Blitzcrank Build Guide

Swift Hooks be like!

Updated 1 year ago

Yow Summoners! CjAy here from P-H-I-L, Season 5 Diamond III player, and to be honest, this is my very first guide here in Solomid, so if I have any mistakes or unecessary blah-blahs, don't ever hesitate to correct me in a calm and peaceful manner. (Im just a kid ^_^ ) So here goes nothing! Let's get fired up and ready to serve. My First Support Blitzcrank Guide! Enjoy! :) PROS AND CONS: PROS: 1. This Robot is VERY fun to play with. (If you're team is winning ofcourse) 2. A Single ROCKET GRAB ( Q ), can be a Game Changer. 3. Can be very Tanky with MANA BARRIER ( PASSIVE ) 4. INCREDIBLY HUGE Burst Combo after taking Lvl.6 skill 5. You can be the Judge of the Hook, determine whose fate will be shattered if you get in a Chase Down Situation and the Enemy Team goes all, RUN, RUN, RUN!!! IT'S BLITZCRANK! AND HE'S CHOOSING A TARGET! RUNNNNN!!! (THEN BZZZZRRRRTTTT) OHHHHHH SH*T, HE JUST CAUGHT ME. -.- , WABAMMM WITH THE UPPERCUT, NEXT COMES THE OTHER BZZZZZZZRRRRRRRTTTT with the Static Field ( R ), then next thing you know, you're screen turns Black and White with an irritating Red timer counting down. (Especially if the whole Enemy Team is around, I bet my mommas Kitchen Utensils, you won't last 5 seconds after you get Hooked) 6. Awesome laugh ( CTRL + 4 ) (Especially if you Grabbed any Squishy Champion of the Enemy Team + Skill Combo = Enemy Slain , then you place a Ward/Trinket on the spot where he/she died that should look like a Tombstone on top of the Slain One and Laugh all you can.) >:) 7. POWER FIST ( E ) has a low cooldown and can be very reliable. (Just know the right time to use it) CONS: 1. Miss a pull once, your ADC forgets about it, Miss a pull twice, ADC starts blabbering to correct your mistake, Pull the enemy with your ADC beside you with Low HP, BOOM!!! ADC Trashtalks the whole game (Even if you Win, some ADC's just won't stop Trashin Words) (SILVER GAMINGGG) 2. Most Teamates are very dependent on you to Hit the Target. But you usually end up pulling a Lane Minion or Sidecreep Minion which 78% of Blitz Users do. Teamates look up to you to give them Food. :D 3. Melee Champion - Easily poked and spammed by Ranged Types 4. EARLY GAME MANA HUNGER. (Cmon!? 2 missed Hooks and Mana is down to 50? Sheeshhhh) 5. You're just not very useful if your entire team is way behind you and waiting for Blessings to fly in from your hook. Be wise on WHEN TO CHOOSE BLITZ or NOT TO CHOOSE. + Enemy team mostly composes of Offensive Tank Champions or Damage Takers with Reliable Range of enemy ADC = NO TO BLITZ + Enemy team is made up of AP-AD Hybrid Top, Assassin Jungle, Melee Mid, AP Support and Short Range ADC = FIRE IT UP BLITZ! WE'RE GONNA FISHING WINS! --------> Then again, it depends on you, if you feel comfortable with using Blitz 24/7 despite the countering champions, it's your choice. And no one can ever take that away from you. You decide on what to do and how to do it. Let FRANKIE tell you that you should do it your way (IT'S MY LIFE - BON JOVI) :D

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