Singed Build Guide

Singed the secret op jungler season 5

Updated 1 year ago
Skill Order
Poison Trail
Mega Adhesive
Insanity Potion
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Singed is an under rated jungler with an AOE slow/snare and a fling back into your team, poison to clear camps fast and high mobility he has everything junglers in the current meta want. His early game like all singed is pretty average but his late game is unrivaled.

Look to farm, but if you see an over pushed enemy gank them, the best way to gank is to use mega adhesive to block their escape, forcing them to run through it or forcing a flash, when they run through mega adhesive flip them back and I should be a nice kill for your team.

Now that you're really strong as singed look to make plays go for objectives, e.g. dragon and Barron. Singed befits so well from every single dragon stack from extra ability power and attack damage, more damage to creeps and monsters, more move speed, more damage to towers and structures and then 5th drag dubbles all other stacks.

You should either be split pushing or starting fights, to decide if to split push or not you have to look at the enemy team thinking can any of them beat me if so best not to split push until you are stronger than them. If you can't split push group with your team to force a fight. In team fights look to focus their main carry normally there adc or apc.

Go after the adc or apc on their team u should be able to solo easy or you can peal for your team don't forget to zone enemy's with your slow can mean the difference between a won or lost team fight.

Singed jungle is on the rise he is a great jungler so learn him with good cc, being tank and dealing alot of damage he has it all. Just remember to spam laugh :)

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