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(Diamond S4) Talon mid -Has no silence? wtf is this?

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[left][b]In support of Talon I've made a couple of threads on Riots forums to hopefully get attention to talons \"situation\", Please help out by leaving a comment and giving your thoughts! pls for talons sake! (this one is on the new community boards, getting massive downvotes by the sheep) http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/GD/nMVpF3mk-youve-offically-ed-talon-in-the-ass-and-youre-not-willing-to-compensate-him [/b][/left] Hey Guys, I Am Tolan I was Diamond 3 last season, but enough about me lets talk about the best assassin champion that league has to offer! I love playing talon in almost every match up because of how much skill he really takes. Alot of people really underestimate this champions ability to carry a game and I want to prove them wrong! The difference between a good / bad talon is really distinguishable and easy to tell. If you want to play League of legends truest assassin, then you've come to the right place! I could take a picture of a bunch of fixed matches and 8 victories in a row or just do some really bad photoshoping skills but instead ill let you guys be the judge if you think im suitable to write this guide, Below is a picture of my profile and talon stats! [img=http://puu.sh/80fCu] [img=http://puu.sh/80fE6] [b]My Stream: www.Twitch.tv/swaglul My IGN: I am Tolan Twitter: @TheTolanater[/b]

I've listed the really FOTM champions right now and a little how to's on how to beat them. The guys that aren't listed Have a very general basic counter play strategy, Which is to push lane and farm at level 6 roam bot or just jump on them and kill. Its all about how you can play Talon, Almost every match up is skill relative. Please comment below if you want any added matchu-ps im all ears!

Early game should be focused on Csing your lane, and maintaining vision on the enemy jungler. The only way you should die in lane is to the enemy jungler ganking you. If he does gank make sure you E to the furthest target in vision and run the heck away! Continue doing this farm cycle until you hit 6 and grab your ult. Once you grab your ult. You can roam bot, i shouldn't say \"can\", you should roam bot and pick up a double kill for your team, if you can get the double / single kill grab dragon afterwards with team. then go back and buy! [i][center]Let me note; you should build the tiamat first because, the faster you can get that the more damage you will have and you will automatically have more access to the rest of the game. (ie. Tiamat active) If you W and tiamat a wave you will clear it no problem, then you can roam bot / top / jungle get 1-2 kills / assists, BUT if you hit 6 and can kill mid lane with ult, do it! But if you CANT go bot.[/center][/i] Flask is a very strong start for someone like talon, it allows you to have 3 hp / mana (mixed) pots and allows you to buy 3 HP pots, that's more than any other start in the game! It allows you to compete vs sustain mids, and gives you mana per 5 that you don't get from dorans ring (like other mids have). If i start to lose lane pre 6 i grab a dorans blade on first back This gives me a bigger Health pool and allows me to sustain in lane even more from its passive on hit. It will insure a safer lane phase post 6 and give me the AD boost to kill a target.

Talons mid game is a lot stronger than his early game, but his late game is to be dreaded upon by enemies... If you where successful in roaming a lot and / killing your lane multiple times then go ahead and continue with the suggested build. You are going to want to keep your farm up the whole game, try to ward the enemy jungle and dragon. If you see jungle ganking top lane go gank bot lane and try to push a dragon out of it. This is repeated until late game hits. (IE. The outer turrets are down and people are grouping for objectives.)

Late game Talon is a great teamfighter, you should never resort to split pushing unless you are baiting their team bot for your team to secure a baron. But you have to be 100% sure the outcome will be in your favor otherwise you will just throw the game. [i][center]late game you will have around 38~ base armor pen and 40 flat% reduction + 50 from BC, vs someone who has armor yellows they will have 13 + armor at lvl 1 so you're armor pens will basically nullify those and since they are so infamous in the game right now, about everyone has them. If someone in game doesn't have armor yellows you should be able to destroy them doing almost close to true damage.[/center][/i]

In Team fights its talons goal to annihilate any squishies on the opposing team, The easiest of course is the ADC but the problem is once he dies. So will you! But if you know how to execute everything properly you can jump onto a squishy target and kill them, Use your Ult as a stealth mechanic and reset the cool downs. Once you do this you will only have to wait 2 - 2.5 seconds for your E CD to be back up, then you are ready to jump onto a second target and kill them. -This doesn't mean that if there is someone low you shouldn't attack them, this is just the safest and most probable strategy to use with a more advanced enemy team (They're fed, for some reason). [b]Check out my stream If you want to really understand how to execute a team fight as talon: www.twitch.tv/swaglul[/b]

Talon is a very high damage burst assassin who shuts down ap / adc / supports within a blink of an eye, if you have a fast enough reaction time Talon should always be your \"GoTo\" guy! Thanks for reading this far into the guide. Please let me know of any criticism below and have a bloodied day with Talon! If you have any extra questions please leave comments below and check out my stream! You can also add me in game. Stream URL: WWW.Twitch.tv/swaglul IGN: I Am Tolan

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