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[Patch5.11] Low diamond flappy bird

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Hello, my name is saveboobs and I am merely a low diamond player. However, Anivia is and always will be my favorite champion to play with. Recall any passion the first champion you buy from the store? That is the exact passion I have. P.S. Read the conclusion before you decide this guide is useful for your playstyle. 5.11 Fixed majority of typos and new build, explanation why liandry is plausible.

Farm your cs as much as possible. Do not afraid to use mana on last hitting. But then of course you want to save at least 200 mana for one combo in case someone jumps onto you. Buy wards when you go back and ward at least one side of the jungle. Try to get an early pink as well. IT PAYS OFF.

Try to roam after you have the 2 core mana items and boots. You will often find prolong team fight at bot or prolong skirmish and that's why I build two mana items on birdy. Upgrade your trinket to get that fake sightstone thing. Objective control is your job, follow your jungler's ping if you are not the one pinging things. You do not have the viable movement speed so if your laner happens to leave mid and ganking top bot or invading jungle, try to roam WHEN IT IS SAFE ONLY. Otherwise shove your lane and put dmg onto the tower.


JUST STAY ALIVE AND YOU WILL CARRY, BELIEVE. 2 things to do in a teamfight 1. Peel for your useless adc and pray the enemy melees walk into your well-placed ult. 2. Flash into their adc and e him if he is chilled, then pray he dies. Obviously there is a lot of micro stuff in every teamfights, I can't just give you a guild what to do. My general advise is that, anivia is a passive champion and suits for a passive playstyle. That means, do not throw your q for a 50% play in a full-on 5v5 teamfight. Think before you decide to cancel your ult and try to re-position it.

This guide is meant to build a kite-back machine. If you team has all the dive in champion, anivia is not useful for those plays. As Froggen said, anivia is extremely good at peeling for a hyper carry. That is the purpose of this guide. Peel for your adc and watch the world to burn. I DO NOT KNOW MAN, they say anivia is not a meta pick anymore because of the lack of mobility. It is true. BUT HIGH DAMAGE AND YOU BECOME EGGNIVIA AFTER YOU GET POPPED,, WHY NOT PLAY THE BIRD? I hope you enjoy the guide and find it informative.

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