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[imgext=] [b][center]About the Champion[/b][/center] Hello and welcome to my Twitch guide. This guide covers any lane that is in combination with a support, but does not include solo top or mid. Twitch is a late game Marksman, or traditionally ADC. Recent nerfs have hit the early-game and he hasn't been seeing much play in the competitive scene as of late but is still a very solid pick if your opponent picks a less lane dominant support. His champion design hits almost every important point of an ADC due to his potential to deal the most amount of multi-target damage at the safest range compared to almost every other champion in the game. In this guide I'll teach you everything you need to know about what to do in each situation and how to approach the game as a whole. Ultimately you are playing as an Attack Damage Carry, and Twitch happens to be your tool of choice for whatever reason you decided. It is important to remember the fundamentals of an ADC before trying to attempt anything with a new champion or one that you are not that familiar with. As an ADC, you need to remember to position well enough to avoid taking too much damage, while staying within reasonable distance of important targets to deal meaningful damage. Today, I'll show you how to do that specifically, with Twitch. [b]Pros[/b] High damage output in the late game AoE Soft CC (slow) Two steroid abilities that greatly enhance your auto-attacks Invisibility True Damage Great Teamfighting [b]Cons[/b] [.]Requires mastery over positioning [.]Lack of Escape [.]Relatively Low Range [.]Weak early game [center][b]Change Log[/b][/center] 12/30/2013 - Guide Created 3/31/2014 - Readjusted Build 2 4/27/2014 - Adjusted for new Rune / Mastery / Twitch VU changes 5/30/2014 - Adjusted for Heal Summoner Spell 6/30/2014 - Adjusted for ADC Rune changes and item build changes 7/23/2014 - Adjusted for information and rune / mastery update [b][center]About The Author[/center][/b] I'm a veteran League of Legends player who started in May 2010, I have consistently played AD since the start of Season 2 and have played in many offline and online tournaments. I held an ELO of 1600 in S1, 2100 in S2, and am currently Diamond Division I this season. If you like how I teach, please follow my stream! It'll give you e-mail notifications as to when I'm live. I also answer every question directed on my twitter page below: [.]Livestream: [.]Twitter: [center][b]Other Guides[/b][/center] [.]Vayne Guide: [.]Caitlyn Guide: [.]Ezreal Guide: [center][b]Statistics[/b][/center] [imgext=]

-=Tips on Baiting / Forcing a Fight=- This section will probably be very controversial. The general guideline for ADCs is to not initiate / engage any fight. Baiting is when you put yourself in a dangerous position in order to force the enemy to engage. You should probably heed this if you are not very comfortable with this role. Baiting is an art that has great rewards, but also very great risks. As Twitch you are able to initiate fights using your stealth in a way that no other ADC can come close to. In the video below you'll see how: [vid=] -=Controlling the Wave=- One of the most overlooked tactics as an ADC. Controlling the wave is everything; everything you do as a champion in this game is focused around controlling the wave. You harass the enemy to push them away from the wave. You push the wave to turret to prevent the enemy champion from farming easily. You freeze the wave a little ahead of your turret so it forces the enemy to overextend in order to absorb experience and gold. You want to take advantage of any champion and tactic to the best of your ability to manipulate the wave at bot lane. Get as much CS and gold as possible, deny as much CS and gold as possible -- that is the mantra of your role in any role. As an ADC there are many ways to do this: Get your support to push the lane with you. Either you or your support harass the enemy as much as possible (without losing too much HP or CS) Push as hard as possible without losing CS or getting harassed too often Force them to try to harass you but push the lane instead of harassing back -- this is a dangerous tactic though, you don't want to get hit while doing this, but every autoattack they spend on you, they don't spend on pushing the wave back. Attack the enemy champion to cause the whole wave to focus on you for a few seconds, then drop aggro by running into a bush or falling back. You should not take much damage from this and it causes the enemy minions to be pulled towards you while your minions are still attacking them. Clear the wave with as many abilities as possible. Hold the minion line at your turret for as long as possible and kill as many minions as you see fit to hold it there, but keep at least 1-2 alive a little further ahead from the turret so that his minions will just freeze in front of yours -- this will cause the jungler to be able to come gank easily without you losing too much EXP if you do decide to engage with him. Hold the minion line a little ahead of THEIR turret if your jungler is coming and they are very very low -- push the remaining minions then turret dive them, waiting for either your support or jungler to make the first hit. Doing this will cause them to lose the whole wave of minions that you froze in front of the turret after they die. -=Tips on Harassing=- A very important skill in determining lane presence is the way you harass. Harassing is difficult for ADCs because they rely on auto-attacking for both last-hitting and primary damage against enemy champions. The best ADCs can harass and weaken enemy champions, take low damage, and farm effectively all at the same time. There is no real tip for this besides practice. You want to practice positioning yourself in the \"sweet spot.\" You want to be in range of the lowest HP minion, while in range of possibly hitting the enemy ADC simultaneously. To harass, be in safe distance between you and the enemy and auto-attack them and/or chain your skills to deal further damage. Advanced harassing also involves using skill shots to both harass and damage the opponent to maximize mana efficiency (i.e. Using Graves' Buckshot to farm the wave and damage unsuspecting enemy champions in range). -=Tips on Last Hitting=- Always prioritize CS over harass. Remember, you can only harass if you have lane control --so focus on controlling your lane early on rather than constantly harassing for nothing. Chances are, you are missing CS by over-harassing. When laning against an aggressive long range poke champion such as Caitlyn, you really want to thwart her aggression by combining your damage with your support's. Have your support throw as many spells and auto-attacks as you can while you auto + net + Q, which deals massive damage and puts you to safety. Make it as hard as possible for him to harass you, PUNISH him everytime he does it. Push the wave to turret so he has to decide whether to chase you and lose precious gold or stay at turret and get whittled down. Don't be afraid to use your skills when last hitting. If you are contemplating on whether you have time to auto-attack, just use a skill instead. Mana is a renewable energy, and with the new buffs it is even easier to maintain. A common tactic I like to use when 3 minions are about to die is: I shoot the lowest target with an autoattack, Q the next target and finally shift to the last target. This tactic takes less than two seconds to pull off and nets you 3 CS for that extra pot that you might have desperately needed. -=Tips on skirmishes=- Keep your enemy at the turret, and keep poking them down -- ADCs will be just like you, they love CS -- they won't back to base if there's a huge wave at the turret. This is where you whittle both of them down to the point to where your ultimate will finish off either one or the other, and ultimately forcing them to back to base and lose experience + gold. Know your limitations, if you are low and know you can't finish the opponent off, don't be afraid to back out of the fight. It is better to back out and lose a few CS, than snowball the enemy to the point where you can't even gain experience. Constantly keep track of your opponent's summoner spells and cool downs. You don't want to be surprised by a flash when you are turret diving or a barrier when you are expecting a kill after one more auto-attack. Always engage with your support unless there is a huge wave under your turret that you are about to lose OR if you see the enemy jungler coming down and you are positive you cannot burst one of the two enemy bottom laners quickly. If your lane opponents see that your synergy is off, they will take that advantage and pressure you constantly.

-=LOADING SCREEN=- Observe what lane you are up against and what lane partner you have. Take note of whether they have a lot of poke / range / sustain / CC and take note of what you have, this should determine what starting items you will buy. -=FIRST 10 MINUTES=- The first ten minutes is arguably the most important time slot of any bot lane composition. AD carries are by definition late-game and require an immense amount of gold in order to do well. What you do here determines how well you can get that gold. In this period of time, the enemy bot lane will determine if you are a pushover lane or not. You should be able to farm effectively while showing your lane opponents that at any given opportunity, you WILL attack them. But be careful, do not get harassed / miss CS too often while doing so or else you will get too far behind. When your support is being attacked, return the damage for free since they are focusing him, do not let them know that your synergy is flawed or they will capitalize on that as well. As Twitch , you want to play passive and farm but not be a pushover and harass whenever possible. Be wary of jungle ganks and try to farm as efficiently as possible while poking down the enemy support or ADC with your poison and Expunge. In the first 10 minutes you are going to: Show your presence, don't let them push you over. Be aggressive. Farm as effectively as you can Farm double golems if it is on your side as much as possible Ping wherever you see the enemy jungler or mid roaming Assist your jungler when he is being counterjungled or when he desperately needs a leash

At this point in the game, you should have your Blade of the Ruined King. Your Expunge should be maxed with a few points into your stealth. Depending on how many items you have, your ability to deal damage is multiplied exponentially with your ultimate as well. You want to take advantage of your presence in the game to secure objectives. Mid-game is about dominating dragon-side because of the abundance of gold surrounding that area. If you control dragon (mid / bot lanes pushed), then you have access to everything on the bottom side of the map including: two lanes, a renewable 750g resource, blue buff, red buff, wraiths, and double golems. The rewards for controlling dragon is great, and competitive teams realize that, but the biggest mistake that people make over objectives such as these is FORCING team fights. Don't be pressured to force dragon fights if you know you are going to lose because that will put you even further behind if they come out ahead. If you lose that forced fight, your enemy will not only take dragon and win the team fight, but they'll also have the ability to take the rest of your jungle camps, push turrets, gain free farm, while you WATCH. It is better to farm jungle camps or push lanes and lessen the gold difference than lose dragon and a team fight. The only exception to dragon-control is when there are 5 enemies at dragon, and you know for sure you cannot win (enemy all at full - HP, outnumbered, no ults on your side etc.). A better trade-off instead, is to split push and weaken, or hopefully take multiple turrets while they are all gathered at the dragon pit, this will not only offset the gold difference but give you more map control and future dragon control as well. Your primary goal in this portion of the game is to: Run to ANY lane and ANY uncleared jungle camp and farm its gold Join your team when they are taking objectives or when they are initiating a team fight shortly Get as many dragons and turrets as you can You want to have a CS of 200 at around 20-21 minutes Control the map as best as possible

Be sure to not cross the your half of the map and only wander in zones that are warded. Try not to engage in 1v1's, with decent mechanics you should be able to destroy any opponent by yourself, however you are better off grouping with your team due to your amazing teamfighting ultimate. Your focus in this portion of the game should be on Baron and the enemy inhibitor. They are almost interchangeable in priority. If you take Baron, pushing down turrets and the inhibitor will be a lot easier --likewise if you take inhibitors, the super creeps will cause enough pressure to take Baron easily. The general guideline should be as follows: if 4 of the enemy team is down, you take their inhibitor (especially if it is primarily their carries) -- if 2-3 of the enemy team is down (especially the jungler), you take Baron. The above guideline usually guarantees the objective 90% of the time. In some cases though, you won't have the opportunity to take these for free. In diamond tier, the NUMBER ONE throw is objective control, I cannot tell you how many games I lost just because of sloppy control over objectives. ALWAYS have vision over every entrance to Baron, you want to be able to estimate to the best of your abilities whether to finish Baron or turn to fight the remaining enemy team. A common mistake that people call out is that there is 1 person bot -- automatically go for Baron. This is WRONG. That call is entirely situational -- if the 4 enemy team remaining are nearby and can stall until the 5th, you will fight a losing battle and Baron cannot make up for that. You also have to be wary of AoE teams that can lock you into Baron pit -- as an ADC you will most likely be trapped taking not only the AoE skills, but also Baron's massive damage as well. Your main priorities in this portion of the game: Be there for EVERY team fight Have Baron warded and controlled (pushing down top and mid turret / wave)

The term Mechanics is dominantly used when describing an ADC because of how important it is in this particular type of role compared to any other role. In theory, every single one of these skill sets is simple. In practice, maintaining good technique of all these skills determines what a bad ADC is and a good ADC. The variety of skills that entail an ADC's mechanics are as follows: ***Important concept: Attack Range Circles = the range around a champion in which he can use a skill or auto-attack. Know your enemy's range. You are a high priority target. You can force them to move to you when you are out of it. -=Orb-walking / Stutter-stepping=- This is a technique that was derived from DotA. The exact mechanism of it was designed to cancel an animation that was/is more noticeable in DotA / DotA 2. Unlike League of Legends, characters in DotA have a turning time, champions would delay themselves to position facing the target of choice and use their auto-attack. In League of Legends, this animation is greatly diminished and is hardly noticeable. The technique however is the same. To perform this technique, you right click a target to auto-attack them, and immediately right-click away to move your character to any point. The purpose of this skill is to minimize the time spent attacking while standing still, and increase the difficulty of pinning you down. You should always aim to move in a direction that would avoid skill shots or being surrounded by the enemy. You can also use this technique to keep an enemy within your attack range so you don't miss out on damage due to range. Here's a video from Rumiah who broke it down very simply: [youtube][/youtube] -=Attacking to an Area=- This function derives from some very archaic RTS games that was used for multiple units. Its purpose was to move a group or singular unit to an area while hitting everything targetable along the way. In League of Legends, the feasibility of this is diminished since it is important to last hit and target correctly, but it still has its uses. When kiting, it is a lot easier to move backwards and Attack to an Area when you are positive that no other target is nearest to you except the one you want to focus. This causes you to save time and energy by not having to constantly aim your cursor and automatically target the opponent that is chasing you down. To perform this technique, you press the 'A' button, and left click to any area that you wish for your character to move to and attack along the way. This skill is most commonly used when chasing into bushes, to prevent enemies from escaping due to vision loss. You can see the efficacy of this skill in the video concerning \"Bot Lane Synergy.\" In the video I chase Nami into a bush, and want to target and hit her as soon as possible, using Attack to an Area immediately as I enter the bush is the best choice of action for that purpose. -=Kiting=- Kiting is one of the most essential skills as an ADC, especially in the late game phase. Although it is quite self explanatory and simple in theory, it is also one of the toughest in practice. Kiting factors in many variables. You need to know the cooldowns of your opponents, as well as your own. You also need to know how many opponents are missing, if they are likely to come into the fight, and what direction they would be coming from. You also need to know the position of your teammates and what they can do to assist you as well. The best kiters in the game take all these into account and move accordingly. You should move in such a way that your teammates are always close enough to assist you, that you are not in range of being bursted down or imminent death, that you are not going to be surrounded by the opponent. To perform this technique, you combine your knowledge of the details listed above and your new-found orbwalking technique to move along the most ideally safe path. You want to keep out of range of as many enemy skill / auto attack range circles as possible. Recall that the Flash ability and gap closers extend this attack circle so be wary of cooldowns as well. Remember, you must keep a balance of damage and survivability. Never keep attacking to the point where you are going to die, but never keep running to the point where you starve your team of damage while they are dying. -=Last-Hitting=- While kiting is the most important skill in the late game phase, last-hitting is the most important skill in the early game phase. Last hitting is the single most defining feature of whether you will carry the late game or be carried. ADCs need gold, and without a reliable source of income, you won't have a reliable chance of victory. Last-hitting in its most basic form is just killing a minion with before it is about to die, with an auto-attack, in order to gain its gold. The tricky part is countering the many things that stop you from obtaining that gold. Factors that play in preventing you from last-hitting are: Ally minions focusing your target - ally minions target whatever is hitting you, if you cause your target minion to attack you, expect your minions to focus fire it down Enemy AoE heals + shields - certain champions such as Alistar or Lee sin may try to shield or heal minions just as you attack them, causing you to miss the last hit Turrets - turrets deal massive damage to minions, so predicting the amount of damage they will do is a good skill-set to have. The best ADCs in the world can reliably farm under turret by manipulating their damage through skills + auto attacks (ex: using mystic shot + auto-attack). Remember that it usually takes 1 Turret shot to last hit a caster minion, and 2 shots to last hit a front-line minion. Sometimes your support will have to prepare the minion for you and hit it first so you can last hit. Multiple low HP minions - sometimes it is difficult to last hit because a series of minions are going to die simultaneously. In the best case scenario, you have an AoE skill that can successfully last hit all the minions nearing death. In the worst case scenario, your character doesn't have an AoE, but that's okay. Most AD champions are armed with a single target damaging spell or auto-attack refresher. Auto-attack the lowest minion while using your more damaging skill on the next lowest. Zoning - this is one of the harshest obstacles in respect to last-hitting. Often, your opponents will try to prevent you from getting last hits by punishing you with auto attacks or using skills. Sometimes they will even fully engage you if you go near them to get that last hit. My best advice is to assess whether it is worth the risk. If you are only going to take 1 auto attack, then get the last hit, other-wise don't. Instead of continuously being zoned, find out a way to counter-act your situation. You can call for jungle help, return the aggression, let the minion wave push (though you lose some CS), or farm your nearby jungle. In some extreme cases, you can also assist other lanes, but this will only work if it ends up in a kill and thus an objective. It is much more fruitful staying in the bot lane and farming as much experience and gold as possible. You want to aim for a CS of 10 for every 1 minute that goes by (i.e. 200 CS at 20 minutes). -=Ability Mastery=- The last mechanic is the most obvious, but also important and hard to recall under pressure as well. Champions like Ezreal have very situational skill sets with a variety of functions. Using them properly in different situations can be the difference between life or death. For example, using Ezreal's ult while in range of 5 enemy champions is bad Ability mechanics. On the other hand, a low HP enemy that is running and you are able to snipe him while shifting backwards to safety immediately to escape the rest of the team is demonstrating Ability Mastery. Knowing when / how to use your abilities effectively is not a skill to be taken lightly. It can be difficult to maximize the potential of your skills depending on the situation. ADCs must have a cool and calm head at all times and assess the situation and surroundings. The best ADCs can manipulate their knowledge and abilities to warp fights in their favor.

This is a sample game-play of how you should approach the lane as Twitch . It embodies the many things I talked about such as keeping the wave in the middle so you're able to harass, and moving in for the poke when they try to last hit. This video will be a sample gameplay of Doublelift who shows extraordinary mechanics, but pay close attention to how he reacts to people coming up to harass him, and what he does when they come in for the CS as well. [vid=]

Twitch unfortunately isn't played very much anymore due to the buff of supports that specialize in early-game all-in fights and the lack of early-game damage from his most recent Expunge nerf. You will have to play this lane very much as a late game carry and passively farm as much as possible to get your core items as fast as possible. The best way to get better at Twitch is to practice him constantly. Reading guides should only give you a general outline as to what you should be capable of doing. It is up to you to take this guide and practice over and over. I'm glad you read up to this point and hope you support my stream and other outlets. I had the pleasure of writing this guide for you all and plan to do many more for other ADCs. -=Note=- If you like or dislike what you read, please give me feedback in the comment box below so I can modify and adjust the guide. Thank you all!

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