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Ever imagined the possibilities if you could spam Blood Rush(W)

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Think about where Draven gets his damage. Mostly from having a spinning axe up right? Well spinning axe's damage isn't multiplied when you crit, so critting doesn't really do much for it, and then there's draven's mana problems, if you want to use Blood Rush to chase someone while fighting you might run out of mana fast and then you're shit out of luck if someone comes after you and you can't use Stand Aside. So how about we try building mana and raw damage? Maybe essence reaver will help that right? Yes I suppose, it will give you some mana but it can still be kind of iffy and might not keep your mana up there all the time so let's go down that path more. Manamune. Damage. Mana. Everything you need in one package, with a kick ass effect when it is upgraded. With essence reaver and Manamune you will just about never run out of mana while you continue to use Blood Rush everytime you catch an axe in a fight. Let's keep down this path with some more raw damage, lets avoid crit chance, it doesn't increase the damage that comes from your Q and as always crit chance is unreliable. So now lets go for last whisper. Always a strong item that transitions into late game. Since the change to armor pen(% is calculated before flat) it is never really bad to get last whisper, and its pretty cheap just like most of the items in this build compared to the normal build. Now for getting into late game, if you need attack speed and/or you're getting locked up Zephyr would be the way to go first, if you just need damage to destroy squishies or if they have burst you need to survive then you can get a BT. If you build BT and Zephyr along with the rest of the items in this build and Berserker's greaves I can guarantee you that each attack with a spinning axe up will do upwards of 1K damage(before armor calculations on champs of course) and then on top of that the 100+ damage from the muramana active during late game. If you really want to you can build an IE instead of one of the last 2 items and that will let you crit some, and if you realllllly wanna have crits you can get pd instead of zephyr. And of course if you need a defensive item then you can either replace one of the last 2 items or replace your boots. All in all this build is about 2k gold cheaper than the normal draven build, and it deals extremely high damage consistently, you don't need to wait for crits, all the raw damage goes straight into your q ratio to make it extremely high damage, and it won't be effected by the Reinforced Armor mastery.

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