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Azir!! I am puppeteer [EN/CZ]

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EN First I have to say, [img=champ/azir.png]Azir is not an easy champion to learn. You need to get used to his mechanics and attacking with soldiers. Also You must understand that no matter what you do, your damage will still be bad in early game. However with every item you get, your damage will increase significantly. Combining it with your immense range, your soldier allow you to wave clear easily, poke your opponents down, zone them and destroy in teamfights. These attributes make him worth to play even in solo queue. Remember that you first need mana, cdr and damage to do this. Do not pick Azir if you think that your team wont be able to survive till like 35 minute of the game because you are useless for your team before you get items.

EN: Hold back, farm and wait for the late. This follow if you are not against Karthus, Katarina and Yasuo. These figures will defeat even in Early CZ: Držte se v zadu, farměte a čekejte na late. Toto dodržujte pokud proti vám není Karthus, Katarina nebo Yasuo. Tito postavy porázíte i v Early

EN: Continue Farmen, take your Killy and start playing more aggressively CZ: Pokračujte ve farmění, berte si killy a mužete začít hrát agresivněji

EN: Late game is your game! You have to bromide against each opponent (except Ahri) becomes a coating that will carry your team to victory. Gather the troops (at least 3) and throws it through Q on any opponent. You'll notice that only through Q 3 and enemy soldiers have given ADC for more than half of life. He probably realize how will pull CZ: Late game je vaše game ! nemáte proti sobě na midu soupeře (krom Ahri) Stáva se z vás carry které potáhá vás team do vítězství. Nasbírejte si vojáky (minimalně 3) a vrhnetě je pomocí Q na nějákého soupeře. Určitě jste si všimli že jenom pomocí Q a 3 vojáku jste dali enemy ADC víc jak za 1/2 života. Už si asi uvědomíte jak se bude tahat

EN: Trick With his ult (R) you are able to divide into two halves teamfight. If you create (W) and an offset (Q) is reached in enemies. So nothing will be easier to move close (E) and throw his ult nepřítelum directly to the back (R) Once you get into a situation where all the opponents move forward and start teamfight in whom I am safe for his army. This way teamfight split into two parts if the intake directly between the enemy team CZ: Trick Pomocí svojí ult (R) jste schopný rozdělit teamfight na dvě pulky. Pokud vytvoříte (W) a pomocí posunu (Q) je dostanete za nepřátele. Tak není nic jednodušího než se přisunout (E) a hodit svojí ult nepřítelum přímo do zad (R) Poté se dostanete do situace kdy všechny soupeře posunete dopředu a začnete teamfight ve kterým jsem bezpečí za svým vojskem. Tímto způsobem rozdělíte teamfight na dvě části pokud se přisunete přímo mezi nepřítelský team

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