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Hello, everyone! Since many people asked me to make a guide, I decided to make one and teach you how to really play Nasus. My purpose of this guide is teaching players the true Life-Death mechanic of Nasus and his insane carry potencial from Mid game up to Late game, where if the enemy team is falling behind, Nasus can literally crush their entire team. After being in EUNE before transfering to EUW, I have tried a lot of champions to carry myself out of Bronze III and reach Silver V. One game a player told me to play Nasus, who I couldn`t even play then. After searching for a fast build on Nasus, I found a perfect match for me. I tried it and....I was amazed. My 1st game with Nasus ended 12/1/18 Victory. I immediatly started researching how these items can be good on Nasus and have tried out different combinations. I found my perfect item set build. Soon after that I started to develop a farming mechanic and \"Farm timer\" and I could either counter all my \"counters\", OR farm like crazy, help others win their lanes and turrets at the cost of 1 top lane turret. I can tell you that for those out there that are bronze or silver, if you play Nasus only and follow my tips and tricks, you can become, lets say from Bronze III to Silver V for only a week(5-6 games a day)! If you want to carry even more, you should read my Jungle chapter where, in short, I wrote about jungling with Nasus. Anyways, enjoy my guide! It will help you a lot. Proof? - in a game there was a Nasus building those s****y Trinity Forces(In my opinion this item shouldn`t even exist on Nasus). He was failing HARD. I told him to change his build and buy the items I recommended him. From 0/12/3 he ended 12/16/?(I dont remember the assists) and he was amazed. OK, anyways, head on to read the guide. I hope you enjoy reading this guide and I DO hope that it helps you! I wrote the guide with love and sorry if I have some grammar mistakes. I will be clearing them when I finish the whole guide. Let`s start with the Pros and Cons on Nasus: [big][b]Pros:[/b][/big] * High-Sustain champion; * Can kite easily after level 6; * Can heal up heavy damage in mere seconds; * Can duel and beat anyone 1v1 even if he is 0/111/0; * He can literally duel 1v5 and dies very slowly; * He becomes stronger as time passes by; * He is based on the egypt God of Death - Anubis. [big][b]Cons:[/b][/big] * He is kited very easily at early levels; * If not properly equipped, he cannot do much; * His skills need proper placing; * If he fails his job in a team fight, expect heavy damage and many deaths. The Pros heavily outweight the Cons. In short, his Pros are that he is the strongest Late game champion and his Cons are that he is the weakest Early game champion.

[center][b][big]~~\"Minions have spawned!\" - Announcer (1:30)~~[/big][/b][/center] Your first purchases will be from Build 1 or Build 2. I usually always go with Build 1, that is Cloth Armor, 4 Health Potions, 1 Mana Potion. I recommend it even to my friends and they are amazed how they can 1v3 the enemy team every game. You will go straight to your lane, from the river is better if you are helping your jungler with blue. The laning stage of the game lies here. You will want to hit minions on low HP if possible, or stack them. If you have counters, its better to stack minions only. If you are getting pushed, attack minions on high health, if you push, if the laner is your counter, go get neutrals or go near your turret and wait for the next wave. Top lane is actually a lane where the tanks farm and show how tanky they are in late game. Actually, ironically, Nasus likes tanks and loves carries! Allthought Nasus can survive Early Game, sometimes he doesn`t and falls hard on the ground. If that happens - farm your jungle and go back to your turret when there are minions near it, then redo jungle again, ward your tribush. If you cannot hold your turret because you are on low health recall and teleport. if you don`t have it up, leave your turret and farm under your 2nd one(Buy Homeguard if needed). This will insure your safety and farm stacks. Always call for help if you think you cannot handle the champion in your current state. Else, when the jungler comes to gank, ping him to back away as you will farm your lane and don`t want it pushed. In the early game phrase, your goals are clear: [center][b]*Goals for Early Game(1:30-29:59)*:[/b][/center] [center]* Farm on your lane; * Stack power for your Q; * Get harassed, but not so hard(I mean for opponents that can`t do much againts you); * Clear waves with Q, tell your jungler that you don`t need help if everything is good; * Get level 6 and overextend; * 1v2 the top and jungler(if you can); * Get your first objective - Top Outer Tower; * Head down bot lane to get your payment check(adc and supp) and your second objective - Bot Outer Tower.[/center] [big][b][center]~~End of Early Game (29:59)~~[/center][/b][/big][center][/center] Video: ~~Comming soon!~~

[big][b][center]~~Mid Game has started! (30:00)~~[/center][/b][/big] So, this is it! The time where you can shine! Your role in mid game is pretty simple here - you continue to push while others fight. Your main purpose of this pushing is forcing the enemy team to send 1 or more players top to handle you or stop you from pushing. Making this, not only do they waste time, but your team will be 4v4 or 4v3 and most likely the support or tank will come to stop you. This gives your team the huge advantage if they make a team fight. Pushing is a key role in this time, as you will be targeting on Baron, Dragon and Inhibitors/Nexus in Late Game. Your role is to push as much as you can. While pushing, you will stack a great amount of Qs, pushing a lot easier and preparing for team fights. If your team starts a fight you can always tell them to put a ward and teleport or teleport to a nearby ward and ambush the enemy, resulting in a won teamfight for you, most of the times. Your main goals in this game are: [center][b]*Goals for Mid Game(30:00-59:59)*:[/b][/center] [center]* Push the second turrets or destroy the first ones; * Annoy enemies by making them go after you; * Enter a team fight that you know you will win; * Aim at shutting down their carries and help loosing lanes to push back; * Target Drake more often and ward Baron; * Finish your core items and start getting situationals.[/center] [big][b][center]~~End of Mid Game (59:59)~~[/center][/b][/big][center][/center] Video: ~~Comming soon!~~

[big][b][center]~~Late Game has started! (60:00)~~[/center][/b][/big] Welcome to Hell, where every player has full build and 20% of the team has Guardian Angels! Joking only, lets start with an explanation of Late game. What is Late Game? Literally described, it`s a game where it should have ended long ago, but under some curcumstances it continues. In Late Game Nasus has a HUGE impact on the game - his Q and Wither will be the saviors of the team fight. Since most players will have a full build, followed by either more damage,tankiness or Guardian Angel as a last item, Nasus` skill cast will count very dramatically on the enemy team if casted well. If he succeeds, you will win the fight. If he fails, you will either be aced or pushed back to your base and probably defeated or loose a lot of objectives. Since buffs and whatnot have a % chance of winning, your and the enemy team will be focused on Baron, Blue and Red buffs more and Drake less, unless they don`t have full build. Keeping these objectives warded, you can always teleport to Baron as bait and then your team to come to ambush. Late game objectives: [center][b]*Goals for Late Game(60:00+)*:[/b][/center] [center]* Get objectives such as Baron, Inhibitor Turrets or Outer/Inner turrets; * Ward the map near their base and key spots; * Do NOT engage in fights unless the enemy team are less than 5 people(5v4,5v3,5v2,5v1); * Focus on backdooring, pushing waves, creating big waves to split the enemy team.[/center] [center][big][b]~~End of Late Game[/b](☠☠[b]:[/b]☠☠)[b]~~[/b][/big][/center]

In a team fight, Nasus has a specific role that he must follow - Disable ADC>Disable APC>Disable Support>Disable Tank>Destroy Tank. This is the order of almost any team fight. Nasus is extremely tanky due to his passive, items and ultimate. He will focus to lure out the adc or apc out of the fight, or destroy the support first as he does a CC impact on Nasus or CC on your teammates. By luring out the ADC out of the teamfight your team can focus on taking down their APC. You can either Ghost in and wither the APC and go for the ADC, or Wither the tank that deals the most damage and can disable your carries, doesnt matter who. Your role is very vital in every fight, as you must defend both your team and dive the enemy team`s AP and AD Carries. The part in diving is crusial and if you extend a fight where you leave your team out of your range and lets say chase their AD or AP Carry, the tanks like Lee Sin, Sejuani, Riven, Malphite, Amumu or people like Rengar, Tryndamere, Vladimir and etc. can easily kill them. In the Video below, You will see some cut team fights(random ofcourse). After each video I will tell you what did I do right and what did I do wrong. [center][b]Team Fight No.1 (Video Soon) Pros.: Cons: Team Fight No.2 (Video Soon) Pros.: Cons: Team Fight No.3 (Video Soon) Pros.: Cons: Team Fight No.4 (Video Soon) Pros.: Cons:[/b][/center]

In conclusion, I would like to say that Nasus, if played right can defeat always any counter he has. Patience is the key to succeed. If you get angry or rage when they harass you, you will go nuts and try to attack them, leading in a death. Counters like Teemo, Darius, Riven, Pantheon are people that will rage you hard. Do NOT provoke them untill you have the Qs needed to trade back. Know this - \"Harass me early, get your harass back in tripple form in Mid Game.\" - Me. That will be your motto. As a conclusion, I wish you best of luck on the Fields of Justice and hope you advance with Nasus soon!

30.11.2013 - Created the guide. For a few days it hit 100k views! 5.12.2013 - Added Matchups, started adding them. 10.12.2013 - Adding more and more matchups, I will finish them untill 15.12.2013. After or on 25.12.2013 I will finish Early,Mid and Late games. 10.12.2013 - UPDATE!!! - Installed LoL Replay, will add in 2014 clips on Nasus vs. Laner of all matchups to help you. 16.12.2013 - Updating the guide`s contents. Alreaddy added a few more matchups, added Early Game. 18.12.2013 - Edited site code mistakes(looks like they updated their code materials and removed some), Finished the matchups section, added Early game, Mid game. Still editing the guide, as it is not finished. Thanks to all my followers! 29.12.2013 - I have changed my Title from \"Know Pain, feel Pain!\" to \"A guide, fit for a God!\" 17.1.2014 - Reverted the change on 29.12.2013. Added a few more details. 19.1.2014 - I have re-edited the whole guide, finishing most of the parts. Only things left are the Videos. After my next update, I will clear the changelog and sumbit this guide for aprooval. 25.1.2014 - I am preparing for sumbiting this guide as a Featured one, added some more info as a request from viewers.

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