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[b]PLEASE LOOK AT THE SKILL ORDER SECTION BEFORE QUESTIONING THE SKILL ORDER[/b] Hi I'm Pants are Dragon, a CHALLENGER solo queue player, also subbed for Complexity Gaming once in the NACL, played on Super Team NA for the Coke Zero League and I've been playing since the release of Nocturne, my first champion was Teemo and I grew in love with his champion select quote \"Captain Teemo on Duty\" and ultimately the game. I actually didn't make my name, it was given to me by Riot! My old name was jlzzdragon and then Riot changed my name to this and I feel like I was trolled to oblivion, but at the same time I grew with great power, and from that day I knew I would be one of the best! For those who want to view my other guides, check the description in this video as it lists links to other guides and is updated thoroughly: [vid=] For those interested, here's my season 3 profile: [center][imgext=][/center] Season 4 Profile: [center][img=][/center] Khazix is an assassin/carry jungler, his damage is strong and he grew in season 4 because of how the changes to the jungle were made as you can get more income for the jungle and thus having more items and you do not necessarily have to get tank items. Khazix is a snow bally champion and is one of the best for solo queue because he has a lot of kill potential, can pick up kills easily onto a target as he does bring a lot of CC and can carry a game by himself. Using him is hard and takes a lot of skill while mastering him is still as hard as you have to know when to jump in or when to jump out etc. [center][big]Social Media Links[/big][/center] [center][title][/title][/center] [center][title][/title][/center] [center][title][/title][/center] [center][title][/title][/center]

10/4/2014 - fixed item build (added hexdrinker, should of been there) 9/27/2014 - Max E 2nd, because you can jump more = more mobility. 9/25/2014 - UPDATED SKILL ORDER - UPDATED ITEM BUILD - UPDATED COMMENTARY!! 6/11/2014 - UPDATED ITEMS, SKILL ORDER, SKILL DESCRIPTION, RUNES AND TEAM FIGHTS. - UPDATED MID GAME + LATE GAME 4/12/2014 - CHANGED RUNES - CHANGED ITEM BUILD - TEAM FIGHTS CHANGED A BIT - MASTERIES UPDATED

Khazix has good ganks and decent clears, he has a damaging skill that happens every 2 seconds to chain with your auto attacks, he has a sustain skill to keep him healthy and after he gets elder lizard, a few levels and level 6 his clears become really fast, his ganks become scary because he brings a lot of mobility + CC + damage. His ganks are good because he has a gap closer, he's got 2 slows to bring with him and of course damage, and once 6 he can use his ultimate for more gap closing + slow. Usually when I jungle Khazix, I have the mentality of ganking 60% and farming 40% since his clears are decently fast as his ganks are strong and he can snowball off 1 kill and once I've gained my ultimate it changes to 40% ganking 60% farming.I will jungle if my smite is up or if I have stacks up from the jungle item or if I can't find a gank (by analyzing situations), Khazix's pre-6 ganks are decently strong but a bit slow to do because of the short range with his leap but once your in range of all your spells you will be doing a lot of damage and CC'ing targets, basically try to get in range for your skills and your slows. Once I've obtained my ultimate, ganks become relatively easier and can keep coming constantly because I have the ability to catch up with my ultimate to gap close even harder and I have 2 extra stacks of my passive to contribute to more slows and mobility to catch someone, also the damage from my passive resetting is good so I'll be doing some great damage. I'll also look for low HP targets to dive or to clean up if some skirmishes have happened. Always keep tabs on your blue buff/red buff and do them immediately or have some ward coverage so the enemy jungler doesn't steal it, he will steal your red buff (blue side) if you're ganking top and he notices you started there and it's 7:15 minutes. These are general rules I go by, but if you can get a kill and lose a buff it's worth it in my opinion so if you think you can get a kill go for it. Some Junglers out there will not keep tabs on their buff, and at 7:15 if you know he started blue on purple side and you see him ganking top, that's a free blue for you. Little notes like these will make you a better counter jungler and player. [center]GANK COMBO[/center] A successful gank involves you getting in melee range of the opponent which is easily do-able with a gap closer or slow with void spike. If you are leaping in for melee range try to do a mid-air Q so you can do more damage in succession, and once your in melee range try to auto attack the enemy to get the slow off, then cast your Q if it's still up or use W to slow even more, then just stick with the enemy. I usually go in when the enemy goes in for a trade or aggression because this means he's moving towards me so I can get in range easier for my E. Once I've gained my ultimate the gank becomes a bit different, first of all your going to probably just jump in with your E and it's easier to gank lanes as you have a huge range improvement and now using your ultimate to gap close even faster and the main reason is to reset your passive, I wouldn't use it at the beginning of ganks as it's a waste of charge, but basically you want to proc your passive 3 times in a gank with it. You should also use your ultimate to chase the enemy by positioning yourself in the path where he's running from, since you have the movement speed buff to do so. Khazix is a great duelist, because of his isolation damage which causes so much damage if there alone and it comes up every 2 seconds, 2nd of all he gets sustain from his W which gives him a bit of health advantage over the enemy and the 3rd thing is his kill potential on everyone because of his evolved leap range, the mobility increase from his ultimate and of course the chain slows from his kit. [center]When to do Dragon[/center] - Bot Lane is dead. Reason: When doing dragon, it would be a 4v2 if they try to contest it. - You see bot lane recall and your mid and bot lane help do dragon (your team has to have immediate reaction from you and your teammates). - Mid laner down. Reason: Mid is basically worth 1.5x of an ADC early game, because of the level advantage. So you have a clear advantage at dragon. - You feel confident on doing it. You feel that the enemy team won't contest, feeling more powerful, etc. - Vision warded or sweeping lens'd, can solo or ask for some help.

[b]How to Effectively do Jungle Creeps[/b] Level 1 : AA - Q - AA Level 2 : AA-W-Q-AA Level 3 : Add E at the front, though I recommend you save your leap if you are either about to gank or feel like your going to be getting ganked/invaded etc. [b]Blue Side Route[/b] 1. Red (smite) 2. Wolves 3. Blue (smite) 4. Gank or Super Wraith 5. Wolves 6. Wraiths 7. Golems [b]When ganking:[/b] - Usual Combo: E - Q - AA - W - R - AA and then use skills whenever up. [b]Purple Side Route[/b] 1. Blue (smite) 2. Wolves 3. Red (smite) 4. Gank or Golems 5. Wraiths 6. Wolves 7. Super Wraith Buy Spirit Stone + Boots + pots + wards [center]Ganking Mid Lane[/center] Khazix's kill potential on mid only happens if they are overextended into your lane, since if there close to there tower your gonna probably get a E+Q+AA+W combo but can't chase any farther into tower unless hes low. Now since mid's usually have crowd control and if they are over extended it should be easy for Khazix since he brings damage and a lot of slows to his ganks, though the E leap is a bit low ranged. Once he hits 6 he's really good at picking off mid since he'll bring a lot of burst and of course can get in the fray faster while persistantly hunting the enemy down with his ultimate and of course the constant slows coming in back and forth. He can also tower dive now since he can just jump out after he gets the kill. [center]Ganking Bottom Lane[/center] The hardest lane to gank, this lane is probably the trickiest to pull off as everything is warded most of the time. I will be talking about this from blue side perspective. Ganking this lane is actually the hardest lane to gank because it's warded literally everywhere around it, the trick to ganking this lane through a lane gank is waiting until the enemy trades with your lane or your lane lands a CC, that way you can follow up with your damage and can stick with the target. I prefer to gank this lane of course if they are over extended This lane is usually warded though and you'll need your bot lane to feed you information on where the wards are, but fairly the gank should be relatively easily, once your in range of your leap, jump in pick your target, ping your target, and then try and get your slows onto him (W, AA) and use your R to catch up with the enemy or to reactivate your passive and then just keep using your Q for DPS. After you get a kill, decide whether you can jump to the next target or if it's enough (ex: don't jump if he's at tower already and you can't dive no longer. [center]Invading[/center] Start with Q as it's your most damaging skill. [center]Dragon[/center] The dragon comes up every 6 minutes, knowing when to dragon is key, remember its every 6 minutes and you need to have some sort of advantage most of the time when doing it. Khazix's dragon is superior to most junglers, because of the isolation damage and his Q being up every 2-3 seconds for it to come. Usually you can solo it at level 9 with elder lizard and level 7 with some back up, and he actually has one of the fastest damage on dragon and baron in the game along with Elise. [center]Baron Nashor[/center] The Baron comes up every 7 minutes. Again like dragon, Baron is done extremely fast with Khazix as he does have the evolved claws by now and the isolation damage. He'll need someone to tank it for him but he'll be done with it super quickly and of course you should outsmite anyone who dares to try steal it because of the smite + Q combo. [center]Counter Jungling[/center] Khazix is a good counter jungler, as he can use his ultimate and leap to disengage to a safe place if needed. Once confrontated with the enemy jungler, Khazix has a lot of kill potential on the enemy, because of the amount of CC he can bring, the amount of gap closing and lastly the isolation damage which is optimal for 1v1s. Basically if your ahead also you'll have a lot of kill potential on the enemy and if you catch him off guard he's yours to prey. A good way to go in there jungle is when you have vision of the enemy jungler, having that gives you an idea of what to do in a jungle for example, say he's ganking bot lane at 7:15 when he should be getting his buffs is like saying free buffs for Khazix. [center]Counter Ganking:[/center] Find your enemy jungler, then set up in a place where he will come and you can come kill the enemy jungler or whoever is squishier with your allied laner, make sure to pick a target that you can burst and your ally knows it, or else the disperse damage could cause you to die. Khazix is a great counter ganker, as the damage has been put onto your ally and if he hasn't died yet then you can come in, clean up and since there cooldowns are down they can't focus you and Khazix's damage is very high, and of course once he gets a kill he can jump to the other person for another kill if possible. [center]How to Spike Objectives[/center] Q + smite.

Mid game you should have Spirit of the Elder Lizard and Brutalizer, and you'll actually be outputting a lot of damage with this and can do a full combo on a squishy and probably kill them with it. This is where also the best team fights come alive, since everyone is around level 13 and multiple variables happen instead of late game where it's peel for carries and kill the crowd controlled guy, refer to team fights section for what to do with skills and mindset. In the mean time, keep trying to find picks as Khazix is a heavy mobile assassin champion who loves to find prey and can 1v1 a lot of champions in the game, especially squishies and vulnerable targets like Ziggs, Ashe etc. Careful of the 1v1ers like Vayne, people with BotRK, other assassins and mids who can 1 shot you. Now with the new isolation mechanics, you can either split push or again try finding picks as in team fights it's really hard to find isolated targets since they are so close together (unless your in lower elo) then people tend to stray off and be isolated. Remember Khazix's prime time is now isolation instead of just going in and diving. Try to find objectives to secure if you have an advantage and push with your advantage. Also you should be keeping track of objectives on timers like dragon and baron, 6 minutes for dragon and 7 minutes for baron. Team fighting will be referred to the team fights section so remember to look at that!

By now you should have a Last Whisper, obtained your Black Cleaver, completed your Ravenous Hydra and may want to consider building a defensive item like Banshee's Veil. Khazix stays decently strong late game, as most AD champions do since they have the auto attacks and can survive throughout a mage's burst. He still has incredibly high damage, has poke and of course can dive in and out still, but also now he has great survivability with his R giving him 3 stacks of invisibility and also giving him in total 6 seconds of stealth any sources which makes him an incredible assassin. He can still 1v1 most enemies with his kit as explained before.


What is your role in a team fight? : Assassin The Assassin, is the one who can take out targets swiftly and have extreme agility. What do you do with your skills? [img=skills/khazix/q.png] - This is used when your using your E in mid-air and of course after whenever it's up, basically it's used to damage your focused target and nothing really in-depth about it. Looking for Isolated targets though is of course the best thing you can do as you do a lot of damage to them. [img=skills/khazix/w.png] - This is used to poke the enemy team down and widdle them down before a team fight, it is ranged and should be used when you need to damage someone from a distance. When jumping in you should use it to damage someone in succession of your combo after laning with leap and landing the auto attack while using this after. [img=skills/khazix/e.png] - This skill is the most important part of playing Khazix, knowing when to jump in and out. Basically the only time I'll jump in is if I know I can get a kill, so if I see the opportunity to get a kill I'll jump out, if they engaged on me/focusing me I'll jump out and let them switch focus, once I'm out I'll just wait til I see a kill. [img=skills/khazix/r.png] - This is used once you have jumped in the fight as it provides you cover and makes the enemy have to switch focus for awhile, and also since it's evolved to R you'll get longer stealth duration, if your winning the team fight use it to chase down enemies and stop them from getting away. [center]What positioning should you have?[/center] Alright, as opposed to other guides this one will be what I do during the team fight 90% of the time and explain every situation with Khazix. Example of us initiating is say we have a Leona. If she gets a good target and it's a squishy I can dive on with her as that character is going to blow up, so I'm going to leap in and just start whaling onto the enemy while using my ultimate for cover and of course resetting the passive, I'll also decide whether I can leap to another target but if I start getting focused I'll jump to my team for cover and use my W to poke or if I see a kill I can either flash onto him if my leap isn't up. Afterwards I will try to play the assassin and wait to clean up kills so I can jump in and out and clean up easily. An example of the enemy initating on us is that if the initiation was on me I'll have to jump out immediately and just wait for my team to cover for me and I'll just poke with my W and damage people, once my leap is up I can jump back in and look for a kill steal (because that's what reset characters do). An example of the enemy initiating on us and if the initation isn't on me, I'll focus there front line as if I dived onto the enemy backline without any sort of back up I'll just end up dying or being a distraction who might still die. So I'll just peel until I see an opening for me to jump in and assassinate them. Once your HP is low, you should only attack someone when you can get in melee range and not die or if you have your W up, if you see the enemies cooldowns are down thats another point to make. Remember you want to always be surviving throughout the whole fight and that's your goal, but you still want to have presence in a fight even with low HP or unless you can find a camp to heal off of.

[highlight]For business inquiries, contact me at (I do a little coaching and whatever else you might need like Analysis of an LoLReplay)[/highlight] Khazix is an assassin jungle, he's very dominate in the jungle with the season 4 changes because junglers can get more gold. He plays now again to his old self where he jumps in and out and cleans up the fight as contrary to his tanky Khazix. [center][big]Social Media Links[/big][/center] [center][title][/title][/center] [center][title][/title][/center] [center][title][/title][/center] [center][title][/title][/center]

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