Karthus Build Guide

Karthus Don't need no revive to win. 5.2-5.4

Uploader Leek
Updated 2 years ago

hi i'm Leek, I was a big supporter of [img=summoners/revive.png][img=summoners/teleport.png] karthus but league of legends is a game about adapting to change and now revive has been removed from the game. Like a bunch of other supporters of this summoner combo i was conflicted on how to feel and what to do now with karthus. PFFT I FOUND MY OWN ANSWER being [img=summoners/ghost.png][img=summoners/teleport.png] and hopefully you guys will enjoy this guide for what i like to call [Karthus 5.0] cause season 5...get it..ha ..ha kay moving on Karthus is a late game team fighting champion with an infamous global ultimate that takes out those pesky enemy champions who get away with like 10hp. Besides that himself as a champion is a fun time for anybody. Pros: Extremely high burst damage with AoE/DPS Has a passive that lets him use skills and is untargetable for 7 seconds when he is killed. Infamous global ultimate that will always target all 5 enemy champions Strong teamfighter Cons: Mana Hungry Extremely Squishy early game Early game is hard and requires you to farm minion creep to scale into late game Cant really 1v1 Sometimes has to die to make use of his entire kit [img=http://i.imgur.com/yQTVADd.jpg]


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