Cassiopeia Build Guide

Solo Top Tanky Cassio (Season 5)

Updated 2 years ago

Guide in early stages* Just wanted to publish to get the IDEA of playing cassio solotop out there!* Hey I'm BatchBustsMeta, been playing league for abut 5 years now, and this is how i play cassio. I try to stick to unconventional, and less popular champs cassio top is no exception. When i first started taking her top i got called a \"troll\" and a \"noob\", however I'm seeing this catch on more, and more. So I recommend picking her up while people are still complaining about her remake, and before they catch on to how strong she is!

Guide in the works. Just wanted to get this idea out there. Will be updating daily until it's done! Feedback much appreciated!

Comments coming soon!
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