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The Return of the King: Top Lane Singed (5.5)

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Hi. I'm Cryptekz. You might remember me from such incredibly unpopular guides as \"Top lane S2 Amumu\", or \"AD Hybrid Akali.\" As none of you will thus know, I've been playing league of legends for over three years now. Last season I placed in silver for Ranked, with under 20 games played. This year, so far, I haven't even completed my provisionals. Honestly, I'm much more of a theory-crafter and enthusiast than I am a competitor. I like doing new and strange things, and toying with interesting items. As such, I was interested to find a new way to play one of my favorite characters from S2/S3, and thought that I might share my wisdom with folks.

Singed's early game is focused on two things: safe gold, and scaling. You are a squishy tank in the early game, without much in the way of damage potential. Embrace that. Own that. Do NOT take stupid risks. All you need is 1575 total gold to scale up better than most other tanks in the game. Play with that goal in mind. Take an early back and burn TP if you have to if it means you get an early tear for it. Your goal is Tear, boots, and completed raptor and/or negatron by level six. Your goal should be to get those three items by six, consistently. If you have an advantage in lane, seize it. If not, see if you can safely proxy. If you can, let your team know so they can take advantage of what you're doing.

Mid game is where Singed starts to shine. Once you've started scaling up, you can start doing a fun little thing we like to call \"Tower Diving\". Formula? 2 parts good deep wards 1 part ult 3 parts Q 2 parts E Ghost and/or ignite to taste Mix as desired and laugh hilariously as you start diving your opponent for free proxy farm/forcing him out of lane. That said, make sure you have your enemy's jungle warded so their jungler can't jump on you for a free 1v2 when you dive. A 1v2 in lane with ult is fine, but taking it past the enemy turret line is asking for disaster. Also, given your high mobility, you make a great scout to get deep wards into the enemy jungle relatively unscathed. If you push in your lane opponent, don't be afraid to dip from lane to drop some greens or a pink near Red-side red/Blue-side blue. Forward warding is great and gives you a read on the enemy jungler, which lets you know exactly how aggressive you can be. Also, look for opportunities to use your Zz'rot portal once it's done. As soon as lane phase breaks and roams start happening, split into the enemy jungle, and drop your portal by an uncontested turret somewhere your opponent doesn't have vision. So few people know, use, or pay attention to the Zz'rot portal and how it works, that you can easily take advantage of the minions it pumps out and get some good damage on turrets just by being sneaky. Ideally, you use your deep vision in top lane to set up the portal for yourself, then roam to mid/river to help clear vision/set-up objectives/put down pressure/bait a fight. Alternatively, you can also split-push another lane and use your Zz'rot to effectively 1-4-1 or 2-3-1 split. If you see a roam through the jungle your way, you can TP to your portal and hard push your own lane while the enemy team is across the map. Zz'rot opens up so many strategic opportunities that I'm surprised we haven't seen it used more in competitive yet.

By this point your core should be finished. If you don't have at least Zz'rot, Seraphs, and distortion boots, then I don't know what to say. That's like, 7k gold. If you don't have that by late game, something disastrous must have happened. This is the point where you start really spiking. Each new completed item for you becomes a big new chunk of power in some way. Every bit of mana is more health, more mana, and more AP, as well as more effective HP thanks to the defensive stats. Every item you build synergizes with your kit. Everything makes you more tanky. More beefy. More of a split-push monster for the enemy team to deal with. You have all the room to move around the map at this point. Have your team siege turrets while you split-push and get sneaky with your portal. Make sure you sweep and clear vision first so the enemy doesn't know where it is. Keep good wards down, and don't let yourself get collapsed on.

EZ-PZ. You have two choices here. Obviously, you're an initiator. That much is clear given your kit and your role. Your job is to get inside, deal damage, disrupt, distract, and eat all the cooldowns you can. Thankfully, Singed is great for that. Your objective is to catch the damage threats of the enemy team out of position, or to keep them off of your team, in order for your team to kill the enemy team. Singed can be played both ways. I would recommend getting familiar with doing both, especially depending on the team comps you wind up running into, as often times you might find you're on a team without enough hard engage to let Singed really worm in and grab somebody for his team to burst. Other times, you might find out that the other team has a Sivir and wants to go really hard for the all-in, and it's up for you to drop glue and zig-zag like a madman to get as much retreat damage as possible off, as well as to body block skill-shots for your team. Either way, play to the front, or look to flank with TP if you can. Getting in behind them works just as well with Singed.

That's about it for now. I'll keep things updated as time goes on, and put up some pretty pictures once I ever get around to playing in ranked.. Until then, happy farming, and don't forget your mixing spoon!

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