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[center][title]Welcome to my Blitzcrank Guide![/center][/title] Hey guys, my name is haAnswiNkor I'm a Diamond 1 Blitzcrank Main! Check out haAnswiNkor's Twitch Live-Stream: Subscribe to haAnswiNkor's YouTube Channel: Season 3: [img=] Season 4: [img=] Season 4 (1 Trick Yordle): Platinum 1 (0 LP) to Diamond 5 in 8 Games: [img=] [img=] [img=] Pros 1. Displacement + CC Kit 2. One Grab Game Changer 3. 2nd Life with [img=skills/blitzcrank/p.png] Cons 1. Zero Sustain, Danger of Getting Harassed 2. 0 Escape Ability 3. Unreliable [imgsmall=skills/blitzcrank/q.png] Skillshot 4. Mana Hungry Always Remember: One Rocket Grab can Change the Game

[center][highlight]There are MANY DIFFERENT WAYS to Rocket Grab[/highlight][/center] 1. [highlight]You can just do a casual in-lane + in-brush [imgsmall=skills/blitzcrank/q.png]at the AD Carry[/highlight] -Diagnoal [imgsmall=skills/blitzcrank/q.png] OR Blind [imgsmall=skills/blitzcrank/q.png] into Second brush -Get your [imgsmall=skills/blitzcrank/q.png] READY (YOUR TARGET MISSILE DISPLAY SHOULD BE READY) -Remember that your [imgsmall=skills/blitzcrank/q.png] Range is a bit longer than the Target Missile Display OR 2. [highlight]You can [imgsmall=skills/blitzcrank/r.png] the low hp Minions in front of you in order to [imgsmall=skills/blitzcrank/q.png][/highlight] [highlight][center]A very good example is in this video. CLG vs. Dignitas IEM Hanover Match[/center][/highlight] [youtube][/youtube] There are 3 [imgsmall=skills/blitzcrank/r.png][imgsmall=skills/blitzcrank/q.png][imgsmall=skills/blitzcrank/e.png]Doublelift Combos in this video. The 3 different times in the youtube video are at: [highlight]42:00[/highlight] AND [highlight]48:10[/highlight] AND [highlight]51:00[/highlight] [highlight]Carefully watch how Doublelift [imgsmall=skills/blitzcrank/r.png] the LOW HP minions in front of him in order to[imgsmall=skills/blitzcrank/q.png] and [imgsmall=skills/blitzcrank/e.png]- Tons of CC combined with [imgsmall=champ/alistar.png][/highlight]

Blitzcrank lane is very weak level 1 and it's almost always a good idea to invade depending on YOUR Level 1 team comp vs the enemy team comp at level 1. Your job is to hit level 2 ASAP and pressure the lane meanwhile denying vision in the brush you are standing in with the sweeping lens. Shove the lane ASAP and play aggressive as possible but if they hit level 2 first then it's over for your level 2 aggression. [highlight][center]AGGRESSIVE STYLE[/center][/highlight] 1. SHOULD be zoning out the other ad carry from farming or getting any experience. 2. Try sitting in brushes trying to get some diagonal grabs on the ad carry. 3. Lane Swap and Deny the Enemy Top laner who might be the problem into mid/late game. Blitzcrank lane should [highlight]not be Passive if possible[/highlight] It should be done with an [highlight]Aggressive AD Carry Champ[/highlight] and be able to KILL the lane. [highlight][center]***GRAB THE AD CARRY NOT THE TANK SUPPORT***[/highlight][/center] *Unless it's Sivir who is skilled with spell shields, then look for a grab on the NON-TANKY support*

This is the scary point of blitzcrank and the threat and the lack of vision on Blitzcrank can really make the enemy team pretty paranoid. Roaming is by far the best option at this point in the game as it pressures ALL the lanes and jungle as well. [highlight][center]ROAM[/center][/highlight] Hopefully, you have shut down the bot lane and got the tower first before you do this roaming... Ward the river or the tribush, and make sure your ADC is confident and not stupid enough to lane alone. ***(Your ADC should be freezing the lane when you roam)*** It is HIGHLY recommended you roam with a jungler with some CC OR Roam with a mid laner who can push lane really hard and can have global presence or just really good for roaming. [highlight]Go Gank Mid, go ward their jungle, go steal their jungle, take dragon control.[/highlight] [highlight][center]WARDS[imgsmall=items/sight-ward5.png][/center][/highlight] Make sure you get a Red SightStone and ward the 3 most important places around the map. Give vision to your team for you to make plays with Rocket Grabs. Try and catch a few members off guard, most likely their mid laner or the jungler if they are near the bot lane. Always stick with your mid laner/jungler who has CC or just take someone with you who can roam really welll in general. Be a threat, show your presence in lane and also out of lane.

[highlight][center]Where Blitzcrank Gets to be the Hero[/center][/highlight] [highlight] 1.[imgsmall=items/sight-ward.png] at important places around the map, dragon, baron, jungle choke points or jungle buffs 2. Be an obnoxious scout, Press W, and run around, to check for enemy wards with sweeping lens, or enemies who are caught off guard. 3. Force Dragon Control and Baron Control 4. Scare people away (zoning, having control of space, disorient their formation)[/highlight] You CAN be an initiator as long as you have a 5v5 teamfight comp, otherwise remember to peel with your abilities. This is why I highly recommend picking Blitzcrank ONLY if you have a snowball team or a full engage team with someone else Stunning or engaging the enemy which makes it SUPER easy for you to grab priority targets in skirmishes. [center][highlight]Thanks to Vision Nerfs, it's always important to be hidden as Blitzcrank[/center][/highlight] Showing yourself: ***WILL GIVE THAT MUCH CONFIDENCE TO THE OTHER TEAM*** ***LEARN TO BE SNEAKY WITH BLITZCRANK***

Here.You Determine the Outcome of the Match [highlight]Your Rocket Grab can COMPLETELY turn around the game to your Favour or the enemy's favour[/highlight] 1.If you can grab the AD/AP Carry (which you won't be able to easily at any high elo) grab them. 2.If NOT, press W and act like you are going to grab someone, this will mess up their positioning and confidence (obnoxious) 3. Give yourself some room, tell your teammates to clear the minion waves before doing anything. 4. A sudden [highlight]FLASH and then ROCKET GRAB[/highlight] combo can work really well as an initiation. 5. This is when [img=items/talisman-of-ascension.png] gets really handy. Activate it, rocket grab someone. This can be used with flash as well. [highlight][center]A HUGE teamfight has started before you did anything. What do you do?[/highlight][/center] 1. Your #1 job is to PEEL with [imgsmall=skills/blitzcrank/e.png] as much as you can for your ADC, NOTHING ELSE IS IMPORTANT 2. Make sure to use your ultimate [imgsmall=skills/blitzcrank/r.png] when you are in the middle of the team fight so that your AoE silence and damage affects EVERYONE. Your AoE silence is quite effective in canceling some ultimates so use it wisely.

Be sure to Check out my Livestream!: (game footage in past broadcasts) Subscribe to my YouTube Channel!: (commentary and montages) [center][highlight]Things to Remember and Keep in Mind[/highlight][/center] [highlight] 1. You are an INITIATOR/PEELER. (Highly Recommend another Reliable Initiator) 2. Practice your[imgsmall=skills/blitzcrank/q.png] (Go practice any other champs that require skillshots) 3. Go EXPLORE the map for any possible grabs that you can pull off. (THERE ARE SO MANY PLACES) 4. POSITIONING IS KEY. (Be Hidden, have Sweeping Lens, take vision away, play sneaky) 5. Have GREAT team communication and synergy. (Knowing when to grab is very important)[/highlight] When you get real good with Blitzcrank, you can steal Dragons as well! [youtube][/youtube]

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