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[center][img=] By Showmeyourmoves[/center] Greetings! I'm Varph and this is yet another one of my numerous guides, this one being Malzahar(I assume you knew that already). So Malz is an odd one, he's an extremely easy to kill immobile mage but has situationaly amazing AoE damage and arguably the most powerful suppression ultimate. Malz is very dependent on CC, his own or his allies as 2 of his abilities are difficult to make use of with out the enemy standing still. [highlight][center]Season 3 Stats[/center][/highlight] [center][imgext=][/center] [center][imgext=][/center] [center][b]Season 4[/b][/center] [center][img=][/center] [center][b]Season 5[/b][/center] [center][img=][/center] [center]My [highlight]LoLKing[/highlight]:[/center] [center][b]Pros[/b][/center] [center][.] 3 second AoE silence![img=skills/malzahar/q.png][/center] [center][.] massive % based damage AoE[img=skills/malzahar/w.png][/center] [center][.] Incredible lane pushing power[img=skills/malzahar/p.png][img=skills/malzahar/e.png][/center] [center][.] Can melt full tanks late game with ease.[/center] [center][.] Huge level 6 kill potential[/center] [center][b]Cons[/b][/center] [center][.] Immobile, easy to kill[/center] [center][.] [img=skills/malzahar/w.png][img=skills/malzahar/q.png] reliant on CC to reliably do something.[/center] [center][.] [img=skills/malzahar/r.png] will be prioritized by the enemy to be interrupted[/center] [center][.] Huge mana costs[/center] [center][.] It is very difficult to do much on your own if R[img=skills/malzahar/r.png] is on cooldown.[/center] [center][.] Malzahar's kit pushes lane naturally, it also screams gank me I have no escapes... naturally.[/center]

[center][img=items/rod-of-ages.png][/center] RoA is a very well rounded item. The sustain great for laning especially with Malz' naturally high mana costs and the health will make him considerably more difficult to kill in lane, this makes him very threatening 1vs1 since even assassin won't have the damage to kill him before he can get his own combo off on them. The flat mana is the best bit however since Malz has stupidly high base mana costs, too high for mana regen to make a difference during a teamfight so the flat mana is far more valuable as it gives him an extra round of his basic abilities before he ooms himself. [center][img=items/rabadons-deathcap.png][img=items/void-staff.png][/center] Malz is a tank killer, but he isn't a tank killer without these items! They cannot be missed out on a build for Malz since they offer the most damage a mage could ask for when together. Almost every mage in the game should get both of these items. [center]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------[/center] [center][img=items/zhonyas-hourglass.png][/center] There's no reason not to get this item, it is one of the big 100 AP items and considering Malz has pretty much 0 defensive abilities and no mobility this item will offer him his only real ability to keep himself alive against divers/assassins. [center]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------[/center] [center][img=items/rylais-crystal-scepter.png][/center] More health, more AP, very nice. What you really buy this thing for is the utility it adds to your kit, your basic abilities have no movement impairing CC attached to them and with Rylai's they do. It adds a very appreciable slow(40% for Q) to them and just in general makes your life a lot easier. [center]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------[/center] [center][img=items/sorcerers-shoes.png][/center] Pretty standard choice for a mage, you shouldn't be considering other choices as they have little value compared to the 15 mpen. [center]What tier 3?[/center] [imgsmall=items/enchantment-alacrity.png] - 20 movement speed, it's quite simple but it is also quite good. This is the competitor with Distortion for enchantment of choice in a standard game. This is typically my choice of enchant for Malz as the 20 movespeed goes a long way when it comes to keeping him at a distance away from any threatening enemies in teamfights. [center][img=items/greater-stealth-totem.png][/center] [center]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------[/center] [b][center]Other items to consider[/center][/b] Obviously the build above isn't the be all and end all for building Malz, he is actually quite flexible when it comes to building items and have a lot of options for preference/situations. [center][img=items/banshees-veil.png][/center] If MR is in dire need due to threatening AP presences on the enemy team or you just feel you need a bit more defense than a just an Hourglass Banshee's is the way to go since it gives a good amount of health/MR and the spell shield is thte ultimate protection against assassins as they often lack the reliable poke to pop the shield before they go for a combo. [center]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------[/center] [center][img=items/liandrys-torment.png][/center] As with all DoT mages, Liandry's is a fantastic buy just because of how long the burn passive lasts on them. Can't really go wrong with another source of % health based damage. Liandrys+W[img=skills/malzahar/w.png] means all Malz needs to stay relevant even if he is behind is some magic penetration. All the stats on Liandry's are great for Malz and like I said the burn passive synergises with his kit heavily. Getting this and a Rylai's can make Malz do some amazing extra damage from all of his abilties. [center]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------[/center] [center][img=items/ludens-echo.png][/center] [center]Malz just isn't spammy enough to justify this thing, he sucks at stacking it![/center] [center]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------[/center] [center][b]Items best to be avoided[/b][/center] [center][img=items/will-of-the-ancients.png][/center] Potions do the same job for a fraction of the price. [center]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------[/center] [center][img=items/seraphs-embrace.png][/center] This competes with RoA for a slot in the end build as they are the main mana items. Problem is this can't really compete since it takes forever to stack on Malz. [center]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------[/center] [center][img=items/lich-bane.png][/center] There is just no synergy with this and Malz' kit, he doesn't even get to autoattack during his combo so this isn't worth investing it whatsoever. [center]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------[/center] [center][img=items/abyssal-scepter.png][/center] A lot of Malz damage is fire and forget, he does the damage and it may be sustained and he leaves the range of it and his ranges are pretty decent, so the aura on this item won't really go to much use so it really just functions as an MR item and in that case Banshee's Veil is just a better more dedicated choice.

Level 1 - level your Q[img=skills/malzahar/q.png] ASAP and cast it 3 times on the fountain before you leave base, this will give you a ready charge of your passive for your next spell. Reason to do this is to make an aggressive play at level 1 on your laner, Q them and go in for the autoattacks, the Voidling will put pretty much any level 1 trade in your favour and they should have to back off all the way to their turret, that establishes lane dominance and your laner knows you are an aggressive mofo. After that well there isn't all that much you can do, you can try Q the laner every now and then to harass them and use Voidlings as your opportunities to trade but outside of that it is just E[img=skills/malzahar/e.png] the minion wave and autoattack whichever minion is afflicted by the Space AIDS to maintain it bouncing. This will make you push pretty damn hard and a lot of mid laners can't handle such pushing power well and will be forced to focus their efforts on the minions instead of you. Do note however you are Malz, and you will push so his great laning weakness will show, that is how easy it is to gank him.

Laning - During the midgame Malz' playmaker[img=skills/malzahar/r.png] is now available. So he finally has kill potential on his laners, you should try poke your laner down with a Q[img=skills/malzahar/q.png] or 2 or E[img=skills/malzahar/e.png], once they are missing some health you can go for the [img=skills/malzahar/w.png][img=skills/malzahar/r.png] combo and finish it up with a [img=skills/malzahar/e.png][img=summoners/ignite.png]. Getting that full combo off will either kill your laner or send them running in fear, either way its a win for you! Note that the combo above isn't the best combo by far, it is just the easiest and most reliable. The best combo would require them walking into you hiding in an ambush for you to get it off and it would go in this order [img=skills/malzahar/q.png][img=skills/malzahar/e.png][img=summoners/ignite.png][img=skills/malzahar/w.png][img=skills/malzahar/r.png] Outside of laning there is the skirmishes which with your ultimate should be in your favour, Malz is one of the best mages to have by a junglers side in a 2vs2 because he can easily make that a 2vs1, whoever you ult is down to the situation... Who is easier to kill? who can interrupt you more reliably etc. Dragons - Whether it be doing the dragon, or trying to stop the enemy dragon your job as Malz is 1 thing, get to the enemy jungler and suppress them at the key moment when the dragon is low as suppressions stop everything including smite! When helping with killing such objectives it's a great idea to get a Voidling out as it will be by far your biggest contribution in damage to dragon.

Roaming - People like to walk about their own jungle on their own and farm wraiths or overextend in their lane when there is no tier 1/2 towers left, don't do this especially as an immobile mage. Stick with your team at all times since the enemy team will be looking for opportunities to pick people off. It can be ok if it is a 1 vs 1 situation as Malz is great at that kind of thing but he is also great at catching people so you should be part of that hunting party looking for catching people. Sieging - During tower sieges whether defending or attacking your job as Malz is simple, Attack the tower(if applicable) and spam your Q at the enemy front line while looking for any opportunity to catch someone out regardless of who with your W-R combo. Try to get your E on anyone as harass as well but don't go risking your life for it especially if the enemy team is designed for catching people out that try such a thing[img=champ/leblanc.png][img=champ/vi.png][img=champ/veigar.png] Baron - Whether it be doing the Baron, or trying to stop the enemy Baron your job as Malz is 1 thing, get to the enemy jungler and suppress them at the key moment when the dragon is low as suppressions stop everything including smite! When helping with killing such objectives it's a great idea to get a Voidling out as it will be by far your biggest contribution in damage to dragon.

Teamfights for Malz are probably his worst point but that doesn't mean they are bad, they are just really unreliable and messy. When they go good they go really good it's just they kinda go bad more often. Generally your job is just to combo someone with [img=skills/malzahar/w.png][img=skills/malzahar/r.png] and any other spell you can, as long as your team can take advantage of the combo it really doesn't matter who you hit, although you do want to pick priority targets if you can. [center][img=skills/malzahar/p.png][/center] You won't really notice this in teamfights, and to be honest neither will the enemy most of the time. All you need to know is if you are spamming your abilties that you will probably have 1 or 2 of these little guys gnawing at someones knees someone. 0 input from you for some free damage, can't complain about that. [center][img=skills/malzahar/q.png][/center] After and before your main combo you will want to just cast this whenever it is on cooldown to hit as many people as possible since a 3 second silence is major for anyone, even a marksman! [center][img=skills/malzahar/w.png][/center] This should be tied in with your ultimate to burn down someone as fast as you can, after that however it is just a simple damage spell and you best throw it at where people are grouping in fights so plopping it on your friendly marksman is probably a good choice to hurt the people diving on him assuming they ain't diving on you. [center][img=skills/malzahar/e.png][/center] Another spell to just throw on anyone you can that is in range, obviously prioritize squishy and low health champions first but it doesn't matter in the end. You will also want to get one of these on your ultimate combo target. [center][img=skills/malzahar/r.png][/center] How you use this decides your moment in the teamfight, As with all his other abilities it really doesn't matter who you hit, a 4vs5 is a 4vs5! You will want to W>R at a bare minimum on a target that your team can use your ult for its advantage. You must also make sure you are not a free engage for doing this so try cast it from a safe distance which is why it is generally used on tanks that get too close. If you have the chance however you can flash+R a priority target if your team is a fast engage team.

Malzahars match ups are kind of weird, he doesn't really fight anyone he just pushes and then outside factors tend to decide how the lane goes from there on. I'll be adding more as time passes!

Thanks for checking out my Malz guide! If you have any questions/requests/LITERALLY ANYTHING then leave a comment below! Check out my other guides! [imgsmall=champ/ahri.png]Ahri - [imgsmall=champ/zyra.png]Zyra - [imgsmall=champ/brand.png]Brand - [imgsmall=champ/syndra.png]Syndra - [imgsmall=champ/lissandra.png]Lissandra - [imgsmall=champ/veigar.png]Veigar - [imgsmall=champ/morgana.png]Morgana - [imgsmall=champ/anivia.png]Anivia - [imgsmall=champ/xerath.png]Xerath - [imgsmall=champ/velkoz.png]Vel'Koz - [imgsmall=champ/ziggs.png]Ziggs - [imgsmall=champ/azir.png]Azir - [img=champ/viktor.png]Viktor - [img=champ/leblanc.png]LeBlanc - [img=champ/gragas.png]Gragas SUPPORT - [img=champ/janna.png]Janna SUPPORT - [img=champ/maokai.png]Maokai Top - [img=champ/nautilus.png]Nautilus Jungle - [img=champ/sion.png]Sion Jungle - [img=champ/bard.png]Bard Support -

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