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(Platinum) Rammus guide! (5.7)|| Learn ways of diving :D

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Hi there, I'm Arghorat im platinum IV player(atm) and today I'd like to change the general outlook on Rammus. Rammus has to be one of the most underrated tanks in the game so far. A jungling tank works well into quite a few team comps. Here's what I build and do with Rammus; I find it VERY effective. This season i have some troubles with rammus but i have few games with him it will change later after more games.. :D THIS IS STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS, IT WILL BE UPDATED PERIODICALLY. By this, I mean that new strategies are always discovered, including new itemization paths, patches, etc. League is an ever-changing game, and as such this guide will be ever-changing with it. [b]Pros:[/b] ++RAMMUS IS KING DIVER :D +Shuts down the enemy carry +Incredible mobility + Great for counter ganking [b]Cons:[/b] -No jungle sustain -Low damage without Ult -Weak when behind due to invades, feeding teams, etc -Weak farming, weak early clears

This is the hardest part of the game for Rammus. Let's make one thing clear...you absolutely cannot farm your jungle. Thanks be to Riot, who in their great wisdom simultaneously nerfed Rammus, made the jungle harder, and created an environment to better accentuate Lee Sin's strengths. Start with a good leash is Gromp --> Blue --> Smite Red go B and buy RANGERS and start ganking mid/top/bot. This used to be my go to route for first blood in Season 4, but it's harder to pull of because you will likely be sitting on 1/2 or so HP. Only do this if the laners are trading really aggressively, their laner is pushed, or their laner is already low. Or what i do somethimes is Gromp--> Blue--> Wolves and go B and buy RANGERS then smite RED and gank mid/top/bot. After you get trailblazer, you need to really be watching for ganks. Your base movespeed can catch people out of position easily, especially if they are immobile or squishy. Juicy midlane targets to gank include champs like Lux, Xerath, Veigar, Velkoz, and Ziggs. i love to babysit those kind of champions just to get fed or to fed my teammate :D

At this point you should have Boots, Ranger's, and a Ruby Crystal (at least), and you need to buy a sweeper. Your speed and mobility make you a vision controlling machine, so make sure you buy wards on every back. YOU NEED WARDS because your supp can only put 3 wards on map. Also, at this point of the game you should be taking objectives after kills. Kills are great early, but objectives matter more. Just got a double kill bot lane? That needs to be a tower or dragon. Picked up a kill mid lane? Maybe you can both go bot.

Late game Rammus is nearly unkillable, but this is not where you want to be as Rammus. I very much prefer to win games in 25 minutes, with all lanes fed and rolling toward the nexus. I like having teams split up so that I can catch people out, and I like small skirmishes way more than teamfights. why not build some AP? A well timed Zhonya's can let you kill a turret by yourself when mixed in with your ult.

In a team fight your job is to initiate and to shut down the ADC. Try not to get greedy though, just because you're the tank doesn't mean you want to die. But rammus is great tank and diver so you actually won't die :P For games that go long (40+), really consider selling armor boots and switching for Merc's treads. Your in combat speed will actually increase, but you wont be as fast travelling the map.

Thans for reading my guide, pls comment and like... this is my first guide ever so if i need to add something or do pls tell me :D again thanks for reading it.

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