Nautilus Build Guide

Nautilus Jungle - How to take carries out - Patch 5.7

Updated 2 years ago
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Hey guys ! I´m a diamond main jungler in EUW. With this guide i want you to play [img=champ/nautilus.png] as the full tank jungler he is. I think this champion is realy underrated in the current meta, sice [img=items/skirmishers-sabre-enchantment---juggernaut.png] got buffed for tank junglers. My LoL Skill [img=] My ingame profile [img=]

Try to farm up yourself in the early phase you need some expensive items. Place some rare but impactful ganks and take enemy flashes whenever you can. But focus on your jungle routes. [img=champ/nautilus.png] is easy to counterjungle before he gets level 4 and his second [img=skills/nautilus/w.png] but after it he deals some good damage and can tank a few spells in the early midgame. That is the time to gank bot with your [img=skills/nautilus/r.png] and secure the dragon.

In the midgame you can go in like Rambo with your finished [img=items/rigtheous-glory.png] you can chase into the enemy team and tanking a whole bunch of damgae with your [img=skills/nautilus/w.png] but don´t play it to hard, your team has to follow you up ! In this gamepart you have to lead your team and focus on objectives. If you Ace the enemy Team don´t be shy to call the Nashor ! You can tank alot and if your team can deal some damage you ll be the proud owner of a 22 min Nashor and your team will steamroll over them with you in the frontline. (would be a perfect example for Zz Rot Portal)

Here we go as a full tank. Your damage is low now you can´t kill enemy ADc's in 1 v 1 becouse your damage is to low ? It´s time to step back from hunting Adc's down and peel for your own ! With all your tankyness and almost 5 K HP and a 1K shield you are the tank every team wants. peel with your whole cc for your carry and you will win this game phase. Focus on turrets and inhibitors. Don´t forget to take Barons and Dragons !

So here is my personal jungle [img=champ/nautilus.png] guide ! I hope you enjoy the gameplay and have good luck in summoners rift ! The guide will be updated every week if I got new stuff for you ! The latest update will be one day after every patch day !

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