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how I made challenger with Jinx ;)

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I am currently Master adc player. Jinx is my favorite adc. Thanks to her I had 495 lp (~2750 lolking elo) in challenger (unfortunately I dropped, but working to get back there). Since having ~95lp in diamond 1 I started spamming her in every game I could, thus making it to mentioned 495lp in challenger. If you want to see me playing marksmans or read more about me just visit my twitch stream: [b][big]http://www.twitch.tv/skorek11[/big][/b] [b][big]http://www.hitbox.tv/skorek[/big][/b] If you want to learn more about bottom lane and become better player you can sign up for a coaching with me: [b][big]http://school.egg-one.com/en/league-of-legends-lessons/12012[/big][/b] Screen with my elo ranking from lolking: [img=http://i.imgur.com/9tVRjDF.png]

[b][big]Jinx's combo[/big][/b] You basically need someone else to cc an enemy or an enemy who will pop out in some known by you place (fiddle after ult, mage after zhonya, someone with guardian angel after getting killed). You also need the enemy to not be blocked by any other enemies/minions. If all of this conditions are satisfied you go with e, 1 aa, w, r and 1 aa if not dead yet. It is best to do those aa with your rocket launcher since it does 110% dmg and attack speed from mingun won't help you in doing your combo. Of course if you know that you will need your minigun after combo, use it, to stack the attack speed. [b][big]Rocket launcher or minigun - it is a question[/big][/b] Before we answer this question lets see what are the characteristics, advantages and drawbacks of each of those two forms. [b]Minigun:[/b] -big one target damage -big lifesteal -close range -dangerous [b]Rocket launcher:[/b] -one of the biggest adc range in the game -110% dmg -aoe auto attack!! -slow attack speed -costs mana -if you are attacking at least two enemy champions at once you deal more damage with rocket launcher than with minigun! (remember that attack speed steroid applies only to base attack speed) Basically you should use minigun when you are 1 v 1. You should often use it when you are dove by 2 people and you know that you will be able to kill one if you use minigun and won't be able to kill anyone with rocket launcher (you got more 1 target dmg and more lifesteal with minigun, so you will live longer). If you can focus only one target, and can come to 525 range to him without being afraid use your minigun as well. In all other scenarios use your rocket launcher. There is sometimes a situation when you got your rocket launcher up but there comes to a situation in which you can swap it to minigun. If you know that you will kill your enemy in 2 or less attacks in this situation do not change to minigun unless you will be using it after the kill!! This is because minigun needs time to scale its attack speed, but rocket launcher has 110% dmg - so 2 attacks with it will deal 20% more dmg than 2 attack with minigun and won't take much longer. If you are safe to attack with minigun, but you can hit 2 or more enemies with your rocket launcher, keep your rocket launcher up.

Jinx is weak early game. However, in most cases she can farm through it thanks to range on her rocket launcher. Rocket launcher autos cost mana, which is very painful, especially early, so don't waste them!! Try to cs with your minigun as often as possible. Of course, when you can't cs with minigun without being harassed use rocket launcher, when you want to push lane really fast use rocket launcher, when you want to safely harass enemies use rocket launcher, but always look at your mana while doing it!! Since Jinx's w is hard to hit without your opponent being cced the best thing to harass enemies is by abusing her rocket launcher range. Remember that it has splash damage, so in many cases you can harass your enemies by hitting minions. Moreover, remember that the best moment to harass your enemy is when he is going for a cs (enemies know that too, so if you see that opponent is doing that it is usually better to miss a cs and answer back). Jinx is starting to become a threat at level 6. You basically need to have a support with CC (leona/sona/thresh/morgana, etc.). You w8 for your support to stun enemy, use your e, 1 aa, w, r and 1 aa if not dead yet (covered more carefully in previous section).

Mid game starts when laning is over. Jinx has quite strong mid game. What you are aiming to do as Jinx is to push turrets. Thanks to her minigun she takes turrets surprisingly fast. If you won your lane just push the turret and quickly rotate to mid and then top. In many cases you will just be able to catch opponents off guard with your turret killing speed and win a game by that simple move. You have no escape so you will need to rely on your teammates peeling abilities and your positioning. You want to catch on your e as many people as possible (if you do it well you can win teamfight just by that). You also want to stack your ultimate with other AOE ultimates from your team - remember that you deal more damage the less hp your opponents have, so try to use it when enemies are already low. When you are about to die it is usually good to cast your ultimate just before dying. In team fights usually stick to your rocket launcher, so you can stay safe - try to damage with it more than one target at a time. However, if you are dived by enemy bruiser, tank, ap carry, anyone switch to your minigun for bigger dmg over time (covered more carefully in one of previous sections).

Jinx is a late game beast. What I have written in mid game section about team fighting stays here as well. However, if you have 4 dmg items (ie, pd, lw, bt) you do immense dmg. Unless you are dived stick to your rocket launcher, auto attack and dodge enemies skill shots. You will be surprised how much dmg Jinx can do late game!!

In my opinion Jinx is currently one of the best picks for marksman in soloq. However, she has to be played very cautiously since she has no escape and she has weak early game. Fortunately, thanks to her range, she doesn't have any really unfavorable bottom lane matchup (besides Caitlyn). Two biggest things she excels in are pushing turrets and mid-late game team fights. Summing up - farm yourself early and dominate the rest of the game!! Wish you luck on the fields of justice!!

Videos are from my stream (www.twitch.tv/skorek11). Very nice triple kill showing Jinx's skill usage. [vid=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDm2m8R_9WM] Jinx video guide based on a ranked game on my plat 1 smurf. [vid=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRd98iqiJZ8] If you want to see more videos I will be uploading them to my youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/11skorek).

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