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Azir in the early game consists in getting as many auto´s to harrass the other mid laner and to farm much more faster, because his basic attack doesn´t do that much damage and the soldiers attack to slow if you don´t get any attack speed. I tried this build and had better results. I can juke more and have better positioning and have more range to cast the auto attack move click with soldiers. The movement speed helps you to be near your soldier to make him autoattack and get far enough to avoid possible damage.

You just need to farm and don´t use your E unless you are 100% sure of killing the enemy or if your jungler is ganking you. Use the auto attack move whenever you have a soldier to farm, try to put them beside a minion , to pierce through many minions.

Try to get blue buffs and get as much farm to get your items. Use your ult to zone the enemy and keep using the auto attack move whenever you use your Q to move soldiers. Keep spamming your W and Q in teamfights and look for an opportunity for an E whenever you think you are safe doing it, to keep harrassing.

His soldiers basic attacks do tons of damage, and he brings a lot of CC in the fights. Just keep spamming W and Q. He isn´t an assasin and doesn´t have insane burst. So be careful in late game with assasins. Try to stay away in a good position.

Q and W are your main source of damage so keep spamming and use auto attack move for your soldiers. Try fighting around destroyed turrets, if you use your passive the shots do good damage as well and the attack speed of the turret is pretty fast.

Azir is the hardest champion I have played but with these runes I became better and positioned myself better. He does a lot of damage but the way you play it , will definitely give you a victory or a defeat.

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