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How to play Renekton for Dummies

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Renekton is your typical everyday lane bully. Everything about him is early to mid game based that will snowball him into the late game, and even then he is a tank who can CC and has two mini gap closers/escapes if used correctly. The only problem is how do I win with renekton is solo queue dyrus? Well here's your problem. 1. Renekton is terrible late game 2. Solo queue almost always lasts to late game. So what do you do? You have to carry HARD. You need to be able to be good enough to 1v2 the enemies with your early game. But how do you do that dyrus? Well viewer, you can't make mistakes. Renekton is the kind of hero who is always one step ahead, and sometimes even more depending on every cs you don't miss and how many levels you have on your enemy. Your first step is to understand how to build and setup your masteries/runes. Let's get started.

In your laning phase you want to either slow push. Auto attacking to build rage is very important but if you push to fast, you'll find yourself zoned at the enemy tower, and if you're against singed that's the last thing you want. By building up big waves you'll cause the enemy to either take lots of damage or miss some CS. During this time you can either decide to get your first buy for wards or constantly try to harass with Q while trying not to get killed. Around 2:50 you want to drop your trinket ward because 10 seconds after you will likely get ganked depending on the enemy Jungler At lvl 2 use W 50 fury for harass at lvl 3 use W at lvl 4+ use Q for fury harass. When you hit level 6 you can basically 2v1 their top laner and jungler so they will likely gank you at around lvl 3-5 depending on your matchup

Around this time you can ask your jungler to either dive top or look for dragon because if you haven't died yet you're ready for the next phase of the game. Pushing up hard -> wight or double golems. You either want to farm hard if you're not getting anywhere from harassing and no tower damage or you want to roam on middle. Be careful in what you choose because it will directly effect your teammates depending on your choice, as an early/midgame top laner it is your job to have great presence on the map since you are a really capable skirmisher. You usually don't come down for dragon but if you do, you want to be the one pushing mid lane into the tower if possible. If for some reason 5v5 team fights come around tell your team you're going for \"X\" target and you're going to flash stun them with W. Be careful on how hard you go because you can also bait your team into losing into a zyra ult or orianna ult.

You're weaker then most top laners around this time of the game but if you're doing good you're a pretty decent tank. If you have thornmail by now you can pretty much sit on the enemy AD depending on who it is. If not then peel and aim for the high damage dealers because if you don't have two damage item's you're probably not going to be doing anything other then tanking.

When teamfighting make sure you're hitting the front target until their back line comes up to auto or cast spells on you. When that happens you can E/flash in depending on what summoners you have up. Try to use your ult before the fight to build up rage and try to use your 50 fury stacks on W or E for the shred or longer stun CC. You can use the Q 50 fury if you're in the middle of more then 3 and you need some health/damage. All of your spells do AOE so when you cast Q it will pretty much burst/sustain damage during a fight. If you miss your E sometimes you will just be straight up screwed. IF you W a tank then you're potentially screwed. Keep in mind your W and E are sometimes big factors in a fight and if you use them well you can straight up carry the teamfight.

Renekton is a early mid game mobile top laner who is SUPER OP when played correctly. He may not be the best choice for solo queue but he is a solid top laner in rift whether it's in casual play, or competitive play. Here are some clips/demonstrations of me playing Renekton [vid=] I went 7-0 but you could see how hard it was to end the game as renekton. More will be added soon tm.

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