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I've played many Azir games in PBE and experimented many times with his kit. Turns out, support Azir isn't that bad! This is my first build guide so please leave a comment on what I can improve on, thanks! This guide focuses on getting your own team snowballed and having them carry you while you offer constant damage and utility. AKA: You have to get your team fed.

Early game is where Azir shines. In lane, his poke is amazing while staying back at safety, and if your ADC gets in trouble, use your Q to reposition your soldiers and E to your enemies. You shouldn't have a lot of problems in lane unless they're support is Thresh and they know how to reflect your E with his.

Mid game Azir can roam up mid lane as long as your ADC can handle holding bot on his own. Azir is great at ganking due to the Q still being available even if the enemies get away from your soldiers. After your soldiers are on top of the opponent, use your E and let your midlaner do their job.

Late game Azir has to always be with someone so he can get picks for them. You should be warding everywhere and using your w to check brushes since the cooldown is so low. Azir is great at getting picks cause of his huge amount of utility (Slow, knock-up and a literally impassable wall).

In teamfights, Azir should be either: 1. Knocking up the carries and tank for the team. 2. Try to E behind the carries and ulti them back. 3. Apply crowd control to as many targets as possible with e and q Because of Azir's unpredictability, he becomes great in teamfights. Azir shouldn't be in the back using soldiers like a typical midlaner, he should be in the front like a tank.

To conclude, Azir has so many options to use that he can be put in any composition. He has no weak points in the game either, so you and your team should be able to pull a sweet victory. Azir is also good at anti-siege while your teammates split push. I hope you enjoyed my guide on Azir Support!

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