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Fight the smite/tp strats [patch 5.8]

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Hello and welcome to my singed top guide for this season. I started playing this game around end season 2 and currently i am platinum 4. I was the kind of player that only spamed one champ untill i got level 30 and it was singed wether support mid jungle or top. I dont have any 10 win streak pictures to prove how good I am with singed but my win ratio with him rankedwise is pretty decent (around 65%). I am not trying to revolutionize toplane but since there are so many ap tanky tops and bruisers top adding the fact that I wanted to make a singed guide (He has made so much for me that now its time to return him) here i present you with it.

Your early game is based on either not pushing or letting yourself get pushed in. If you get to the stage that you get pushed into your turret try to freeze the lane without taking much damage so you can fling your enemy into your turret as a warning signal for whats about to come ;) Remember to start with the proper items [img=items/cloth-armor.png] or [img=items/dorans-shield.png] vs ad or AA poke [img=items/dorans-ring.png] if you think you can kill your enemy early on [img=items/ruby-crystal.png] if you want to rush ROA and [img=items/boots-of-speed.png] and a [img=items/sight-ward.png] if you want to be safe against some poke champion

If you havent took his turret yet start thiking about it and start proxying whenever you see the enemy jungler bot or at drake this will bring up so much map pressure on him that it will be forced to stop you As always farm 2- 3 creepwaves take all their jungle and go back to shop Do this over and over again to try to disrupt the game in your favour and once you get his turret group with your team so you can take objectives easier Dont be afraid to use ult and if you do dont waste it you are 5 times stronger in the mid game with your level 11 ult for 25 second try no to be a hero and engage on three people alone

Your teamfighting is really good Singed is such a CC beast Lay out some slows to try and catch someone of guard and if you see an enemy midlaner or adc try your hardest to fling him into your team this is also really good securing objectives so remember to use your [img=skills/singed/w.png]

To start the teamfights try to split push and ask your support to ward near your team if noone comes to get you get ready to teleport to your team if they come for you as 5 just spam \"assistance\" pings and try to bait them to your team as hard as you can You should never fight as 5 but once you get to 5v5 teamfights what happens very often is your team dying leaving you alone against 3 and if you try to kill them all you become a kyte and die remember that singed is more of a support teamfighter than a ap bruiser stay with your carries you are the frontline in the good and the bad moments so if you fling someone away from your enemies its a win-win situation

In conclusion I want to say that singed is really a good character and a very fun one so i kind of owed him a guide for all the games he has played by my side x) Check out invertedcomposers guide also if you want to know the singed mechanics Peace PS: Please feel free to coment or add me in league of legends in case you want to clarify anything about what I wrote and share this guide

His level 1 is balanced since singeds tend to start with Q poke singed without taking damage whenever he comes to last hit Dont ever chase singed every time you start chasing him you take unnecessary damage If he ults stay away or in a safe distance his ult gives just too much stats

01/08- Added the Offensive mastery page Added Guardian angel as a reccomended item patch 4.13 rylais changes 03/08- Added the khazix and nunu matchup 07/08- New chapter! how to counter singed 28/08- Added the maokai and lissandra matchup 12/09- Changed the standard singed mastery page and added the patch updates 21/09- Changes the mastery pages and standard runes for singed Completed my conclusion chapter 03/02/2015 Added some matchups and usefull items you can build 13/05/2015 FINALLY HIT THE 10K VIEW MARK TY ALL!

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