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Solo Lane Vladimir - Patch 5.5 (UPDATED!!)

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Who are you? My summoner name is Screaming on NA and I'm a Diamond 1 top lane main. I've played since early season 2 and Vlad was one of my first favorite champions. Who is Vladimir? Vlad is a short ranged AOE mage who uses health as a resource to cast some spells. A few of his strengths are built-in sustain, free harass, and an escape that makes him untargetable. Here is the Vladimir end-game fantasy. A fed Vlad will draw aggro from multiple enemies, shaking off their damage as he heals and dishes out massive magic damage. He becomes tanky thanks to the free stats from his passive, often gaining 3000+ HP. He is mostly played in the top lane and sometimes the mid-lane. Who is this guide for? I am writing this guide to present all of my knowledge about Vladimir from experience. If you are just looking for a Vlad setup page, you can use what's here to success. The main goal is for my readers to know almost everything about Vlad so they can have success with this champion. From covering animation cancelling to each respective matchup, I'm trying to be as thorough as possible. I think there is something for nearly everyone to pick up. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Feel free to make a request about Vlad in the comments!!! Whether it's a specific matchup or something I just didn't address, I'll try to respond and cover it as soon as I can. If you really want, you can reach out to me in game and send a friend request.

I'm hesitant to call this technique advanced but it does require a good feel for the game. Basically, this technique involves casting a skill, using flash during its animation and as a result, extending the skill's range and preventing opponents from having enough time to react. The easiest champs to see this with are [img=champ/gragas.png] and [img=champ/shen.png]. Both champions use their E and right before it ends, they cast flash to blink onto an enemy and either taunt them or knock them up. Aranaea has nice videos on youtube explaning this technique for multiple champs, although he has yet to cover Vlad. For Vladimir, you can most easily use this with your E. First cast E, and during its cast animation, instantly flash and cover ground. The e particles will hit enemies from where you landed after using flash, You can quickly combo this with e -> flash - > q - >r and catch your opponents off guard with how fast you output damage. Some enemies will flash as soon as you flash but this technique minimizes the window of reaction time they have. Also, Don't let people tell you this is impossible on high ping. I can easily pull this off with my usual 100 ping. I can't say much for 120+ though, it might actually be impossible or extremely difficult.

Right when you walk into lane, if you can do so, Q your enemy from the beginning and set the tone for the lane, you will harass them if they try to cs. Of course, this is not easy against long range champions like ziggs and syndra and to do that vs them, you must dodge their skillshots first. If you auto attack right from the beginning, remember you will take damage from creep aggro. Vlad is pretty weak early but he has range to farm and a bit of sustain from his q. The cooldown is pretty high on Q early so take note. Playing aggressive or playing passively depends entirely on the champion you are facing. You may take pool at lvl 2 if you feel a early gank coming, and you know your e won't be too useful. For top lane, try to ward the brush at around 2:45 since this is when junglers come to gank after 2 buff start. Vladimir has a power spike at lvl 9 once his Q reaches rank 5 and attains a very low cooldown. Aggressive Style: Q your enemy for every cs they go for. Walk confidently in your opponents minion wave or near it to zone them from your own. You can shove your enemy into turret and harass them as they try to last hit at their turret. If you really have control, you can e->q them under turret and take one hit trading a bit of your hp for a chunk of theirs. Use e->q->ignite->w to secure pre-6 kills. Passive Style: Realize that your opponent has all-in potential against you and stay behind or in your own minion wave. Last hit with Q if you need to heal and just focus on getting every cs. If you know they can all-in you if you extend for a cs, just give it up. It's better to wait for the wave to reach your turret than to lose 60% for one cs, die on the next dive, and lose all cs to the turret. Just give up the one wave of 4-5 cs and safely last hit with q and e under turret. Remember that a matchup does not have one style exclusively. You have to switch between styles based on circumstance and champion power spikes. Examples - Always aggressive vs a Shen who is not given early kills. - Aggressive vs Irelia early, shift to passive when she gets levels. - Always passive against Fizz unless you have free early kills.

Understanding freezing is very important for all laners, regardless of champion. In top lane, you need to understand when to freeze the lane and when to push. If you are stronger than your opponent feel free to freeze near your turret and zone your opponent. But be weary of your team, and don't let the other laner roam successfully. If you are freezing and your opponent takes objectives, you are losing out on a lot of presence. If you are behind in lane, sometimes you have to wait for the creep wave to push to your turret so you can safely farm and freeze, as you are unable to push out. Against a fairly weak jungler like Amumu who doesn't pose too much of an early threat to Vlad, you can afford to push hard and shove in your opponent. Losing your turret early is VERY BAD for Vladimir. Unless you can create a nice freeze at your second turret you can be zoned pretty hard. Over long distances Vlad doesn't have many escapes unless he takes ghost. You will feel very bad if an Irelia takes your turret early and your lane is pushing towards her, allowing her to freeze at her own turret. In this case try to farm the jungle and do something like gank mid or help with dragon. Mid game Vlad is very strong with boots 2, wota, negatron and zhonyas. Once laning phase ends, it's your duty to be in teamfights that happen around objectives. Your ult is very helpful in winning these fights. Also, PLEASE BUY WARDS!!! Vlad doesn't have the cc to make picks unless he flashes and gets a kill with one spell rotation. Buying and placing wards helps your team group for taking outer turrets, controlling dragon, and avoiding getting picked by the enemy.

Late Game you should pick up a [img=items/greater-lens.png] to help clear vision and force objectives. In a siege scenario, try to keep your e stacks at 4 and q creeps to keep hp at full. Vlad is very good at setting up a counter initiation for teamfights if your allies are close enough. If they try to pick you off, simply combo if you have time and pool underneath them, slowing them. Once you emerge, try for another rotation, use ult if you haven't, and use zhonyas. You have so much untargetable time and slow on the melee initiators above you, your team should win the fight handily. There is no excuse for getting caught though, you can't blame your team for not following up when you simply got picked off when your team wasn't near. Late game Vlad is a very fun and powerful provided the other team doesnt cc you. Feel free to e->q combo the enemy front line since your cooldowns are low. If the enemy carries to get in range, you can flash e->q->r->ignite them, then pool onto them and use zhonyas if needed. Vlad has the damage to burst down adcs very quickly with the right items. Watching an enemy adc escape with a bit of hp then dying to your ult is very satisfying. Make sure to say \"See ya\" in all-chat or in your team comm when it happens.

Midgame Fights - Try to land your ult on enemy carries or attempt to kill the enemy front line by ulting as many as you can. At this stage, you only have enough time for one pool and you might have not have zhonyas finished. It is possible to flash onto an enemy adc or ap mid and kill them with one combo as you pool away. You can also play these fights by standing near your own adc and hitting the tanks and pooling to slow and peel for him. Get off as many spell rotations as you can, your cooldowns on e and q should still be pretty low at this point. Lategame Fights: Against a fed bruiser sit near your adc and try to peel for them with rylais of huge burst. If they are the only threat don't be afraid to one man ult if it will save your adc. In most cases you want to hit as many people as possible with your ult and e all of them. One of Vlad's best contributions to lategame teamfights are his ability to zone enemies while invulnerable. Ex. You are against a kog maw and twisted fate. Both have long range, if they are near each other, you can flash onto them and drop your ult, causing them to back up. They will try to focus you but you instantly pool. zoning them for 2s. When pool finishes get off one spell rotation if possible and then zhonyas, Zoning them for even more time. Near 5s that two enemies aren't hitting your team is huge. Its a similar role that Lissandra plays, although Vlad has more tanky stats. Even if you die you can do enough damage to make them scared to reenter the fight. Try to determine if its better to dive or to stay in the back and kite the enemy front line with your adc.

Vladimir is a fun champion if you enjoy frustrating your lane opponent. The idea of a spell that does free damage, heals the caster and costs nothing is enough to unsettle your opponent. You must always remember that Vlad has nearly no cc, low range, and low damage early in the game. Everytime you enter a lane, understand that you should either play aggressive or passive. How much can you punish your opponent based on their kit? In teamfights, Vlad can dive enemy carries and zone them while invulnerable for extended amounts of time. Mechanically Vlad is very simple, most of his success is determined by the decisions the Vlad player makes. Now, good luck and I hope I helped even if only a little.

10/17/14 - added changelog, tryndamere matchup expanded, added teleport + flash 11/4/14 - added alternative dive under R explanation, added Skill + Flash section 3/22/15 - changed runes to fit s5

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