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The Queen of the Jungle

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Hi, I'm Nishimori. I've been playing League since season 1 and just started playing Jungle and Nidalee a couple of months ago but I'd say I'm a good Nidalee. I'm a very early game focused Jungler and I try to snowball the early game and end before the enemy team has a chance to catch back up. Early season 3 I was put in bronze and climbed up to Gold. Season 4 I was also Gold and in Season 5 I hit Diamond 5. (Nishimori is a smurf account) Nishimori is now Diamond 2 and I'm 84-27 with her with a 11.2/4.1/7.2 KDA

I usually start Gromp/Krugs depending on if I'm blue side or purple side. I usually do a lot of lane ganks where I try to get my laner to push and I'll go run into one of the lane bushes and wait for the wave to get back into the middle of the lane and kill them. Your skill order in a fight should be Spear > Cougar form > Pounce > Swipe > Pounce > Takedown for maximum damage output or you can just Spear > Cougar > Pounce > Takedown > Swipe to get damage in quicker.

Mid game you should be grouping and getting objectives. You should try to pick enemies off or stay with your team and chuck spears. You should also set up bushwhacks around to see any enemies if they try to flank you and step on it. Remember to sweep areas and try to land spears from the fog of war.

Late game most of your damage will come from spears, I wouldn't recommend trying to pick enemies off late game because it's too dangerous unless you have vision of all the enemies and you know there's no wards around. I'd recommend just staying with the team and staying in the back throwing spears until you see a good opportunity to go in.

In teamfights, you'll usually stay in the back line and throw spears + heal your teammates, you should never jump in unless you know it's a for sure kill or your team is there to back you up/their team is dead or too low to back up whoever you jump on.

I'm pretty sure this guide is pretty bad right now but thanks for reading, I'll try to update it and make it better later on.

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