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Unlock The Beast (updating). [IN DEPTH] [6.01]

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[img=http://i.imgur.com/5qP8VJG.jpg?1] [b]My other guides: [.] [Featured] [/b]http://www.solomid.net/guide/view/131433-annie-build-guide-apc-by-secondcaller [center]I'm currently rated [b]Master[/b] on the [b]Nordic East[/b] server and I'm aiming to hit challenger. Please follow me on twitch and like my page on facebook: [b]Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/secondcaller Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/secondcaller [new] Facebook Profile: https://www.facebook.com/peter.eritsidis[/b][/center] __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Welcome to my advanced Ryze guide where I will cover everything you need to know about Ryze in order to dominate! Note that even though this guide will help you maximize Ryze's potential as a champion, you still have to be good a good player in order to climb up the ladder. Ryze is a champion who's really hard to fully master and carry with. Many have the idea that button mushing will carry you and that Ryze is an easy champion. Dead wrong. He was easy back in the days but after the rework, things have changed. Making right use of your passive requires a lot of focus, patience and knowledge on the game's mechanics. The build heavily rellies on your current state (fed/behind) as well as on the type of opponents you're playing against (mages/reset/adc/cc/assassins). Your Q [Overload] is now a skillshot and missing it greatly impacts your damage output while it gets even harder in the heat of the moment as you need to focus on around 7 things at the same time. These factors and many other are the reason why Ryze is such a complex champion with an unstable global win ratio. If you suck and you play unorganized thinking that button mushing will help then you'll have around 30% win ratio while if you've mastered him, you'll have around 70%. Why did I create this guide? The reason I made this guide is because when I first started playing League and Talon was released, I was really inspired by him and wanted to be one of the very best Talon players out there. I would turn the whole internet upside down to find information on how to get better with him and when I finally found some guides, I felt so happy that I could finally learn and get better. Ryze is a champion who's often misused on terms of Runes, Masteries, Itemization Paths and Spell Casting Combinations thus there aren't many good Ryze players out there. I thought to myself and decided that it would be the right thing to come out here and create a HUGE guide containing as much information as I can possibly share. I want you guys to feel the same feeling I had felt back in the days when I mained Talon so if you're a Ryze mainer, sit back and enjoy. [highlight][center]What are the strengths and weaknesses?[/center][/highlight] [center]Pros & Cons [highlight]Pros[/highlight] [img=masteries/4251.png] -Gets stronger with [b]Mana[/b] -Late game huge [b]Mana [/b]pool -There is [b]no true counter[/b] if played perfectly -Oftenly underated/underestimated -Arguably tankiest mage in game -Reliable to carry teams -If fed then he does whetever the f*ck he pleases (unstopable monster) [highlight]Cons[/highlight] [img=masteries/4144.png] -Hard to play (due to rework) -Requires good understanding of the game mechanics -All spells except from your Ultimate require you to stand still in order to execute them -Long ranged champs are hard to play against -No reliable escape mechanism -Relatively squishy until he buys his Core Items -If denied from farming things might get real ugly -Too many [b]jelly haterz[/b][/center] [b]Which maps, roles and lanes is this guide made for?[/b] [b]Map : Summoner's Rift[/b] [.][b]Mid Lane, Top Lane[/b] - AP Carry [center] [big] About Me[/big][/center] I'm just a normal human like all of you out there reading this as well as an active LoL player. My account is rated [b]Diamond [/b]on the [b]Nordic/East Server[/b] and Ryze is my Main Champion. I have spent more than [b]1500 games[/b] (not all of them ranked) playing with this champion and finally I believe I am ready to demonstrate you how this beast is TRULY meant to be played! [big][center]Season 5 Archievments[/big] [img=http://i.imgur.com/7mYCuAY.png?1] Something to listen while learning the basics of dominance [vid=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3cviIN44NM][/center] [center][img=http://i.imgur.com/pUxxWaW.png?1][/center] [highlight][center]Show some love Rate & comment![/center][/highlight]

AA: Auto attack AD: Attack damage, indicates the physical damage that will occur with each auto-attack, and scales with select skills. Is the sum of base AD and bonus AD. ADC: Attack damage carry, a champion that typically relies on attack damage. Relatively weak early game, but very strong late game. AOE: Area of effect, a spell that deals damage to an area. AP: Ability power, a trait common to all champions that increases the magic damage of select skills. Starts with 0, unless boosted by items, runes, masteries, and passive effects. APC: Ability power carry, a champion that typically relirs upon ability power. AS: Attack speed. The more attack speed you have, the more attacks per second your champion does. Caps at 2.5 attacks per second. Base AD: Base attack damage, a trait common to all champions that indicates that increases with level. Base AD is the portion of AD that scales with item attack modifiers such as Trinity Force and Sheen. Bonus AD: Bonus attack damage, remains 0 unless boosted by items, masteries, runes, and passive effects. Bonus AD also scales with select skills. CC: Crowd control, debuffs that impede the actions of an enemy champion. Includes silences, slows, stuns, suppression, knock-ups, snares, and knock-ups. If a player has reduced control over his champion, his champion has been CCed. CDR: Cooldown reduction, a trait common to all champions that affects the frequency with which skills can be cast. Bounded at 0% at the lower end, and 40% at the higher end. CS: Creep score, a number that indicates how many minions and jungle monsters you have killed. On average, the gold from 12 CS is equal to that you get from one kill. Dive: The act of jumping onto (focusing onto) a high priority backline target. GP10: Gold per 10, or passive gold earned per 10 seconds. Passive gold granted to each and every champion is 16 gold per 10 seconds, while additional passive gold can be obtained through items, runes, and masteries. HP: Health points, a trait common to all champions that is a measure of vitality. If your health drops to 0 then you die. Death penalty follows. MIA: Missing in action, or also called SS. Used as an abbreviation to indicate that one's lane opponent(s) are not in lane and possibly threatening another lane. MS: Movement speed. Shows how many units of movement per second your champion can walk in a set period of time (same to all champions). Base movement speed is obtained at level 1 and does not improve with levels. MP: Mana Points, a trait common to most champions that is spent in order to perform skills. Nuke: Burst damage applied from a skill. Passive: A champions' innate or inherent ability that is available from the start of the game. Alternatively, some ability that requires is always in effect. Peel: The act of forcing champion(s) off a given ally. Skillshot: A skill that targets an area of the map rather than a specific object. Slow: A debuff that decreases the movement speed and/or attack speed of a given champion. Snare: A debuff that prevents an enemy champion from moving, but does not restrict usage of auto-attacks or non-mobility skills. Stun: A debuff that prevents an enemy champion from moving, auto-attacking, and using skills. Tenacity: An Status you gain from items or masteries which reduces the duration of disables by 35%. WotA: Will of the Ancients, An item that is usually bought by mages and provides 50 ability power,10 Mana Regen, 10% CDR and 20% spell vamp. XP: Experience, relates to the level of each champion. Experience is earned primarily by being in range of a dying enemy minion or monster.

[center][img=http://i.imgur.com/28NfVVH.png] [b]Ryze's[/b] stats are overall average, compared to all the other champion, which makes it feel just right![/center] [center][b]Health - Health per Level [/b] At last Ryze got a buff on his Base Health because laning with him early was a pure disaster. Now it's 500 and it's a pretty nice, solid number. The [b]Health per Level[/b] is just fine so there is nothing to worry about. [/center] [center] [b]Mana - Mana Per level[/b][/center] The base [b]Mana Pool[/b] on [b]Ryze[/b] is just fine. It's a little above average but that's only because you are a spell caster which is pretty much self [center]explanatory. On the other hand, the [b]Mana per Level[/b] ([b]55[/b]) you gain is actually pretty high and the best part is it stacks up with [b][img=masteries/4343.png][/b] making it even better! You might as well consider this as an extra reason on why you seek more for late game dominance rather than early.[/center] [center][b]Armor [/b]& [b]Magic Resistance[/b][/center] [center]The [b]Armor [/b]is fine. If you think that the number [b]21 [/b]looks really small then try to imagine how bad it is playing with [b]Thresh[/b] who has only 16 ^.^ ( Yes, he has the lowest [b]Base Armor[/b] and [b]Rammus[/b] has the highest with [b]31[/b]). The thing is that all the champions you will be facing in mid range from [b]12-20 Armor[/b] so you are just fine. There is nothing to tell you about [b]Magic Resistance[/b] because all the champions start with [b]30[/b]. [/center] [center][b]Range[/b][/center] [center][b]550[/b] is the average [b]Range[/b] of [b]Ranged champions[/b] and it's perfect! There's nothing to worry about and since your auto attack projectile speed has been buffed/fixed, you should be able to [b]CS [/b]pretty much with no problem.[/center] [center][b]Movement Speed[/b][/center] [center][b]Movement Speed[/b] is really important to have on [b]Ryze[/b] and [b]340 [/b]is not half bad when you stack it up with [b] [img=masteries/4312.png][/b] & [b][img=skills/ryze/r.png][/b].[/center] [center]As I said before, all of [b]Ryze's[/b] stats are pretty much on an average level.[/center] [center]If you want to check [b]Ryze's Patch history[/b] then here you are [b]http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Ryze/Background[/b] (It's all nerfs btw...GG Riot).[/center]

[center][img=http://i.imgur.com/T7MMfAY.jpg?1][/center] This section is basically a damage comparison between Mana and Ability Power based on numbers. So, the basic scalings that your spells have are. For the sake of my boredom i'll only be calculating the primary damage on Spell Flux. It's impossible to calculate it corectly anyways. [center]Overload{Q} - [i]MAGIC DAMAGE: 60 / 95 / 130 / 165 / 200 (+0.55 per ability power) (+ 2 / 2.5 / 3 / 3.5 / 4% of max mana)[/i] Rune Prison{W} - [i]MAGIC DAMAGE: 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 (+0.4 per ability power) (+2.5% of max mana)[/i] Spell Flux{E} Main damage - [i]MAGIC DAMAGE: 50 / 66 / 82 / 98 / 114 (+0.3 per ability power) (+2% of max mana)[/i] Spell Flux{E} Secondary damage - [i]MAGIC DAMAGE: 25 / 33 / 41 / 49 / 57 (+0.15 per ability power) (+1% of max mana)[/i][/center] [center][b]VALUE ON GOLD[/b] If you take the same ammount of mana and ability power you can buy with 200 gold then it would be (ON AVERAGE): 100 Gold=[b] 70 Mana[/b] Q - [b]1.4-2.8[/b] W - [b]1.8[/b] E - [b]1.8[/b] 100 Gold=[b]4.6 Ability Power[/b] Q - [b]2.5[/b] W - [b]1.8[/b] E - [b]1.2[/b][/center] [center][b]With 100 gold you choose between[/b]: 70 Mana + 5/6.4 damage [b]OR[/b] 5.5 damage[/center] [center]__________________________________________________________________________________________________________[/center] [center][big]Why Mana Is Better[/big][/center] [.]You don't only get the same damage from the same gold but you also gain additional mana to use even more spells. [.]The Mana you bought will later on give you even more damage when you finally upgrade your Tear Of The Goddess to Archangel Staff. [.]Enemies will get mind f*cked when they see how low your Ability Power is and actually UNDERESTIMATE your damage output. [center]__________________________________________________________________________________________________________[/center] [center] Ready numbers on some items that give either Mana or Ability Power.[/center] [center]([b]Sorted: Price[/b])[/center] [center][img=items/sapphire-crystal.png] [b]250 Mana[/b] Q - [b]5-10[/b] W - [b]6.25[/b] E - [b]6[/b] ------------------------------------------------ [img=items/amplifying-tome.png] [b]20 Ability Power[/b] Q - [b]11[/b] W - [b]8[/b] E - [b]6[/b] ------------------------------------------------ [img=items/tear-of-the-goddess.png] [b]250-1000 Mana[/b] Q- From [b]5-10[/b] To [b]20-40[/b] W - From [b]6[/b] To [b]24[/b] E - From [b]5[/b] To [b]20[/b] ------------------------------------------------ [img=items/blasting-wand.png] [b]40 Ability Power[/b] Q - [b]22[/b] W - [b]16[/b] E - [b]12[/b] ------------------------------------------------ [img=items/needlessly-large-rod.png] [b]60 Ability Power[/b] Q - [b]33[/b] W - [b]24[/b] E - [b]18[/b] ------------------------------------------------[/center]

[center]I believe that making a whole chapter for these 2 items is necessary because there is a huge arguement going among Ryze players![/center] [center][item=seraphs-embrace] [highlight]VS[/highlight] [item=muramana][/center] [center][item=seraphs-embrace][/center] [center]1000 [b]Mana[/b] 60 [b]Ability Power[/b] 10 [b]Mana Regen[/b] per 5 seconds Unique Passive - Gain [b]Ability Power[/b] equal to 3% of your maximun mana. Unique Active - Drains 20% of your [b]Current Mana[/b] to shield yourself for an equal amount plus 150 for 3 seconds. 2700gold[/center] [center]Ryze's abilities do get stronger with ap which means that 60 ap comes in handy. Moreover the items gives you 2 mp regen per second and if toggled it shields you for basically as much as the summoner spell, [b]Barrier[/b], would. Last but not least, 2% of your max mana becomes ability power which is really cool! [highlight]Note that an item's 'Unique Passive' won't stack even if bought twice.[/highlight][/center] [center][highlight] Damage acquired[/highlight][/center] [center][highlight]( Unique Passive Not Considered )[/highlight][/center] [center]Q - |[b]Mana[/b] = 65 | [b]AP[/b] = 24 W - |[b]Mana[/b] = 45 | [b]AP[/b] = 36 E - |[b]Mana[/b] = 10 | [b]AP[/b] = 21[/center] [center][highlight] Shield Acquired[/highlight] Current MP 3k = 750 Current MP 2k = 550 Current MP 1k = 300 Current MP Lower 1k = YOU ARE DOOMED [/center] [center][item=muramana][/center] [center]+1000 [b]Mana[/b] +20 [b]Attack Damage[/b] 7 [b]Mana Regen[/b] per 5 seconds Unique Passive - Awe: Gain [b]Attack Damage[/b] equal to 2% of your [b]Maximun Mana[/b]. Active: Single target spells and attacks (on hit) consume 3% of [b]Current Mana[/b] to deal bonus [b]physical damage[/b] equal to [b]twice the amount of Mana consumed[/b]. 2100gold[/center] [center]First of all, you gain 20 AD + AD equal to 3% of your max Mana. Ryze doesn't scale with AD at all which means that all this extra AD you get strenghthens solely your auto-attacks (useless). Along with the AD bonus you get 1.4 mp regen per second and if you toggle the item's active then your spells-auto attacks will consume 3% of your current Mana to deal psysical damage equal to twice the amount of mana consumed. Ok, now let's say the truth. You would NOT buy this item for it's statistics because it's useless for Ryze, but however you would buy it for its Active. I Can't say that its active is weak or something but what I CAN point out to you is if your mana drops low ( because it does extremely fast ) then this item becomes useless while you are left manaless. [highlight]Note that an item's 'Unique Passive' won't stack even if bought twice.[/highlight][/center] [center][highlight] Damage acquired[/highlight][/center] [highlight][center]( Active and Unique Passive Not Considered )[/center][/highlight] [center]Q - |Mana = 65 W - |Mana = 45 E - |Mana = 10[/center] [big] [center]Final conclusion[/center][/big] Seraphs Embrace is far superior. However you may as well buy them both. For a skilled Ryze player it would approximately take around 40 min to stack both [b]Tear of the Goddess[/b] individually. But if you intend to buy only one of these 2 then I strongly recommend [b]Seraphs Embrace[/b].

If you want to become better in League then you might concider Enabling [b]SmartCast[/b] (if you aren't using it already). I have added this section because in order to use the combos in perfect flow you must be using SmartCast! [img=http://i.imgur.com/vUIXoeN.jpg?1] [center]Select [b]Quick Cast All[/b][/center] [b][center]Casting Smart[/center][/b] SmartCasting is an option that causes your abilities to be cast when you [b]press down the key towards where your mouse cursor is[/b]. Basically, it reduces the actions you need to make from [b]2 [/b]to [b]1[/b]. So instead of pressing the skill and then clicking you simply press the button and your job is done. Only problem when using [b]SmartCast[/b] is that you lose accuracy because you can't see the range of the spells but that doesn't mean a thing because Ryze has the same range in all his spells (600) and you arent using skillshots. [center][vid=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSX_H4cUyh0][/center] [center][b]This video is not mine. The credits go to the respective owners.[/b][/center]

Let's talk about the [b]combos[/b]! So as I told you earlier in the skill explanation the reason you are able to do combos is because of your passive and the relatively [b]short cooldows[/b] because of it. We talked about [b]SmartCasting [/b]and about reaching [b]max CDR[/b] so now it's time you learn how to faceroll on the keyboard the right way! xD [b][center]Basic InstaBurst[/center][/b] [center][img=skills/ryze/q.png]-[img=skills/ryze/w.png]-[img=skills/ryze/e.png]-[img=skills/ryze/q.png] [b]OR [/b][img=skills/ryze/q.png]-[img=skills/ryze/e.png]-[img=skills/ryze/w.png]-[img=skills/ryze/q.png][/center] [b][center]Runner[/center][/b] [center][img=skills/ryze/q.png]-[img=skills/ryze/e.png]-[img=skills/ryze/q.png]-[img=skills/ryze/w.png] [b]OR[/b] [img=skills/ryze/w.png]-[img=skills/ryze/q.png]-[img=skills/ryze/e.png]-[img=skills/ryze/q.png] Add [b][img=skills/ryze/r.png][/b] whenever possible and more preferably after[b] [img=skills/ryze/q.png][/center][/b] [center] Basically the Runner combo always depends on what spells you have off cooldows and whether you need to use [b]Rune Prison[/b] early or use nothing at all because all spells on Ryze require time to cast ( like 0.2 seconds on every spell) and every tiny bit of time sometimes matters.[/center] [center][b]Full DPS teamfight combo[/b][/center] [center]Clasic[/center] [center][img=skills/ryze/q.png] -[img=skills/ryze/r.png] -[img=skills/ryze/e.png] -[img=skills/ryze/q.png] -[img=skills/ryze/w.png] -[img=skills/ryze/q.png][/center] [center][b]or[/b][/center] [center]Lock target early[/center] [center][img=skills/ryze/q.png] -[img=skills/ryze/r.png] -[img=skills/ryze/w.png] -[img=skills/ryze/e.png] -[img=skills/ryze/q.png][/center] [center][b]^Secret Combo Trick^[/b][/center] [center]So the trick is using [b][img=skills/ryze/q.png][/b] and then instantly (right before the spell hits the target) use [b][img=skills/ryze/r.png][/b] for your combos. What happens is that if you pressed [b][img=skills/ryze/r.png][/b] whilst [b][img=skills/ryze/q.png][/b] was still midair then it will proc your ult and on top of that lose cooldown by 1 second. Basically, instead of [b][img=skills/ryze/r.png][/b]-[b][img=skills/ryze/q.png][/b]-[b][img=skills/ryze/w.png][/b]-[b][img=skills/ryze/e.png][/b]-[b][img=skills/ryze/q.png][/b] you are now able to do the [b]Full DPS Combo[/b] with all your spells procing [b][img=skills/ryze/r.png][/b].[/center]

[img=http://i.imgur.com/diwI5aP.jpg?1] [center] [b]Dragon[/b] Spawn Time: 2:30 (Respawn time: 6 minutes) [/center] [center]The Dragon is the second most powerful neutral monster on Summoner's Rift in League of Legends. Killing the dragon gives experience to the killer and nearby allies. If the Dragon is slain, it will respawn after 6 minutes. Before you start killing dragon, make sure the enemy team hasn't warded the area to avoid ganks. If they do have, make sure to clean them out with stealth detecting items. Let me warn you that ganks at dragon are pretty frequent, as your team will be weakened by it and with limited escape paths. A good gank at the dragon may result in a lot of deaths for your team, with the dragon kill being stolen by the enemies. Try to keep a ward in the river near the dragon to know wether it's being killed by your enemies. This ward also provides vision of enemy champions switching between the middle and bottom lanes. It is not your responsibility as Ryze to ward drake but you may do the favor for your team and ward it if you happen to be passing around there. Killing the dragon is one of the jobs of the jungler. He may require help from the team, especially from the bottom or the mid lane. This is one of the reasons why there are usually 2 champions in the bottom lane, with the top lane being solo when there is a jungler on your team. Fiddlesticks, Warwick and Shaco are examples of junglers that are capable of killing the dragon alone at early levels. Their kits allow him to kill it as early as level 3-4 so you better warn your team to put a ward there as early as possible. Catching them with vision doing dragon can often times be game winning. If you teleport, look for any oppurtunity to gather your team and do dragon. [/center] [center][b]Slaying Dragon Reward[/b][/center] Slaying the Dragon grants the [b]Dragon Slayer[/b] buff to your whole team. The first four stacks of [b]Dragon Slayer[/b] are permanent, while the 5th exprires after a small period of time. [.][b]DRAGON'S MIGHT[/b]: +6% attack damage and ability power [.][b]DRAGON'S DOMINANCE[/b]: +15% damage to minions and monsters [.][b]DRAGON'S FLIGHT[/b]: +5% movement speed [.][b]DRAGON'S WRATH[/b]: +15% damage to towers and buildings [.][b]ASPECT OF THE DRAGON[/b]: Doubles all previous bonuses and your attacks burn for 150 true damage over 5 seconds. This stack only lasts 180 seconds or until death. [center][b]\"Pulling\" The Dragon[/b][/center] Attacking it and then backing away to lead it out of its lair can be vital! If it remains in its lair it is possible for an enemy champion to Smite from across the back wall, throw a projectile spell and generally steal the last hit if they realize that your team is attempting to defeat the dragon. This is especially important when playing on Red side. [center][b]Your Role In doing Dragon[/b][/center] Your role as Ryze most often comes down to bursting the dragon with your combo. If you're playing top then you won't have many chances to help at early dragons which doesn't matter too much either cause you're still weak. Now that first dragon's dead, keep your timer on the next respawn and act accordingly. You want to be present there but you don't want to sacrafise too much by doing that. Here are some tips on how to prepare for dragon: [.]Recal to buy items and head towards drake [.]Push your wave so that the opposing laner is forced to deal with it. If he doesn't he loses a lot of farm thus still giving you a small lead. If he does, you'll have time to help your team while he's busy farming. [.]Inform your team to buy you time until your Teleport is back up again so you can help your allies. They can do that by scaring your opponents off from rushing/forcing it. [.]Press 'Tab' and look at the timers. When there's less than 1 minute left, immediately warn your team by typing \"Dragon in 40 seconds. Start preparing\" [.]If your Teleport is down but you're aware that your lane opponent has it available, he'll probably try and help his team. Do [b]NOT[/b] let him do that. Force him to stay in the lane by pushing hard and if he attempts something fishy then flash and Rune Prison him. That will interupt his teleport thus leaving your team in peace, or at best, at a fair 4v4 fight.

[center][b]General Idea - Laning[/b][/center] Overall, early game is hell. That's all you need to know. Your mana pool is too low to keep on doing sustained fights and your damage is akward because it heavily depends on Q [overload] which is a skillshot. If your opponent has a good form of sustain then you won't be able to get him out of lane and the worst part is that he may outsustain you to the point where he can stay in lane permanently. What you need to realise is that you're a champion who's weak early and that you have to play defensivly. Wait for mid-late game and you'll almost always destroy your opponents 1v2. You got scaling runes as well so play along with them. Taking flat runes means you'll be aiming to go agressive and that's not what you want to be doing with Ryze at the early stages of the game. [center][b]Highest priority[/b][/center] Your No1 priority in the laning phase as [[Ryze]] is last hitting creeps. Every creep wave comes with a pack of 6 creeps (3 melle and 3 ranged) and your mission is to last hit as many of them as you can. If you think that killing creeps is a waste of time then let me tell you that 12-15 creeps are actually equal to 1 Kill in terms of gold. It's not hard but it's more complicated with Ryze because of his low base AD. Most of the time you'll need to use your Q in order to last hit efficiently and I strongly recommend you do so on cannon minions because they give double the gold. If you're bad at last hitting then you should enter a custom game and practise there for a couple of hours. From what my fans told me, they've seen an average of 44% increase on CS after an average of 5 hours practising in customs. If you ever find openings to harass your opponent and believe that it will be worth it then go for it. Always pay attention to what items your enemy has bought in his last recal so you know what to anticipate from him. [center][b]Do Not Combo On Levels 1-4[/b][/center] The worst thing you can possibly do in the early game is attempt to do your full combo. \"Well, doing your combo and dealing damage is not a bad idea, right?\" Absolutely, but not always. In the early game, unless you're about to finish your opponent off, it'll be far more harmful than you think. The reasons are: [.]Your passive lasts for only 3-3.5 seconds. It's so low that your opoonent doesn't even have to care if you become supercharged. He'll just stun you when you enter passive and that's it. Passive lost and you take free damage. [.]One combo and you just lost all our mana. This is bad for 2 reasons. 1: You can no longer fight and your opponent will simply use a potion and get back to full hp. 2: You encourage your opponent to play more agressive since he knows you have neither Ignite, nor mana and thus you're not a thread to him. He'll even stay in lane with 200 hp and provoke you because of how useless you are. [.]If your opponent is skilled and he knows how your passive works, he'll never fall for it and aproach you on high stack count. Moreover, you make yourself easily baitable. If he realises you're fishing him to combo him down then he'll abuse your way of approach to bait you for a gank. You'll think he mispositioned and start shoving spells on him, but little did you know that there's a bad mean guy behind you. This is a scenario that usually happens against players ranked Plat+. [center][b]Be cautious of CoD campers[/b][/center] My main goal was to make this paragraph a huge rant about how much I hate every jungler in the world and how much they should burn in hell for camping me just because I'm destroying my noob opponent in the laning phase. So much salt that I didn't even put a full stop or a coma. See? That's why I'll simply exlpain what to do with [i]those[/i] guys in a more of a normal and human way. First of all, don't be me. It's literally the best advise I can give you. \"What am I\" you may ask? I'm [i]that[/i] guy who always rushes damage cause of how good he is. So much that I won't even bother to pick an extra ward with me. And even if I do pick a ward, I won't even use it. Genious, I know. I swear it's the opponent's fault for triggering me constantly with all their laning mistakes, down to the point where I get so mad of how bad he is and I straight out flash in to kill him. It works most of the time but then the jungler comes and kills me for free. Now, this is one of the reasons why it's bad to not have wards. I could have killed that guy whenever I wanted. All I had to was keep track on the enemy jungler and kill my opponent when he's not around but you know...wte. I'll just blame genetics. Don't ask why, I don't know either. I believe you guys already know why it's important to keep vision and all of the drawbacks that occur from dying to a gank. What I'll show you however is how to ward properly in order to maximise your safety. [center]Warding During The Laning Phase[/center] [img=http://i.imgur.com/OYqAD0K.jpg] \"Why ward this way and not straight on?\" I've spectated 5 games and the average amount of times a laner goes to ward his lane and bumps right into the enemy jungler is 1.6 times. 1.6 times per GAME. That's WAY too much. Hell, 1 time is already enough to lose you the laning phase - if not the game. Not only you fully expose yourself by warding straight on but you also let your lane opponent know you went to ward. Don't be lazy. Make an extra circle, go around and put a ward when you know you're actually safe by doing so. If your opponent sees you retreating from your lane then he'll probably think that you're either recalling or going to take a camp. He'll most likely push and thus give you a small unintentional advantage. If he won't, then at least you don't risk dying like a loser. What you sacrafise by going to ward this way? 1-3 CS mostly. Best time to ward is when you return from base. [img=http://i.imgur.com/7X7lKb3.jpg] Early game in a nutshell: [.]Keep it low. [.]Don't draw too much attention. [.]Wait for ganks. [.]Get some wards out there. [.]Focus on farming over kills. [.]Pay attention on the map for teleport opportunities

[center][b]General Idea - Laning[/b][/center] [center]Mid game is where one of the outer mid turrets is already destroyed or maybe even both. The teams start giving more emphasis on objectives like taking dragon, doing baron, destroying turrets, turning the map's fog of war to their advantage (in-brush traps) etc. The hardest part about playing Ryze is now gone and you may start doing fights. Once you get level 9, you'll have 5 levels on Q and thus reaching the maximun duration on passive. You'll have Tear of the Goddess + Rod Of Ages finished by now thus your mana problems are gone and you're able to combo without fear of being left OOM. Try and play more aggressively now to show your opponent who's the boss.[/center] [center][big]I destroyed my opponent and took a turret[/big][/center] [center]This is the best feeling ever. You just won with a weak early champ and got a free pass into late game. You either did it with the help of your jungler or the help of your awesomeness...idk. What matters is you made it. Now, what you're looking for is to make the most of yourself and help your team out. Lemme give you some advice to help improve your decision making.[/center] [center]\"[b]If enemy jungler is near you and you can double kill[/b]\": Act stupid and bait him to come on you for an easy double kill. Try to keep some stacks up and be prepared. If you lost your stacks or just exit your passive then back off a little. Get 1-2 stacks and go back in. Apart from that, freeze the lane and zone your opponent off lane. He won't be needing that CS or XP anyways. Just make sure you last hit though.[/center] [center]\"[b]You got turret and pushed slightly. What now?[/b]\": You TP somewhere and help people. If you dont have it and you're top then you try and roam for a gank on mid lane. If you're mid then you can gank wherever you want. If you're top then an idea equally good is to get some heavy warding in the enemy jungle and steal the camps. If the enemy jungler is the farming type like a [[Shyvana]], [[Master Yi]] or [[Kayle]] then definitely do so.[/center] [center]\"[b]I can 1v3 cause I'm god himself. However, my team is losing[/b]\": This is a kinda akward spot where your team starts spamming that you should help them. There are 2 cases. If enemy top+jungler+mid have a total of 3 or more CC then I recommend you push your lane and stick with the team. If they lack CC though, you start pushing HARD. Tell your team \"[i]Start pushing heavily and group all together on one lane while I buy you some time. Take objectives and dragon if possible[/i]\". What you do here now is. First of all, if 2 people come top: You kill them both thus making your team able to 4v3. If 3 come top then you'll be able to take around 1-2 kills in the very least while your team is gathered up and taking objectives. There's no way your team can lose 4v2 and you'll also get some value from the death. I don't know anyone doing this strategy cause I thought it by myself but it won me more games than I can count. Last tip: If enemies ignore your splitpush and you're at most 1v1 then that's awful. You either force push on turret and take it or run to help your team. They won't hold on without you.[/center] [center][big]I messed up in the early game... Now what?[/big] Everyone has an unlucky game once in a while so don't take it that personal. First of all, you don't think about giving up. Best thing to do in this situation is play extremely defensively. Turret hug and put a ward or two around. Don't try anything stupid or poke your opponenet for damage if it means he will be able to damage you back. Gank once in a while if you got teleport and if your opponent has low pushing potential then you may as well push the lane down to his tower and search for oppurtunities to gank top or bot. Ask for ganks and pray to god your team doesn't flame you. \"[b]My opponent bullies me to the point where I gotta recal constantly[/b]\": This is awful. Snipe any cs you can with max range Qs. Avoid unnecesary trades. Try to always stay in XP the zone just so you're not left too behind. Try and bait your opponent to dive. He might even miss-step while he's trying to poke and get one or even more turret shots. As soon as he damages you under turret, instantly Rune Prison him. If he's going ham then back off, if he did a mistake then probably go for combo and punish him. \"[b]My opponent is roaming all the time and beating everyone[/b]\": You either follow him and attempt to stop him or at the very least, calm him down. You spam the living sh*t out of your team that he's really big and he's missing. The damage has already been done. He's gone and what's about to happen cannot be prevented in your state. You gave a warning but that's all. What you do now? No, you don't cry. You make the most out of that situation. As soon as you see him leaving and you're certain he's far and gone (not baiting you), push the lane as hard as you can. Try and get a turret (global gold) and farm the CS you weren't able to get before. Hopefully, things'll get better eventually. \"[b]My opponent is so mean that he absolutely zoned my out of lane and can turret dive without dying[/b]\": RUN. That's all I can say. This is the hardest thing to play around in the whole game. Around only 1% knows what to do in these type of scenarios. What do the others do? They end up making things worse and worse until they seal off the game completly because of how tilted they are. Listen to me. If there's a huge storm heading your way then you don't just sit there and blame your jungler. NOBODY will help you. Not even god (jungler). No matter how much you beg, he'll never help you just like he never did before. The power is in your hands. You gotta be a man and take the situation under control. You can't always depend on others to cover your mistakes and save you. So, start off by going to your jungle and farming some camps. If not, then try and go help the other lanes. I don't care if you can't get a kill from ganking on other lanes. You just DON'T stay in your lane any more. Type on chat \"Somebody go and stop that guy, please. I messed up and need some farm/assists now to even become relevant in the game.\" If your mid laner won his lane then great. Trade lanes and let the two fed storms fight each other. And as I said, no matter what happens, stay away from that guy. He'll certainly kill you if he gets anywhere near you so underestimate him. This is your last shot to get back into the game. If this fails too then admit defeat and move on. Tomorrow is a new day.[/center]

Late game is actually the same for Ryze, except now he is a lot scarier. You have all the important items you need, you have fully stacked your Tear, you have full stacked RoA and max CDR (40%). However, even though you didn't change that much, something that did is the death penalties. Things get more serious as well as more punishing and thus the death penalty gets to it's highest level (55+ sec) meaning you have to be extremely careful not to screw up! At this point if your team doesn't cooporate, you are done for. By this time your build should somewhat look like this: [imgsmall=items/mercurys-treads.png] [imgsmall=items/seraphs-embrace.png][imgsmall=items/rod-of-ages.png][imgsmall=items/frozen-heart.png][img=items/void-staff.png] or this [img=items/sorcerers-shoes.png][img=items/seraphs-embrace.png][img=items/rod-of-ages.png][img=items/frozen-heart.png][img=items/spirit-visage.png] [highlight]If you do have those items then that means:[/highlight] [.]You are scary [.]You are tanky [.]You deal tons of damage [.]You should be able to take care of yourself [b][center]Objectives[/center][/b] [b][center]Watch out for the AOE ults![/center][/b] [center]If someone on the enemy team like amumu, malphite or sona has their ult ready, you should try to position yourself in such way that it is imposible for the enemy team to aoe you AND anyone else on your team. Try to not put yourself out of position at all, except if you have Banshees Veil or overall, if you know what you're doing. You aren't that pretty mobile so you won't be able to rush for back raw carries. Instead, just stay together with your ADC and protect each other. [/center] [b][center]Defending in late game[/center][/b] [center]If you are in the case where your team is behind then you will be forced to defend your base. The team picks are those which will judge the difficulty of defending your base. Just do as you would in any team fight, and use your turrets to your advantage. If your team succeeds in defeating the invading players, now would be an intelligent time for your team to push into the enemy base. If there are still enemy creeps still in your base, leaving one player behind (possibly even yourself) there to mop them up is a wise decision as it will allow your creeps to advance onward as well. Just because the enemy team is dead however does not mean you will win the game. If there are still enemy turrets present, you will have to deal with them, and you may also need to bring down the enemy inhibitor.[/center] [center]__________________________________________________________________________________________________________[/center] [center][big]Baron[/big][/center] [center]Spawn Time: 20:00[/center] [center]Respawn Time: 7 minutes[/center] Killing the Baron gives the \"[i][b]Hand of Baron[/b][/i]\" buff to all living champions on the team, which lasts 4 minutes total (Runic Affinity (Mastery) doesn't work on this buff). This buff gives massively increased attack damage and ability power as well as an aura that promotes nearby minions and a recall time decrease. When Nashor is killed, each player on the team is also granted the following: [.]600 global Experience Points (given to each person on the team) [.]800 local Experience Points (shared between nearby allies) [.]300 Gold to each team member plus 25 Gold to the slayer of Baron Nashor. Dead team members will NOT respawn with the buff. Furthermore, this buff is the only buff in Summoner's Rift that does not transfer via kills. If a champion is killed with this buff, the buff is destroyed and cannot be taken again until Baron Nashor respawns. Due to the debuffs that the Baron can apply to you, it is highly recomended that you have full vision of the enemy team, as the stacking debuff applied (25% x 10 times = 250% Damage Increase) renders your team EXTREMELY vulnerable to AOE magic damage casters since the increase in magic damage devastates your team from any source of magic damage (including most global ultimates). Baron Nashor is immune to all forms of Crowd Control. Killing him should not be attempted until mid or late game. Due to its power you should not attempt to solo it, this feat is usually not possible unless you have a full item build with a lot of survivability. Killing Baron with a team is fairly simple. Baron primarily attacks the target closest to him so you can distribute damage by positioning characters closer or farther away from him. The enemy team likely will have a ward placed to see when yours initiates on Baron. If you do not destroy these wards with the use of a [b]Vision Ward[/b] or [b]Sweeping Lens[/b], they may be able to assault your team while you are weakened by Baron and subsequently steal the \"[i][b]Exalted with Baron Nashor[/b]\"[/i] buff/kill several players, putting you at a disadvantage. Baron Nashor's \"[i][b]Hand of Baron[/b][/i]\" buff is given to the team that deals the killing blow on Baron. This mechanic means that even if one team is incapable of directly fighting the enemy team, a jungler with the Smite summoner spell can possibly swoop in and steal the Baron with a well timed [b]Smite[/b]. This is almost definitely a suicide mission and is an extremely high risk maneuver. However, successfully stealing Baron can turn the tide of a game dramatically. Being able to steal or prevent the stealing of Baron (or other key monsters) is also the main argument for junglers to always have Smite, even if they can deal with monster camps without it. In the same vein, Champions possessing abilities with a considerable range can attempt to do the same with less risk by dealing the killing blow from a distance. However, this is difficult to attempt because perfect timing and clear vision of the battle are required to pull it off. Some Champions that can do this are: Draven, Ezreal, Gragas, Janna, Jayce, Jinx, Kog'Maw, Lux, Nidalee, Varus, Xerath and Ziggs. The key moment to do Baron is when the enemy jungler is dead or you have aced the enemies. [center][b]Ryze's role in doing Baron[/b][/center] Your role is the same as everyone's else. If your team is the one doing it then first of all, make sure your jungler has smite. Second, make sure the enemy team is far enough or unable from stoping you. Third, make sure your team is strong enough to bring this beast down to its knees without any uneccesary deaths (sometimes it's worth to have one or two deaths for the baron buff and gold it grants). Your E doesn't reduce Baron's Magic Resist so you will use it only to deal damage. When your team is doing Baron then cast a a long lasting dps combo in which you use Q between every spell of yours (e.x. Q-E-Q-W-Q-R-Q-W-Q-E-Q). Tank it if neccesary for you team and your jungler is too low. Sometimes, you might have to delay the enemy jungler if possible by standing in his way to baron and snaring him. Advanced Tactic: If your team is more than capable of doing baron and you are really tanky then stand as your team's guardian and watch their backs. This mostly works when you are tanky enough to go 1v2. What happens is: as the enemy team is approaching you (whether knowing you are doing baron or not) you cut their path leaving them (at least 2 or 3 of the enemies) unable to reach your team. Do NOT try this without having vision of the aproaching enemies AT ANY COST. I am pointing this out because, if it happens so that 4 enemies find you in their path at that time and they instantly delete you then, you just managed to throw the game. However, if you have vision and see that they are coming one by one then you might as well play the hero and delay them as much as possible. If everything goes as planed then, your team will complete baron real fast and join you to start hunting the enemies back to their base. :) [b][center]Stoping enemies from doing baron[/center][/b] First things first! Teleport if needed and inform your team with pings or typing in chat that you have to invade them. If you are extremely far or/and going alone against a whole team then don't even think about it! Even if you are extremely fed, you still aren't a god so don't die and leave your team defenseless. Even if the enemies take the baron you might still be able to defend your base by at least waiting for their baron buff to expire or by Sieging. If you and your team have the least of hope left on being able to stop the enemy team then gather up and attack. In this case, what you try to do is AT LEAST stop them and make them retreat. The buff can be extremely game breaking so if you just managed to stop them and kill half their team, then it's worth it (even if your whole team died). When you are aproaching the enemy team, try to think of [b]who's your target[/b]? In most cases, it's the ADC or the most fed enemy in the enemy team. Remember that you have AOE in all spells with your ultimate so you won't be dealing damage just to the target you are focusing. You might be able to even land a full combo to the adc and leave it with 30% HP forcing him to retreat. However, try to not sacrafice yourself just to remove half the HP from the enemy team's carry (except if needed). [center]__________________________________________________________________________________________________________[/center] [b][center]Warding In Late Game[/center][/b] [center][img=http://i.imgur.com/LGDkqna.jpg?1][/center] [center]In late game, you will be mostly focusing on objectives. Everyone is pretty well farmed with decent items and all that is left are calls. Here, at this point, in order to win the game you need to set traps on brushes, have control over Baron and above all, push the lanes to take turrets. Warding helps immensly with map control. These are the most efficient places to put wards, that will cover the most busy places. First of all, ward baron since it's really important. Sometimes it's better to not ward right in the center of the baron area because someone might use Sweeping Lens and clear it. Rarely, do they expect it will be placed somewhere near a wall. Second, you could leave a ward at drake, but be cautious since there might be someone there who has set a trap! If you want to do baron then be sure you have vision over the paths enemies will have to pass in order to reach you just in case they try something funny (if they are alive or even able to stop you). I definelty recommend you don't do anything stupid without map control.[/center]

[center]So what is late game about? It's all about teamfights! Every champion has his own unique play-style and that also depends on your role.[/center] [title][center][highlight]Your Role In Team Fights[/highlight][/center][/title] [center]Your role in team fights is to do consistant damage. In order to do damage you need to survive. In order to survive you need to position yourself correctly as well as have good criticism whether to go in or not. That means you need to have patience in order to find the most appropriate moment to go in. However, this does't mean you should wait until the end of the teamfight.[/center] [highlight][center]Who To Prioritize[/center][/highlight] [center]Always think if it's worth attacking the carries in the rear line or getting rid of the tanks first. Because if the tanks on the front line are like a fed Darius or Wukong then you can't really ignore them meaning you will have to kill them first. Basically, what you need to do here is use the AD Carry's \"Code\", which is \"Attack Whoever You Can\" except if you believe that their tanks are a joke not worth investing resources on.[/center] [highlight][center]How To Survive[/center][/highlight] [center]In a team fight where you have someone under your nose like an annoying Vi, don't try to ignore her. Even though she might play full tank, she will still burn some of your HP which is precious. What to do is: if you are immensly needed by your team then try to ignore her, but if not, deal with her. She will spend all her cooldowns to deal some damage while you will be able to vanish her HP in almost no time. Hell, she might even sh*t her pants and change target or run back to base - that is if she didn't go all out on you with backup. On the other hand, if the enemy team is full of carries and champs that do a lot of dps then try to avoid taking on many of them by yourself! Even if they are squishy that doesn't mean they are weak. Always use flash if needed and let's not forget the ultimate secret which is Seraph's Embrace active. That free shield is extremely OP sometimes. For example, the enemy Ahri might think you are about to die and send her last Q for example and then turn back, BUT you press the barrier and tada. Alive! You can even use it to bait your oponents. They'll see you're low HP and think they can take you out but little do they know you play unfair. Overall, even when people know you got that extra barrier, they tend to forget it in the heat of battle.[/center] [highlight][center]Executing Your Combo[/center][/highlight] [center]Let your team-mates tank all the damage, sit back comfortably and try to focus on getting those combos. Screwing up with the spell sequencing will heavily affect your damage output. Best moment however is when a teamfight is like a friggin battlezone with champs like Ziggs-Sejuani-Vi-Sona-Amumu where all the aoe ults get combined or hit thin air and overall the place is just a mess. In that case you might even lose sight of your character, BUT you do know that you are somewhere in between that mess. Here is every Ryze main's paradise. This is where you point your mouse over the enemies and mash the buttons as much as you can. In the end of the day, no matter which spell you cast first or second won't matter. Jokes aside, pay huge attention to your stacks. Wait until your opponents use their main CC abilities and then enter your supercharged form. Entering it too soon and getting stunned right after may sometimes cost you the fight as you'll be useless for the following 10 seconds.[/center] After the dust has settled and the noobs sent to the[b] AfterWorld[/b]. It should all look like this! [img=http://i.imgur.com/AF0xpat.jpg?1]

[center]Some pro tips to make you better as a player and more scary.[/center] [center][img=http://i.imgur.com/FFnRqb0l.jpg?1][/center] Many of you may already know these Pro Tips (and in fact you maybe know even more than I do) but, keep in mind that not everyone does. [b]Pro Tip No1[/b] : If you play a late game champ like Ryze, Nasus or Irelia then[b] it's a lot better to CS than trade damage with your opponent[/b]. With 15 CS you gain the same money you get from a kill. Problem is if you trade damage and end up losing a later on 1v1 then you end up losing both, the CS and the lane control. You may however harass the opponent when you feel that it'l be worth it and you won't lose CS or lose one or two. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [b]Pro Tip No2[/b] : When putting a ward in the outer side of a brush, in order to not miss, [b]pay attention to when the mouse indicator is green and when not[/b]. If it is green then it will be placed inside the brush but if it isn't then you will probably miss and everyone will laugh at you. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [b]Pro Tip No3[/b] : [b]When you're being chased by a group[/b] of enemies and you are most likely going to die, [b]tower dive[/b]. When not being hit by an enemy champ for 10 sec, the enemy won't get your kill but the turret does meaning the enemies gain nothing from your death. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [b]Pro Tip No4[/b] : For this one, make sure you have a good connection and above all good reflections. What you need to do is [b]act like you're afk[/b]. You can achieve the same thing by standing still for some time. For example you can make the enemy [img=champ/morgana.png] waste her [img=skills/morgana/q.png] by doing so. You may even start recalling at weird places. Another way of using recall would be : recalling when standing next to a brush. Recall, but right before actualy teleporting, run into that brush. The opponent will think you wanted to teleport but failed to do so and he will probably run into the brush or throw a spell to prevent you. This is a tactic that a lot of[img=champ/blitzcrank.png] players use mainly to focus on the enemy movement so they land a succesful [img=skills/blitzcrank/q.png]. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [b]Pro Tip No5[/b] - Learn the base stats of each champion. This may seem like an awful amount of work, but it can be very useful. You can guess what summoner level the enemy has, which runes and masteries. It's no rocket science, but at least you know what to expect. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [b]Pro Tip No6[/b] - [b]Never [/b]level up your first spell at fountain or anywhere else until you actually [b]have to use it[/b]! The reason is simple. If you are, for example, playing with [img=champ/vayne.png] then you might level up your [img=skills/vayne/q.png] as soon as the game starts. But, what if you invade and you needed to have [img=skills/vayne/e.png] there instead? You might even end up losing the kill as well as [b]making your whole invade a waste of time[/b]. The same goes with Ryze. You are never sure whether enemies might invade at lvl 1. If you see them coming you might as well put your first level into [img=skills/ryze/w.png]. Especially if your team is the one that's invading because the more cc you have the more secure the [b]fb [/b]is. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [b]Pro Tip No7[/b] - [b]Freezing the lane[/b] is [b]not [/b]always the [b]best option[/b]! There are 3 types of situations when you want to full push in a lane. [b]1st [/b]: When you are playing with a champion like [img=champ/sion.png] AP who depends on pushing the lane and going to other lanes for ganking. Your opponent will be forced to stay mid and [b]kill the creeps one by one[/b] or [b]call ss[/b]. And let's be clear; 70% cases an [b]ss [/b]is just not enough. You may dive even when they know that you coming which means ganking is OP no matter what. [b]2nd [/b]: When your [b]opponent is an champion who cannot easily CS under his turret[/b] meaning he will [b]lose a lot of creeps[/b]. Mainly, it can be because of his [b]low AD[/b] or insufficient [b]spell power[/b]/[b]cooldowns [/b]to keep up with the turret's pace. [b]3rd [/b]: When you are aiming for an early level advantage to go for the kill. You will usually see this tactic coming from a [img=champ/zed.png] or [img=champ/riven.png] who start with a [img=items/elixir-of-fortitude.png] aiming for an early kill. So, [b]as soon as you hit lvl 2 [/b]and have [b]spell/level/power advantage[/b] over your opponent who is still [b]level 1 [/b]then you simply [img=summoners/flash.png]-[img=skills/ryze/q.png]-[img=skills/ryze/w.png]-[img=summoners/ignite.png]-[b]Auto Attack[/b] and GG. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [b]Pro Tip No8[/b] - [b]Be one with the enemy. Think as the enemy. You are the enemy![/b] (AKA Try to predict the enemy movement). This is something junglers mostly do when for example you have mid Fizz and the enemy has Ryze. It's common sence that Ryze will try to stomp Fizz in the lane so you need to gank and the best time to do that is as soon as Ryze moves in to poke. Overall, try to think of your opponent's plans. If you have a Riven top lane then it's most possible that she will get ganked since she is known as an really aggresive champion as well as squishy and easy to kill early. Basically, the enemy jungler right now is thinking \"I'm gonna gank that b*tch Riven and take first blood. My team will start praising me and I will have an excuse to cover my level of Noobesy in order to not get reported later on\". However, that is where you come into play! You know that the enemy jungler is going to gank top so you go there and set an Counter-Gank trap. If it goes as planed and your picks overwelm the enemies then GG. Enemy flaming has just begun so just sit and relax. Same thing can be done in the laning phase. Try to predict where the enemy is clicking his mouse to move and aim your skillshots. If one of the creeps in your side is droping too low on HP then, the enemy will close distance just enough to last hit and that is your oppurtunity to throw some free poke. Small and simple things such as these make a huge difference. It can be a little hard to pay attention to your map+last hit+poke+watch out for enemy spells+predict enemy's movements+listen to music+talk to your mom who is obviously spamming you but that is why asians are good players. It's all about brain multi-tasking. Try to train your mind and one day you will notice that it has leveled up from Silver to Gold for example. One day you will make it to Challenger and then your carrear as Bronze 5 on Korean Server starts.

In the Update Log, I add only huge (noticable) changes that took place like the Ryze Buff on patch (4.3). I actually update the guide every day by adding like one sentence or two every here and there maybe to explain things better or correct grammar/vocabulary mistakes. So, if you see that the guide was refreshed today or \"Last updated today\" and there are no actual mentions in the change log then that means I was probably in a loading screen and didn't know what to do with my life. :D 29/11/13 - Started creating the guide 19/12/13 - Completed the guide. 5/1/14 - Updated the Introduction and Mid/Late game Sections. 4/2/14 - Huge changes to Item Section and Runes Section because of the nerf on Spirit Visage (4.1 Patch) 6/2/13 - Guide got Featured!!!!! :') 10/2/14 - Huge changes to the masteries and situational items. 12/2/14 - Added 2 pro tips. 17/2/14 - Added the Base Stats Section. 24/2/14 - Added Abbreviations and Terms Section. 26/2/14 - Updated the Team Fight Section. 6/3/14 - LORD BLESSED US! RYZE GOT BUFFED (4.3 Patch). Uptaded the Overload Spell description. Updated Base Stats Section. Updated Introduction based on the Ryze buff. Changed difficulty in some match ups. 7/3/14 - New lane match ups. 11/3/14 - New lane match ups. 2/4/14 - Updated the introduction. (Added my personal season 4 archievments... had to sell some SWAG! :3 18/4/14 - Huge update on the Rune Section because of the runes changes. Update on the introduction. (4.5 Patch) 26/4/14 - Updated the Pros and Cons. 30/4/14 - Some guys annoyed me to death so that I would add an Update Vlog in this guide. I just did today and don't ask me how I remember all these dates.....long story. (They are accurate) 3/5/2014 - Added MANA vs ABILITY POWER (Scaling) Section (still not complete). Updated + Added Pro Tips. Added some pictures here and there. Updated the Introduction. (Added the actual reason why I created this guide) :) 28/5/2014 - Did some small changes here and there to adjust for patch 4.8. 30/5/2014 - Added Xerath match-up. Added Updated Ziggs match-up. Updated Vladimir match-up. 31/5/2014 - Small changes to Mid and Late game Sections. 1/6/2014 - Updated the [b]Base Stats[/b] Section. Finished the [b]MANA vs ABILITY POWER (Scaling)[/b] Section. Hit the 900k views mark. Started preparing for the 1m views milestone party. 18/6/214 - Updated the guide to fit for the (4.10) Patch changes. ([b]Lane Match Ups[/b] e.t.c.) 20/6/2014 - Updated the [b]Mid Game[/b] Section. (Check out my insane photoshop skills) :P 2/7/2014 - There are more than 10 people right now begging me to record games so I did some testing today. I found a program and it works just fine for me, however, I won't be putting LIVE comentary since the MIC is crap (camera). Full ranked games with Ryze soon. 4/7/2014 - Today I started uploading full diamond ranked live games with commentary. You will see them in the Match-Up sections. Check out the first one for now which is Lissandra. 6/7/2014 - Added full ranked game on Syndra's match-up. 11/7/2014 - Updated the [b]Itemization[/b] Section. Updated the [b]Early Game[/b] Section. Updated the [b]Masteries [/b] Section. (Still no changes in the masteries description) 22/7/2014 - Small changes in the \"Introduction\". 27/7/2014 - Finally made it to diamond 1 so I updated the \"Personal Archievments\" on the introduction. Added full ranked games on the following match-ups: Zed/Lulu/Irelia. Updated runes. Updated all the match ups to match the new rune pages. Changed the difficulty in some match ups. Updated the \"Early Game\" Section. 4/8/2014 - Changed the difficulty in many match ups. Updated the masteries, runes and starting items in all match ups. Added Pantheon and Fiora match-up. 6/9/2014 - Added full ranked game in the Nidalee Match-Up as well as updated the Match-Up based on Top AD since Mid AP has become a thing of the past after the remake. Added Vel'Koz Match-Up. Updated the difficulty in some Match-Ups due to recent balancing changes. 10/9/2014 - Updated both the description as well as rune options on the 3rd and 4th Rune Page [[b]Damage Top (Ignite)[/b] and [b]Casual Top (Teleport)[/b]]. Updated the success ratios (ratings) on many of the [b]Optional Items[/b] because of multiple item balancing changes. Added [b]Will of the Ancients[/b] in the [b]Optional Items[/b] Section (should have done it long ago but I forgot). Updated the Leblanc Match-Up. Updated all boots enhancments in the [b]Situation Items[/b]. Updated the introduction (personal season 4 archievments). Updated the buying order in the [b]Itemization [/b]section for all builds. Updated the cooldown reductions on the [b]Teleport[/b] summoner spell everywhere in the guide. 6/11/2014 - Patch 4.19. Ryze Q got nerfed so I updated his spell description. Updated a small mistake I made in the brand match-up. Thanks to Stealthlink for noticing and telling me. (through the comment section) 21/11/2014 - Patch 4.20 [blaze it]. Added Abyssal Scepter in the Situational Items section. Updated some items in the Situational Items section (changed stats/ratings/descriptions/). Updated the difficulty in some match ups due to the Q {Overload} nerf. 24/11/2014 - Updated the skill maxing order. Updated fully the Mid Game section since there was a rework on Dragon. 28/11/2014 - Updated fully the Late Game section since there was a rework on Baron. Changed some of the information in the Introduction. 6/2/2015 - Made a small article about Ryze's current state in the [b]Introduction[/b]. 25/03/2015 - Updated the [b]Skills[/b] and [b]Final Words[/b] sections. Ryze's early game got buffed thus solving his main problem meaning he should be as good as before. The beast is back boys. Enjoy! 4/6/2015 - Started edditing the guide for the rework since I just fully mastered the new Ryze. Fully updated the [b]Runes[/b] section. 28/6/2015 - Updated the [b]Introduction[/b], [b]Runes[/b] and [b]Final Words[/b] sections. 2/7/2015 - Updated the [b]Masteries[/b], [b]Itemization[/b] and [b]Situational Items[/b] sections. 9/7/2015 - Finished the [b]Itemization[/b], b]Skill Order[/b] and [b]Situational Items[/b] sections. 12/7/2015 - Updated the [b]MANA vs ABILITY POWER (Scaling)[/b] sections 18/11/2015 - Updated the [b]Introduction [/b]and [b]Early Game[/b] sections. 20/11/2015 - Updated the [b]Mid Game[/b], [b]Late Game[/b] and [b]Team Fights[/b] sections. Seperated the [b]Dragon [/b]section from the [b]Mid Game[/b] section and updated it as well. Updated the [b]Runes [/b]and [b]Masteries [/b]sections

At last, your journey of reading has come to an end. If you're wondering how much time it took me to write all this then here are some precisely calculated numbers. Throughout the period of 2 years, I've spent a total of: [.] 114 hours to create the guide. [.] 261 hours updating based on pre-rework patch notes. [.] 35 hours to recreate the guide based on the Ryze rework. [.] 10 hours updating based on after-rework patch notes. <-Currently here I didn't really have to put so much effort, information and detail but It's not everyday you create something like this and I'm a man of quality so here is my masterpiece. While editing, I tried to make everything look top notch. By that I mean appealing for the reader's eye, grammar/vocabulary correct and all this while also including jokes every once in a while to make it more interesting. And I know what you're thinking right now: \"What an idiot. Wasting his time like this\" and I'm saying this because i've heard it countless times, but hey. As I said, I'm a man of quality and this is the way I enjoy 'wasting' my time. \"If you enjoy the way you spend your time, you aren't wasting it\" -Unknown Let's not put aside the fact I met so many people and made so many friends because of my 2 guides. All the support I got through your kind words, through your donations or all those expensive skins you gifted me... I really couldn't have been more thankfull. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this guide as much as I enjoyed writing/editing it. ^^ What to expect: [.]I will always add new lane match up's or make changes in order to keep this guide up to date. Everything depends on the League patch changes. [.]I will add more Pro Tips whenever they come into my mind. [.]If you ask a question in the comment section then it should take me a maximun of 2 to 3 days to reply. [.]If there's huge demand to make a guide on a specific champion, I'll do it. Most certainly if you donate. [.]I'm always League active and I do take coaching orders for payment in case you're interested. Special thanks go to [b]Spooky1986 [/b]for inspiring me to play Ryze in the first place, Leeewy for helping me create the \"Rune prison\" video, [b]LordNisroc [/b]for helping me out with [b]Vocabulary/Grammar[/b] and [b]TheAbbas[/b] for reminding me about a lot of things that needed to get updated. If you want to follow me, be updated on my progress or contact me then here are my details: [b]League summoner name: SecondCaller [Nordic East + West] Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/secondcaller Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/secondcaller [new][/b] If you want to read more from me then make sure you check my Annie guide as well: http://www.solomid.net/guide/view/131433-annie-build-guide-by-secondcaller If you like the guide, don't forget to [b]Vote[/b], [b]Share [/b]and [b]Comment[/b] in the comment section down bellow! Good luck in the Fields Of Justice, summoner!

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