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a "V"iable adc

Updated 4 years ago
  • 3
    Greater Mark of Armor Penetration (+1.28 armor penetration)
  • 6
    Greater Mark of Attack Damage (+0.95 attack damage)
  • 9
    Greater Seal of Armor (+1 armor)
  • 3
    Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist (+0.16 magic resist per level (+3 at champion level 18))
  • 6
    Greater Glyph of Magic Resist (+1.34 magic resist)
  • 3
    Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage (+2.25 attack damage)
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Not exactly a high elo player myself but just thought to make a guide for a seemingly underplayed and underloved champion. Varus has decent harassing capabilities in lane as well as decent poking and one of the best teamfight potential, but due to his lack of mobility and mediocre range, no one likes to play him :( I'll explain his skills and how they work in later sections.

I like to be conservative and run a mix of armor pen and atk dmg runes for marks because I feel like it. Feel free to change it up depending how you play. Fact is that dmg runes give slightly better early game and pen works better late (thus why I mix it). Armor yellows a must because bot lane (which I assume you go, if you decide to go mid which is possible, switch to mr I guess....) is mostly physical damage. Mr glyphs are the best for almost any champion in game to survive late game bursts, depending on your lane you should switch between flat and per/lvl. Champions such as graves and vayne does no magic dmg so go per/lvl, someone like corki paired with leona, lulu, taric, sona and alistar(supports with quite a lot of magic damage), get all flat mr glyphs. Ad dmg quints are the best for the buck, but if you are new or feel like to be safe, hp quints and movement are possible but I don't recommend them. Other optional atk quints such armor penetration, attack speed are not bad as well, but flat ad gives the best early game advantage such as easier CSing and single auto attack trades/harasses.

[title][img=skills/varus/p.png] Passive: Living Vengeance[/title] [number]On kill or assist, Varus temporarily gains Attack Speed. This bonus is larger if the enemy is a champion.[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Pretty neat skill that allows you to take advantage of CSing and allows you to dominate/snowball. If you play Varus then you should keep in mind of the hp of both your minions and enemy minions.The best time to trade in your favor is right after you last hit an enemy minions and your opponent adc is trying to last hit one of yours, aa him quickly 2-3 times (because you have decent range with passive) and use e on him. If done correctly you would have taken a large chunk out of his hp and his healing is reduced by half, meaning that you can fight a battle in your favor. [title][img=skills/varus/q.png] Q: Piercing Arrow[/title] [number]Varus readies and then fires a powerful shot that gains extra range and damage the longer he spends preparing to fire. First Cast: Varus starts drawing back his next shot, gradually increasing its range and damage. Second Cast: Varus fires, dealing 10/43/77/110/143 (+) to 15/65/115/165/215 (+) physical damage, reduced by 15% per enemy hit (minimum 33%). While preparing to shoot Varus' Movement Speed is slowed by 20%. After 4 seconds, Piercing Arrow fails but refunds half its mana cost. Cost 70/75/80/85/90 Mana Range 925 [/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] A decent poking tool and kind of an auto attack reset as well as proc'ing your w passive. I prefer maxing it last or at the same time with e. AA + AA + AA + e is when you can harass if you have the advantage. AA + AA + AA + q is when you want to leave the trade fairly quickly, e requires you to stay in semi close range while you can back off after the auto attacks then hit q at far range (assuming that you can hit it of course lol). Before teamfights, it is a great poking tool at a very safe range(unless they have kennen, nautilus, blitz etc so still be careful because you will move slow before you launch it), try to hit squishy targets or the most people possible, take in consideration of armor. For example, hitting 2 tanks with 200 armor is probably not worth it compared to hitting one of their ap/ad carry with 80ish armor. During teamfights, use it so you can maximum dmg, but remember that it can be a quick proc for your w so often you should not charge it up. [title][img=skills/varus/w.png] W: Blighted Quiver[/title] [number]Varus' basic attacks deal bonus magic damage and apply Blight. Varus' other abilities detonate Blight, dealing magic damage based on the target's maximum health. Passive: Varus' basic attacks deal 10/14/18/22/26 (+0.25) bonus magic damage and apply Blight for 6 seconds (stacks 3 times). Varus' other abilities detonate Blight, dealing magic damage equal to 2/2.75/3.5/4.25/5% (+0.01%) of the target's maximum Health per stack (Max: 360 total damage vs Monsters). [/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Max this first because it gives your AA(auto attacks) an edge early game, similar to MF. During trades, make sure to proc this every 3 stacks, so to maximize damage. E is for aggressive engage while q is a better far range poking ability to proc it. Your ulti can also proc it but sometimes it's better for e to be used first so your ult wont miss and to have their adc under the healing defect. Note that this skill does quite a lot of damage to tanks who stack armor since it deals magical damage. [title][img=skills/varus/e.png] E: Hail of Arrows[/title] [number]Varus fires a hail of arrows that deal physical damage and desecrate the ground. Desecrated ground slows enemies' Movement Speed and reduces their healing and regeneration. Varus fires a hail of arrows that deals 65/105/145/185/225 (+) physical damage and desecrates the ground for 4 seconds. Desecrated Ground slows enemy Movement Speed by 25/30/35/40/45% and reduces healing effects by 50%. Cost 80 Mana Range 925 [/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Such an awesome skill. It is an aoe slow with damage and healing reduction, enough said. Casted quickly and can proc your w, sets up for you ulti and just makes the opponent team miserable. Imagine their mundo charging at you with this under them and you dealing percentage to him. A reason why Varus is great against champs such as mundo, volibear, swain and soraka. Late game, this under their adc will mean hundreds of hp lost by their lifesteal, can make a huge difference from lv2 trades to late game teamfights. [title][img=skills/varus/r.png] R: Chain of Corruption[/title] [number]Varus flings out a tendril of corruption that immobilizes the first enemy champion hit and then spreads towards nearby uninfected champions, immobilizing them too on contact. Varus flings out a tendril of corruption that deals 150/250/350 (+1) magic damage and immobilizes the first enemy champion hit for 2 seconds. The corruption then spreads towards nearby uninfected enemy champions, applying the same damage and immobilize if it reaches them. Cost 120 Mana Range 1200 [/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] A hard cc that can affect multiple people in teamfights. This skill can assure someone to stay on the healing reduction area or even several people. The spreading aoe is not too large so make sure to land this skill and e in a way to make sure you can get more than one person in teamfights. This skill also makes a great tool for your team to focus such as other stuns, but it can last on more than one person. It basically gives your team a step by step procedure in a teamfight if you land this nicely. In laning phase you can surprise people with this skill to guarantee a kill such as for a gank and just to burst someone down. Note that the initial casting range is quite large.

Maxing Ulti whenever because it's useful. Getting q is for the AA + Q poke at lvl 1 which hurts quite a bit. Also if charged up before an invade can assure you a kill. W and E are also ok as E is great for lv 1 team fight as well, but not the highest damage potential, w is for no lv 1 fight and to have stronger CSing and AA trade at lv1. Maxing w is for the flat magic damage (for pure AA poke and CSing) and proc which makes your AA + AA + AA + ability harass fairly strong. Maxing E and Q is for personal preference, both are great in trades, Q as mentioned before is better for disengage and E is for more slow and more initial damage in your favour (favor w/e). Depending on your situation, you can max Q or E earlier to clear creep wave or do not want to engage with AAs.

Varus needs the mobility and the ability to disengage/engage because he isn't the strongest at bursting. Boots and hp pots help you to do that. Dorans blade might be ok if you have soraka and the enemy lane is not a kill lane. IE or BT(first)? Varus can benefit from both. IE will give you more damage but less sustain, go for it when you are snowballing or when your team can protect you well enough that you can survive. BT gives your more guaranteed AA dmg and more lifesteal, but as a fight is prolonged, you would deal less dmg than IE. Get if you need the lifesteal because you are taking a lot of damage in trades and fights. Get 2 dorans to maximize hp/lifesteal/dmg and spaces in your bad, get less if you have level advantage, get no more than 3 if you are really having trouble. Berserker's to maximize damage, vamp scepter early to have sustain and later in BT. Late Game: Apart from the standard IE BT berserker's greaves PD LW, you need at least one defensive item to survive, choose it depending on their team. Quicksilver Sash is excellent because it can mean life and death if you get cc'ed. Someone people get Banshee's for the extra health and mana and to not get caught. If you team if decent and/or enemy doesnt have many strong cc's, you can get frozen mallet for the hp and kiting. TSM EVO's Aphromoo(formerly Epikgamers? not sure when exactly Aprhomoo joined), their adc, use it a lot. orrrrrr If you want to have fun and be aggressive with more damage and bait their ap heavy comp without too many cc, get MAW XD IDK troll and get warmogs. Or troll and be aggressive as **** and kite people all day with a second PD!

Varus is very able in lane, but does not have a quick escape such as a dash or corki's valkrie, so be careful when trading. Remember to last hit nicely, shouldnt be too hard with flad runes and w passive. Keep in mind of all the minions' hp to know when to harass safely and appropriately: The best time to trade in your favor is right after you last hit an enemy minions and your opponent adc is trying to last hit one of yours, aa him quickly 2-3 times (which you can because you have decent range and decent atk atk due to passive) and use e OR q on him/her. The best scenario is where you poke them when they are CSing so you either take no dmg because they are csing or you take damage but they miss cs. Either way you didn't miss cs and you dealt a lot of damage to them. PS. Don't be a bitch to the support and buy wards when you can. Varus is superb because you can decide when to push and when to freeze the lane under your tower since you have 2 aoe spells. Varus can take the advantage of pushing because his poking range is very large, but keep in mind of their jungler and have caution of who it is.

This it the time when your team fight potential peaks. Basically as varus, you need to maximize the targets for you r; land your e on the enemies who heal (swain mundo, their adc etc). Proc your w perfectly (every 3 autos) if you can, of course sometimes you want to land e + r simultaneously. Use your judgment. Q is better for procing for more damage to pick off single targets since your AA would deal more damage than even if you do hit multiple targets with charged up q. Usually. Poke with q before teamfights. Zone your enemies with e, especially useful during tower sieges. Be careful to position yourself nicely, you should always kill whatever you can without dying yourself. Do not try to dive squishy targets unless you can survive it or it is a better trade. For example if their adc and ap carry are both escaping with very very low hp, you can flash and kill both of them as long the rest of your team is able enough to clean up the rest. Saving your team can also be important. You can only make smarter decisions with more experience of the game.

Varus is very strong both in lane and team fights with great CC and damage potential. He is underplayed but I hope this guide can slightly change that ^.^ This is my first ever guide in anywhere haha so please criticize and give me suggestions for improvements. I will continuously update this guide as it goes on and I myself get better at the game. I personally love this champion as he is very fun, wish you guys would enjoy him as well. Peace.

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