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Hi. I'm Heartbeat, from the formerly Team MRN. I'm also a high-ELO ranked player, who has three accounts in diamond 1 currently. I've played three roles competitively (mid/ad/support) and i consider myself to be a very versatile player with a good understanding of this game. you can follows me on twitter : @HeartbeatLoL or twitch stream: [imgext=] What happened to malzahar? The last time we've seen him in competitive play was at Season 1 world championships. Since then he's completely fell off the radar. His ratios and strong and he offers a lot of cc, but what exactly happened to him? I personally think he's an incredibly strong laner, and also a great roaming champion after level 6.. lets talk more about malzahar. [highlight]pros: [/highlight] [.]Fast and cheap wave clear using [imgsmall=skills/malzahar/e.png] [.]does AOE % maximum hp damage! [.]Has an AOE silence [.]one of the best CC ultimates in the game! [.]voidlings! (good against dueling/pushing, as well as clearing the jungle) [.]BIG DMGS due to good scalings [highlight]cons:[/highlight] [.]not very mobile [.]ultimate is VERY VERY easily interrupted - you can self interrupt as well [.]close range

[title]let's talk about some popular matchups for malzahar in the mid lane. i'll rate the difficult from 1(eaisest) to 5(hardest)[/title] [img=champ/ahri.png] - [highlight]3[/highlight] Fairly easy match up, might be dangerous early game if you keep eating her poke and you get charmed. If you stay within your creeps so you're immune to charms, you should be able to out push her. After 6 she will never be able to all-in you because you can just 1 shot her with your W+E+R combo (even if she dodges your Q with one of her ult charges). [img=champ/diana.png] - [highlight]3[/highlight] this is a bit tricky. She will just try to afk push, so you will have to do enough damage early game to her so that she won't be able to do that. After 6 is also really tricky because when you have your ultimate you beat her, but when it's off cooldown she beats you. So try your best to keep the lane even and always be trying to harass her and zone her when you can. This is only hard if you make it hard for your self by not punishing her early. [img=champ/evelynn.png] - [highlight]2[/highlight] You can completely crush evelynn in lane, you can just pretty much zone her and she won't even be able to farm. She'll most likely just end up roaming a lot, so make sure you buy a pink everytime you go back, so you will know which direction she will be roaming off to. [img=champ/jayce.png] - [highlight]2[/highlight] this match up is surprisingly very easy. Don't eat his ranged Q+E harass, you're perfectly fine if you stay a bit behind minions and permanently push using your E. If he ever all-in's you, you will be doing a LOT more damage to him than he will to you, especially after you have your ultimate. Jayce pretty much have to rely on landing his ranged poke to do anything in this lane. [img=champ/karthus.png] - [highlight]1[/highlight] easy lane, karthus (especially solo queue karthuses) cant apply enough pressure in lane against you. You have a free farm lane, can easily push to tower and roam. you can give him hell when he's farming under tower, just make sure you have at LEAST one side warded and stick to that side. You can stop his ultimate with your ultimate so staying in lane with him isn't a bad idea. [img=champ/kassadin.png] - [highlight]4[/highlight] You have to make sure your voidlings are always up. As long as your voidlings are up you can be auto attacking him and all he will be able to do is Q you and back off. If you can get a big enough lead from early game before level 6, you'll be fine going into late game. However, after 6 he will completely crush you.. Because of his magic reduction passive and his annoying silence he will give you hell after level 6. My advice is to get a lead early, and don't throw it. [img=champ/khazix.png] - [highlight]2[/highlight] easy lane. Do NOT isolate yourself, everytime he comes up to auto attack a creep you use your E on him and auto attack him out of lane. He will be forced to farm with his spikes, and he will not be ever able to all-in you after 6 because you will just kill him using ultimate. [img=champ/lux.png] - [highlight]4.5[/highlight] probably one of the most annoying match-ups for malzahar. Her range is stupidly strong and it's hard to out push her either. If you ever get binded you will get chunked if not die... so my advice is farm until 6, and roam and make use of your ultimate. Good luxes will not be in range for you to use your ultimate on her. [img=champ/nidalee.png] - [highlight]2[/highlight] another easy lane. Nidalee is weak against heavy pushers, and malzahar is one of them. Another thing is she has 0 cc so even if she gets ganks, she will still have not much threat. After 6, she can never go cat form or you can just.. ult her. easy! [img=champ/orianna.png] - [highlight]3[/highlight] an even match up. She will pretty much try to use her annoying Q pokes at you, but it's pretty easy to dodge them. I don't recommend wasting your mana too much on using your spells on her because she just shields most of the damage. Just keep the lane steady, push using E, and look for a possible opportunity for a kill after level 6. [img=champ/twistedfate.png] - [highlight]2[/highlight] You outdamage tf so hard in lane that you can get gold carded + wild carded and still outdamage him with just your E. Pressure him hard in lane, but always watch out for jungler ganks because his stun card + jungler is scary. I recommend starting out with at least 1 ward against a TF. Remember you can also stop his ultimate with your ultimate as well. [img=champ/zed.png] - [highlight]2[/highlight] unless zed all-ins you when you blow all your cooldown, you can fight him. Zed's all about outplaying and doing all-ins using ultimate but.. it's hard to outplay 2 target skills and 2 aoe spells. Easy match up! I also recommend getting seeker's armguard a bit earlier, and zhonya's first big item.

It's easy to play malzahar early game. Just last hit and use your E earlier levels to trade/harass. Malzahar's kill potential at level 2~3 is actually really strong depending on how much damage you can get on your opponent early. If you feel like you're getting pressured and/or camped by jungler, don't be afraid to pull the creep wave closer to your tower and farm starting from the caster minions (cast E on caster minions and start clearing). Malzahar is fairly safe and do NOT just blindly push on them starting level 1 with no wards. Malzahar is not a mobile champion and you will die so easily to a jungler gank. It is starting from level 5 that malzahar truly shines when you can just use one E to push the whole wave while still maintaining most of your mana pool, and harassing the enemy when the waves pushed to turret. at 6, generally the easiest/safest thing to do is if they are around 50~60% hp, you can just flash W+E+R+ignite (REMEMBER NOT TO IGNITE DURING YOUR ULTIMATE IF THEY ARE TOO FAR) it will kill your enemy (unless they take barrier wtf). JUST TRY YOUR BEST NOT TO PRESS ANY THING OR CLICK ANYWHERE AFTER YOU USE YOUR ULTIMATE, OR IT WILL CANCEL.

Mid game you should be really strong and applying a lot of pressure to your enemy mid laner. Your ultimate is a huge threat and you can initiate using this spell to assist a jungler gank for an easy kill. If you don't think you can kill your laner, just push the lane and go gank top or bottom. Remember that if you're too far to use E initially when you're going for a fast gank, is to just use your pool (W) and ultimate. That's a 2.5 second Cc that will chunk their HP really hard. If the lane that your ganking for responds correctly it should blow at least a summoner spell if not kill. You should be warding and trying to catch using your ultimate whenever it is up and ready. Depending on how you use your ultimate will most likely determine if you can carry the game or not. Especially late game try to ward deep into their jungle and catch out their AD carry from farming. Another thing to note is that when your team is grouped up and positiong for objectives like baron or dragon and you see their tank trying to come with the support to help ward, don't be afraid to just use your skill rotation including your ult on the tank. Your spells are made to shred tanks with the help of your W, and if you have 2~3 more people there it should chunk the enemy tank hard enough that you guys can most likely take the free objective. Of course, if you can catch a carry, then you probably already won. :^) positioning malzahar in teamfights is the hardest thing. Especially after people start buying Quicksilver Sash to counter your ultimate, it gets hard to know what to do in a team fight. My best advice is to try and combo your W with another AOE CC spell, and cast it on the most dense part of the teamfight. You want to be casting your silence preferably on their AP carry, effectively taking them out for the 3 seconds of silence.. but if you can't just try to hit much people as possible. It's not a bad idea to save your ultimate if you know too many people have QSS's, and just wait for them to use it on another Cc spell so that you can use your ultimate on them. Cast your E as your spam ability during the teamfight, and make sure you don't stack them. the BEST positioning advice i can give is that try your best to use all your spells at MAX RANGE. other wise you will end up being caught in the fray and it is extremely easy for the enemy to just turn on your if you get a bit too close. good luck! practice makes perfect!

note: this video was recorded in season 3, which means it won't have much explanation for trinket usage. Everything else is still intact, so still watch it for malzahar gameplay demonstration! [highlight]Game 1[/highlight] [twitch][/twitch] Played well in lane and the rest of the game, but our other lanes were too far behind, and vayne was just way too fed. my ult gets cancelled ridiculously a lot this game, but im still able to demonstrate some skill combos and how to use his kit in lane. :^) check it out! lost this game though. :< [highlight]Game 2[/highlight] [twitch][/twitch] played vs a yorick mid, but i did still beat him in lane by controlling my mana well. Our lanes kept up this game, so i was able to just roll over mid and then roam around top to look for kills! won this game fairly fast. :^)

Thanks for watching my malzahar guide! He is definitely an interesting champion if you're sick of all the overplayed mids. So if you're willing to play something new, then give malzahar a try! if you guys have any questions regarding malzahar just write your questions down below in the comments section! remember to follow me on twitter: @HeartbeatLoL and subscribe to my stream at : to learn how to play other champions too! tune in to my stream, i often do commentary and teach how to get better at the game, as well as me trying to get better myself. this is my stream schedule! weekdays (mondays~fridays) 12PST ~ 6PST and i stream on weekends on random times :p but DO tune in on weekdays! ^~^

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