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Yorick is a terribly unique champion because of the combination of sustainability in fights and damage output although he lacks the natural survivability which is made up for in items CDR = damage

Seeing how this is my first guide, I should probably explain jungling. Almost all junglers need to be tanks but there are two kinds - Jungle tanks and jungle carries Good jungle tanks include Warwick, Amumu, Jarvan, Rammus and Nunu who is more of a peeler Good jungle carries include Gangplank, Nocturne, Lee sin, and Olaf - although this depends on how well ganking goes for most. The junglers that fit both roles are Yorick, lee sin, Nocturne, Olaf, Udyr and Warwick because all have what I call "Passive damage" meaning you can go full on tank mid game and still do insane damage, which is why fed bruisers are simply overpowered. When jungling on almost every ad jungler a Vampiric Scepter is basically the best choice because of the amount of gold you save on pots although there exceptions to some like Udyr and Olaf who just jungle too fast to not go cloth armor 5 pot. When going against Nunu, be crafty, do the mini's to avoid counter jungling. When going against Shaco, be weary of his jungle ganking. The main thing to jungling and league of legends in general is aggresion. If you gank a lane 10 times, they will win the lane, counter jungle before they can, but don't give them the chance to come into yours. Ward their buffs, this gets you so many free kills and it is all profit because you know where the jungler is. The key to jungling is warding and ganking warding aggressively rather than neutral will give you the same amount of vision that you wanted on their jungler just a long time before they could even be a threat, and vision on if they must go shop, if they are low, when their buffs are up etc. Stealing buffs is suuuuuuuuper important. You steal a buff, you clock it, you get it on spawn all game. Most games I try to hinder the enemy of a buff for the whole game denying farm, ganks, and experience, and not to mention a buff. Ganking One of the fun jobs of a jungler is ganking. Early game you are going to want to feed off the vulnerable and weak as much as possible and mindless ganks are acceptable because it helps win the lane, which wins the game. Mid game you want to focus on what happens after the gank, like killing bottom then afterwards taking dragon (clock it of course) or taking the tower. When early game is over gank for a purpose, not JUST for kills. Objectives win the game and when its a 4v5 or more its quite a bit easier to take. But also, remember to never not gank, applying pressure helps more than farming the jungle. Ward and kill wards GG

For my runes and masteries I like combining them for 24 arpen and grabbing extra attack speed for faster jungling and more dps, armor for jungling, and Magic resist per level for tankiness against AP. And the magic pen increases his damage output.

Ward Buffs Ward Dragon Ward Baron Ward Chokes Get an oracles, you are a jungler, you roam, you see wards.. kill em.

Yorick is unique in hes role in fighting. He can peel for a carry effectively with his slow and extreme damage output. His damage is insane when all ghouls are popped His sustainability in a fight is amazing with all of the lifesteal that he has which helps in your job of soaking all the damage you can. What is great about a bruiser is when they can be a threat while soaking damage.

Playing Yorick was obviously hard to grasp by the LoL community seeing as how everyone thinks that a quite over powered champion is useless. This would be the doings of Triforce, which is quite terrible WHAT NOT TO DO ON YORICK, which is basically what everyone does. Triforce is awful, you don't get procs because you are spamming your buttons. Warmog + Atmas - this is basically good on anything ad but it doesnt compliment anything but his ad scaling Stack your Q - this is like hyper retardation, the other 2 abilites are for one magic which is faster jungling, ranged, and have higher base damage. 1 Q is taken for the AD scaling (Much like Garen you get one Q for the ad scaling) Now how do you truly play Yorick? The easy explanation is if you've ever been a WoW player, Spam like a Ret Pally Although for simpletons you want to spam all of your ghouls whenever you can and especially keep your lifesteal on CD.

Yorick is an extremely viable Champion when played to his potential Yorick has insane Damage and sustainability only to be complimented by CDR Yorick's ganks are a huge threat due to his slow and diving potential. Yorick can put out high damage with both physical and magic damage. He's great in the jungle because his abilities are magic and the tremendous lifesteal. Yorick isn't useless at all, in fact after watching replays and just seeing the amount of damage being soaked only to be instantly healed up I'd, have to say the healing is a bit broken. Summoner name: imaBK hoping to put up more jungle guides in the future.

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