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[5.24 Nerf Update] Soraka, Because you Hate Strangers!

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Welcome to my Soraka guide. I started playing her after the buffs to Ancient Coin/Nomad's Medallion/ Talisman earlier in Season 5. (5.10 to be exact.) Just a simple change to the item indirectly buffed characters like Soraka. (Increase to health per minion, +1g per minion, lowered CD) She is my go-to pick if I'm not too sure about what support route I'd like to take, or maybe I'm picking blindly first pick. Either way, Soraka is a fairly safe option to go for, and lower ELOs can't deal with her as well! She's definitely my FreELO champ. [b][Update 12/9 (5.24)] Looks like some nerfs are headed to the most annoying healer on the rift![/b] - [img=skills/soraka/q.png] Range: 950 > 800 (-150) - [img=skills/soraka/w.png] Mana Cost: 20/25/30/35/40 > 40/45/50/55/60 Mana (+20 per lv) - [img=skills/soraka/r.png] No longer removes Grievous Wounds. (Still heals for full amount [Except self]) Pros - Heavy Sustain - \"Trades\" well (in most situations) - AoE silence for channels [img=champ/katarina.png][img=champ/fiddlesticks.png][img=champ/missfortune.png] etc... - Synergizes with most ADC's Cons - Ultra squishy - Easy to kill if focused - Weak to very heavy all ins and engages - Starcall (Q) [img=skills/soraka/q.png] can be hard to hit at times from afar - Very low base HP Regen (In all fairness though...) - Weak to Grievous Wounds (Only Q)(Changed int 5.22/3? No longer affects others effected by GW.)

Soraka does fairly well in the early game. Her sustain if very difficult to keep up with. I'd say the big weakness here is being caught out or being engaged upon. Characters like [img=champ/blitzcrank.png][img=champ/thresh.png] or [img=champ/leona.png] can prove themselves to be quite a task. The threat of CC must usually be respected. You'll find yourself having an easier time against characters like [img=champ/karma.png][img=champ/zyra.png] or [img=champ/lulu.png]. These characters rely on their poke to wear down the enemy, however when they trade, they should come up on the negative end with your sustain. Stay in back and heal as needed. I'll drain with Q as needed. I find it's easier to drain when the opposing ADC is going into CS. They must choose whether or not they want the minion or to avoid giving me heal. This is a great pressure game for them! Again, be wary of not putting yourself in a bad position! Ward up, because Soraka won't do well with a heavy engaging jungle such as J4 as well unless you can position and time your silence beforehand.

Soraka is still fairly relevant around this part of the game. It's easy to come mid to maybe just drop off a heal. Stay focused on any immobile carries of yours! As the game progresses, the game will prove itself more difficult for you. If any team fights break out with lots of chaos, it can be VERY difficult to keep track of everything. Proceed with caution!

I find the late game to be hard on Soraka. By this time, people know who to go for, and your ADC is looking mighty tasty. There's not much you can do against that Rengar who 100 to 0'd Ashe in half a second besides maybe putting a silence under her, but even then, it's still hard. Try to keep close to your ADC/ Carry and time your Zeke's with your team. Provide your ult whenever possible. It can definitely turn a fight within seconds!

Getting your ADC an early lead is crucial. You definitely want to end the game sooner than later. Unless you can keep up with the pace of a teamfight, bundle together with Soraka and get some work done.

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