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Olafing Your Ass Off Top Lane, Updated (Season 6)

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Hello Summoners, My name is Hyyena and I'm a Diamond top lane main on NA. But that last part doesn't really matter because you can become good at any champ and climb the ranked ladder. Anyways let me introduce you to one of the strongest level 1 champs in the game, He was feared by many in the first two seasons of League but now people just dismiss his domination and initiation Power. I also Stream- Twitch.tv/Hyyena So check that out for any Olaf pointers. And you can add me in game if you have any further questions: Hyyena What To Do: Initiate, Do Ton's of Damage and WIN What Not to Do: Get Kited By Your Enemy and I just want to say that this guide has a ton like a massive amount of EXCLAMATION MARKS because you're all going to be so excited to play Olaf.

Early game there's two things you can do 1: Farm Farm Farm and hopefully you don't end up like Zac. or 2: All in your enemy at level 1 with E, Reckless Swing and get them as low as possible so they either recall and miss a creep wave or just scare them all laning phase. Make sure to control your wave. DON'T I repeat DON'T PUSH once you push you're one with the Creep Wave. You have no gap closer in lane and you rely on Ghost to Initiate or Run Away. Q the creep wave when it's full health so you can last hit the creeps in order of weakest to strongest and make sure that Q hits your lane Opponent when you're aiming for creeps. When they do get slowed by Q go up to your enemy and E them over the head so they get scared and know that the Vikings are still very strong and I don't mean the Foot Ball Team.

Mid Game is when you're equipping your Armour and Magic Resist items, this is when you're able to Run in and tower dive and NOT die hopefully. You have pressure with Teleport to help the other 4 clueless Hooligans that are in deep need of a strong Viking to come save the day. So push the wave once you're tanky enough and make sure to buy 1-2 wards on your way back so you can ward River when you're shredding your opponents health bar and remember WARDS WARDS WARDS!!~!! This is where you're tanky and the enemy can't Burst you completely. You can all in the enemy ADC at this point even if they're getting peels by the support since they probably don't have any Armour Penetration to stop you because Carries take about 35-40 minutes to actually start hurting tanks.

Late Game you're going to be Tanky as hell but your Damage wont excel anymore since your DPS doesn't scale that well into late, your peak is Mid Game. So Late game you have all your items probably around 200-230 Armour and at least 180 Magic Resist with the item path I showed you, this means that you are probably going to be the one initiating every team fight with a hard engage by using Ghost and Ult. If the enemy team turns on you, this is when you have to fight. Like I said earlier you probably wont be able to turn back late game if you don't have ghost and the game is even. Just beware to not dive like 2 turrets just for the ADC or the Mid Laner, it wont be worth unless they're the ones who are extremely fed. You're best bet is to ask your support or Jungle to start a fight and you'll follow up with Ghost + Ulti! or Ghost + Flash enemy carry or anyone that's fed.

In Teamfight's you want to initiate and pop your Ghost and when you're trying to get the carries or kill the squishiest target make sure to also PRESS R so you become immune to any CC. If You feel when you're diving in and it's not working out just try and Peel for your team or your carries (ADC and Mid Lane), this means you want to throw down Q's on the guys diving your team. If your team is winning and you want to make sure you grab objectives I recommend split pushing as Olaf and getting as many turrets top as you can, if your team is bitching about how you aren't grouping, get that Turret you've been working hard at and then group with them. Like a lot of people call Olaf bad because he's All in or Nothing but he's changed because of new Items such as Rigtheous Glory and the Cool Down on his Ultimate, Riot has been buffing him slowly but they don't want to give him to much love or else he'll be overpowered. Split Pushing on Olaf doesn't Hurt because when your team groups with you, you can force any objective. Now lets get down to how the Viking Sails across the enemy in a team fight: Playing on the Offensive: You should always be standing in the front line with your jungler. if your jungle isn't standing in the front line with you, ask your Mid lane to move closer if they have CC and this is when you can initiate. You soak up any enemy poke for your team and you scare the enemy so they can't just hard engage on you. If the enemy is backing off and not fighting you, you must keep Poking with your Axes (Q), until one person decided to intiate. Since you have one of the best Engages in the game, be careful of going to hard because without any follow up from your team, you're going to lose that fight or at least kill 1 enemy before you die, and your teams going to blame you. So to try and stop that from happening you could just keep Spamming Q until someone decided to make a move, also be sure to use your actives such as (Righteous Glory) right away along with (Ghost of Flash) so it assures your initiation and you can kill anything in sight. Whenever I'm playing on the offensive as Olaf I like to target the Support first because without the support, the enemy loses Peels for it's team and second it reduces and aggrivates the enemy teams Moral. Supports are the squishest in the game, excluding (Alistar,Blitz,Braum and Leona). so if you can catch out that Nami, Janna, Soraka, Vel'Koz and Morgana), then praise to OLAF! Playing on the Defensive: This means you shouldn't be diving because your team is struggling since the enemy is just eating you carries or they just have too much CC or you're getting Split Pushed on and your team can't hold turrets without you. In this scenario I suggest, trying to stop the enemy split pusher the best you can and keep up your wardage around the map so you can see where that Split Pusher is going. If you have Teleport in this case, all the power to you dude. You'll be able to join your team if someone gets caught or can't hold the turret so you just teleport to an allied Creep or Ward and peel the best you can for your team. If you've brought Ignite I don't suggest trying to stop the split pusher. You'll have to stick to your team like Glue and become best friends with your carries because all you'll be doing is Peeling for them. This Guide is really heavy on playing Aggressive and I also don't like playing Defensive on an aggressive Champion, but you got to do what you gotta do for the WIN. When Peeling you should be making sure your Q lands on the enemy and be popping you actives to slow the enemy diving you, also soak up any enemy skill shots or Ultimate's as you can for your allies so they don't start taking damage from hurtful abilities that you can only take since you're a freaking God.

In Conclusion you're a god early-midgame if you dont get kited or killed like 10 times before level 6. You are Olaf the Viking the man who once pillaged Noxus, that Annoying Yordle town and Zaun. You fall from the North (Freljord) and you don't die easily. Much Love-Hyyena Add me in game if you have any questions my IGN is : Hyyena And be swift summoner!

November 14th 2014- Updated Runes, Masteries October 27th 2015- Updated Champion match ups on - Dr.Mundo, GangPlank, Gnar, Mordekaiser and Skarner. April 27th 2015- Update to Team Fighting, Final Build and a few random Tips here and there!

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