of an extra melee minion. Note: You can place the turrets on the other side of the camp and guarantee your lasers hit all 3 small raptors. But it's incredibly risky and by doing this you rely on your opponent to be keeping on their side of the jungle. You don't have your own fate in your hands, you place it into the hands of the enemy team. [b]Point 1/2/3 were for the first 2 minutes, now come the next few minutes. Remember to keep replacing your old Q-turrets because they don't increase in power automatically on level up/extra points in your Q.[/b] [b]\"Winning the push war\"[/b] [b]4: Stationary[/b] If you have your Q-turrets up in the lane, you'll always clear the minion wave faster than your opponent. This means you are \"pushing\" the lane and have more time for auto attacks and harassing with your W while your lane opponent is dealing with last hitting the minions. When you do this you have several choices to make and I'll go over the safest one now. If you leave your 3 Q-turrets in the middle of the lane (where the minions first meet up) you can stay with your Q-turrets and play pretty safe. It isn't a very long distance to get back to the safety of your tower if/when the enemy jungler comes and you are already with your own Q-turrets. It also means that if the jungler ganks from behind, your opponent will have to run through 3 turrets to get to you. So you can choose between using your E-W ignite on your lane opponent and you'll probably kill him if your turrets have their lasers ready. Or you can simply stun the jungler and walk off to your tower. [b]5: 2 Stationary 1 Creeper[/b] What I mean by this, is you can put 2 Q-turrets in the middle of the lane and use your 3rd Q-turret to help you harass/push a minion wave under the enemy tower faster so the minion wave resets. This is the safest way of not being safe. You still have your mini-safety zone in the middle of the lane with your 2 Q-turrets, and once you get a 3rd point in your Q you can store 2 Q-turrets making this move even safer. If the enemy jungler shows up and smites down one of your 2 Q-turrets in the middle of the lane you're in trouble if you can't store 2 Q-turrets yet (at level 5). The 2 stationary turrets are generally placed on either side of the minion wave in the middle of the lane. So AoE spells don't damage both the turret and the minion wave. The \"Creeper-turret\" is one you can place wherever you want on the opponents side of the lane. This one will be taken out first when new minion waves arrive so you'll keep replacing this one. Do mind that you keep replacing your 2 stationary turrets as well as you level up and get more points in your Q. [b]6: Creeping[/b] Is both the most obnoxious way to play as Heimer and the most unsafe. It's also the most effective in establishing lane control against opponents who can't clear your Q-turrets. You start with 3 Q-turrets in the middle of the lane, but every time a Q-turret becomes available you place it closer towards the side of your opponents tower. And you keep increasing your Q-turret zone by small increments until you are about 3/4th up the lane. Your lane opponent has a really small zone in which to work and kill minions/survive your harass. The problem with this tactic is that the enemy jungler will have his eyes on you the entire game. So I suggest this tactic if you are duo-queuing with your jungler (so you can win the 2v2 fight if he waits in the lane brushes for the enemy jungler to show up) or if you have complete vision control over the area. That means a ward in the river and in the tri-brush. [b] \"Losing the push war\"[/b] [b]7: Getting pushed in[/b] There's a big difference in being able to keep 3 Q-turrets alive or 2, or even 1. If you can keep 2 Q-turrets alive you'll still be in a favorable position, but as soon as it goes down to 1 Q-turret you'll start getting pushed in. It's not really a problem since it opens up the enemy laner for jungle ganks and at level 5 you can store 2 Q-turrets at once. So you can clear the minion wave when you hit level 5, go back and buy a Doran's Ring/Boots/Fiendish Codex and wards, whatever you have gold for. Then use your new combat stats and 2 Q-turrets to regain control of the push war. Put your 2 Q-turrets into your own minion wave when it pushes back from your tower to ensure you can push back. [b]8: Getting pushed in hard[/b] This will happen in most unfavorable match ups in the mid lane. Ziggs/Xerath/Lux etc. It won't happen at the beginning of the lane unless you get ganked very early. It usually starts happening when your lane opponent gets his first blue buff around 7 minutes or so. If this happens you need to communicate your situation to your jungler, but we'll first get to what you can do by yourself before we get to that. In the beginning you can place 2 of your Q-turrets about 1/4th up the lane. That's right between your own tower and where the minions meet in the middle of the lane. And you can use your 3rd Q-turret on the first minion wave to help clear it. As you get pushed in more and more and your Q-turrets start to fall you can choose to put 1 or 2 Q-turrets under your own tower where they can help you kill melee minions. This is the most extreme way of getting pushed in. Now on to the jungler. You need to communicate to your jungler when you will be getting pushed in 24/7. If you got ganked early it will usually be around level 4 where your lane opponent has his second point in his long range poke ability. Ziggs Q, Xerath's Q, Lux' E and so on. This increases their pushing power by a lot especially if the enemy jungler helped to clear your turrets. You need to pay attention if they placed their vision trinket, and where/when they placed it. Communicate this to your jungler so he knows from which side to gank. Communicate the place of the ward, when it runs out, when you are getting pushed in. If you haven't been able to pay attention to where the enemy laner placed his ward, then just ask him to come around 4:30 for his free kill. [b]Visual aid for turret placement in the mid and top lane:[/b] [vid=] [vid=] Do note that everything I show in these two video's are what I explained above. The rules for turret placement apply to both lanes, they're just shaped differently. Lastly a big thanks to Unseen Dragon for recording these video's with me, and some more thanks to him later on when we get to the other video's he recorded. [b] Your first buy:[/b] Depending on your prefered build path and amount of gold and match up. But with the item changes a second Doran's Ring will settle all your early mana issues if you have any. Also be sure to include a pink ward if you have the gold for it, because that will allow you to play aggressive without risking getting killed by the enemy jungler. Get your Catalyst, or Seeker's Armguard or whatever item (or components) you want. But make sure you get a ward as well. [b]Your Goal in the Early game [/b] You can have several goals for your laning phase and several playstyles to accompany them. You can play to farm, play to get kills or if you're facing hard lanes you can play not to lose. Which goal you have also determines which runes and masteries you take and which summoner spells you take. [b]If you play to farm:[/b] You can use scaling yellow and blue runes. Your masteries can be literally anything you wish but having sustain means you can stay in the lane longer and farm more. If farming is your goal, that means you're not looking for kill opportunities. So exhaust/barrier/heal are great ways to stay alive and keep farming. [b]If you play to kill:[/b] You will generally be better off with \"flat-runes\". So flat stats so you have a bigger impact in the early stages of the game. And you'll also want to use hybrid penetration runes instead of magic penetration runes, because your auto attacks will hurt so much more in the early stages of the game. Thunderlord's Decree is also great for the kill since it's a nice bonus damage burst and you also have hybrid penetration in your masteries. Take exhaust or ignite when you're playing to kill. [b]If you play not to lose:[/b] You generally have 2 ways to play. Play with resistances + sustain (MR/Armor and health regeneration in your masteries) and \"tank\" your opponents mana pool. (This means baiting out your opponent to use abilities on you, and you sustain your lost health with your passive/masteries) Or you sit back and focus on getting as much farm as you can get while you wait for your jungler to relieve the pressure. In either case, make sure you have plenty of safety in the form of magic resistance or armor so you don't die. If you die even once that can be the snowball that loses you all control/pressure and presence in the laning phase. Take teleport so you can go back and buy more often and heal up more often. You aren't going to fight, so you don't need combat summoners, you can rely on your items to keep you safe instead.

I'll run this down from zero knowledge to expert tricks as best I can. [b]Laning 1v1:[/b] When you have Q-turrets, you can do anything. This is the golden rule of Heimerdinger. The exact opposite is also true. When you have no Q-turrets, you can do nothing. [b]When does this help me?[/b] Let's say you've been bullying a Riven and killed her a bunch of times and you go back to your base to buy your items. You walk back to the lane and the minions are in the center of the lane and you want to walk up to it and put your Q-turrets down. Big surprise, Riven just walks up to you and kills you. You do zero damage and you die. Auto attack harassing in lane is one of Heimer's biggest strengths against melee opponents. Pushing minions faster than your opponent gives you a lot of free time for harass with auto attacks. But you need to realize 3 things when you do. 1: It opens you up to be engaged on by enemies with a gap closer. 2: If you are mispositioned when auto attacking someone under his tower you can take a free tower hit. 3: Pushing in the minion wave draws the attention of the enemy jungler. [b] The pre-level 6 jungle gank:[/b] Some junglers clear the jungle faster than others. The camps spawn at 1:40 and there are a ton of different routes available. There can be those cheesey level 2 ganks where they clear the red buff and instantly gank you. But in normal cases you won't see the enemy jungler until around 2:30 to 2:45 at the earliest. A good way to keep track of when the enemy jungler might gank you, is by tracking the progress of your own jungler. If your own jungler is level 3 (has cleared 3 camps) then it's a safe bet the enemy jungler has done the same. And depending on your game knowledge you might even know if the enemy jungler did this faster or slower than your own jungler. Junglers are (compared to laners) the champions with the least amount of combat stats in the early stages of the game. (This changes when they complete their jungle item). Because where you get health and AP from your Doran's Ring the jungler gets some extra damage or sustain against jungle camps. The good thing is that you now have 2 wards for yourself if you didn't place any in the early stages of the game to spot out invades. This means you can ward at 2:30 or 2:45 (if you are getting pushed in or you're on your own half of the map, you don't always have to ward and you can wait until you push out to ward. This can be as late as 3 mintues or 3:30 and so on) and wait a full minute and have another ward ready by the time your placed ward expires. It gives you a measure of extra safety until you reach level 6. If the jungler shows up from a side you didn't ward, you have 2 choices depending on how far you are up the lane. If you're really far up the lane, you either stun the person (jungler or enemy laner) who has crowd control and instantly flash away. Or you stay and target the jungler (because he has no/low combat stats) and hope you can at least kill the jungler before you die yourself. This is a scenario that only happens if you weren't careful or smart enough to avoid it in the first place. The second scenario is when the jungler shows up and you weren't standing under the enemy tower (or some other dangerous place too far up the lane) but more in the middle of the lane. The same thought proces goes behind it, but in this case the enemy jungler needs to run past 3 turrets to reach you and damage you. So you now have the option to kill the enemy laner, or the enemy jungler. Or simply stun the jungler and walk/flash back to your tower. [b]Sidenote on pre-level 6 jungler ganks:[/b] Some junglers have extremely weak ganks pre-level 6, but don't make the mistake thinking that this means they CAN'T or WON'T gank. A Warwick's gank before level 6 is extremely weak, but if you are busy auto attack harassing your opponent under his tower and Warwick comes from behind with a red buff, you are dead. The lane is too long and the slow from the red buff ensures your death. Flash won't save you if you don't stun the enemy jungler before he gets it on you, so don't use it. [b]Return to 1v1 laning:[/b] Now that the junglers hashed it out, or didn't. You're back in your 1v1 lane. You will have to identify what sort of match up you are fighting and which ultimate ability you will use to get a kill on your lane opponent. As Heimer you should always hit level 6 before your opponent because you clear the minion wave faster and have more lane control with your Q-turrets. The minion wave you hit level 6 off comes at 5:55 in the mid lane and 6:05 in the top lane. Take out 2 melee minions and you are level 6 and ready to fight. If your lane opponent is an aggressive melee laner and keeps trying to go for trades with you, you can E + Ult-W and ignite him at lvl 6. Your Ult-W does a TON of damage if you hit it perfectly. Normally this would be hard/tricky to hit, but your opponents moves become really predictable when they want to kill you. For example Nidalee/Jayce who'll both want to hit you with ranged poke first, but to finish you off they'll pounce on you. That split second before you die is the easiest way to land your E and Ult+W. So think about what you can do to make your opponents move in a way you can predict and then try to make that scenario play out. If you are fighting a long range mage type champion you can also go for the E + Ult-W ignite combo. If your lane opponent is easy to harass and passive you will need to do a little checklist to set up a beautiful and easy kill. 1: Ward the river. 2: Tell your jungler you are hitting level 6 before your lane opponent and you can dive him if he comes at 6 minutes. 3: Zone your lane opponent away from the minions, fast push it into the enemy tower. 4: Drop down the hammer with your Ult+Q right next to his tower, put down any Q-turrets that you can and use an E+W combo with ignite for good use. 5: Spam emotes and walk away from the scene of the crime. You can make this play alone as well if you can harass your lane opponent down to low hp, but it's safer and easier with your jungler. Especially junglers that can dive well like [img=champ/elise.png], [img=champ/jarvaniv.png], [img=champ/jax.png], [img=champ/leesin.png], [img=champ/pantheon.png] make this an easy kill. Biggest mistake you can make when doing this with your jungler? [b]Being impatient[/b]. You will always want to push your minions to the enemy tower first so you can both walk up to the tower before attacking. If you can do this you can close the distance between yourself and your lane opponent without taking tower hits and your dive just becomes that much safer. [b]Your first back/buy:[/b] Short and to the point, buy your items depending on your match up and make sure that you have 75 gold for a ward. When you walk back to the lane and your lane opponent is there BE CAREFUL. And place your Q-turrets before you start trying to trade with your opponent. [b] The jungler ganks 1v2:[/b] This part is also true for the midlane, but in the toplane you're more likely to push in your lane opponent and there's a very long lane, which means easy ganks for the enemy jungler. The first things you want to identify from the moment you know who you are fighting in the toplane is: \"How easy is it for them to kill me if I don't see the jungler coming\". \"Does my lane opponent have crowd control or a gapcloser?\" \"Does the enemy jungler have crowd control or a gapcloser?\" If the answer in both cases is yes, you will want to ALWAYS keep your lane warded. Buy your 2nd and/or 3rd Doran's Ring and wards. Or get your Fiendish Codex and wards. But always get wards is the point I'm making here. Now that you see the jungler coming you can make a choice. Run or fight. Run when: You don't have 3 Q-turrets up. You don't have your ultimate ready. Your lane opponent has full hp/summoners ready/ult ready. Don't run when: You have 3 Q-turrets up and your ult ready. You can fight in the minion wave. They have no gap closer. Now that you have some general idea in advance on how this can go, I will try and talk you through the scenario that is more likely to happen. You forgot to ward your lane, all of a sudden your 1v1 bully lane turned into a 1v2. You spam all your spells while you try to run, and either one or both of your enemies end up with 5% hp while you die. [b] How do you avoid this?[/b] 1: Wards, like we've covered. 2: Walk into the brush when you see the gank coming, doesn't matter if you didn't see it because you didn't ward. 3: Reposition your Q-turrets so they have to walk through them to get to you in the brush. 4: E+W combo the jungler, or at lvl 6, use your Ult+Q in the brush. Or E + Ult-W the enemy jungler. 5: Always target the jungler first, he is weaker earlier in the game because he has a Hunter's Machete instead of combat stats. 6: If you have ignite, use it on the jungler the second he comes in range. If you have exhaust, use it on the enemy top laner. 7: Have flash? Use it to dodge a skill and stay with your Q-turrets. Do's: Stay with your minions and your Q-turrets so you can block enemy abilities and your Q-turrets damage them while you hide behind your minions, turrets or in the brush. Dont's: Move away from your Q-turrets. Not ever. If you didn't see the gank coming and it's there, you can only hope for you to shine in an outplay in the brush, or for you to fail and drop. [b] The jungler ganks 2v2: [/b] We've already covered the gank with no backup from your jungler, now we'll cover some short points about ganks with back up. The golden Heimer rule is still in effect, when you have Q-turrets, you can do anything. When you have no Q-turrets, you can do nothing. If the enemy jungler shows up first, it's a free win, because your enemies are already at your Q-turrets taking a lot of damage. If your jungler shows up first, you'll win the initial trade, but after that you have to watch out. Heimer doesn't fight well without his Q-turrets and his chase potential is very limited especially at the lower levels where you have so little mana and high cooldowns on your W and E to work with. Do's: Fight with your Q-turrets and your junglers. Dont's: Chase. [b]Final notes:[/b] Should I kill the Scuttlecrab in the river? No. Not ever, it's too hard for you to kill and it takes too long. It's a waste of time for you to try even if your lane opponent just teleported to the bottom lane or just died. The gold/experience aren't worth the risk of your death or your favourable buy-timer. Should I kill the Rift Herald? I have not tried out any good/cheesey ways of doing this. It's great if your jungler focuses on this and you can help him. But make sure you get the last hit for the buff if that's the case. And make sure your jungler can take a hit, because you won't do a lot of damage to the Rift Herald (with the exception of hitting his eye when it's open).

There are several moments in the game that are perfect for Heimer. One big moment is the instant you hit lvl 6. You can either kill your lane opponent or do a drake. (Why not both?) [b] Level 6:[/b] If you have lane control you will hit lvl 6 first, because your turrets kill the minions. Push the minions up to the enemy turret and place your Ult+Q down next to the turret and use your E+W combo and ignite. This will either kill him or zone him from the cs. If you don't have lane control and you are being pressured, you can E + flash Ult-W and ignite to get a kill. But this is tricky to land, unless they are trying to kill you, then their moves are easier to predict. Because they will want to either hit their spells or get close to you in melee range. [b] To drake or not to drake.. that is the question [/b] And the answer is quite simple, if you still have your ult up and your lane opponent had to back and buy then the answer is always yes. Heimer is a champion that thrives on objective control and works so incredibly well if you and your jungler work together. The dragon's attack is a frontal cone. So this means you need to spread out your turrets so 1 dragon attack doesn't damage more than 1 turret. That way you can safely take down the dragon without taking any damage yourself. When you are level 9 you can solo the dragon as well from the back of the pit. [b]Good times to do the drake:[/b] -When you are level 6. -When you have pushed your opponent out of lane or killed him. -When your bot-lane gets a kill or two in their lane. -When the enemy jungler is dead. Dragons are not that important as they used to be. So if there is ANY risk in getting that dragon, you're probably better off farming an extra wave and denying that resource to your opponent and having a good buy-timer rather than risking getting killed at the dragon. [b]When to take the tower and start roaming? What do I even do when I roam?[/b] This really depends on a lot of factors so I'll go through what I like to do in different scenario's. [b]As top lane:[/b] I like to get at least Morellonomicon (with or without Boots of Speed/Sorc Shoes but at least have your tier 1 boots, tier 2 boots are preferred but not necessary) before I get my enemies tower down. Because I don't want to roam without being strong enough to 1v1 the enemy jungler or mid laner. When I have my items, you can choose 2 options with taking down the tower. You can call up your jungler and kill the enemy toplaner and push in 1 or 2 more waves after killing the enemy top laner and his tower. Doing this ensures the enemy toplaners attention on going back to the top lane rather than mid/drake because he's already behind in exp/gold and wants to remedy that by killing more minions. While he does that, you roam mid and get that tower with your jungler/mid/top, or you get your entire team involved and go dragon if the enemy midlaner has enough waveclear. You can also kill the tower without your jungler to help you, but this is a lot more dangerous. The reason being that low hp towers are like honey, and you are a bear. You're drawn to it when it's easy to get and before you know it the bees show up and sting you. Here you thought it was just 1 more auto attack and you didn't see the enemy jungler creeping up. You can do it alone, you just need to pay more attention when you take down the enemy tower before you roam. Don't get lured into a false sense of pressure to kill the tower. \"Just one more auto\" is a mindset that will get you killed. You are already ahead. It will not matter if you kill the tower on this minion wave, or if you wait 30 seconds and do it on the next. Or wait a minute and do it later. Make sure you have wards so you don't die and lose your own tower instead of getting a free tower for yourself. [b]Tower is dead now to roam:[/b] As a toplaner after you kill the tower, you need to push the minions towards the enemies tier 2 tower. If you don't do this and roam, your lane opponent will simply be under your own tower hammering away at it within 30 seconds. 30 seconds is not a long time to roam. So push the lane in and then decide. You can go mid, either to try to look for a kill or to take down the tower. You can go mid simply by walking. You can go bot/drake and the best way to do this is by using your TP. If you get a kill or blow summoners for the enemy botlane, you open up a chance to take their tower or get a drake. What you need to think about before you TP is how easy it is for the enemy botlane to disengage. If the enemy botlane is already far up the lane and pushing in your own teams botlane, then you can TP behind them and you'll have a pretty good chance of making something happen. If however your botlanes are just having a stare-fest in the middle of the lane, using your TP will just result in them walking away and you wasting your TP. So TP when: They are committed to a fight/trade (when the enemy jungler shows up, or when they dash/flash forward to engage) OR when the enemy botlane is pushed up so far they can't escape without using at least their summoners. Don't TP when: You have a passive botlane who just farms, or you have no good engage/crowd control on your support/adc. (Think Janna support or something similar) [b]As mid lane:[/b] As a mid laner I like to relentlessly push in my opponent and get the mid tower as early as I can. It opens up the map for my jungler to invade the enemy jungler a lot easier and it allows our team to place deeper wards in the enemy jungler more safely. Once you have the midtower down, focus on getting vision around the side of the map you plan on helping. So if you want to do drake and help bot lane (because they are losing or pushed in for example) you take 1/2 wards and a vision ward, take the dragon with your jungler and go bot for a gank (or gank bot and then go for the drake). My tip when \"ganking\" as Heimer: Use your Ult+E. That is by far your most useful spell because it allows your team to catch up and makes their skillshots easier to hit. Your Ult+Q will be too easy to run away from, your Ult+W will be flashed/dashed away from or simply walked out off. [b]Can you do baron during this time?[/b] Yes you can. I've rewritten this section a couple of times during the preseason and now with patch 5.1 we are in more familiar territory when it comes to doing 20 minute barons. If you want to read the full changes, skip down below to the 5.1 changes chapter. All you need to know, baron's hp and damage have been nerfed and now scale over time. [b] Here's the people you can do a 2 man baron with:[/b] What you are looking for in a jungler for a 2 man baron in 5.1 is someone who can negate damage by pseudo tanking it with abilities. Think of Shaco, Elise, Wu'kong etc. You can do a 2 man baron with pretty much every jungler. But if they don't provide damage they need to provide tankiness in the form of armor items. So if a champion that can't tank baron well is your jungler (Eve/Rengar) they will need some armor or they will just die to the baron. The next champions that can do it are the ones with shields or healing like Fiddlesticks/Lee Sin/Jarvan/Diana etc. The last category of junglers that can do a 2 man baron with you are the tanks that were able to do it in the preseason as well like Nunu/Maokai and so on. The big difference with this current baron are the items your jungler needs. For example I did a 22 minute baron with a level 9 Fiddlesticks (he dc'd for 5 minutes) and I told him to ult into the baron pit and we could burst it. The plan went off without a hitch and Fiddle only had his Magus enchantment and Sorc Shoes. This means that every jungler except Eve/Rammus/Rengar (These really need some armor and or health usually) can do a 2 man baron with you at 20 minutes if you have at least 2 completed core items and explain the tanking process. But you can read more about it in the \"General mechanics for objective control\" chapter. Ideal scenario for this: 1. Mid/Top lane outer towers are down. 2. Mid/Top lane minion waves are pushing towards the enemy base. 3. Your bot lane duo is either Mid or Bot, pushing the minion wave in. 4. You have at least 2 vision wards/sweepers to clear the area of wards. 5. Your jungler is TANKY. Your other solo laner has at least 1, but preferably 2 items. [b] Sieging:[/b] [b]Without Baron Buff:[/b] Without Baron Buff you can siege if you have your second core item and beyond that. You will need to ward both your flanks, and if the enemy team has champions that can use invisibility to engage, make sure you put a pink ward in the middle of the lane so they can't sneak up on you. Don't use your Q-turrets to do damage to the tower, instead use them to create a safety zone from which you and your teammates can poke. Don't use your E either if the enemy team can engage on you, you'll need it to keep yourself and your team safe. [b]With Baron Buff:[/b] If you have a Baron buff in sieging will be the easiest thing in the world. Your minions get huge buffs and can't be instantly cleared anymore. But you need your entire team to be on the same page. IF YOU HAVE A BARON BUFF, YOU KILL STRUCTURES, NOT CHAMPIONS!!!! [i] All Minions:[/i] Now match 90% of average movement speed of nearby champions, up to a limit of 500 movement speed Are resistant to slow effects Non-super minions have 75% damage reduction versus area of effect, damage over time, and persistent effects [i] Melee Minions:[/i] Gain +50% movement speed when within 800 units of enemy minions or turrets Size is increased +75 attack range 75% damage reduction versus champions and minions 30% damage reduction versus turrets (similar to cannon minions) [i] Ranged Minions:[/i] +20 attack damage +50% missile speed +100 attack range [i] Cannon Minions:[/i] +600 Attack Range +50 Attack Damage, but Attack Speed is halved Attacks are now Area of Effect (200 range) and deal 2x damage to Turrets. [i] Super Minions:[/i] +25% Attack Speed. Gain +50% Movement Speed when within 800 units of enemy minion or Turret. [b] How can you mess up the free siege scenario? [/b] By getting engaged on or by looking for kills. Ward your flanks and don't use your Q-turrets to do damage to the enemy tower. Instead use them to create a safety zone from which you can poke with your W. All you have to do is take your time since the buffs to the minions mean they won't go down as fast and they do more damage to the towers. If you and your team can auto attack the tower that's great, but don't risk getting engaged on. [b] Your goal in the Mid Game:[/b] Farming up to get your second and third item and securing the first tier of towers along with a couple of drakes. You can use this time to set up for a baron bait as well or kill it if the chance arises. Remember [b]control[/b] is the name of the game and don't do any of the objectives without having wards. Vision at this stage is important, and vision denial is important if you want to do baron.

We've run through the lane mechanics, now comes the reason you can dominate and \"solo\" carry a game. The mid game objective control. We'll go from turrets, to drakes and baron. The most important item to get in this stage of the game? Vision wards!!! [b]How and when to siege: The Turret Game[/b] When to siege? The answer is: \"Always once you have your second core item, unless the enemy team can instantly clear minion waves.\" If you put down 3 Q-turrets out of range of the enemy turret you are killing, you've created a nice safety zone for you and your team, where you can take shots at the turret. If you are really far ahead, you can force these towers and dive them by placing your Ult+Q down and you and your team can walk all over the enemy team. Or if you have a heavy damage team with high mobility you can toss out your R+E and let your more mobile carries take out the squishies you managed to stun. Do's: Ult+Q or Ult+E and dive when you are ahead or when you have a baron buff and a CLEAR advantage. Dont's: Use your Q-turret to do damage to the enemy turret if they have an engage comp. You NEED your Q-turrets to do damage to enemy champions if they can engage on you. Don't risk diving unless you are absolutely certain of your safety while doing so. (Example seeing an enemy champion on another part of the map on the mini-map means you can dive) Baronbuff is great for killing structures, so prioritize that. Don't siege against these champions, kill them first and then siege: [img=champ/ahri.png], [img=champ/anivia.png], [img=champ/lux.png], [img=champ/orianna.png], [img=champ/syndra.png], [img=champ/velkoz.png], [img=champ/xerath.png], [img=champ/ziggs.png] [b] The Drake: [/b] I've covered this before, but Heimer is extremely adept at taking down drakes and working together with your jungler. If you push your lane opponent out of the lane in the mid lane. You can do the drake with just your jungler. [b] How do you take the drake with just your jungler?[/b] Let your jungler take agro and face it away from the entrance of the pit. You place down your 3 (or 2 in the early game) Q-turrets in range of the drake to auto attack it. You place your Ult+Q turret right on top of the drake so it can take some hits when it's still the early game. Drake agro works simple: It hits the closest target, so if you put your Ult+Q or your Q-turret on top of it, that's what will take damage instead of your jungler. You can also put down your 3 Q-turrets and your Ult+Q in the pit from outside , and have your jungler smite it from outside of the pit if you have some more AP so that you can solo the drake's hp down yourself and use the smite to secure the last hit on the drake. Do's: Ward!!! Vision wards are so important when you are taking neutral objectives, you have the kit to make taking these objectives easy. Now make sure you do it safely. Communicate your plan to your jungler. You can do this in champ select, you can do this before the minions spawn in the game, or you can do it with smart pings. Dont's: No vision, no objective. You need to keep track of the enemy team, because they can walk up to you and your jungler, kill you both, and then take a drake for free. [b] Solo'ing the drake, is it still possible?[/b] The answer is yes, but you need level 9 and some AP. Make sure you place your turrets away from eachother so the dragon can't AoE them down. Then depending on how much AP and how much free time you have on the dragon you can choose to kill it with 3 turrets and your E+W's or if you have less time you can use your R+Q. The second way to do it is when you are behind and don't want to walk into the river area, I'm not going to explain it. Instead I'll show how to do it instead. Do note that the drake is a bit lower level here because my recording buddy was a level 3 Ziggs. But the principal is the same. You need level 9 because you need 3 Q-turrets and a bare minimum of Morellonomicon as a completed item to solo the drake. Now watch how. [vid=] Like before a big thanks to Unseen Dragon for recording this with me. [b] The Baron: [/b] You can do a 2 man baron at 20 minutes with almost every jungler. With some junglers you'll kill the baron and both be on 80% hp. With other junglers you'll both be on 10% hp and barely kill it at all. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT HERE! Junglers you can't do it with include Eve/Rengar/Rammus because they have neither the needed damage with pseudo-tanking abilities, nor do they have enough sustain, nor do they have enough tankiness. You can do a 2 man baron with almost any other jungler who has his jungle item and the pieces (or completed) second item. (If the 3 champs mentioned above have a tanky build, meaning both armor AND health, then there is a possibility of doing it with them. But it's far safer to simply call in a third man and do a 3-man baron instead.) [b]Should you do a 2/3 man baron? That's entirely up to you, it can win you the game, and it can lose you the game just as hard. Think first, baron later.[/b] [b]The 2 man baron:[/b] The video below was recorded in patch 4.21. That version of the baron was infinitely harder and more powerful than the current baron is. [vid=] I explained how dangerous and risky this is so I recommend you practice it a bunch of times in normal games or custom games with a friend before you manage to convince your team in a ranked game with the line: \"I got this\". Right before you get yourself and your jungler executed or killed by the enemy team and the baron stolen. [b]Junglers that are good for a 2 man baron:[/b] Junglers with pseudo-tanking abilities: [img=champ/elise.png],[img=champ/shaco.png],[img=champ/wukong.png],[img=champ/jax.png],[img=champ/pantheon.png] These junglers don't need a lot of help from your Ult+Q turret in the tanking department, but if you let your Ult+Q tank a couple of hits your jungler will remain pretty healthy. Junglers with shields and sustain: [img=champ/aatrox.png],[img=champ/drmundo.png],[img=champ/fiddlesticks.png],[img=champ/jarvaniv.png],[img=champ/leesin.png],[img=champ/maokai.png],[img=champ/nunu.png],[img=champ/olaf.png],[img=champ/trundle.png],[img=champ/udyr.png],[img=champ/vi.png],[img=champ/xinzhao.png],[img=champ/warwick.png],[img=champ/volibear.png] You notice there's a big difference between how all these champions work. Some of them have only minor shields like Jarvan/Vi. With these kinds of champions your Ult+Q will need to tank for it's full duration. The good thing is that these two also bring plenty of damage to the baron. The other champions in this list have really good sustain so you can take a little longer in killing the baron. The tank junglers: [img=champ/amumu.png],[img=champ/chogath.png],[img=champ/malphite.png],[img=champ/nautilus.png],[img=champ/sejuani.png],[img=champ/shyvana.png],[img=champ/sion.png],[img=champ/zac.png] One of the biggest issues with these last couple of junglers is that almost all the damage needs to come from you. So make sure you have Morello's/Deathcap (and perhaps Sorc Shoes) when you do it with a tank jungler. Otherwise it might take too long. It's already a risk, no need to make it any more dangerous than it already is. [b]The execution:[/b] Make sure the jungler takes agro from the baron first, because you will need all 3 of your Q-turrets to do damage. If your jungler is falling low on health, that's the time where you place your Ult+Q on top of the baron. It can tank about 3 hits which should allow your jungler enough time to get his damage avoiding abilities up again or heal up a bit. Bring: Vision wards/Sweeping Lenses You will still need to do this without the enemy team knowing about it. Tell your botlane duo to push out the mid lane, and tell your solo laner to push out either top or bottom lane. It's safer if the top/mid lane towers are down. It's safer if the top/mid/bot lane minions are pushing towards the enemy base. It's safer if both you and your jungler bring a pink ward. [b]The 3 man baron:[/b] The 3 man baron doesn't have a timer. It depends on when your jungler is tanky enough, and you and your other solo laner can do enough damage. It's about item thresholds instead of timing ones. If you and your other solo laner have 2 completed core items and your jungler has his jungler item + a tank item you're good to go. Bring: Vision wards/Sweeping Lenses You will still need to do this without the enemy team knowing about it. Tell your botlane duo to either push out the mid lane or the bot lane. If they are really behind in gold/items, tell them to push out the bottom lane. They'll probably die, but it draws the enemy team further away from the baron so it's safer to take it.

[b]When your team is stronger:[/b] Just continue the objective control, and siege. Group up and ward your flanks to see any engages coming and just use Ult+Q when the minion wave hits the inhibitor turret and put down your Q-turrets. It zones off the enemy team, or it kills the enemy team and you have yourself an inhibitor turret + inhibitor. [b]Biggest mistakes you can make while doing this:[/b] If you are stronger you are not invincible. So when you walk up to the inhib tower to place your R+Q and Q's. Make sure you don't get crowd controlled or engaged on. The second mistake you can make is putting down all your turrets and then failing to get a kill or the tower. This means you've just used up most of your damage and it gives the enemy team a window where they can engage on you freely. So if you fail to get a kill/tower, wait until you get your ultimate back again and then try again. If you are unable to dive, pick Ult+E or Ult+W to pick of an enemy carry so you can take the inhibitor turret afterwards. [b]When your team is weaker:[/b] You can place your 3 Q-turrets behind the inhibitor tower and use your W to waveclear. It won't instantly clear the wave so you'll need some help from your team. If you are really pressured to kill a big minion wave you can also use your Ult+E (less damage, more range) or Ult+W (more damage, less range) to clear the minion wave if you are in a tight spot. Doing that should allow you to defend the inhibitor turrets from going down. You can also look to use your R+E on the enemy squishies but you MUST AT LEAST hit the enemy ADC + another enemy threat. If you can't do that, then just focus on clearing the waves. The other possibility is when the enemy team is so strong they can dive you. That's where your Ult+Q comes in. Together with the inhibitor tower they make for a super strong combo of damage for the 8 seconds that your Ult+Q is up. You can then step further back yourself and try to use your W on the enemy squishy targets and use your E to keep yourself or your team safe. [b]When ahead: Baron[/b] Make sure you have vision control of the pit, the river, and the enemy jungle and you can destroy the baron in seconds with your turrets. You can choose to use your Ult+Q to do damage to the baron as well, but it's best to keep on to it, in case the enemy team wants to fight over the baron. You can then put it with your 3 Q-turrets in the entrance so it zones off the enemy team from engaging on your team in the baron pit. [b]When behind: Baron[/b] Ward it, and steal it with your Ult+W from the tri-brush or the back of the baron pit. The other option is to 2 man it with your jungler if the enemy team is sieging an inner turret. But if they are on your inhibitor turrets you'll probably want to defend those instead.

[b]The calm before the storm:[/b] Before you get into the next couple of sections about team fighting I wanted to explain the preparation that goes into team fights. In other words, what do you do before a team fight starts? After that I go over your abilities and in the next couple of chapters I talk about dealing with ADC's/Supports/Junglers and their different roles/team compositions. The main difference between the next couple of chapters and the champion match up department is that you (probably) won't meet these champions in your laning phase. [b]A battle of wits![/b] The 2 most important things for team fights are \"Control\" and \"Identifying Win-Conditions\". [b]Control:[/b] As Heimerdinger you have control over a limited area, but you have different ways of exerting that control. The most important thing is VISION. Hard engages or flanks from the enemy team lose you team fights. We've shortly mentioned Heimerdingers low base health, but this is the reason you get Zhonya's and Banshee's Veil to defend you from any and all threats. For every team fight you need to make meaningful choices about how to use your abilities. You can only do this if you have vision of the enemy team, then you can decide which form of your ultimate you should use. [b]Identifying Win-Conditions:[/b] Knowing which enemy player or players are the most dangerous to you or your team and which ones don't really matter in the grand scheme of a fight are also really important. You see a lot of \"easy\" team fights go horribly wrong because your 15/0 Zed uses his ultimate on the enemy support and dies for it. Now you lost your main threat and the enemy team lost their support. Guess who wins the 4v4? Another example of this is when you yourself have had a bad game and are 0/15 (taking extreme examples here) but your ADC has had a wonderful game and is 15/0 and can probably carry you. Instead of looking to deal a lot of damage, it might be better to protect your ADC with your ultimate so that he can win you the team fight. [b] What does this mean for you?[/b] Press the Tab button to show the team and enemy statistics. You'll see their items, their kills and their creep score. When you first use this it'll take you several seconds to look up everything and find out which team/enemy players are the strongest. But if you make a habit of pressing Tab throughout the game it'll become much easier to use and you'll find the information you want a lot faster. Once you realize that the 1/4 Vayne with 100 Cs at 30 minutes isn't going to be a problem you can focus your attention on the enemy player that is a problem. [b] How to use your abilities in team fights:[/b] [b]Q-turret placement:[/b] You can use your Q-turrets in different ways. Firstly you can place them next to neutral objectives like the drake/baron to do damage to it, but you can also place them outside of the pit so you can zone off enemy champions that want to stop you from doing these objectives. If your team has enough damage without your Q-turrets I suggest you use this option. When sieging I suggest you place your Q-turrets out of range of the enemy tower so your team has a safety zone from which to attack the enemy tower. If you use your Q-turrets to do damage or to tank the tower you will kill it faster but you lose the safety zone and can be engaged on. I'd only suggest using this tactic if you are diving the tower instead of sieging it. [b]Your W:[/b] Is your main form of poke and it does a lot of damage. Try to look at the enemy champions items to see which champions haven't bought any magic resistance items yet. These are the people you can REALLY HURT with your W. It's also a nice tool to erm... \"secure\" kills for your team. [b]Your E:[/b] Without the use of your upgraded E, the range isn't enough to be a reliable form of engage. So don't toss it out unless you can use it to follow up on the crowd control of one of your team mates or use it to keep yourself and your team safe when you get engaged on. [b] Your reason for dominating team fights, the UPGRADE!!![/b] [b]Your Ult+Q is good when:[/b] -The enemy team is engaging on you. -You can use it to zone off the enemy team from drake/baron/towers. -You are caught out of position and need a safe retreat. -You can use it to tank/damage an enemy tower on low health. [b]Your Ult+Q is bad when:[/b] -The enemy team has more than 1 form of hard engage combined with crowd control. -The enemy team consists mainly of ranged champions. -You are chasing the enemy team or engaging on them yourself. -You are fighting in an area with a lot of brushes without wards in them. [b] Your Ult+W is good when:[/b] -You or your team crowd controlled an enemy champion and you can blow that person up. -You are getting engaged on by a squishy enemy champion. -You can catch someone off guard with a trap from the brush. -You need to kill 1 specific champion on the enemy team that's super fed and you can't win the fight without blowing up that champion. [b]Your Ult+W is bad when:[/b] -You miss it. It's not an easy skill to hit. -Neither you or your team has any crowd control to lock down a target. -The enemy team has a big tank line. -The enemy team has a lot of magic resistance or Braum/Yasuo. [b]Your Ult+E is good when:[/b] -You need a long range engage tool. -You need to pick off an enemy carry or a specific champion so your team can dive on them. -You need to zone off the enemy team. -Your team has no crowd control but lots of dashes and damage. [b]Your Ult+E is bad when:[/b] -Your team lacks damage to finish off kills. Those listed above are just the general rules, and by rules I mean guidelines. I always check our win condition in team fights, see which enemy carry is fed and which teammate is fed. If my team can win a team fight without 1 specific member of the enemy team, I might just flash Ult+W that person so my team can win 4v4. Or if our team fight depends on our ADC surviving I will just stick to the guy like glue and stun every enemy that comes near. The point of team fighting is always vision and identifying your win condition. As Heimer you have great tools for every form of team fight you can think of, be it zoning, assassinating or CC. [b]Think first, ult later.[/b]

Before we get into specifics about each champion there's a couple of general rules that remain the same when fighting ADC's. -Press Tab and look if the ADC is actually fed and does damage, a weak ADC is often not the best target for your ultimate. -ADC's (generally) outrange your Q-turrets (either with auto attacks or abilities) and can easily get rid of them -You lose a straight up 1v1 in open territory if you miss your E -Your Ult+E is always a good choice so your team can follow it up and kill the enemy ADC -ADC's usually don't have a lot of magic resistance so if you do hit your E+W you can blow them up [b] Part 1: Mobility ADC's[/b] [img=champ/caitlyn.png] Abilities: [img=skills/caitlyn/p.png][img=skills/caitlyn/q.png][img=skills/caitlyn/w.png][img=skills/caitlyn/e.png][img=skills/caitlyn/r.png] Caitlyn is one of the harder to deal with ADC's. Her big range makes it easy for her to auto attack down your Q-turrets and her big range plus her E make it almost impossible for you to hit your normal E. In a prolonged team fight, like a siege scenario, you'll want to pay attention to whether Caitlyn uses her E. Because the second she does, she's a target for your Ult+E and you can destroy her. [img=champ/corki.png] Abilities:[img=skills/corki/p.png][img=skills/corki/q.png][img=skills/corki/w.png][img=skills/corki/e.png][img=skills/corki/r.png] Like Caitlyn, Corki has huge range. But it comes from a different part of his kit. His ultimate has a really big range and can be used to either kill your Q-turrets or poke you down. The most dangerous part about Corki is being in range of his Q and subsequent auto attacks because of his Trinity Force-enhanced auto attacks. He has an escape ability with his W, but it's one of the slowest ones. So you can use your Ult+E regardless of whether he used his W or not. If you are ever in Corki's Q range you made a mistake if Corki isn't crowd controlled and ready to be blown up by you (or your team). [img=champ/ezreal.png] Abilities: [img=skills/ezreal/p.png][img=skills/ezreal/q.png][img=skills/ezreal/w.png][img=skills/ezreal/e.png][img=skills/ezreal/r.png] Ezreal is one of the easier to deal with ADC's when it comes to avoiding his damage. His Q is a big part of his damage and that's blocked by your Q-turrets, minions or friendly champions. (If he's an AD Ezreal instead of an AP mid Ezreal, then it comes from his W and you can't block it with your turrets). You can hit your Ult+E after Ezreal's used his own E. Ezreal usually isn't the biggest threat but don't disregard him completely. [img=champ/graves.png] Abilities: [img=skills/graves/p.png][img=skills/graves/q.png][img=skills/graves/w.png][img=skills/graves/e.png][img=skills/graves/r.png] Graves is both really easy to deal with and really dangerous at the same time. He's easy to deal with because he has short range on his abilities and auto attacks and you can poke him out with your W. The dangerous part is when Graves uses his E to dodge your own E and all of a sudden you find yourself getting 3 shot by a Q+R and a few auto attacks. You can deal with him in the same fashion as the other ADC's. Make him use his E, then use your Ult+E to lock him down and destroy him. [img=champ/kalista.png] Abilities: [img=skills/kalista/p.png][img=skills/kalista/q.png][img=skills/kalista/w.png][img=skills/kalista/e.png][img=skills/kalista/r.png] The difference with the other ADC's in the mobility chapter is that she doesn't have an \"E\" escape ability. Her mobility comes entirely from her passive, allowing her to jump after an auto attack or throwing out a Q. The good thing is that Kalista is a pretty weak laner and shouldn't be that strong compared to your own ADC. The bad part is that Heimer's skillshots are already hard to land, and Kalista can dodge pretty much everything you throw at her. I suggest not using your Ult+E unless another member of your team has already locked her down, or just pick another target to use your ultimate on. Note: Most Kalista's develop a pattern of movement with their jumps. AA > Jump right. AA > Jump left. And so on. So look for the pattern of movement, what makes Kalista jump where in which situation. So you can predict the movement and hit your E or R+E. Sidenote on her ultimate: It's actually easier to hit as a disengage tool than an engage tool. So if you end up chasing her be careful, her ultimate is a great counter-engage tool. And it also means that using your own ultimate on the enemy support is pretty useless. [img=champ/lucian.png] Abilities:[img=skills/lucian/p.png][img=skills/lucian/q.png][img=skills/lucian/w.png][img=skills/lucian/e.png][img=skills/lucian/r.png] Lucian is really dangerous if you don't have your E up and he closes the gap to you. If he ever gets close enough to auto attack you you'll probably end up dead. Keep him far away from you and use your Ult+E after he's used his own E to escape a skillshot. Other than that, just treat him the same as any other ADC mentioned above. His ultimate actually hurts now though so don't facetank it. [img=champ/tristana.png] Abilities: [img=skills/tristana/p.png][img=skills/tristana/q.png][img=skills/tristana/w.png][img=skills/tristana/e.png][img=skills/tristana/r.png] Tristana is a late game carry monster. But this doesn't mean she can't do any damage early on. If she has her Infinity Edge/Static Shiv combo she's ready to start doing some damage. She gets more and more range on her auto attacks with higher levels, making it easier for her to deal with your Q-turrets. If you're on low health or see low health teammates near you, make sure you don't become a reset for Trist. And don't help low hp teammembers if you are low yourself or you will turn a game of League to a game of Leap Frog for Trist. [img=champ/vayne.png] Abilities: [img=skills/vayne/p.png][img=skills/vayne/q.png][img=skills/vayne/w.png][img=skills/vayne/e.png][img=skills/vayne/r.png] Vayne isn't really dangerous as long as she isn't close to you. And it's quite easy to keep her away from you if you're defending a siege or sieging yourself. The real danger comes when she pops her ultimate and can use her Q to shortly go invisible. In a 1v1 scenario your only hope is to put down your Ult+Q and Zhonya's and hope for the best or to drop a pink ward/wait for her tumble and hit her with an E+R-W. If you miss your E you're fucked and Vayne can dodge it SUPER EASY. Vayne's Q enables her to dodge away from pretty much anything you throw at her but most Vayne's suffer from the \"Doublelift-Syndrome\". They think that they can just go in 1v5 dodge every skillshot and get a 1v5 Pentakill. 999/1000 times the Vayne gets hit by a skillshot and dies. So try to find out if the enemy Vayne wants to skirt the outsides of the team fight and do as much damage as she can, or if she wants to Q forward and carry the game. In scenario number 2 you should be able to take advantage of that and Ult+E or drop a pink and destroy her. Honorary mention: [img=champ/sivir.png] Abilities:[img=skills/sivir/p.png][img=skills/sivir/q.png][img=skills/sivir/w.png][img=skills/sivir/e.png][img=skills/sivir/r.png] Sivir's mobility doesn't come from dashes or the like, but from her ultimate. Movement speed is a huge deal in team fights and it allows people that are caught out to be caught, or to be sped off to safety. Sivir has 2 ways to deal with Heimer's Q-turrets, her Q is a long range skill shot that goes through everything and her W let's her bounce her auto attacks of minions/champions and your Q-turrets. Sivir has 2 ways to avoid your Ult+E, her spell shield from her E and the move speed from her R. Both have a pretty long cooldown so you can use your W to try and bait out Sivir's E. [b]Part 2: Support ADC's aka Crowd control ADC's [/b] [img=champ/ashe.png] Abilities:[img=skills/ashe/p.png][img=skills/ashe/q.png][img=skills/ashe/w.png][img=skills/ashe/e.png][img=skills/ashe/r.png] Ashe is an ADC without mobility but she has something that you also have, a long range engage with crowd control. Her ultimate is one of the single spell engages that made me choose Banshee's Veil over Haunting Guise in the item build (for beginners). Remember that a dead Heimer does no damage. (Yes, his turrets do damage for a short while after he dies so it's not entirely true, but you get my point.) If you have a Banshee's Veil you'll never be in danger from Ashe during team fights, and if your team members are getting stunned and engaged on you can use your Ult+Q option instead. If you don't have flash to dodge the arrow, beware! (I say this because as Heimer you really learn how to position yourself properly or you die, so I end up in a lot of team fights where my team gets wombo combo'd but my Ult+Q gets a double or triple kill when the enemy team has used all their abilities.) She's a perfect target for your Ult+E but like other ADC's she has no problems clearing your Q-turrets and if she has her passive up she'll have a guaranteed crit on you, which really hurts when she has 2 or 3 items. If you ever face Ashe 1v1 and get hit by her ultimate you'll probably die. The same can be said if you hit her with an E, then she'll probably die. [img=champ/varus.png] [img=skills/varus/p.png][img=skills/varus/q.png][img=skills/varus/w.png][img=skills/varus/e.png][img=skills/varus/r.png] Varus, like every other ADC, has no issues clearing your Q-turrets and will die if you land an E or Ult+E. His poke can hurt you a lot if you don't have a Seeker's Armguard or a Zhonya's and his ultimate is a really powerful tool to lock down one or more targets. Think of it as a Morgana ult, but then one that you toss out like a skill shot. If you end up in a 1v1, I suggest using your Zhonya's to avoid either the Q or the R (it passes through you if you press your Zhonya's as it is coming at you). That should be enough to get you the win if you use your Ult+Q. The other option is the usual E+Ult-W but that's harder to hit. [b]Part 3: Assassin ADC's aka Pick ADC's[/b] [img=champ/twitch.png] Abilities:[img=skills/twitch/p.png][img=skills/twitch/q.png][img=skills/twitch/w.png][img=skills/twitch/e.png][img=skills/twitch/r.png] During team fights you'll need to confirm what kind of Twitch player you're dealing with. More specifically you need to confirm whether they suffer from the \"Doublelift-Syndrome\". Twitch players that suffer from this illness think they have the mechanical prowess to open up a team fight 1v5, outplay you all and win the game alone. Players like these are easy to deal with and should be blown up the second they show their face. On a more serious note, Twitch players that have their 2 items are a real threat. If one pops up besides you when your E is on cooldown it's pretty much a guaranteed kill for the Twitch. Other than that, he doesn't have any mobility so it's an easy kill in team fights if you land your Ult+E and engage on him with your team. Things to take note off: -Twitch is a horrible sieger, but a real good siege defender. -Vision wards take away Twitch' ambushing capabilities, if you are sieging, put one down on top of your team. Honorary mention: [img=champ/quinn.png] I've mentioned her in the champion match up department so look over what I have to say about her there. Think of her as an assassin like Leblanc rather than an ADC. [b]Part 4: The long range hypercarry's[/b] [img=champ/kogmaw.png] Abilities:[img=skills/kogmaw/p.png][img=skills/kogmaw/q.png][img=skills/kogmaw/w.png][img=skills/kogmaw/e.png][img=skills/kogmaw/r.png] Kog'maw is \"only dangerous\" when he has his W up. What I mean by this is sure, he can still do damage, but he lost his biggest asset and that's his big range and percentage based damage. If it's something you can keep track of, then always do and always try to engage on Kog'maw players that still want to auto attack after their W has ran out. New Kog can only kite forward with his W pretty much and he has to stand still while using it, so if he stands still you nuke him. Besides that, his R is a long range poke machine but doesn't do tons of damage if he hasn't built AP. He has no mobility so by now you know he's a perfect target for your Ult+E and an easy kill. Do mind that once you kill him his passive can turn a team fight. A rank 3 4 man explosion of his passive can turn a won team fight into a big loss. [img=champ/jinx.png] Abilities:[img=skills/jinx/p.png][img=skills/jinx/q.png][img=skills/jinx/w.png][img=skills/jinx/e.png][img=skills/jinx/r.png] The \"only\" two things you need to be careful of in dealing with Jinx in team fights is her speed up from her passive if she kills a tower or a champion and her E - Chompers. If she's sped up it's really hard to land any spells and if you somehow get yourself caught in her E you're a free kill for any enemy champion that can engage on you. And if you get caught in any other CC Jinx can chain it up with her E. [b]Part 5: The Leftovers[/b] [img=champ/urgot.png] Abilities:[img=skills/urgot/p.png][img=skills/urgot/q.png][img=skills/urgot/w.png][img=skills/urgot/e.png][img=skills/urgot/r.png] If you meet Urgot as an ADC, then you need to realize you'll do a lot less damage than you anticipate you'll do if you get hit by his auto attacks. Also, you should never be in range of his ultimate in team fights. If you are in range either you or Urgot is horribly out of position. Urgot doesn't have any mobility and he can clear your Q-turrets with his own Q's, but he's a lot more durable than other ADC's. He'll generally build armor which makes him tanky and hard to kill for your AD team members. I will suggest looking at the champion stats (your Tab button) before you choose to use your Ult+E on Urgot. Use your Ult+E on him if he's really fed or if your team members don't have armor penetration items yet. If Urgot is weak, or your other laners can deal with him, then use your Ult+E on other champions instead. [img=champ/missfortune.png] Abilities:[img=skills/missfortune/p.png][img=skills/missfortune/q.png][img=skills/missfortune/w.png][img=skills/missfortune/e.png][img=skills/missfortune/r.png] Miss Fortune has two annoying abilities when it concerns you. Her passive that gives her a huge movement speed buff if she hasn't been hit with anything yet, making it hard to hit your Ult+E. And her ultimate that can clear all your Q-turrets and deal damage to your entire team in one go. Why is she really easy to deal with though? She needs to stand still to channel her ultimate, making her an easy target for any skill shot. I'll always suggest using your Ult+E, but if you are feeling freaky then go for the E + Ult-W when she channels her ultimate. [img=champ/draven.png] Abilities: [img=skills/draven/p.png][img=skills/draven/q.png][img=skills/draven/w.png][img=skills/draven/e.png][img=skills/draven/r.png] If there is one thing you never want to do, is get into Dravens auto attack range as a Heimerdinger. Because of his Q his auto attacks can 2 or 3 shot you if Draven gets a crit or two. Because of his passive he's a champion that can snowball out of control and by the time you get to deal with him he can be really ahead of the normal item build curve. There are two extra things besides his empowered auto attacks from his Q that make Draven one of the more dangerous ADC's to deal with as Heimer. Remember that you have no mobility? Draven has his W to speed him up (also his attack speed) and his E to displace and slow you. So even if you stay out of his auto attack range and poke him with your own W, he still has ways to get closer to you. Besides that his ultimate is a nice long range finisher. [b]How to deal with this?[/b] If you pay attention to how/when Draven uses his W, you can toss out your Ult+E after he used it. If you throw it out while he still has it available he can use it to sidestep your ultimate. Also be sure to press Tab and look how scary this Draven is exactly. Sure any Draven is scary, but some of them more than others if they got fed early on in the game. If Draven is the only, or one of the few fed enemy carries, always use your Ult+E and always aim it for Draven. Even if you hit only him, it's worth it if it allows your team to engage on Draven and kill him.

Again, before we get down to business I wanted to explain why I put supports and junglers in one chapter. The main reason for this is that they are both considered supportive roles for their team (yes there are hard-carry junglers but that's not relevant). And they fall under a couple different categories that either help start or end team fights. I'll divide the junglers and supports into those categories, rather than dividing them by their position on the map. [b]Poking your way to victory[/b] Poke oriented team compositions mean they want to stay far away and throw out skill shots to whittle down your HP. These guys generally don't want to start a fight, unless they've already landed a couple of skill shots and your team is on low health. Hard engage generally counters poke comps, your Ult+E is really good for these. This section will be pretty short, because I've already mentioned the poke supports in the champion match up department. Namely Karma/Vel'koz and maybe even Zyra although her range is a lot shorter. Hard engage is the way to deal with these setups. And if your team has no hard engage to offer, you always have your R+E to do so. [b]Pick champions, getting punished for straying too far from safety[/b] Pick champions are generally assassins. They're called pick compositions because they want to single out one target and kill that target, so that they can then win the upcoming team fight because it's a 4v5. Examples of these that I've already mentioned in the champion match up department are Ahri/Zed/Rengar or like I mentioned in the \"Dealing with ADC's\" chapter above, Twitch. You counter [b]most[/b] of these guys with wards. Wards always save lives, but even more so when the enemy team has an assassin or the ability to punish positional mistakes. Read positional mistakes as walking around by your lonesome in an unwarded area. This phenomenon occurs when you or any of your team mates feel strong because you are ahead, or just got yourself a fancy baron buff. But that won't help you in a 1v5 scenario. Or when you just come from the base and want to siege the top inhibitor tower and decide to run through the enemy jungle while your team goes through your own jungle into the top lane rather than through the mid lane and the enemy jungle. (There are countless examples of positional errors, these are just a few) [img=champ/nocturne.png] Abilities:[img=skills/nocturne/p.png][img=skills/nocturne/q.png][img=skills/nocturne/w.png][img=skills/nocturne/e.png][img=skills/nocturne/r.png] Nocturne is not considered a prominent jungler in the current preseason but he can still do well because his ultimate is the ultimate punisher for positional mistakes. It's a long range (range gets longer with more ranks in his ultimate) point and click engage tool and he can use it to stick on you like glue because of the movespeed from his Q and the fear from his E. There's 2 big things to note about his W and his E. Firstly about his W. Inexperienced Nocturne players will just use their W as they go in and hope they block the right spell. So you can always try to use your W+E so your W gets blocked, but your E goes through. Secondly about his E, the fear tether remains on you while you are in your Zhonya's. So you want to use that as late as possible, rather than right away. Because if you Zhonya's right as he uses his E on you, you will still get feared when the duration of your Zhonya's runs off. [img=champ/rammus.png] Abilities:[img=skills/rammus/p.png][img=skills/rammus/q.png][img=skills/rammus/w.png][img=skills/rammus/e.png][img=skills/rammus/r.png] Rammus is a high speed version of Garen. What I mean by this, is he only has one way to go and that is forward. And he only has one way of getting him there and that's his Q. So right until the point he actually sticks on you, you can consider him an oddly agile skill shot being thrown your way or a spiky version of Garen and Bowsers love child. [b] How do you deal with his Q?[/b] You block it with minions, your Q-turrets or your team's tanky players. I don't suggest using your E on Rammus since it's already a hard to hit skill, even more so when your target moves at the speed of light. You can use it as a last resort if all other options failed. If all these precautions have failed, you'll probably end up dead. His abilities make him a really durable front liner (especially to AD threats) and his E makes you stand still and attack Rammus for the duration. Plenty of time for his teammates to come around and kill you. Banshee's Veil can help if you use your Zhonya's on his Q, but using Zhonya's can also be a death sentence because it allows enemy players to just wait 2.5 seconds before they engage on you. [img=champ/elise.png] Abilities:[img=skills/elise/p.png][img=skills/elise/q.png][img=skills/elise/w.png][img=skills/elise/e.png][img=skills/elise/r.png] Elise has one of the long range crowd control skill shots like Morgana. Her E makes other crowd control or damage easy to land, but you can block it with your Q-turrets if you are fast enough or if you see Elise running at you, it's a safe bet she wants to throw out her E. Elise generally go either AP or AP/Tank. AP/penetration Elise players are squishy but dish out a lot of damage. The reason they can stay alive is because of the spider form E. Allowing her to briefly get out of combat and re-enter or leave on stuff like wards/minions/champions/jungle camps. The more common Elise build is the AP/Tank or penetration/tank build. She'll toss out her human form combo and then get straight into the action as a pseudo-tank. I say pseudo-tank because if she's the only front liner of the enemy team it's quite easy to blow her up once she goes in. The only reason she survives a lot of situations is the aforementioned spider form E. As of patch 5.12 her Spider form abilities now heal her and she does extra damage on her Spider form abilities after she lands down from her E-Rappel. So watch out when you get ganked, our spider lady might is back. [img=champ/khazix.png] Abilities: [img=skills/khazix/p.png][img=skills/khazix/q.png][img=skills/khazix/w.png][img=skills/khazix/e.png][img=skills/khazix/r.png] Kha'zix is a bit of everything depending on his current state. In the past he's been an assassin (when his Q evolve option was really strong), a pseudo-tank who ran around dealing mayhem in your backline (when his R evolve option was really strong), or a poke monster (when his W evolve option was really strong). The current Kha'zix does well evolving his Q, meaning he's a master at cleaning up team fights. You'll generally see either his Q or E evolved first depending on his priority (look for wings or big claws to find out which). You need to pay attention to what Kha'zix evolves (Q=Big Claws, W=Big Spikes, E=Big Wings, R=Red Exoskeleton). Because the abilities he evolves determine his and your playstyle. If he evolves Q, he wants to jump in and finish you off and if he evolves W he wants to sit back and poke you. The good thing is that there's a good way of dealing with Kha'zix. Even if he and his team mates land all the poke in the world, he'll eventually want to jump in and Q someone to finish someone off. He'll use his R to do the jump while invisible to stay safe. Dropping a pink ward on your team at this moment (when you see Kha'zix disappear) will render Kha'zix' invisibility void and your team can kill the now defenseless bug. [img=champ/blitzcrank.png] Abilities: [img=skills/blitzcrank/p.png][img=skills/blitzcrank/q.png][img=skills/blitzcrank/w.png][img=skills/blitzcrank/e.png][img=skills/blitzcrank/r.png] Please read this in Morgan Freeman's voice: \"There are two kinds of people in this world, the ones that can dodge Blitzcranks hooks....and those who cannot.\" Blitzcrank is the perfect example of a pick support. His Q is a hook that pulls you to him, it actually stuns you as well while you are hooked so you can't flash out of it. (Unless you use something like Cleanse/Quicksilver Sash and then flash, some dashes do work (Tristana/Ezreal) but you don't have any of those so not for you to worry about.) You can block the grab with your Q-turrets like Morgana's Dark Binding. Even though his Q is annoying, the real trouble starts after somebody gets grabbed. His E knocks you up, and his R silences you so you can't flash for the duration of the silence. And if he gets some levels in his R, it actually does a nice bit of damage as well. Once again, wards and a tank line can keep you safe from this. If Blitzcrank pulls a tank into his team, then that's a perfect engage for your team. [img=champ/thresh.png] Abilities:[img=skills/thresh/p.png][img=skills/thresh/q.png][img=skills/thresh/w.png][img=skills/thresh/e.png][img=skills/thresh/r.png] Thresh is another champion that has a hook for his Q, but you won't get pulled into the enemy team in one go, just in 2 short little movements. Not as far as Blitz' hook, but far and long enough to be ... a death sentence .... Once again, you can block it with your Q-turrets. If you do get hit, you'll get hit by his E and R after. Which are a displacement from his E, and a huge slow from his R. For you it means you'll probably end up dead, or you have to use your Zhonya's. Either way it's dangerous business. Also note that when facing a Thresh alone, he can always use his Dark Passage to turn a 1v1 into a 1v2. [img=champ/shaco.png] Abilities:[img=skills/shaco/p.png][img=skills/shaco/q.png][img=skills/shaco/w.png][img=skills/shaco/e.png][img=skills/shaco/r.png] Shaco is another example of a pick jungler who punishes positioning mistakes. It's also another jungler that gets most of his strength from stealthing up to you while you are out of position to take advantage of his passive and attack you from behind. And getting hit by a guaranteed crit from his Q with 20% extra damage on it if he's attacking you from behind can hurt A LOT if you are squishy like yourself. His E slows but that's not really where the damage comes from and his W can fear you but this is only an issue if you start chasing after Shaco. If there's one thing we learned from this guide is that Heimer is pretty bad at chasing down kills, and if there is one champion that's good at getting chased by any number of people and not dying it's Shaco because of his Q and W (and R). [b]Dealing with the Shaclone:[/b] There's a couple of different ways to identify if the target running at you is the real Shaco or his clone. First of all, buffs and pots show on the real Shaco but not on the clone. And if you hit both of them with your E, the clone will take more damage. That out of the way, there's another couple of ways you can identify Shaco's clone. If a Shaco runs at you from a brush without being stealthed, it's probably a clone. If a Shaco pops out from stealth and attacks you, it's the real one and he'll go invisible for a second right away and then there's 2 of them. That's where you can use the tips mentioned above to see which one is the real Shaco. You can avoid the scenario's in the two paragraphs above by having the most important item in the game with you when you do objectives. The vision ward. It's especially useful when you are doing Baron/Dragon and it's placed in a brush. That way an unsuspecting Shaco might think himself invisible, and you can land an E+Ult-W combo to delete him from the map. If you are sieging and Shaco isn't split pushing, place a vision ward in the lane at a place where you can defend it. So you see invisible units coming in while you slowly kill the enemy tower. [b]The brawlers of team fights[/b] Some champions were not made for 1v1's. They were made to support their teams carries and create situations where their damage dealers can safely deal a lot of damage. You do this by either locking down the enemy team, or protecting their own team by blocking spells. The champions below are the ones you probably won't find in the mid or top lane, but still have a big impact on team fights. [img=champ/amumu.png] Abilities:[img=skills/amumu/p.png][img=skills/amumu/q.png][img=skills/amumu/w.png][img=skills/amumu/e.png][img=skills/amumu/r.png] Amumu is a terror in the lower regions and even some high elo players (like Azingy) still like to play this little mummy. His passive makes his team's AP champions do more damage and his Q and R combined can lock someone down completely. His ultimate can be used in the R-flash fashion, where he presses his ultimate and instantly flashes. This makes it really hard to dodge (compared to Amumu missing his Q, then flashing, then ulting) with your own flash. You can block Amumu's Q with your own Q-turrets, but he'll still be really close to you. You can use your ultimate to either zone off the enemy carries who want to close in with your Ult+E. Or you can use your Ult+Q when Amumu engages on you to deal a ton of damage to anyone following up Amumu's engage. [img=champ/braum.png] Abilities:[img=skills/braum/p.png][img=skills/braum/q.png][img=skills/braum/w.png][img=skills/braum/e.png][img=skills/braum/r.png] Braum is a pain to deal with for several reasons. Firstly his passive/q that allow anyone to stun you once that 4th auto attack lands. The second reason being his E that can block your Ult+W or your Ult+E. The third reason being the AoE knock up and slow from his ultimate. And finally because he is so incredibly tanky he can cause mayhem to any teamfight just by running around and auto attacking people once his abilities are on cooldown. You can block Braum's Q with your own Q-turrets. But for his E, you really need to watch out for that cooldown. Don't toss out your ultimate in any form untill AFTER he used this ability. The same as how you would deal with Yasuo's wind wall. [img=champ/evelynn.png] Abilities:[img=skills/evelynn/p.png][img=skills/evelynn/q.png][img=skills/evelynn/w.png][img=skills/evelynn/e.png][img=skills/evelynn/r.png] Eve has a bit more play again nowadays and she's generally built as AP or the rare tank Eve. Eve can do a LOT of damage to you in a very short time if she's AP but she's also very squishy. If you see her coming you should always be able to blow her up with your R-W or R-Q. Pink wards are your friend and unless Eve is really fed, you probably want to focus the attention of your ultimate elsewhere. She doesn't really do a lot of damage unless she has a ton of damage items and she's pretty hard to hit with your E because of her W's speed. It's weird to see someone say it but, my advice is to ignore Eve and deal with champions that have a bigger threat instead. [img=champ/masteryi.png] Abilities:[img=skills/masteryi/p.png][img=skills/masteryi/q.png][img=skills/masteryi/w.png][img=skills/masteryi/e.png][img=skills/masteryi/r.png] I had some trouble placing Master Yi into any of these categories since he can be an assassin-esque champion, but I decided to put him in here. Master Yi is the AD version of Katarina. That's how I can best describe him. Slows don't matter and he can dodge skills with his Q (like Katarina's E), so you deal with her the same way you would deal with a fed Katarina. Wait untill he used his Q, then use your E (or Ult+E because that's easier to hit) and you and your team can pounce on him once he's crowd controlled. Crowd control counters Master Yi, but if he gets really fed and he uses his Q to dodge your E (and your team has no more crowd control) he can kill you in a matter of seconds. He should be a priority target in team fights. [img=champ/taric.png] Abilities:[img=skills/taric/p.png][img=skills/taric/q.png][img=skills/taric/w.png][img=skills/taric/e.png][img=skills/taric/r.png] Taric is a tanky son of a gun, but that's mainly for your AD team mates. You can actually do quite a lot of damage to Taric, but the question is if you want to. The answer is no. Taric as a support offers nothing except armor and a point and click stun. Sure the stun is annoying, but once that's out of the way Taric doesn't really do anything. Use your spells on the enemy carries instead. If you ever run into the marvel that is top lane Taric, he will actually hurt and you need to stop him if he ever gets close to you. Because top lane Taric can do (some) damage. [img=champ/sona.png] Abilities:[img=skills/sona/p.png][img=skills/sona/q.png][img=skills/sona/w.png][img=skills/sona/e.png][img=skills/sona/r.png] If there is only one thing you take away from this part about Sona, it should be the danger her ultimate brings. It's an AoE stun that's annoying if you are a tank, but if you get hit by it as a squishy Heimerdinger the flood gates open and you can get pounced on by any enemy team member. Besides that, her Q has some nice poke damage but it's not really dangerous. The utility she brings with her healing and speed from her W and E do actually matter. Especially now that Baron no longer gives health regeneration, there are fewer places to get healing from. Sona's W is one of them and in longer drawn out team fights, this can decide who comes out on top. Your own passive is great, Sona's W is greater. [img=champ/soraka.png] Abilities:[img=skills/soraka/p.png][img=skills/soraka/q.png][img=skills/soraka/w.png][img=skills/soraka/e.png][img=skills/soraka/r.png] The ambulance goat is back with a vengeance! The new Soraka does one thing, and that one thing she does really well, and that one thing is healing. She has a little long range poke/slow that heals herself from her Q, but the damage is neglectable. What really sets her apart from other supports is her massive and frequent healing from her W. If her target is low enough hp, she'll even get a massive speed boost to get to her target faster (also making it hard for you to land any skill shots). The healing debuff from your Morello's gets removed (your ignite's grievous wounds as well) when she (before the healing applies) uses her ultimate, so think twice before you think a target is dead. Before you know it, he might be back on 50% health. The last thing that makes Soraka such an incredible team fighter besides her healing, is the (in my opnion) most annoying mechanic in the game. Her silence. It's an AoE silence that roots you if you stay in it too long. You can't flash out of it (your only escape) so if you get stuck on it, you'll probably end up dead. [img=champ/udyr.png] Abilities:[img=skills/udyr/p.png][img=skills/udyr/q.png][img=skills/udyr/w.png][img=skills/udyr/e.png][img=skills/udyr/r.png] Udyr is another champion you can compare to Garen/Rammus (sorry Trick2g). He only has one way to go and that's forward in a straight line to you. The annoying part comes from his super speed that he does it with. He's pretty tanky because of the shield from his W and he can use his Q to stun you if he actually gets on you. Udyr by himself isn't a big threat (depending on his item build, some Udyrs pack a punch with their Tiger Stance maxed damage build). You can use the old Ult+Q if his team engages with Udyr, or you can use your Ult+E to zone them off while your team deals with the Udyr. [b]Dealing with Hard-engage[/b] Hard-engage champions are generally champions that have a long range crowd control or a long range gap closer (or both). These champions do really well against champions without escape abilities (like yourself). You generally want to use your Ult+Q to do a lot of damage if everyone is piling on and following up the engage, or to stop the enemy carries from engaging with their front line with your Ult+E. (Think of it as using Rumble's ultimate, but a shorter and smaller version of it). I covered most of the champions in the match up department, but here's the ones that you probably won't find as your lane opponent. [img=champ/leona.png] Abilities: [img=skills/leona/p.png][img=skills/leona/q.png][img=skills/leona/w.png][img=skills/leona/e.png][img=skills/leona/r.png] Leona is the typical hard engage champion. She has her long range Aoe stun/slow to start things off, then she can follow it up with her E (gap closer) and Q (stun) to lock you down completely for a few seconds. If you don't have a Banshee's Veil you probably want to flash the second you see her use her ultimate, because if it hits you and you get locked up you have to either use your Zhonya's or you'll just get blown up by the enemy team. You should always stay out of range of her E+Q combo and like before, you can use your Ult+Q to do a lot of damage to anyone that follows up Leona's engage. Or you can use your Ult+E to zone off the enemy backline from following up the engage. [img=champ/nautilus.png] Abilities[img=skills/nautilus/p.png][img=skills/nautilus/q.png][img=skills/nautilus/w.png][img=skills/nautilus/e.png][img=skills/nautilus/r.png] With the exception of Nautilus' W, every single one of his abilities contain some form of crowd control, even his auto attacks because of his passive. This means that if Nautilus ever lands one ability on you, he'll probably land all the other ones and so will his team mates. His crowd controls aren't long, but they are plentiful. Your Q-turrets block Nautilus' Q, but a Banshee's Veil is pretty much the only way of avoiding the longer ranged ultimate engage he can toss at you. He doesn't have to land his Q, he just needs to be close enough to ult you to start off the crowd control chain. Besides that, he's super tanky so you have the choice between your Ult+Q to damage everyone that engages with Nautilus, or your Ult+E to zone off the enemy backline from following up on Nautilus' engage. [img=champ/vi.png] Abilities:[img=skills/vi/p.png][img=skills/vi/q.png][img=skills/vi/w.png][img=skills/vi/e.png][img=skills/vi/r.png] Vi is the last of our hard engage champions that weren't previously covered. She is the ultimate single target hard engage champion you can think of. She can cover a huge distance with her Q+Flash+R to pick off somebody out of position. Almost like a Nocturne ult in the earlier ranks. You can't block Vi's Q with your own Q-turrets, Vi can just use her Q and E if you line them up perfectly and she can 2 shot your entire turret line. You can't flash, or dash away from Vi's ultimate. It's a point and click and once it starts going, it doesn't end until it actually connects. So if for example Vi uses her ultimate on you, and you flash towards a Thresh lantern and click it, you bring Vi along the ride with you. Using your Zhonya's can help, or a Banshee's Veil. This time you actually have all 3 ultimate options available depending on Vi's item build. If she has any MR/tank items you probably want your Ult+Q if her team engages with her, or your Ult+E to zone off the enemy back line. The third option that's available if you are fast enough, and Vi has no MR/tank items, is your Ult+W. This skill is normall hard to hit, but Vi is speeding straight for you and if she has no MR you will destroy her. [b]Disengage[/b] Some champions are good at starting fights, others are good at finishing them. And by that I don't mean an instant 1v5 Katarina pentakill on 5 low hp members. But stopping the fight completely by disengaging the team fight. I already covered this earlier, but if there is one thing that Heimer is absolutely terrible at, it's chasing down kills. So if you are up against any of these champions on low hp, chances are they'll make a safe getaway. And if you chase them, you'll probably end up dead from one champion or the other waiting for you in a brush. [img=champ/nami.png] Abilities:[img=skills/nami/p.png][img=skills/nami/q.png][img=skills/nami/w.png][img=skills/nami/e.png][img=skills/nami/r.png] Nami's passive makes her and her team mates pretty mobile. It speeds up every team member hit by her spells. Besides that, her Q can be used to pick somebody off, but it's a fairly slow moving skill shot. Her healing can also be a big factor in the longer drawn out team fights. But what sets her apart from other champions is her huge AoE ultimate that can stop any (most) champions in their track. It's a fairly slow moving ultimate, so it's not hard to dodge when it's used as an engage tool. But if you are running through the jungle or chasing down a lane to catch the enemy team, this spell will stop you from accomplishing your goal. It's also a great secondary engage tool to follow up other engages (for example Wu'kongs ultimate and then Nami's ultimate, it's painful). [img=champ/nunu.png] Abilities:[img=skills/nunu/p.png][img=skills/nunu/q.png][img=skills/nunu/w.png][img=skills/nunu/e.png][img=skills/nunu/r.png] Nunu is a champion that doesn't really do much in team fights. Sure he can toss out a snowball at someone out of position but he's generally not dangerous. He can munch up your Q-turrets and your Ult+Q with his Q though, so that's an annoyance. But the only two dangers he has is speeding up himself and an enemy teammember (also their attack speed). And his ultimate (see champion match ups). I covered him in the champion match up department, but I felt like I couldn't stress enough the annoyance and dangerous ultimate yeti that is nunu. [img=champ/janna.png] Abilities:[img=skills/janna/p.png][img=skills/janna/q.png][img=skills/janna/w.png][img=skills/janna/e.png][img=skills/janna/r.png] I saved the best for last when it comes to disengaging fights. Before a fight even starts, Janna gives her team members 5% extra movement speed. Considering you need to kill three dragons to get this buff, it's a pretty nice thing to have for free. Besides that, she can slow down a single target with her W making it hard to chase her. The small stuff out of the way, the biggest hassle comes from her Q and her R. Her Q is a tornado that knocks up anything in a straight line and her R is another AoE displacement that also tosses away your Q-turrets. If your team has a lot of melee champions in it, I really suggest using your Ult+E in team fights regardless of the other champions. Because with Janna on the enemy team, they'll probably end up doing nothing if you don't lock the enemy team down. [b]The odd ones out[/b] [img=champ/bard.png] Abilities: [img=skills/bard/p.png][img=skills/bard/q.png][img=skills/bard/w.png][img=skills/bard/e.png][img=skills/bard/r.png] Bard is a very unique champion, a lot of people call him useless (he might be in soloqueue) but with a little coordination he can be a real terror. You need to think carefully about your positioning so you don't get stunned by his Q and you need to be really careful of odd flanks from his E- Magical Journey. Besides that, this champion doesn't really offer a lot with his basic kit during team fights with the exception of his ultimate. You remember your Ult+Q lasts 8 seconds and it takes a while before the turret laser comes out that does the real damage. Bard's ultimate can completely decimate your damage if he uses his ultimate on you/your turrets. (Both \"Friendly\" and hostile Bards can mess you up completely) So if the Bard is on your team, gently ask him not to ult your turrets because you WILL lose team fights because of it. [img=champ/tahmkench.png] Abilities:[img=skills/tahmkench/p.png][img=skills/tahmkench/w.png][img=skills/tahmkench/e.png][img=skills/tahmkench/q.png][img=skills/tahmkench/r.png] Tahm Kench is a horror to deal with for you as Heimer. Since you'll often look to pick off enemy team members with your E-W or R-E + W or any other combo. Tahm Kench himself can simply take all your damage, and then shield himself for the amount of damage you did. He can also swallow any friendly target you hit with your combo, making sure your team can no longer engage on him. Besides that he can swallow and spit out your turrets, making him even more annoying. He's not really a threat to you unless he uses his ult , but that gives you a long time to dump your turrets on the spot he's going to appear, including your R-Q, which he can't swallow (I THINK :D) [img=champ/skarner.png] Abilities:[img=skills/skarner/p.png][img=skills/skarner/q.png][img=skills/skarner/w.png][img=skills/skarner/e.png][img=skills/skarner/r.png] The new Skarner is pretty OP. Ban him (5.16) or face the consequences. He does a pretty good amount of damage and he's near unkillable. The only counterplay to his ultimate is buying a QSS. Which you might want to buy as early as your 2nd or 3rd item to stop him from targetting you with his ultimate. If he ults one of your teammates I suggest using your R+E to crowdcontrol the enemy carries, offering the ulted target a chance to survive. [img=champ/kindred.png] Abilities:[img=skills/kindred/p.png][img=skills/kindred/q.png][img=skills/kindred/w.png][img=skills/kindred/e.png][img=skills/kindred/r.png] Like Bard's, Kindred's main annoyance is their ultimate. It completely stops your turrets from killing anybody for 3 seconds and it heals them afterwards. You can still do damage, unlike with Bard's ultimate, but it can be super annoying to deal with. Once the ult runs out or if your team can knock them out of the radius of the ultimate, you can finish them off. Since Kindred can be both an ADC and a Jungler I'll shortly go over both lane and team fights. During the laning phase, a Kindred Jungler has insane chase potential because of the short cooldown of his Q if he uses his W first. Combine that with his slow and you'll need to either flash or die. In the early stages of the game or if you're lvl 6 and onwards. You can always try to disuade Kindred from coming close, because him chasing you will put him in a predictable path. Meaning you can E + R-W and you can probably kill him or make sure he backs off. With the team fighting I really recommend using your R-E as much as possible. It'll cover a big part of a team fight and stops a lot of incoming damage and gives your team a chance to chain their crowdcontrol on Kindred, not allowing the use of the annoying ultimate.

[b]Note before you start reading/watching this section:[/b] As of patch 5.22 you can no longer buy stealth/green wards from the shop. So you need to rely on your warding trinket for \"green wards\", but the placements are still the same. [b]When do you ward? Always... you always ward.[/b] I hammer on in this guide that wards are important. They help you through your laning phase, they help you secure objectives, or pick off enemy players. Or help deal with enemy pick champions instead. I tried telling everything I wanted to know about warding in a video, but it's an unwatchable FPS dropping horror. But thanks to our by now well known and good friend Unseen Dragon that situation has been remedied. To get us started with a low entry level video about warding is Aveun's video about warding. He explains really well what wards do and how/when to place them in season 5. If you don't know anything about wards, or about good spots to place them, or how to place them over walls, you should probably watch this video. If you think you know all this, then watch the video anyways who knows what you might have missed. Player: Aveun ( [vid=] [b]Warding in the laning phase[/b] [b] The top lane:[/b] I'm going to start off with the easier lane to ward for, the top lane. Depending on how the preseason will keep changing around the jungle, your first ward can be placed anywhere from 2:30 to 4 minutes. It really depends on the enemy jungler and on the position the minions are in on the lane. They could also just do the Krugs and the Red Buff and gank you at level 2. A lot is still unknown, but one thing is for sure, you will be pushing in your lane opponent and you will be a target for the enemy jungler because of this. [vid=] Your aggressive pink ward placement should also depend on whether your jungler/mid laner are actually placing wards around the mid/river area. If they have no wards you might want to just place a ward in the river rather than deep in the enemy jungle. A last tip, whenever your opponent goes back to buy press Tab and see if he bought a pink ward. If he hasn't then it's fairly easy to tell your jungler what is warded and when it has been warded if you see your lane opponent walk away to the river to ward. You can tell your jungler \"Tri-brush warded till 7:30\" or any other time (Trinket ward only lasts a minute). Communication with your jungler is really important. Telling him your lane opponents flash timers and whether he warded or not can give him the information he needs to pull off a successful gank. (Sidenote: Some junglers you can spoon-feed all the information you want and they'll ignore everything you say. When this happens don't get frustrated, just keep playing your own game.) Play aggressive if you have wards, play safe if you don't have wards. [b]The mid lane:[/b] The mid lane is a lot more hectic to ward than the top lane. Since there's 3 ways to enter the mid lane from two sides of the jungle, and the lanes themselves. So there are a lot more places you can get ganked from. The good thing is that with good vision control you can keep track of the side-entrances really well. I suggest you watch the video first and then I'll explain the rest. [vid=] If you are getting pushed in, you can ward over the wall into the river instead of walking in the river to ward deeper at 3 to 4 minutes. Like in the top lane, communication with your jungler is really important. Tell your jungler where your lane opponent is warding and if he has used any summoner spells or not. The more your jungler knows, the better he can decide the optimal choice on which lane to gank. (Hopefully, it is after all soloqueue and not the World Championships). [b]Warding objectives:[/b] Instead of cutting this up in three video's I decided to keep it all in one video. There's a lot to tell, so get right in there and watch the video first. [vid=] [b]Warding is everyone's job: [/b] There's a couple of things to be said at the end of all this. If you took the effort to watch Aveun's video about warding you should remember one thing about that video above all else. And that is the fact that warding and vision control is something the entire team is responsible for. Sure your support and jungler carry a big part of this responsibility. But that's no excuse for walking into an unwarded area and getting yourself killed. Blaming your support by saying \"GG no wards\" etc. helps nobody, especially since it's your own fault you died. Now that we have that out of the way, here's a couple more tips about warding at objectives. You want to place wards and sweep in increments. This means you start from where you have vision and then sweep/ward deeper so you have a lot of information. This also means you don't run across an entire stretch of unwarded jungle to place one deep ward, because the chances are very high you ran over an enemy ward yourself and you are being chased by the entire enemy team and you don't even know you're already on your way to the fountain by way of death. [b] The difference between \"vision\" and \"vision-control\"[/b] Before we get into the specifics let me explain the difference. Vision is simply the area on the map that isn't dark. You have vision in your base, your champion gives you an aura of vision and so do wards and some champion abilities. Vision alone can help you through the laning phase just fine in soloqueue. Vision-control, is the next step. It's establishing vision for yourself, [b]while denying vision from your enemy[/b]. Remember the video above about warding in the mid lane? If you have vision-control of the area you can play with an unrelenting aggression so the enemy jungler is almost forced to deal with you. If you have vision-control of the area, your jungler can make some devastating counter ganks happen. Now that you know the difference, you should be able to figure out when vision is important and when vision-control is important. [b]Vision is important when: [/b] You are laning You want to walk through parts of the jungle or river [b]Vision-control is important when:[/b] You are laning (in the mid lane) You want to secure objectives safely

There are several generic mistakes that can turn you into a Feederdinger. They range from positioning mistakes to minion wave management and buy timers. I'll try to be as thorough as I can in this department because the key to being a successful Heimer isn't in how many kills you can make, but in how many deaths you can avoid. [b]Using your E before your enemy used his gapcloser[/b] Against a lot of melee match ups you will push them in 24/7 and feel really strong. You are strong, but not invincible. If you make the mistake of using your E against an opponent with a gapcloser and a lot of damage, you give them the opportunity to engage on you without being able to stop them. Because you've used your only disengage tool. Be smart about using your E for harass and only do it if you are positioned with your 3 Q-turrets and your minion wave is equal or bigger than your opponents. [b]Clearing (pink) wards during the laning phase:[/b] This topic comes up often in this guide, but you remember Heimer's golden rule? Whenever you plant your own pink ward and see a ward being placed on it you are spending a lot of time away from your turrets. 3 Auto attacks for a normal ward and 5 auto attacks for a pink ward is a long time. You have 2 options to deal with this, either let the ward stand or clear it. You clear it when you have vision of your lane opponent + the enemy jungler. If you don't see both of them, let the ward stand and walk back to your lane and continue pushing the lane. [b] Overconfidence [/b] Heimerdinger has a really strong laning phase from level 1 through 5 because you can push in the enemy under his tower. This gives you a lot of time for harassing them with your auto attacks and your W. But if you get too focused on harassing, you can easily make yourself a target to the enemy jungler and even their other solo laner or support can roam on you. If you don't know the match up and keep auto attack harassing against certain champions at level 6 you might also be setting yourself up for suicide. Don't fall into a false sense of security and remember your lane opponent isn't just a bigger than usual minion, respect your opponent. And remember there are more people than just you and your lane opponent in this game. [b] Feeding the enemy jungler[/b] Like mentioned above, you win most push wars in the early game. So you are more inclined to play further up the lane where it's easier for you to get ganked. You will call a lot of attention from the enemy jungler if you play unsafe. The problem begins if you die once and/or use your flash. Even if you survive the first gank but used flash to survive, there's now a 5 minute period during which you have no escape. [b]The minion wave bounces back[/b] You normally place your Q-turrets in the middle of the lane where the minions meet and you push your minions toward the enemy tower. Your lane opponent and the tower kill the minions before the new minion wave shows up and you repeat this process. But when the minion wave has a Siege Minion in it, or when your opponent only last hits the minions, the new minion wave will arrive before the old one is dead. The tower and your lane opponent clear your minion wave slowly while the enemy minion wave doesn't get killed because it's still under his tower. Depending on how long this takes, by the time you can reach the enemy minion wave it will be reinforced by yet another minion wave.You now have 2 options and both need careful consideration. 1: You have the river warded and you decide to stay and use your Q and W to clear the enemy minion wave faster so you can reset the position of the minion wave. 2: You have no wards so you decide to fall back to your turrets and use your W to last hit the minions. Choosing option 2 is always the right way when you have no wards but it brings in another scenario that you need to be aware of. Having failed to kill the minion wave at the turret, the enemy minion wave will have more minions in it. Especially more caster minions. This is important because you have to choose between using your W (and maybe even your E) to clear these extra caster minions. Otherwise you can give your opponent a chance to clear your Q-turrets with the help of his big minion wave. If you can't clear the minion wave or protect your Q-turrets you might want to let the enemy minion wave bounce back from your own tower and place your Q-turrets in the minion wave when it pushes back towards the enemy tower. Because it's better to lose your aggressive position in lane and a few Q-turrets than your life trying to defend them. [b] Picking the wrong summoner[/b] Some match ups are really tense and need the use of an exhaust or ignite to decide who comes out on top. Make an effort to think about which summoner spell will help you in the laning phase and how you can use that summoner and your ult+Q or ult+W to get a kill on your lane opponent. [b]Not recognizing when to build Zhonya's over your cooldown reduction item[/b] This one is insanely important. I've mentioned it before, but some match ups have insane snowball potential and once you start dying there is just no end to it. Learn your match ups. [b]Returning to lane only to get killed[/b] I mentioned this earlier but Heimerdinger can do anything when he has his Q-turrets with him. But without them he is extremely lackluster and easy to kill. So when you go back to base and buy your items and return to your lane. You can't just walk up to your lane opponent and put down your turrets. If the minion wave is pushing towards you then just let it come to your tower and wait with putting down your Q-turrets until the minion wave bounces back again. That way you have a more powerful push on your minions and you can safely re-enter the bully zone. [b]Staying in lane too long[/b] You will also need to recognize when enough is enough. Against some opponents Heimer can stay in the lane for a really long time because of his hp and mana regeneration from his passive,masteries and Doran's Ring. All the while you regenerate your hp and mana, your opponent has gone to base once or maybe even twice and gotten a second Doran's Ring/Sword or other items and he now has more combat stats than you do. Don't let yourself fall into a false sense of security and don't stay in lane for 2 minion waves after you get a kill. When you have the river warded, just push the current minion wave to the tower and go back and buy. [b]Wrong turret placement[/b] When your Q-turrets are safe from enemy abilities you need to put them in the middle of the lane where the minion waves meet so they can push more efficient. If your lane opponent can clear your turrets with ease. Then place them behind your caster minions (when the minion wave meets) or under/behind your tower if you are getting pushed in. If your lane opponent has area of effect spells, don't put your Q-turrets in the middle of the minion wave or close to each other. That will only allow your opponent to clear your turrets and the minion wave in one blow. Do not use your turrets to do damage to the enemy tower unless you have vision of the enemy jungler and your lane opponent just died or just teleported to another part of the map. [img=] Player: Fnatic Soaz ( Video owner: Pro LOL Replays [vid=] [b]The video teaches us a few important things:[/b] [b]From 2:55 to 3:20[/b] We see Tryndamere with a full fury bar and he just hit level 2, granting him access to his gapcloser. From this point on you should be ready to get engaged on when you auto attack. Especially against a Tryndamere with a full fury bar. You see Tryndamere first testing the waters, to see if Heimerdinger is too fast with his E. Once he see's he won't throw out his E unless he really plans to commit to his attack he waits for his spin to go back off cooldown. And he decides to commit to the attack in the next go. You see Heimerdingers auto attack gave Tryndamere the opening he needed to engage on Heimer. Remember to respect your opponent and to pick the right summoner. An exhaust will always keep you safe against Tryndamere. [b] From 3:40 to 4:00[/b] We see the mistake that can get you killed and we see how you deal with a jungler gank. First, we see Heimerdinger use his E for poke against a jungler with 2 gap closers and a slow and a top laner with a gapcloser and a slow. That is a HUGE risk and a mistake. In this case it opens up the path for the enemy jungler Lee Sin to try his luck to kill Heimer. If Lee Sin would have managed to land his Q, it would result in a kill on Heimer. What happens instead? Heimer looks for the safety of his minions and his turrets and uses their bodies as shields. While Lee Sin looks for a way to get his Q in he takes too much damage and has to back off. Very good solution to the issue at hand, but it's one he put himself in by using his E. [b]From 5:55 to 6:10[/b] We can see what happens when you return to the lane (whether you are winning or not) and you don't have your 3 Q-turrets up to stop or dissuade the enemy laner from engaging on you. You see Tryndamere once again building up his fury to get another go at Heimer. The trade is in Tryndamere's favor because there is only 1 Q-turret up before he engages while another one is put down when he engages. After the trade, Heimer is low and ready to be killed once Tryndamere hits level 6 or if his jungler is near. (Sidenote: Heimer also misses his E, allowing Tryndamere to get an extra auto attack or 2 off) [b]From 6:50 to 7:05[/b] We see the God-complex or the underestimating of your opponent in action. If you play the match up correctly without jungler interference you can bully Tryndamere from level 1 through 5. But at level 6 he has a lot of kill pressure, especially if you have ignite instead of exhaust. Here we see Heimer, after taking a bad trade, pushing up to the enemy turret. He's now really far up the lane and has committed himself to either killing Tryndamere when he engages or getting killed himself. Once again Heimer's auto attack is what triggers Tryndamere to engage, even worse he takes a tower hit for his efforts. And 2 auto attacks from Tryndamere later we see Heimer dead. His Ult+Q had no impact on the fight. [b]From 8:30 to 11:00[/b] Tryndamere is now a lot stronger than Heimerdinger so when he sees the jungler (Vi) elsewhere on the map he can always go for an engage. If Heimer stops him with his E, then Tryndamere can heal up and try again. If the E is late, or Tryndamere sees where Vi is on the map then it doesn't matter and he can just chase down Heimerdinger while his ultimate is ready. He realizes this at 10:40 and kills Heimer. Later in the game at 14:30 you see Heimer dying again, but at this point he made so many mistakes and is so far behind that he doesn't have a lot of counter play options left anymore in a 1v1 scenario. [b]Positive things to take away from this video[/b] [b]From 23:05 to 23:20[/b] We see the patented Heimer Ult+W baron steal. His W does a lot of damage and it catches pretty much every jungler by surprise. [b]From 30:55 to 31:05[/b] We see the later mentioned safe way of taking a baron when your team is behind (or a drake when you have some AP). You just place your Q-turrets and Ult+Q in the drake/baron pit from outside of it and burn down the objective. The video also teaches us that even if you don't understand the match up and end up feeding your lane, you can still do really well in the mid and late game by controlling objectives and team fights. I didn't count how many times there was a surrender vote going on, but there were many. If you really can't handle the lane match up anymore you can always ask your other solo laner for a lane swap or ask your jungler for help, remember it's a team game.

[b]E+W:[/b] Your main form of harass is your W, but you can use your E to make your W easier to land. If your lane opponent is always standing close/behind the caster minions in the lane. Then you can use your E and use the stun duration to sidestep the caster minions so you can land your W. [b]Ult+W and flashing in 2 ways:[/b] Firstly, sometimes you want to take down a low hp enemy and you see that your Ult+W is just slightly to the side. Your ultimate has 4 waves of rockets so if you see the first wave will miss, you can flash to the side and the rest of the rockets will land where you want them. The second way is the great \"Ambush-in-full-sight\" approach to killing your lane opponent. When you hit level 6 (read below for in depth explanation on the level 6 kills) and the caster minions are still alive, your opponent won't expect you to use your Ult+W. If he's on low enough hp, you can use your Ult+W and THEN flash over the caster minions. Your first rocket wave may hit the caster minions if you don't flash fast enough, but the other 4 waves will hit your opponent and get you the kill. You can also use Flash first and then use your W or Ult+W because they have a short cast time, this makes them harder to dodge or flash out of. But it's a tricky thing to get a hang of. [b]E + Flash Ult-W:[/b] Like before, sometimes your lane opponent hides behind the creeps. If you get him low enough and land a stun, you can flash on him and use your Ult+W to finish him off. The reason to use flash is to close the gap and avoid any stray minions standing in the way. If there are no minions standing between you and your target there is no reason whatsoever to flash. In some scenario's you won't even need your E because you can catch your opponents off guard by flashing into your Ult-W. [b]The level 6 kills:[/b] I've said it a couple of times before, but here's the in depth explanation. You want to hit lvl 6 before your lane opponent. [b] Top lane with jungle camp:[/b] You can get level 6 if you killed a jungle camp and missed the experience from 1 or 2 melee minions in the first minion wave from the minion wave that arrives in lane at 5:30. If you missed the exp from 1 melee minion, you need to kill the 3 melee minions. If you missed the exp from 2 melee minions you also need to kill 1 or 2 caster minions in this wave to hit level 6. Note that you are level 6 a full wave before your opponent even has the option of hitting level 6. If you use this tactic, get your jungler involved into the action and get that free kill. [b]Top/mid lane without jungle camp:[/b] The minion wave that allows you to get level 6 arrives in the middle of the lane at 6:05. 6:05 is when the minion waves meet, but it arrives at the enemy tower a few seconds earlier. So you can also get a few extra auto attacks on the melee minions. In the mid lane it arrives in the middle of the lane at 5:55. If you don't want to remember these exact times just remember that the wave has a siege minion in it so it's easy to recognize. If you managed to stay in the lane up till this point and get all the experience form the previous minion waves. Then killing the first 2 melee minions will give you level 6. If you have 3 Q-turrets up in the middle of the lane with their laser attacks ready when the minion wave meets you can get level 6 really fast. When you are level 6 you can step forward so you can zone off your enemy from your own minion wave so they can't get level 6 yet by killing 2 of your melee minions. [b]The Ult+Q way:[/b] Once your minion wave arrives at the enemy tower you need to pay attention. If the tower kills 1 melee minion your enemy won't be level 6 himself, if the tower kills 2 your opponent has his ultimate available and depending on the enemy champion that can change the outcome of the Ult+Q towerdive. You want to step forward with your minion wave and place your Ult+Q turret close to the enemy tower and then place any stored Q-turrets that you have alongside it. Use your E+W and ignite/exhaust and avoid tower agro to get the kill safely. Now you need to know how the tower reacts to your Ult+Q. The enemy turret will always finish shooting up whatever minion it was shooting, then it will prioritize your Ult+Q-turret first and then your Q-turrets. What makes the tower shoot you? Q-turret lasers, Ult+Q turret laser and your own auto attacks. Avoid these and your Ult+Q turret will first be targeted, and then your Q-turrets. Give it a try a couple of times and you'll understand this segment so much better, the Ult+Q method works really well against champions without dashes. A lot of enemy champions have them. You can work around it by placing your Ult+Q turret more behind the enemy tower (closer to their tier 2 tower) so it zones off their escape route and forces them to walk back into the lane where you and the rest of your normal Q-turrets are or to die to your Ult+Q turret and E+W combo. [b]The Ult+W way:[/b] The mechanics to getting the level 6 are just as above. But now you want to be instantly ready with your E the second the second melee minion dies. You use Ctrl+R to instantly level up your ultimate without having to click on the + above the skill to get access to your ultimate. And instantly E+R+W and ignite. If there are minions between you and your opponent so you can't hit the full 5 waves of rockets from your Ult+W then make sure you use your flash to close the distance while your opponent is stunned by your E. If your opponent is low enough hp and you are confident in your W skillshot mastery, you don't always need to use your E. A Flash Ult-W combo by itself is hard to dodge if you aren't ready with your flash to the side rather than behind where most people panic flash towards. [b]Blocking stuff with your Q-turret[/b] There are so many skillshots that can be thrown your way that will end up in your doom such as [img=skills/blitzcrank/q.png], [img=skills/thresh/q.png], [img=skills/morgana/q.png], [img=skills/ahri/e.png], [img=skills/elise/e.png]. The good part is that these moves are extremely obvious. They will walk up to you, stop moving, throw off their skillshot. All you have to do is put down a Q-turret between you and the guy throwing out the skillshot and voila, you are safe. [b]Baiting out enemy abilities with your R[/b] Heimer's R can be toggled, after which you can choose your option of your E,Q or W. But what if you decide you don't want to use your Ult after all? You can just press your R again to disable the ultimate, and it will be available to you in a few seconds. It'll cost you mana, but it saves your ultimate. How to use this to bait out enemy abilities: Throw out an E and press your R and walk up to your lane opponent. If they are on edge, they might use their dash to get away or even a summoner spell or ultimate to keep themselves save from what they think will be your Ult+W. If you do this without killing them first earlier in the game, it won't be as effective. But if you've already blown them up once with your Ult+W they'll be a lot more wary of it. [b]The Trapperdinger[/b] The reason you want a sweeper trinket, is of course to deny vision from the enemy team. But once the first tier towers are down and the map is opened up, you can use your sweeper to clear a brush. Or bring a vision ward and clear 2 brushes and put down your 3 Q-turrets in one of the brushes, and use your E+W combo (E + Ult-W can be used also or E + W and Ult-Q). to blow up any unsuspecting member of the enemy team coming your way. [b]Lane swapping[/b] This is a good tactic in a lot of cases, not just for Heimerdinger. It can be good if you are a top laner and your lane opponent gets early magic resistance. Meanwhile in the mid lane your AD mid laner is fighting against someone that built early armor. If you laneswap, that makes the investment of your opponents mid/top laner a big sink for no gains. It's also an overall good tactic if either you or your other solo laner is struggling with a certain match up. If you lane swap early you can avoid the 0/3 in 5 minutes from either you or your other solo laner that will result in a flame fest until you surrender at 20.

First of all I need to state that none of these video's are made by myself. All the creators of the video's will be named and you can check out their Youtube/Twitch channels and give them a like and a follow if you enjoyed their video. [b]Video 1:[/b] Player: Phasekiller ( Streamed on Twitch by: Ganked by Korean ( [vid=] [b]What does this video teach me?[/b] [b]From 5:30 to 6:00:[/b] You will see Heimerdinger kill his lane opponent Lulu. The video teaches us 2 things in this part. Firstly the minion wave that hits when Heimerdinger lands his E+W combo would have given him level 6. So if he had 3 Q-turrets up that E+W combo would have turned into an E+Ult-W combo with an ignite so he could save his flash. It's not always a perfect world, so we see Heimerdinger adapt to the situation by using his flash + Ult-W combo with ignite, catching the Lulu off guard and resulting in a kill. This exact moment is one of the strongest times for Heimerdinger and it gives you insane kill pressure if you can control this exact moment well. Practice and keep practicing this exact moment, where you can get level 6 before your lane opponent and get a kill on him. [b]From 8:30 to 9:00[/b] Here you see the Ult+Q towerdive under the turret. At this moment in the game it isn't used to get a kill, but to zone off Lulu from the siege minion wave so she'll fall behind in experience. You can also see the subtle change in the way Heimer uses his W when Lulu get's into the low health range. He now uses his W in a slightly more spread out fashion, so that he'll do less damage when it hits but he increases the chance for his W to hit. [b]From 12:55 to 13:10[/b] We see the Trapperdinger and the reason you buy your sweeper. When Elise walks up to the brush like that, your normally hard to hit E + Ult-W combo is now super easy to hit and Heimer gets a kill. [b]From 23:00 to 23:40[/b] You can see how fast Heimer can kill the baron with his team. You notice all the vision wards in the area, making sure that the enemy team has to risk walking into Heimer's Q-turrets and his team, or risk letting Heimer and his team destroy the baron in seconds. [b]From 32:50 to 32:52[/b] You can see what a Deathfire Grasp Ult-W combo does to a support. You also see Heimer use his flash to reposition the last wave of his Ult+W, but it wasn't needed in this case because Nami was already dead. RIP DFG. [b]Video 2:[/b] Player: Phasekiller ( Streamed on Twitch by: Ganked by Korean ( [vid=] [b]What does this video teach me?[/b] [b]From 5:00 to 5:30[/b] We see the Ult+Q 1v1 towerdive. We do need to note that Maokai runs with teleport, he already died earlier in the game so he is even further behind in experience and he has no flash at this time. Making the 1v1 towerdive very easy. You can also see that the enemy tower doesn't shoot at Heimerdinger untill his Ult+Q starts attacking Maokai. So you can pretend to dive someone, making them use their defensive abilities to crowd control you and continue your towerdive afterwards. [b]From 7:40 to 7:50[/b] A very tiny and very important part of playing Heimerdinger. Because you push up to the enemy tower with your Q-turrets, you can get a lot of auto attacks in while your opponent is farming the minions. But if you let the Q-turrets deactivate they can't help you if the enemy jungler ganks because they don't have their laser charge ready. So here you see, very simply, instead of getting in 1 or 2 more auto attacks Heimer walks back to make sure his Q-turrets don't deactivate. It's both very simple and very important. [b]From 16:35 to 17:05[/b] You see the 16/17 minute 2 man baron with Heimer and his jungler. [i](Note that this is no longer possible as of patch 4.20)[/i] You see the basics where the baron pit is vision warded so they make sure that it's unwarded. The difference with the items in this guide are because Heimer is really fed in this game, so instead of the cheap niche AP jungle item [i](removed in 4.20)[/i] he has a Morello's and a Zhonya's. The other difference from this guide is that he doesn't have to use/waste his Ult+Q to tank the baron, because Elise's [img=skills/elise/p.png] are really nice to tank the baron themselves. [b]From 28:05 to 28:30[/b] We see how Heimer should play during a siege situation. Note that this isn't a 5v5 siege and that the enemy team has Maokai/Rengar for their hard-engage. You see Heimer put his Q-turrets outside of the range of the enemy tower so he creates a safety zone from which his team can attack the tower. You'll also note they don't make the mistake of being greedy to get the last hit on the tower because Rengar still has his ultimate and Maokai can hard-engage on them with his (flash) W. [b]From 37:05 to 37:30[/b] We can clearly see the importance of vision, and choosing the right form of your ultimate. You always need to consider the win condition for your team. Like against most AP ranged bullies, Kog'maw makes it almost impossible to siege because his R will poke you down and he can instantly clear minion waves. Making it impossible to siege unless you are so far ahead you can dive and ignore the enemy tower. Here we see Elise identifying the problem in the enemy team (Kog'maw) and makes a good flash+E to lock down the enemy Kog'maw and you immediately see the entire team follow up his lead with the Leona ultimate and the Heimerdinger Ult+E. Why Ult+E? It has more range than your Ult+W and goes through enemy players and still does a good amount of damage.

[b]Thank you for reading through the guide to get to this point![/b] If you made it here because you read through the whole thing in one go, then you have my thanks and now stop reading and take a break. If you came this path because you read the ending before you read anything else, then stop reading and go back to the top! If you've slowly but surely read this guide over a period of days or even weeks, then I'm happy I managed to put something together you were willing to read and come back to at a later point. Besides this, I think I pretty much covered everything I wanted to cover in this guide. Below you see the Change Log and Coming soon section where I update changes made to the guide and ponder any new additions to the guide. I've had a lot of fun writing this guide and I didn't keep track of all the hours of playing Heimerdinger or studying match ups or counted the pages I wrote, but I'm sure it'd amount to some impressive numbers had someone done the math. Since League of Legends is an ever evolving game a guide is never finished, only finished for now. And last but not least, a shout out once again and big thanks to Unseen Dragon. He helped me record the video's about starting with Krugs/Gromp and the top/mid lane turret placement and vision control and the Solo drake/2 man baron/objective vision control video's. Without him those video's wouldn't be in there (or they would have insane FPS drops like my original Solo drake video) I hope you learned a lot from the guide, and if you have any suggestions/feedback or specific questions that I haven't covered in this guide but you want answers to then feel free to drop a comment below or you can send a message to /u/ Stealthlink on Reddit. [i]\"Stand back! I am about to do... science!\"[/i]

[i][25-11-2015][/i] Updated \"Early Game\", \"General mechanics for your lane\" , \"Early to Mid Game\", \"General mechanics for objective control\" , \"Late Game\", \"Teamfights - General mechanics\". \"Teamfights - Dealing with ADC's\" , \"Teamfights - Dealing with Supports/Junglers\", \"Warding - From lane to team fights\", \"Don't water your Mistake Tree. Or how to stop killing yourself.\" to 5.23. Masteries are hard to do because the site isn't updated yet, but I'll make a Reddit thread soon/today probably.

These are my interpretations of the patch and how they affect you. Look up the full notes for your own interpretation. [b]Grievous Wounds[/b] REDUCED HEALING 50% ⇒ 40% LESS GENERALLY GRIEVOUS Grievous Wounds now only affects self-healing instead of all healing This means Soraka is a must ban. [b]Rift Herald[/b] Not a priority, ignore unless you kill the enemy toplaner and you and your (TANKY) jungler can take it freely. [b]Game Pacing Changes[/b] Minions spawn 15 seconds earlier, jungle camps spawn at 1:40. Snowballing is back! Towers have no resistances but more hp. Which means you do more damage to them as a mage. Which means you can take down towers INCREDIBLY FAST. [b]Bounty gold rewards[/b] REMOVEDHEADHUNTING Bounties no longer add to kill gold (this means no more 500g shutdown kills but 300g + x tier of global gold) NEWPSEUDO-OBJECTIVES Bounties now provide team gold, displayed to both teams on-kill TIER 1 REWARD 20 global gold TIER 2 REWARD 30 global gold TIER 3 REWARD 60 global gold TIER 4 REWARD 70 global gold TIER 5 REWARD 90 global gold (max) [b]Minion changes:[/b] TLDR Freezing is still a thing but it's harder, but you're Heimer so what do you care right. [b]Teleport:[/b] Cast time is now 4 seconds instead of 3.5 (Means \"Don't worry I got TP\"- kind of people have an extra 0.5 seconds to let you down!) And it's 5 min cd on turret cast instead of 4 minutes. [b]Items:[/b] AD items are cheaper and better. AP items are more expensive and Zhonya's has less armor. But RoA is 20 extra base AP so RoA is good now. CDR boots are now 10% CDR instead of 15% but they have \"NEWTRUCIDITY Now additionally reduces the cooldowns of Summoner Spells by 10%\" and are 800g instead of 1000g. NO MORE HOMEGUARDS ON BOOTS BUT FREE AT 20 MINUTES AND : Enchantment: Distortion TOTAL COST 475 gold ⇒ 450 gold SUMMONER SPELL COOLDOWN REDUCTION 20% ⇒ 15% Doran's Ring: 50% mana regen instead of 3mp5. Means you get less mana early, but it's better as you level up. So 2x Dorans around lvl 6+ and you have no more mana issues. [b]Warding trinket changes:[/b] TLDR: Warding trinket gives more wards and at lvl 9 you should upgrade it to the \"Farsight Alteration\". Read full notes yourself if you want more info it's a ton to copy/paste. [b]Resize:[/b] Yay we are now 10% smaller! Harder to get hit by skillshots! [b]Thunderlord's Decree[/b] COOLDOWN 30 seconds ⇒ 20 seconds Means it's now actually pretty good.

[b]How long did it take you to make this guide?[/b] I honestly don't know. A lot of time went into actually playing the game, more time went into studying match ups and then it was a case of thinking about what I wanted to put in the guide. I wanted to have a structure I could use that would make it easy to digest. Then I just started working on it for a couple of hours whenever I had time on a day over the course of a month or so. [b]Why do you use X runes and Y masteries instead of A runes and B masteries?[/b] The runes/masteries have explanations on why I used them in this guide. There's a couple of other ways you can set up your rune and mastery pages but these are the ones generally considered the best. One example for masteries is the 21/0/9 masteries where you get Meditation/Strength of Spirit and 1 point in Vampirism. It's a trade off you can make if you don't want the Butcher/Feast mastery in the offensive tree and want that 1.25% cdr and damage instead. One example for runes are using CDR runes instead of AP ones but to each his own. [b]Why do you go for Morello's first and not Void/Zhonya, I see a lot of Heimers use this?[/b] The Zhonya first item is actually viable against some of the harder AD or AD-caster match ups. But the Sorc Shoes/Void start (also the Zhonya start) is for dealing with a 1v1 scenario. It's an ok build order that prioritizes 1v1 strength over team fighting. The reason I urge people to use Morello's is because it's a much better team fighting item. Especially in fights that are drawn out longer. In this case you'd lack mana regeneration, and if the fight moves away from where you initially placed your Q-turrets it'll take a really long time to get a few more back to place. The other reason is concurrent team figths. If you for example have a team fight over the drake and use your ultimate and you have to go back and buy and then fight at the baron, you probably won't have your ultimate ready if you don't have CDR. The same can be said if you make a mistake and put down your Ult+Q and the fight moves away from it. [b]Why don't you have Barrier/Heal combo in summoners?[/b] Because I don't like the playstyle and I don't think it's something other people should play. I know one guy in NA by the name of Kylek777 (think that's correct name) uses it and is pretty high ranked. The problem is that if your opponents have half a brain then Heimer becomes Feederdinger because he's so easy to abuse. With this playstyle you'll die a lot more often than you should, and I generally dislike dying. [b]Are you going to make any other guides?[/b] Short answer is no. I don't think I'll make a guide of this magnitude of any other champion. It would take a lot of time to actually learn enough to be able to make a guide and then it takes a lot of time to keep it up to date as well. Besides that the only reason I made this guide because there weren't any up to date Heimer guides to begin with. I'm thinking about making a short Reddit Thread Guide on the best way of learning a new champion, but nothing like what you see above. [b] Who is the best Heimerdinger in the world?[/b] Phasekiller, without a doubt. I think currently someone else is nr 1 on (Phase dropped since he started running smite :P) [b]Can I run smite myself?[/b] You can, but you shouldn't. It's basically a trade off you make. You can pick up Smite in match ups where you'd normally pick ignite in. You upgrade it to a Stalkers for the slow so your E is easier to hit. Together with the low cost of the Magus enchant you're in a pretty ok spot. If you do it in the mid lane, you can actually clear the raptor camp and hit level 2 off that really fast. You don't need smite if you want level 2 in the top lane, your Q-turrets alone are enough. Here's why you shouldn't: The jungle item is really efficient in gold if you count it from the moment your smite is upgraded to the actual completed item. But the entire investment into the the rest isn't actually efficient. (The smite part of the item). Besides that, you actually need to upgrade your item for your smite to be able to do anything to champions. So until your first buy you're laning with flash only. No exhaust to keep you safe, no ignite for extra kill pressure. Next up is the team fighting. With Morello's instead of Athene's you already need to keep track of how and when you use your mana. You can't spam your spells because you'll run out of mana. The Magus enchantment has great stats, but it has no mana regeneration. So any longer or drawn out team fights and you'll be out of mana. Think of teams with sustain, or a big tank line. [b]How do you beat Syndra?[/b] I went over it in the Reddit thread so I'll copy paste my reply from there. But before you read it, please get the mind set of \"winning\" the match up out of your head. Your goal in this match up should be surviving the laning phase so you can have an impact during team fights without being horribly behind, or without Syndra being horribly ahead. I've deliberately withheld the ways to play into Syndra, but I guess they should be put in the guide. The reasoning I put behind this was that for people who want to learn Heimer (unranked/bronze/silver/gold/plat/diamond) they should not have to spend their time and effort into one of the most challenging match ups there is. They should simply ban the champion, or lane swap with their top/mid laner. It's a match up that's doable, you can even do ok with the match up if you manage to dodge Syndra's Q-harass (not too hard) and her E-stun (harder, but you can make it easier by setting the goal not to stand in a straight line between Syndra and any of her balls already on the ground). Then comes the real kicker, normally you'd max your Q-turrets to push minion waves and control the lane from a \"winning\" position. With Syndra your Q-turrets become free gold for her and they're not worth maxing first since they'll just be destroyed. Either get 3 points in W and then max Q, or put your points in W/E as you see fit. You'll only need your turrets for the later stages (team fights/objectives) and not for the lane. You try to avoid getting pushed in by spam-auto attacking the minion wave while dodging Syndra's Q/W harass and your passive/masteries help you a lot if you dodge plenty of them, to regenerate your hp. If you want, you can put 1 point in your Q and place a turret or two far behind your own tower, so it's laser beam can hit the melee minions that reach your tower. You can also put down a turret in the earlier levels and when Syndra goes for it, you can E+W her and auto attack her. Putting down your turret costs less mana than Syndra's spells and if you auto her while she's preoccupied with your turret you might get an advantage from it. All of this, and the kill pressure still sits in Syndra's hands. But you have the advantage of getting pushed in yourself (normally you're the one at risk of a jungler gank). So if you see which side of the lane Syndra uses her trinket ward on, you can tell your jungler which side it's safe to gank from. (Do note at level 6, Syndra can almost one shot your jungler if she went back to base and bought her first item(s).

[b]Masteries:[/b] [b]Standard: [/b] [b]When you can be killed/all inned:[/b] [b]When you want to lane against an AP bully/facetank their manapool:[/b] I also don't think Thunderlord's Decree/Cunning will be all that good for Heimer compared to Deathfire's Touch. But comparing the 2 tree's you'll get more damage from Ferocity and it'll go up more with AP. So if you're planning on building a lot of damage you go Ferocity. On the other hand the Cunning tree seems to favour utility based builds more. So if you're planning on going lower damage and more utility it could be worth taking the Cunning tree instead. (But with the current average game time of 25/30 min I don't think less damage is what you need) [b]Mastery explanation:[/b] [b]Fury vs Sorcery:[/b] Sorcery, you are a mage not an auto attacking monstrosity. So take Sorcery. [b]Double-Edged Sword vs Feast: [/b] Taking D-E-Sword is pretty much the same as freely giving this mastery to other players. Besides that Feast is great for synergy with your passive. So take Feast. [b]Vampirism vs Natural Talent:[/b] 2.5% lifesteal and spellvamp throughout the entire game against 10 AD/15AP at level 18 with horrible scaling along the way. The lifesteal/spellvamp increases your sustain by a ton throughout every stage of the game. While Nat-Talent would give you less than an Amplifying Tome's worth of Gold... at level 18. So take Vampirism. [b]Bounty Hunter vs Opressor:[/b] For Bounty Hunter to be worth it you'd have to run around the map killing everybody. You are not a roaming mage, nor are you a jungler. So you have 0% dmg if you kill nobody. As for Opressor it does the 2.5% extra damage when you E somebody or from your R-Q's auto's. But also all other crowdcontrol enables it. Braum Q? extra dmg. Morg Q? extra dmg. So take Opressor. [b]Battering Blows vs Piercing Thoughts:[/b] Same as Fury vs Sorcery, you're a mage that scales of AP/magic damage not AD/physical damage. So take Piercing Thoughts. [b]Warlord's Bloodlust/Fervor of Battle vs Deathfire Touch:[/b] Same as Fury vs Sorcery, you're a mage and you have no gain for a ton of auto's or crit. So take Deathfire Touch. Cunning/Resolve Tree are self explanatory/same thoughts behind it as the old masteries. I'll do a full workup once Solomid updates the site to the new masteries. [b]Why not Deathfire Touch over Thunderlord's Decree?[/b] [b]Thunderlord's Decree (TD2)[/b] The TD2 has a 30 second cooldown and your E+W aren't all that reliable vs a Yasuo once he gets his W at lvl 2 or 3. TD2 makes your W slightly stronger, but it's 10 damage per lvl + 10 per lvl after that. And 10% of your AP. So at lvl 18 it's base damage without AP is 180. And if you had 1k AP it's damage would only go up by another extra 100. So that's a 30 sec CD 280 dmg ability (considering you have 1k AP which let's be honest you won't have :P) [b]Deathfire Touch (DT1)[/b] So what DT1 does is a damage over time spell with a 6 + 50% of basic attack damage (which goes up with your AP as well after a while) and 20% of your AP. There is no cooldown on it, and since your W is considered a single target spell it's the full 3 seconds. I actually forgot if the Q/E are considered single-target or AoE spells. But if they're AoE then they will do half the dmg over 1.5 seconds instead (which still isn't bad for free extra damage). The dmg at lvl 18 with 1k AP on DT1 = 200 from the AP you have + half of your basic attack damage however much that is. But it has no cooldown. It also means that during those teamfights where your turret lasers fire everywhere and your W is spread out, you'll apply DT1 to a lot of different people = profit. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [b]Rune page thought:[/b] Rune pages remain the same, but I've been thinking of running 7.5% flat CDR on blues and a CDR quint so you have 10% flat CDR which you can combine with 800g CDR Boots. Means that for 800g you have 20% CDR. And that also means you can go Rod of Ages or Zhonya's or even Deathcap as your first item. Haven't tried it out, just a thought so far.

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