Maokai Build Guide

The Prevailing King of the Jungle

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[center][img][/img] I'm a dirty dirty man for linking a Mobafire-hosted image ;^)[/center] [center][big][img=champ/maokai.png] - Why Maokai? - [img=champ/maokai.png][/big][/center] [center]With the advent of pre-S5 jungle changes, junglers experienced a massive smack to the face in terms of diversity and sustain prowess. Now, only a few champions can actually clear efficiently without being forced into an early blue pill. Maokai, with his ridiculous sustain and spammable palate of abilities, clears with ease in a good amount of time and with health to spare! Utilizing a different skill path from before, Maokai can become the terror of the jungle he once was, albeit taking a different route. You'll be ganking left and right and securing objectives faster than you can dodge a sapling with Flash.[/center] [center][big]WHO AM I?[/big][/center] [center]I'm currently a Platinum Support/Filler that peaked at Diamond 4 last season before decaying heavily due to withdrawing from university. I'm finally back, though, and with the recent changes to the jungle I feel the tanky sustain meta of S2 and S3 will make a distinct comeback in the near future of S5. It may not be THE meta to play in all games, but certainly it is becoming more prevalent than in the previous season. Maokai is and forever will be my favorite jungler in League of Legends. He's the one I started with all those years ago, and he's the one I'll probably end with as well.[/center]

This is a WIP. As Season 5 kicks off, I will try to update with any new items or builds, nerfs or buffs, etc. I left out matchups and gameplay chapters for the time being, as I'll need to put aside time to flesh those out as much as possible. I believe Maokai is a fantastic champion with all the tools needed to match almost any composition out there (with the right amount of tools an preparation, mind you). While many prefer to abuse his pressure and presence as a top lane menace, I still vouch for his strength as a mainstay in the jungle, the place of his origin and rightful home of inheritance. Because you don't invade the jungle; the jungle invades you!

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