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The Glorious Elo! [4.18] Post-Rework Viktor

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Welcome to my guide to Viktor, one of the most fun champions in the game. Viktor is most viable mid lane, but can top lane and somewhat support. In this guide I will teach you the ins and outs of viktors play style, but first lets see if viktor is the champion for you. Why pick Viktor? Viktor excels at everything. He is the Mage that does it all. Need poke? Just use your [img=skills/viktor/e.png]. Need burst? Your [img=skills/viktor/r.png] is perfect. Need utility? Just place down a [img=skills/viktor/w.png]. Want to trade or kite? Spam your [img=skills/viktor/q.png]. He is ideal for solo que as he can fit into any team. Need more? Viktor has INCREDIBLE bases and ratios. His [img=skills/viktor/e.png] has a 250 base with a .7 AP ratio. To add on once you augment the E it has a .98 AP ratio against the same target even with the reduced damage! His kitting skills are amazing with augment Q and Augment W provides all of the utility your team needs. Viktors main style is zone control. Picture it like this. You want to go over to Boston? Viktor places a gravity field over it. So then you head over to Austin but he sends a giant death ray over it. So then you try to head over to New York but it's being attacked by a giant chaos storm. Viktor is AMAZING at making sure enemies never get where they want to go. How will I know if I will like him? Viktor is a pretty unique champion, but if you like [img=champ/annie.png] you will definitely like Viktor Viktors Base Stats: HEALTH 385 (+78) ATTACK DAMAGE 49 (+3) HEALTH REGEN. 6.75 (+0.65) MANA 240 (+50) MANA REGEN. 6.9 (+0.45) RANGE 525 (Ranged) MOV. SPEED 335 ATTACK SPEED 0.658 (+2.11%) ARMOR 16 (+4) MAGIC RES. 30 (+0) As you can see viktor has a decent auto attack range. Another thing worth noting is his extremely low base mana. This means you can't afford to spam your e early on. PROS: -His laser has an immense base damage and scaling! -Has a great trading potential -Can kite most champions with augment Q -Has the potential to burst and hard CC the entire enemy team -Great damage and utility all game CONS: -No escape -Laser is hard to land -W unreliable -Hard to position Once you are pro at viktor remember to use all 3 hands. Alright with that out of the way lets get into runes and masteries.

Early game you want to try to use your q/aa whenever you can. It has a very low CD and has great trading potential, just be careful not to overextend to get it off and don't auto the enemy laner when they have a bigger minion wave. Remember to ward up your lane and we wary of ganks since you have no escape. Don't use E much until your second point into it due to its high mana cost. Once you have a couple points on it try to farm and harass the enemy laner with it. Don't worry, this is entirely possible to do but requires some practice. Remember if you have zones the enemy laner away freeze the lane. Freezing is when you only last hit the minions with autos so the wave won't push towards their turret. This will deny them XP and gold. Remember to watch where your laner is at all times. Try to read his aggression patterns to see if he's trying to engage for a gank. If you get ganked, but your w on yourself and run towards your turret. If you are getting a gank, make sure your jungler is the one to engage. Viktor cannot engage due to the low range and setup time of his w. Once you augment your E you will be able to burst down the enemy laner enough to q/ult/auto/ignite them for a kill.

Mid game attempt to participate with your team in dragon skirmishes, that's where viktor is at one of his strongest points in the game. If you are winning lane and your bot or top lane is pushed in, try to shove your lane and roam to help them. If you see their jungler top, ping yours to dragon. Around this time be looking for carries to burst with your E and when a fight breaks out peel for yourself and carries with w and ult on grouped enemies. Use your q for the shield and speed up, you will rarely be able tot get the auto off without getting engaged on so don't try to unless you know they will not turn on you. When it comes to late game and you have all 3 augments you will be at your strongest point. Use your w to peel and to zone passages off in the jungle. Use your q for kiting and e for bursting carries. Ult in as many people as you can or to kill one of their carries. You are very strong in dragon/baron fights due to your amazing AOE damage and zone control. Remember to buy wards whenever you can and upgrade your sweeper trinket. Make sure waves are not too far pushed in when trying to take objectives, if you took tele, this is where it is most useful.

Viktor is a great AOE burst Mage that provides great utility for any team. He is definitely underrated for what he does, and I hope you will see his potential. Do not let him not being played competitively discourage you. He is not played in LCS due to one thing only. He doesn't excel at anything but rather does everyone well. In competitive they look for teams with champions that excel with what their team comp is. Viktor has good poke, sustain, mobility, utility and burst. But not great anything, although I think his burst is exceptional. This means he is ideal for solo que. Note: This guide is still in very early stages ESPECIALLY the early/mid/late game sections.I will finish the matchups and add videos and tips soon!

Creator- This is the best viktor skin. If your a pimp, you use it Default- Default looks amazing after the texture update Prototype- Prototype is good for inexperienced viktors, this way if you feed, you can blame it on being a prototype Full Machine- This is the skin for the best viktor players, for viktor has achieved perfection and so his play should be as well

Edit # 1: Added skin section and more matchups! Edit # 2: Added more matchups Edit # 3: Added situational items and more matchups Edit # 4: Working on making some videos and finishing matchups

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