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Rise w/ Ryze! The Broken Mage [5.13] Diamond Guide

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[IMG]http://i.imgur.com/lASy4s5.png[/IMG] [big][b]Hi I'm Diamond 5. This is my second season playing league. My main account is now \"Luule\". I mained Ryze last season and still do to this day unless he's banned.[/big][/b]

[b]Pros:[/b] -Bursty -Tanky -Has great early-late game dmg -Once he has tear of goddess, he can spam abilities -High mobile [b]Cons:[/b] -No escape except for ult (Which isn't that helpful) -You might be camped by jungler since your late game - Squishy until mid-late game -Can't help other lanes if you're losing your lane

When you're playing early game with ryze. You're really squishy. You still do tons of dmg. Idk how many times I made plays where I get double kills when I get ganked. It all comes with experience. When you play ryze, you feel powerful. WARD, WARD, WARD. Make sure you ward, chances are people will camp you because they know your a late game beast! I don't know why but every game I play I get camped in any lane I play while not playing ryze. But they will camp you harder since you are Ryze. Early game you want to farm your ass off. Get good with last hitting. You want to make it to late game where you really shine. You will become OP. Its gonna take practice to farm while you're harassing the enemy, but you will get used to it. If you are shitting on your lane. Push up your lane. 4 Things you can do: 1. Roam mid and help mid win their lane or guarantee a kill. 2. Teleport down bot or mid if they need help or if the enemy is pushing their tower, you can gank from behind and easily insure a kill cause of your root. ( MAKE SURE YOU TELL THEM BEFORE SO, IDK HOW MANY TIMES I WOULD GANK AND THEY DIDN'T NOTICE I WAS GANKING BECAUSE I DID NOT \"TARGET\" THEM. I PINGED MULTIPLE TIMES TOO THAT I WAS COMING) 3.Roam into the enemy jung and try to kill their jungler. Odds are they will be low hp. You will be able to combo him and get a free kill. If there is M.I.A. mid or top, don't even try. Odds are they will come into the jungle and help their jungler since they are probably walking to their lane. 4. You can farm golems or wolves in your own jung to keep up in cs.

Around mid game, secure objectives. You are strong as fuck. Group up with your team, take towers or dragon. You will destroy in team fights. Roam into other lanes, help them out, make sure they win their lane and get a tower. While doing this, FARM, FARM, FARM. Your team will thank you later.

Always stick with your team. You can't be hard headed thinking, \"Yeah I'm a total badass, I'm Ryze, I fuck shit up\". You will constantly die cause people will 2-3v1 you at any cost. Ward your jungle or theirs. Try to catch a person and kill them. Team fighting with 4v5 has never been easier. If you kill the jungler, FREE BARON. As long as your jungler knows how to smite that is. [The Throws Can Happen] REMEMBER: Ryze can carry even if he is negative or have no kills as long as he has full build or a lot of cs.

When you're in team fights. Make sure you stay back. You do most of the dmg. Your a burster. Once whoever initiates on your team, hell will break loose. While they focus the initiator, you make them beg for mercy when you step in. Also, if their team has assassins or people that goes balls deep just for your adc, you're there and you can protect and peel for your adc with your root. Easy kill cause your whole team jumps on him :D If you had to initiate, be careful. Make sure your team is with you at all times. You will get focused hard and will die quickly if all 5 champs focus you.

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