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Hello guys, this is my first guide, so maybe you will find some mistakes, sorry for that. Well, actually I'm Silver II, not a much thing, but I've been playing a lot with Nautilus. Some weeks ago, many pro players played with him in LCS. This days, I made a lot of games with him top, you can carry a game in Silver elo at least with Nautilus top. Early game is kind hard, cause your E doesn't make many damage (makes good damage to farm), the magical damage from W isn't a big thing too, but if you're able to reach mid game with a good farm and kills, you can help a lot your team.

The only thing you need to focus in early game is to survive and farm. If you can do well these two things, you're in a good spot to help your team to reach the victory. Wait for a gank from your jungler, and when he comes, make sure u hit your Q and your basic, and that way the jungler can make his damage.

You can't play so agressive, but you can show up more. Make the right plays so you and your team can finish the game or take the game for the late. Your most important skills at this time are R and E.

The best part of the game (if everything went well in early/mid game). At this moment you should be so tanky that enemies can beat you down, and you can give a lot of damage with your abilities. Use your R in mid laner or ad carry, will be a good way to initiate a teamfight.

As I said in late game, use your R to catch mid laner or ad carry, use your W to protect your carries. But pay attention, you're very tanky, that's true, but if you get caught in a bad position, specially in the jungle, where you can't run away so easily with Nautilus, you might be in danger. Use your E in the middle of the enemies, will give your team a great opportunity to engage and kill.

It's over. My first guide, I believe there will be a lot of mistakes in this guide and isn't also complete, but I will complete soon as I get more information about matchups. P.S: I would like to make a guide for Sona (supp), what u think? P.S 2: I would like to train a team, doesn't mean a diamond or a high elo team. A Bronze or a Silver team would be perfect, PM in LoL if you want ( add: diogoambf) Edit 1 : Made some changes in runes, masteries and added Nasus matchup

Probably you want to see if Nautilus top is viable, I can't stream, but I'll let you some matches that I made till now. I made more than 20 games with Nautilus top, but only now (June 8th) I remember that I could add this thing to help you. - Against Jax - Against Sion - Against Nasus

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