Soraka Build Guide

Soraka, the Living Ambulance

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(Note: This is my first published League of Legends build, any suggestions on improving the organization/layout/presentation in addition to the normal suggestions would be greatly appreciated) Soraka is a powerful support capable of keeping allies alive through some of the worst situations, bringing victory from the jaws of defeat. Whether it's a sustained heal over time, or a single massive burst to save an ally in danger, you can always expect her team to be hard to kill. This build plays to that strength, helping her to get into healing range faster and give even more survivability to her teammates. Build Pros: - High amount of healing, both burst and sustained - Other utilities and buffs to complement her healing power - High mobility for reaching allies and objectives easier - Strong mid-late game Build Cons: - Sacrifices early-game power/harass, when Soraka is at her weakest - High skill requirement - Very squishy when her abilities are down - Getting zoned hurts. A lot.

If the jungler's first camp is near botlane, tell them to save their potions and heal them for the first camp - two Infusions is the most they'll need, which you can recover in lane easily enough. After that, go to lane, stay safe and keep your partner healthy. Land autos for gold, stay close to the minion wave for extra regen and gold, and of course keep an eye out for ganks. Your partner will either play passive and take advantage of the easy farming Soraka can ensure, or they will use her as a health battery while they go full aggression and try to force the enemy ADC out of lane - or kill them. Soraka can keep her partner alive in either circumstance, but if your partner is aggressive it's even more important you land good Q shots and stay in Ancient Coin minion range. Complete the core build as quickly as possible to improve your sustain.

Once you have a Sightstone and people have started roaming, make sure to keep a ward on Dragon at all times and your other two wards where they will be the most useful. Don't be afraid to relocate wards whenever you need to, Sightstone provides all the wards you'll ever need. When you're not out expanding team vision, stay close to whoever needs you the most and keep them alive (this will still usually be your ADC, but sometimes those heals will be needed in mid or top). Often this phase will just be a continuation of laning, unless turrets have already fallen, in which case the game will be shifting back and forth between lanes and teamfights regularly. Keep an eye on that map and your teammates' health, no matter where you are.

In the endgame, Soraka will have a huge amount of healing/buffing power. Minions die fast enough that with the Medallion or Talisman you have a significant health boost, the item actives supplement her already-potent healing powers. Keep up the vision, stay with the team, and be ready to heal anyone who needs it.

Soraka has one job in teamfights: Heal all the things. Watch for potential Crucible saves, spam Q and W on everyone, and save your silence to either prevent an escape or shut down a combo. Use your ult and item actives as necessary. Since Astral Infusion has a smaller healing range than it used to, you'll want to be near the middle of your team when fights begin. That way you can keep everyone healed and protected. Also, there are a lot of people who like to try and dive Soraka to shut down her heals, so you can use yourself as bait fairly easily - either to absorb hits so a teammate can live, or to set up an easy kill when someone dives you only to find you're the center of a silence field (hi Diana).

While it has a somewhat risky beginning, the payoff for this healer build is incredible. You will be able to work genuine miracles in keeping your team alive, whether it be to secure a kill or help them escape. The reworks Soraka has been through since s1 have not weaken her. She's stronger than ever, and builds like this are the proof. Now get out there, and teach everyone to fear the banana!

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