Draven Build Guide

Draven Does It All! (Patch 5.5)

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[center][big]About Me[/big][/center] Hello! I'm Arizona Ice a Diamond 1 ADC main. I have been playing League of Legends since the late Season 1 when I reached level 30 and ended the season with 696 ELO (Bronze 7). I converted from an Ahri main to the role of ADC in Season 2 [which I ended at 1499 ELO (Silver 1, 2 promo games won)]. I picked up Draven around the time of his release (2012-06-06) and Season 3. Draven helped me reach Platinum 1 99LP by the end of Season 3 and continued to help me throughout Season 4 (Master 153LP) [img=http://i.imgur.com/DajxPQ3.jpg?1] Stream: http://twitch.tv/arizona_ice Facebook: http://facebook.com/dkarizonaice Youtube: http://youtube.com/davk28 E-Mail: dayvidkim@gmail.com You can also post comments on this guide and I will try to reply to them.

During Laning phase, try to harass when the enemy goes to farm minions, the brief moment they are auto attacking the creep is when you use your moment of auto attack to harass. [i][/i]Level 2 engage is very important! Try your best to hit level 2 as quickly as possible.[i][/i] Level two comes when both members of the team (ADC and Support) gained the experience of 6 Melee Minions and 3 Caster Minions, or when missed the first Melee Minion experience, its 5 Melee Minions and 5 Caster Minions. Always try to keep two axes up at all times! Try to scale W as fast as possible and ping your support to go onto the target of trade.

You have one of two options, follow your team or split push. Once Draven gets ahead, his [img=skills/draven/p.png] Adoration passive helps him scale into late game much quicker than everyone else, allowing him to split push and duel anyone!

Once you've hit this point in game, or in Riot's definition of late game (33 minutes in game) you should already be capped. Meaning, you are full build and ready to 3-4 shot anyone! Always be aware of your positioning during scrims and catch those axes. When it comes down to it, split push! Generally, you want to split push either bot or top, because they are harder for the enemy team to defend (1-3-1 strat of splitting, 1-4-0) or group as 5 and either siege or turtle. During a siege, always go for the outer turrets before the inhibitor turrets. Going for the outer turret allows you to have free space in a lane instead of the potential dive of the inhibitor turret and being trapped in the enemy base.

During team fights, remember to always know where your character is! A helpful way to know where your character is, is to either lock your camera or turn on color blind mode. Color blind mode changes the green team to blue, purple team to red, and your character's health bar to yellow. There are other features of color blind mode, but irrelevant at this point. Catching your axes during team fights is very important! Mind Focus: 1: Positioning: Am I safe? Can an assassin get to me? Will someone peel for me? Am I behind my team? 2: Target: Am I safe to engage on who I want? Will I die (worth)? Is the person I want to engage going to die within 3-4 hits? 3: Axes!: After hitting a target, ALWAYS CATCH YOUR AXES AFTERWARDS. Using W to help you catch is always worth it when you do, since W resets when you catch an axe. 4: Aced: After finishing off your enemies, turn for objectives!

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