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Updated Zyra guide for patch 3.15 (Support)

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Zyra was nerfed quite hard right before the big pre-season patch hit. This was intended to nerf her effectiveness before they gave supports all of the extra gold income. I believe they overnerfed her just a little bit, and is a bit of a weak pick at the moment for competitive play. Due to her extreme scaling she is still a very effective off-AP caster for the support role. She is most effectively used as counter-engage against heavy engage compositions. She is also a strong pick if your team mid laner and top laner both pick physical damage champions, and your composition needs more magic damage. Pros: 1. kill pressure 2. zone control 3. high CC 4. disengage/counter engage 5. Vision control from seeds and plants 6. Auto attack longer than average enemy support/ADC (575 vs 550) 7. High poke in lane Cons: 1. not mobile 2. squishy 3. no sustain

Against any all in champions (such as Leona) you should only use [img=skills/zyra/e.png] to counter engage, and try to keep 1-2 plants available at all times for the counter engage. Use auto attacks and [img=skills/zyra/q.png]+1 plant to harass them down before the engage. Against poke heavy champions such as Sona you can aggressively attempt to fight/kill them with full combo if you are able to land a snare. Only go all in if you know you are safe from the jungler coming and ruining your fun. At level 1 try to push the lane as much as possible so you can get an early level 2. At level 2 use [img=skills/zyra/q.png] + [img=skills/zyra/w.png] to bully out the enemys.

Zyra is a somewhat effective ganker, but she is mostly a peeler. Her lack of mobility and squishy nature makes it somewhat dangerous to make too many aggressive ganks. If you see any easy ganks you should definitely go and take advantage, but mostly you should be staying with your ADC and peeling for him so he can farm. Try to push down the turret bot lane and harass them under turret with [img=skills/zyra/q.png] + plant.

Stay with your team peeling as much as possible. Take control of the map and camp brushes, if an enemy team walks straight into you will certainly destroy them with your full combo.

You should mostly be staying in the back line and peeling. Throw your [img=skills/zyra/e.png] + 2 plants on to anyone trying to dive your ADC, as the slowing plants completely destroy any melee champs. Try to hit as many enemies as possible with your [img=skills/zyra/r.png]. Spam your [img=skills/zyra/q.png] as much as possible on whoever you can.

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