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Demacia's Most Notorious Duelist [5.16]

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[center][img=][/center] Hello Everyone, later on I will be setting some time aside to updating some match ups that are out of date due to the nature of Fiora's Rework. I have also removed the jungle section due to her unreliable jungle potential. Thank You, and have a wonderful day! [center][img=][/center] [center][img=][/center] Hi I'm Undead Spetsnaz, I'm currently ranked Gold V as of season 5. I started playing this game since late season 2 early season 3 and have been learning and loving the game ever since. Fiora is one of the few champions I have played obsessively (7 months straight to be exact) and have wanted to share some of my knowledge on one of the most underrated Champions in the game. A lot of players didn't like Fiora because she is a melee attack damage carry(ADC) that offered high damage output but provided very little to no utility. Because of this fact most players would of called her a worthless champion and wouldn't even consider her to be picked in any situation. However, she is here with a brand new kit that compliments here \"Duelist\" side as well as provide very strong team fight utility. Fiora is now a champion that has a higher skill cap than before and can be quite tricky to play. With proper management of her passive, a good Fiora player will be able to leave their opponents with very little room to escape. [b]In this guide you will learn:[/b] [b]-[/b] How to determine efficient runes & masteries. [b]- [/b]Build rune pages. [b]- [/b]Determine your personal summoner spell set. [b]-[/b] Understanding Essential & Situational Items. [b]-[/b] Fiora's ability skill set. [b]-[/b] Leveling Skill order. [b]- [/b]Ability combinations. [b]-[/b] Individual match ups & difficulty(based off personal experience). [b]- [/b]How to determine Synergies and Counter Measures. [b]- [/b]How to approach Early - Mid - Late game phases. [b]-[/b] How to maintain map awareness. [center][img=][/center] [b]PROS:[/b] - Low Mana Costs - Many Auto Attack resets - Percentage MAX HP True Damage with Duelist's Dance(Passive) on vital proc - Built in Heal with Duelist's Dance - Huge Movement Speed buff with Duelist's Dance - Gap Closer/Escape tool with Lunge(Q) - Innate Stun/Slow with Riposte(W) - Built in Movement Speed & Attack Speed debuff with Riposte(W) - Ranged harassment with Riposte(W) - High attack speed steroid with Blade Work(E) - Built in Slow and Critical Strike with Blade Work(E) - Large AOE HP5 from Grand Challenge(R) [b]CONS:[/b] - Squishy - Requires great positioning - High Cooldowns Early

[center][img=][/center] When Fiora's Update was announced I immediately jumped on board to find out more of the new Duelist style. Fiora has always been exceptional at assassinating squishy carries and out dueling AA reliant champions. She no longer has the same amount of damage as before. Instead, they replaced some of her raw damage with mobility and utility. With this in mind lets start to think about her passive Duelist's Dance. Her passive will mark nearby enemy champions with a vital wound area placed 90 degrees around the center of the champion. Fiora must proc the vital areas to deal her percent max health true damage. Her passive is randomly generated where the next vital will be after being proc'd or left remaining for 15 seconds. When in lane I keep my eye on the vital areas. If the vital appears in the front it is quite easy to chase after, if the vital appears behind the enemy it becomes the most difficult. I always keep in mind of the situation if I intend to proc that vital area. Are there minions behind him? How many? Are his abilities on cool down? Are my abilities on cool down? Do I have the resources to create a skirmish? Can I force a kill from this position? These are what run through my head when I vital appears. When I play Fiora I try to keep in mind the champion I'm fighting and their limitations. An example would be Sion. Sion is very immobile, intends to build tank items, loaded with crowd control, and moderate damage. These are all traits that Fiora can abuse. The new Fiora may have new changes, more outplay potential, and even new build paths. However, Riot did not change Fiora. She is still the same champion they released way back when. She is still item reliant, and still has the assassin play style. No matter how I look at it, she is still the same champion most Fiora players know and love. [center][b]Build Thoughts[/b][/center] When I look to build Fiora there are only two items I look to build first. Trinity Force and an on-hit life steal item(Blade of the ruined King/Ravenous Hydra). Fiora has the tools to deal with any champion in a 1v1 skirmish, now all I have to do is enhance her tools. Trinity Force was my first item thought to build because of how low the cool down on her Q would be if you were to hit an enemy. We would be able to proc the spell blade passive every 2 seconds with her new Q. I also wanted to utilize the phage passive to run around my target, especially since our new E as a built in slow. The combat stats that the Trinity Force possesses are not too great but every little bit helps Fiora's kit. My second Item thought is an on-hit life steal item. The only two that I would consider is Blade of the Ruined King and Ravenous Hydra. With the Ravenous Hydra you would be able to have exceptionally great wave clear with the cleave passive. You will also have a large amount of AD to to sustain with the life steal provided and help scale your passive. With the Blade of the Ruined King you will have extremely high dueling potential with your auto attacks and Q(Lunge). The only thing to argue about these two items is the situation that presents itself. Do you need wave clear? or Do you need DPS? Very seldom do I build both in one game but this is the situation to think about. You are going to want to build your Trinity Force ASAP because it costs very close to an Infinity edge. Eliminating build time is essential to Fiora's success. To further accelerate Trinity Force's build path I want to be certain that I have a sustain item first whether it be Tiamat or Bilgewater Cutlass. I typically buy Tiamat when I'm being pushed in or harassed in lane. When I need the Cutlass, I look to build it when I can chase my opponent away or when I have jungle interference. After my sustain item I look to buy a Phage then a Sheen in that order to further enhance my skirmish potential. Once Trinity Force is completed Fiora becomes a whole different beast. But regarding the rest of her build after her essential items are done, I look to build critical strike chance/damage. The reasoning behind my decision is that outside of Fiora's Q her other abilities have high cooldowns until cool down reduction has been purchased. Fiora will be left with nothing but her auto attacks and AD and life steal alone will have very little effect when you're at lower levels of health. Even though critical strike chance doesn't really have any purpose besides increasing your DPS, I find extremely necessary to utilize her assassin style of play. [center][b]Ability Combos[/b][/center] In this section I will list her ability combos. Before I list specific combinations I will list a legend key to help further understand what I'm listing. [b]P: Passive Q: Lunge W: Riposte E: Blade Work R: Grand Challenge AA: Auto Attack 2: Hydra's Active[/b] 1. [b]P > Q > AA [/b]= This combination is centered around her passive. The P symbolizes that Fiora spotted a vital area and has targeted it. The Q will lead Fiora in closing the gap and procing the vital mark deal %max health true damage. To end the combination we throw one AA to maximize the damage and back off with th movement speed winning us the trade. 2. [b]P > W[/b] = This combination allows Fiora to proc her passive with her W. Assuming the vital mark has been spotted perpendicular to Fiora you can use her W as a form of ranged harassment. This ensures you can proc the vital mark from a distance and disengage with the movement speed provided with the her passive(Assuming they retaliate). 3. [b]P > Q > AA > E > AA >AA[/b] = This combination is best used when attempting a heavy trade/all-in. This shares a similar combination to this the 1st one but this utilizes her E. Since Fiora has many AA resets we want to take advantage of them as much as possible. This ensures we maximize her damage output. Lead in with your Q to proc the vital area and land an AA. Then follow up by activating your E to gain access to your slow. Afterwards you want to land another AA to proc the second part of your E which is your critical strike. If you believe you can all-in your opponent you can continue trading, otherwise disengage. 4. [b]P > Q > AA > E > AA > 2 > AA[/b] = This combination is the same as the 3rd combination except this time we are utilizing the Ravenous Hydra active. The purpose of this combo is to accelerate the time it takes to damage your target. In between your E there is a grey space where your AA is going through the timer to process the animation. When you activate your E it immediately resets your AA timer to help apply the slow faster. After the first AA your AA timer is going through the process to attack again. We can cancel this animation by using the Hydra's active to throw out another AA to land the critical strike. 5. P > Q > AA > R > AA > E > AA > AA = This combination is the same as the 3rd combination except this time we are utilizing our R. When we activate our R ability all 4 of our targets vitals become exposed at one time. We want to lead in with our Q first as we looking to proc our targets vital spots prior to R activation. When R is active all of the vitals will be exposed and are available to target. You are going to want to utilize your E as much as possible here.

In season 3 I have played fiora in the top lane and played every single match up you can think of. Some were easy and some were harder than others. In season 4 the tank meta became very popular and hard to deal with especially if you didn't have HP shredding champions like Vayne or Malzahar. So what I did to deal with this is I shifted to play Fiora in the mid lane as it seemed very well suited for her. This was very advantageous because most players are familiar with Fiora being played in the top lane so this opened up alot of room for counter play. For example If I was to pick Fiora and the enemy team were to pick a Jax, I would confirm with my team that I would be going mid and then one of my teammates will counter pick with Renekton. This is the most favored thing for me to do when I get Fiora since she can be a huge lane bully in the mid lane. The only notes I have for playing Fiora in the mid lane is to not [b]LOSE[/b]! That may have been a little to broad so allow to make it clear. Fiora has no utility or crowd control to offer her team just raw damage. You have to think about her like an assassin like Fizz, Zed, or Talon. These are kill lane champions they rely on leads and snowballing to lead their team to victory. Because don't forget we got counter picked to counter pick so we have to have a good lead to deal with those tanks later on. I know I have been ranting quite alot about playing Fiora in the mid lane but I just want you guys to know it's not wrong to play or pick Fiora in the top lane either. [b]SYNERGY: is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts.[/b] So according to this definition we want to look for some champions that our teammates can play that will compliment your kit. (NOTE: It is almost mandatory you build a team around Fiora as she doesnt provide much utility. Because remember that the team with the most utility wins the game.) [img=champ/sejuani.png] [b]Sejuani[/b] - She is one of the most durable front line champions that provides alot of utility and damage. Sejuani has a very strong AOE stun from her R(Glacial Prison) that when timed correctly can lead Fiora into unleashing a devastating Blade Waltz. She can also assist Fiora in killing tanks as her W(Flail of the Northern Winds) deals 12% (+ 3% per 100 AP) of target's maximum health in [b]MAGIC DAMAGE[/b] then spins around Sejuani for 4 seconds dealing up to 40 (+ 3% of maximum health) (+ 15% AP) per second at max rank. [b][I give Sejuani a 10 out of 10][/b] [img=champ/leona.png] [b]Leona[/b] - She is one of the most dependable supports to have on your team. She is a kill lane support that relies on snowballing off of successful hard engages early game to become a tanky front line for her team. If she were to fall behind she would lack the durability for a solid initiation. But luckily for Fiora even if Leona falls behind she still has alot of utility and can play more as of a peeler rather than a hard initiator. She will also be able to provide bonus magic damage when her allies consume the Sunlight debuff from her passive. [b][I give Leona a 8 out of 10][/b] [img=champ/jarvaniv.png] [b]Jarvan IV[/b] - Jarvan has been seeing alot of popularity in the top lane recently but is also a very strong jungler. Jarvan possesses a alot of utility for his team. Jarvan has Percentage Armor reduction, Knockup, Slow, Aura Attack Speed, Vision through demacian standard, and the ability to create an impassible terrain through Cataclysm. All of these traits that Jarvan has will allow Fiora to the Damage to his utility. In team fights, If Jarvan is able to get off a good cataclysm onto 2-4 people that is more than enough for Fiora to cut them down with Blade Waltz. [b][I give Jarvan IV a 9 out of 10][/b] \"Fiora's ego would be insufferable if it wasn't so... justified.\" - Jarvan IV [img=champ/kayle.png] [b]Kayle[/b] - Kayle is very versatile champion that can be used in many ways. She can be built as AD, AP hybrid, or tank, she can be played top, mid, or jungle just like you but has tons of utility. Kayle has a Armor & Magic Resist shredding passive that stacks up to 15%, a heal and speed boost with her divine blessing, a heavy slow with Reckoning, ranged splash damage, and an invulnerable shield. With Kayle's kit on Fiora's team will ensure that Fiora will be able to successfully get off her Blade Waltz. The only problem I have with Kayle is that she doesn't have a solid form of initiation for her team leaving her to stay in the back with the Fiora. [b][I give Kayle a 7 out of 10][/b] [img=champ/morgana.png] [b]Morgana[/b] - Morgana is a very good in 2 roles; the first role would be as an AP mid laner, and then second would be as a disengage/poke support. Morgana's utility does not rely on her building AP. She also is mostly picked as a support so she can counter very aggresive supports like Leona, Blitzcrank, and thresh due to her black shield. When she catches somebody with her dark binding, at max rank lasts 3 whole seconds. In conjunction to using tormented soil on a snared unit will allow Morgana to deal alot of DOT and sustain with her passive Soul Siphon[img=skills/morgana/p.png]. Morgana also shines very well in team fights when she is able to grab on to multiple enemies with her R(Soul Shackles). After 3 seconds if they can't get out of her AOE are stunned for 1.5 seconds which will give Fiora enough time to safely start Blade Waltz. It's also safe to say you won't have to worry about cc as much since Morgana can throw the Black Shield on you to ensure a good Blade Waltz.[b] [I give Morgana a 9 out of 10][/b] [img=champ/ahri.png] [b]Ahri[/b] - Ahri is as of right now an Assassin Mage who has alot of versatility as a mid laner. She kind of like the blend of Lux and Akali's kit in one. She has insane mobility with her R(Spirit Rush) when available and is able to fish for picks with her E(Charm). Ahri is also able to deal true damage with her orb of deception which multiplies with charm by 20%. I still have to wait and see how the synergy with Ahri and Fiora stands because when patch 5.2 gets applied Ahri will have received significant changes to her kit. It is still currently being tested on PBE as they will be compensating Ahri and her abilities with the removal of Death Fire Grasp(DFG) and removing the 20% damage amp on her Charm. Until then [b][I give Ahri a 8 out of 10][/b] [b]COUNTER: To do something in defense or in response to something.[/b] We now understand what the definition to counter is so lets look at some hard counters to Fiora. [img=champ/nasus.png] [b]Nasus[/b] - Now in the match up section I have mentioned Nasus is weakest during the early stages of the game that is true, but games are recently taking longer than they should to end. This is what makes Nasus a living nightmare, from the first second in the game to the end of days Nasus can farm his Q(Siphoning Strike) forever. It has no cap and stacks 3 damage per unit kill and doubles for champions, large monsters, and large minion kills. That is why Nasus is a terror. He does not require by any means to build 1 offensive item but to build straight tank, and since his Q can get only stronger and stronger this will be very beneficial to Nasus as his passive late game can sustain him up to 20% of damage dealt. During team fights Nasus is going to take action like high damage support by using his W(Wither) on your team's ranged ADC unless you(Fiora) are the most lethal threat and attempt to Q you to death. The only way you can look to beat a late game Nasus is to either 5v1 him or pray he runs out of mana. [b][I give Nasus a 10 out of 10][/b] [img=champ/malphite.png] [b]Malphite[/b] - Malphite plays an important role as a durable initiator. Malphite can be built in several ways but the two most common build paths are AP Bruiser or Straight Tank. Malphite is quite a scary foe to face as his kit is anti-AD. Q(Seismic Shard) to prevent ADCs ranged or melee from running away or kiting, W(Brutal Strikes) to increase his Armor and AD values by a drastic percentage, while following up with his E(Ground Slam) to deal AOE magic damage while reducing his enemies attack speed by a percentage for 3 seconds. In team fights Malphite is going to be a strong initiator for his team as his R(Unstoppable Force) allows him to travel from point A to point B without being interrupted by disables and knocking all nearby enemies struck into the air for 1.5 seconds. For Malphite's decent damage, insane durability, and utility [b][I give Malphite a 9 out of 10][/b]

[center][b]Early Game[/b][/center] In my opinion the game is won on how well you do early game. With Fiora there is no exception. Whether you play her in the mid lane or the top lane you want to follow a few simple rules when laning. 1. Always last hit 2. Respect your enemy's zone 3. Freeze when you have the advantage 4. Push the wave when you have the advantage 5. Trade when favorable. 6. Deny farm 7. Maintain map awareness 1. [b]Always last hit[/b] - You ideally only want to last hit as it is a safe and secure way to gain gold and experience. This will generally help you get your desired items faster as well as keeping your lane where you want it to be. I try to not AA the minions as much as you could potentially lose the kill and you could be forcing the wave into their tower opening you up for a gank. 2. [b]Respect your enemy's zone[/b] - This is exactly how it sounds, Fiora is melee and chances are you are gonna fight another melee champ with slightly more range than you or you will be fighting ranged champ in general. I say to respect their range because you could be at an disadvantage from being poked or getting AA'd by your opposition. In turn your opponent wants to do the same as you have ridiculous early game damage. 3. [b]Freeze the wave when you have the advantage[/b] - The idea of pushing/freezing a lane are skills falling under the category wave manipulation aka lane control. The ideal time to keep the wave frozen is when they are in no position to force a trade. An example would be if you got a kill early and comeback with more damage or sustain than your lane opponent. This would be a good time to zone away your opponent from the minion wave so you can focus on last hitting and if need be force a trade outside of their minion wave. In this video he gives in depth look on freezing. [center] [vid=][/center] 4. [b]Push the wave when you have the advantage[/b] - For pushing a lane there actually two ways we can do this. We can either hard push the lane or we can slow push the lane. When you hard push the lane that means you want to eliminate his wave as quickly as possible to force him under tower. This can be beneficial when you want to deny them cs or to tower dive them with your jungler. Pushing the wave isn't always the best choice as it will open you up for a gank, and since Fiora doesn't have any true escape mechanisms your only choices are to be to stand your ground and fight or to run like a little girl as they slap you silly. Now normally as this is similar to freezing the wave sometimes it is ideal to push. For example if your opponent is choosing to AA your wave you want to copy him/her to help keep the lane in the same spot. Now for slow pushing it's a bit different. The way to execute this is to eliminate the Ranged caster minions and leave the melee minions alive. The melee minions have the same dps as the Caster minions but also have less damage as the caster minions. In turn this will allow our wave to stack and slowly push the enemy wave back. This is a good tactic to use around mid game when everyone starts roaming as this lane can be isolated and when there is nor response will allow 2-4 waves of minions to end up at their 2nd tier tower. In this video he explains how to slow push properly. [center][vid=][/center] 5. [b]Trade when favorable[/b] - What I mean by Trading is to trade damage. There are three types of trades we can look at. 1. Free harass - damage them and take no damage yourself (also known as poke). 2. Normal Trades - You both deal and take damage (who ever deals the most ideally wins the trade). 3. Auto Attack Trades - When they go to last hit, hit them with an AA and run away. An example of [b]Free Harass[/b] can be Yasuo with his Q(Steel Tempest) as he is able to strike his enemies from a distance and back off before his opponent tries to retaliate. For [b]Normal Trades[/b] it is pretty straight forward, whoever deals more damage wins the trade. As we mentioned Yasuo above we can also use Fiora in this example as well. If Yasuo and Fiora were to exchange damage Fiora would be more favored to win the trades as she can use W(Riposte) against Yauo's Q(Steel Tempest) and Follow up with her Q-AA-Q-AA combo. This would show that she blocked his main damage source and reflected magic damage and used both casts of her Q and 2 AAs to get off the maximum amount of damage before backing off. For [b]Auto Attack Trades[/b] this is where Fiora shines. Fiora's Riposte is her safest ability to perform AA trades and to safely secure cs in an unfavorable match up. If your opponent was to go for a last hit you want to AA them. The reason being is every AA has a beginning animation, damage animation, and ending animation. If your opponent is to perform an AA on a minion you want to AA them because they won't be able to cancel the animation after they already dealt damage leading into the ending animation as it will lock them in place. At this time you would be able to get off damage before they can respond. The other way is if you go for a last hit and they choose to AA you, you can use Riposte to block the AA and reflect magic damage and follow up with an AA of your own to win the trade. A good mechanic to learn is how to animation cancel as explained by Ceiderhelm in his video teaching players how to kite and stutter stepping. [center][vid=][/center] 6. [b]Deny Farm[/b] - Denying farm is relatively similar to AA trades when playing Fiora. Once you have established yourself as the higher damage dealer you can begin to deny your opponent cs. This is also why I say respect their zones because it's not worth losing 150HP over 1 minion. By denying them cs is when you position your self in their minion wave and zone them away from yours because they will take unnecessary damage when they go for a low minion. When you have very strong kill potential they are gonna be very scared to come near you as they could give up a kill. When they feel trapped they are going to look to their team mates for assistance like mid or their jungler. 7. [b]Maintain Map Awareness[/b] - Now in the example mentioned above in the [b]Deny Farm[/b] section it's time you maintained map awareness. A way to practice good map awareness is to buy at least 1-2 Green ward after every back and place them in areas where you believe the enemy team is more than likely to move. Once vision is established (even if you used your trinket) it's good to look at your mini map every time you get a last hit on a minion. If you notice the enemy's jungler or mid laner is missing, it is always good to ping that they are missing so your other lanes can proceed with caution. Since you have established vision on your side of the map and notice someone is coming to gank you can just back off and go back in after you feel it is safe. After the enemy who tried to gank your lane has left remember to ping that they are missing to keep your team aware of their movements. [center][b]Mid Game[/b][/center] Mid game you are still going to be looking to farm no matter where you are so you can still generate income for your items. But around 15-20 minutes mid game generalizes around tower pushing and dragon fights because around this time Tanks have become reliably sturdy so your damage is going to be a valuable asset to your team. You don't want to be wandering alone in the fog of war as generally you don't know what is lurking around the corner. What you should be doing in conjunction to farming is to assist in vision control. If you haven't already bought a sweeping lens trinket I highly recommend you do so to help clear out wards. Anytime you have your lens up use it when you are walking by an area you feel that might be warded. If possible I recommend you buy a pink ward and place it areas that can be helpful to clear out wards I.E river, dragon/baron pits, jungle, bushes. Mid game is also the team fights start to unwind. The way you need to approach these team fights are to let your tanks/bruisers initiate and you follow up as the clean up crew. An Example of a team comp you might have/want. [img=champ/fiora.png] - You [img=champ/sejuani.png] - Jungler [img=champ/lissandra.png] - Mid or Top [img=champ/graves.png] - ADC [img=champ/alistar.png] - Support With this example composition you would want either Lissandra, Sejuani, or Alistar to initiate the fight because of their hard CC and durability. Once they begin the fight it is your job to help eliminate targets quickly and use your Blade Waltz anytime the enemy team has 2-5 members bunched up. Once you have won the team fight you want to look to push your advantage and look to take towers and hopefully inhibitors (This can also mean baron/dragon). [center][b]Late Game[/b][/center] If you have reached this point in the game, you want to look to end the game as quickly and safely as possible. You dying early can result in a loss for your team.

[center][img=][/center] Since we talked about maintaining map awareness in the \"Early Game\" section I thought this would be good to have it's own section. I have taken in-game screen shots of of my ward placements and have highlighted them with a red circle to help with visualization. [center][img=][/center] Regardless if you're on Blue or Red side this is gonna be a very defensive ward placement. If you are on [b]Blue Side[/b] this will be a good indicator to alert your team if the enemy jungler is coming through the river to gank or that he/she has entered your team's jungle. This is also a very good ward placement around 20:00 minutes in the game as that is when the new baron spawns. For the [b]Red Side[/b] this is also considered a very aggressive ward placement as this will allow you to posses vision on the entrance/exit from the Top Blue Side jungle. This will give you good vision from the river, however you still need to make sure you have a ward in the Tri-brush so you don't have the jungler coming into lane from behind you. As shown in the screenshot below. [center][img=][/center] In the screenshot above, this can be very beneficial as if you were on blue side as this would be your Aggressive ward placement. This will allow to maintain vision in the enemy tri-brush as this can also help see the jungler enter lane through their jungle or through the river. This is also very good to have here when the enemy decides to push the wave because more than likely the enemy top is going to roam. This situation will allow you to do 1 of 2 things. [1.] You can have safe time alone farming while pinging that the enemy top is missing or [2.] You can follow the enemy top and alert your jungler and mid to counter gank. Which ever you decide make the best of it. [center][img=][/center] In this screenshot above, this is a very defensive ward for the Blue Side. Instead of just being aware of the jungler entering the lane through the river or through the jungle, we also need to be aware of the enemy top pushing the wave to have safe passage for their jungler to come into lane from behind their tower. When your creeps die you will start to lose vision of the lane until you encounter enemy units. When this happens the enemy jungler can sneak into the lane and wait in this bush. For the Red Side you want to place the ward in the bush near blue side tower. [center][img=][/center] In this image above this a very defensive ward placement as it provides true vision. True vision reveals stealthed units such as Teemo's Noxious Trap, Shaco's Jack in the Box, and champions like Evelynn, Wukong, Rengar, Shaco, Talon, Kha'zix etc. This will be your last line of defense if they happen to get through your ward placements in the river & jungle.

Thank You for taking the time to read my guide! If you have any questions or concerns please leave a comment below. [img=]

[b][08/05/2015][/b]: Updated Masteries, slight changes to ability section, updated pros/cons, updated introduction, updated runes. [b][07/22/2015][/b]: Fiora's rework added to announcement/Introduction [b][05/11/2015][/b]: Updated Build Path. Updated Runes [b][04/21/2015][/b]: Updated masteries & item build [b][03/27/2015][/b]: Updated Runes & masteries, Removed Incomplete Match Ups (will return one at a time), Updating Jungle Section, Condensed Early/Mid/Late game chapters into 1. [b][03/09/2015][/b]: Added change log, Updated Katarina match up, added Hecarim match up

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