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Brad, The Wandering Car Salesman (In-depth) (Patch 5.16)

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[center] If you clicked on this guide, and are entering a game for Bard, there is a TL:DR section. Skim through it if you want a brief overview of Bard![/center] [center][vid=][/center] [center]Why play Bard?[/center] Bard is one of the newer supports on the rift, whose kit revolves around roaming. His kit is one of the most unique kits in the game, and in my opinion the strongest kit in the game. His kit has so much power that he can fit into practically every team. However, his power can go both ways, helping either your team, or the enemy team. On release, Bard got a notoriously bad rep for being a troll champ, but after a few buffs and some play in competitive, people have accepted him as \"okay\". With some practice, you can make them think \"wow\", and show them the true power of a salesman. Cons: -Squishy early game -Kit has the ability to help the enemy team -Very little damage -Weak heal throughout the game -Your teammates have to use teamwork (he kinda sucks at lower elos) Pros: -Strong roamer -Very mobile -Kit has tons of utility -Built in health and mana sustain -Potentially strong CC on a low CD -Can technically heal anyone anywhere on the map -High skill-cap -Fun as hell [center][img=][/center] [center]About myself[/center] Right now I'm a Gold 1 player, who just got back into playing league. However, I think this guide is very informative, and can help those of you new to Bard get good at him. [center][img=][/center]

[center]Loading screen to ~ level 6[/center]At the loading screen, you can see which champions were picked and what summoner spells were used. Use this information to see your \"win conditions\" and adjust your play-style to help you win (Should I play passively or aggressively? Do we have a strong late game? Ect.). Some sample teams: [center][img=champ/maokai.png][img=champ/zac.png][img=champ/orianna.png][img=champ/tristana.png][img=champ/bard.png] vs [img=champ/blitzcrank.png][img=champ/ashe.png][img=champ/fizz.png][img=champ/leesin.png][img=champ/shyvana.png][/center] -In this situation, your team has a nice wombo combo. Your team can win teamfights easily. -The enemy team has a very strong early game, along with pick potential. If they manage to get a lead, they snowball very hard. Play safe and go for late game. -Play passive in lane so they enemy doesn't get kills. Your goal in this game should be to peel for your carries, and ward out the enemy team so they can't make picks. [center][img=champ/riven.png][img=champ/gragas.png][img=champ/ahri.png][img=champ/caitlyn.png][img=champ/bard.png] vs [img=champ/janna.png][img=champ/jinx.png][img=champ/azir.png][img=champ/sejuani.png][img=champ/sion.png][/center] -This time, your team has a strong pick comp, with mobility and range. -Their team has a very weak early game, but scales incredibly well. -Play aggressive to either force out the enemy jungle, or the enemy bot lane. Try to take early objectives to snowball your team ahead. -Make picks and stay somewhat seperated as the game goes on. The enemy team gets a stronger teamfight over time. Taking out the Jinx and Azir will win you a teamfight. -Try to get your team to get sweepers and/or pink wards. Denying enemy vision forces them to face-check brushes, the easiest way for your team to make picks. [center][img=champ/shen.png][img=champ/nunu.png][img=champ/morgana.png][img=champ/vayne.png][img=champ/bard.png] vs [img=champ/leona.png][img=champ/sivir.png][img=champ/annie.png][img=champ/jarvaniv.png][img=champ/rumble.png][/center] -Your team doesn't have reliable engage, but can kite for your ADC. -The enemy team has a huge wombo combo, with tons of damage. Never clump up with your teammates. -Play passive in lane, and make sure your ADC stays safe. When fighting, make sure to peel for your carry, as he/she does all the damage on your team. Your whole team needs to adapt this mindset, or else you will lose fights. [center]0:00 to 1:55[/center] -Before camps spawn, 3 Chimes will appear on the map. You will want to collect as many of these as you can SAFELY. -If your jungler starts on your side of the map, make sure to give him/her a nice leash before heading to lane. [center]Level 2 powerspike[/center] -The level 2 powerspike in the bot lane happens when you kill all 3 melee minions in the second wave. -----HOWEVER, Bard's passive gives him enough exp so that he hits his level 2 when only 2 melee minions are killed. -If you hit a cosmic binding on the enemy and you and your adc are level 2, you and your ADC can go all-in if you both choose to. -----If you miss the cosmic binding. . . . R.I.P. Back off a little, since the enemy laners will hit 2 shortly. [center]Levels 2 to 5[/center] -At level 2, Bard only gets a ~30hp heal when used immediately, so you are generally weaker in an all-in 2v2 with all 4 champions being level 2 (unless you hit them both with a cosmic binding). -Against a stronger lane [img=champ/ashe.png][img=champ/leona.png] save your Q for when they jump on you or your laner, then use your Q and meeps to disengage. -Against a weaker lane [img=champ/janna.png][img=champ/jinx.png] poke with your Q and if you get a stun on someone, love tap them with a meep. -Your sustain with your shrines [img=skills/bard/w.png] is okay if they reach the maximum heal, so make sure to use them to sustain your lane. -Make sure to put some shrines near your turret, and maybe one in your jungle to help your jungler out. -A few chimes will spawn, and some in lane. If they spawn in lane, use them as mana potions. -----These give mana based on your maximum mana, so don't feel as if you need to be at 0 mana to grab these. [center]Here I get poked out, so I head to my pre-placed shrine[/center] [center][img=][/center] [center]I place a new shrine and pick up a chime.[/center] [center][img=][/center] [center]I return to lane with more health and roughly the same mana with a new shrine placed down[/center] [center][img=][/center] [center]Roaming[/center] -Only roam (to collect chimes) if [b]ALL[/b] the following conditions are met: -----Your lane is pushed up -----Your ADC is safe by themselves during the time you roam -----You have enough health so that if you are caught by the enemy, you have a good chance of escaping. -The best times to roam are when: -----Your jungler is on the bottom side of the map -----The enemy mid laner is overextending -----The enemy jungler is on the top side of the map when heading mid -----The enemy jungler is low and whoever is nearby has kill pressure [center]When you roam, [b]PING SO THAT YOUR ADC KNOWS THAT YOU ARE ROAMING.[/b][/center] Sometimes you will leave lane, and your ADC will die, and say \"Where's my ****ing support? GGFF20\". If you ping, they will have no excuse to overextend. [center]Warding[/center] -During the early game, your mid lane, jungler, and your ADC will be busy farming. So will the enemies mid, jungler, and ADC, so people are less likely to gank during this time. But that doesn't mean they won't. -When you get a chance to roam a little, there are a few good warding spots. These spots are reliant on which team you're on, so they are both posted. [center][b]Blue[/b] team wards[/center] [center]Enemy Gromp, Blue and Wolves[/center] [center][img=][/center] [center]Southern tri-bush[/center] [center]If you place a pink ward in the tri-bush, put it towards the left so it's safer from the enemy team.[/center] [center][img=][/center] [center][b]Red[/b] team wards[/center] [center]Enemy razorbeak and ramp[/center] [center][img=][/center] [center]Southern Tri-bush and river bush[/center] [center][img=][/center] [center]Deep Pink[/center] [center]This one's a bit riskier to place, but usually lasts a long time.[/center] [center][img=][/center] [center]Wards for [b]Both[/b] teams[/center] [center]These wards are good for both sides, so expect the enemy to ward here too.[/center] [center]Dot bush[/center] [center][img=][/center] [center]Side lane bushes[/center] [center][img=][/center]

[center]Levels 6~13[/center] At level 6, you'll have your ultimate, and some wards (Whether a sighstone or bought wards), so warding out the enemy jungler will help your team. If your jungler ganks, you can use your ult to keep the enemy bot lane in place for your jungler to come. At this point in the game, your team should start focusing on the following things: [center]Vision[/center] -If you're the only one who has actual wards, try to use them to cover the most area possible. -When mid is taken, try putting a ward in the lane to see where the enemy team goes. -If you put a ward in the enemy jungler's raptor camp, it will immediately proc their raptor buff passive. -----There are more than your maximum of 3 wards shown, so put them where your team is. NOTE: The wards shown work for red side if you mirror them. [center][img=][/center] [center][img=][/center] [center][img=][/center] [center]Neutral monsters[/center] -Being able to take the enemies buffs and jungle camps denies their jungler lots of gold and experience, getting your jungler ahead while denying the enemies. -Having vision beforehand makes this safer. -Going into the enemy jungle forces them to go around it, which buys you time to push turrets. [center]Dragon and scuttle crab[/center] -Having a scuttle crab shrine before taking the dragon gives your team a huge advantage if the enemy team gets too close. -The ward it gives is also useful to have vision on the river, even if Dragon is down. -Having vision around Dragon is vital to win a teamfight, so here are the spots you'll want beforehand. -----Some of the spots shown above are just as good, or even better to get. [center][img=][/center] [center][img=][/center] [center]Outer and Inner Turrets[/center] -This one is the one people neglect the most. Getting down turrets denies enemy vision and allows you to push further into their base. -If given the choice between taking dragon and taking a turret, you should almost always go for the turret, and then return later for the dragon.

[center]Level 13 and beyond[/center] Around level 13, your team (or the enemy team) should have taken a few dragons, and some of the inner and outer turrets across the map. [center][b]Your ultimate goal at this point is to take down the Nexus.[/b][/center] To get to Nexus turrets, you need to get down the inhibitor turrets, and then inhibitors, which usually involves a siege. There are a few ways to make breaking down the enemies base easier. [center]Baron[/center] -When the Baron Nashor is killed, your team gives nearby minions a huge buff, which makes a siege ten times more effective than without it. -Be prepared for the enemy team to contest this, and be careful of Baron's damage. It's not to be underestimated. ----- Go to 1:13 to see what I mean. [vid=] [center][b]Make sure your team is strong enough to take Baron[/b][/center] With that thought in mind, What can you do to help take down Baron? Well... [center]Taking down the beast[/center] -When your team takes down baron . . . You have no damage against it. Your shrines provide a \"meh\" heal, so place them in the pit so your teammates don't die. -Try to tank Baron if you can, since he applies a debuff that reduces damage to him. You have none so it doesn't affect you! -Taking down the scuttlecrab beforehand is great for the speed boost. -If the enemy team comes and Baron is almost dead, [b]Stall the enemy team.[/b] -When you get low, look at your team. If Baron is almost dead, consider running towards mid lane so your team can secure it. [center][b]DO NOT MAKE A MAGICAL JOURNEY THAT WILL PUT THE ENEMY TEAM IN A POSITION TO SWEEP YOUR TEAM[/b][/center] This may be the only time where placing a magical journey can literally make or break the game. At this point the enemy team will be grouped with at least 4 people. If you get caught out and make a magical journey to your teammates doing Baron. . . you're giving the enemy team a way to not only kill you, but the rest of your team and then finish the game, since respawns take a very long time at this point. Having 4 teammates with Baron is better than losing your base. [center]Wards[/center] -Like everything on the map, warding around Baron gives your team the edge to win a teamfight. -These are Baron specific wards for both teams, but make sure to place some wards in the places that were shown in the mid-game (depending on which side your team is on). [center][img=][/center] [center][img=][/center] [center]Fifth Dragon[/center] -If your team has taken control over Dragon whenever it is up, then the possibility of a fifth dragon exists. -The fifth dragon gives you an insane amount of fighting stats, that turn even the weakest of champions into a damage threat. -Expect the enemy team to come and contest this. Place the Dragon wards that were shown earlier. -Dragon is very easy to take at this point in the game, so don't be afraid to fight after securing it. -This buff will literally win a teamfight, so if you're in a siege, don't be afraid to dive the enemy team. [center]The siege[/center] When setting up a siege, there are a few things you should prepare. -Get waves pushing. Set them up so that they push towards the enemy base so the possibility of a backdoor is impossible for the enemy team. -Take into account global spells. Teleport [img=summoners/teleport.png] Allows a teammate or enemy to push while being able to join a teamfight if one breaks out. -Consider sending someone to splitpush. Duelists [img=champ/jax.png][img=champ/zed.png] are very good at this, and can easily win a 1v1 while your team keeps pressure. -Wards are still as important. Here are the spots you will want to ward out. [center][img=][/center] [center][img=][/center]

In teamfights, Bard is literally the most complex champion to handle a teamfight, as he can make a teamfight a 5v5, or a 4v6. Here are some things to focus on. [center]Peeling[/center] -When in doubt, peel for your carry -----Your carry is either your ADC, or your mid laner, depending on who's stronger and who's more vulnerable. -When enemy champions try to attack your carry, get in their way. -----Block skillshots if you know they will hit your carry. ----------This doesn't mean to tank everything. If your carry has some distance between them and the enemy(s), then try to dodge some skillshots as well. -----Use your Q [img=skills/bard/q.png] and meeps [img=skills/bard/p.png] to slow/stun the enemy so they can't reach your carry. ----------When 2 champions come at your carry in different directions, use a Q on one and hit the other with a meep so they both get slowed. -----Use your W [img=skills/bard/w.png] as a speed boost to help your carry kite. -----Be careful when making a magical journey [img=skills/bard/e.png], anybody can follow through, which includes enemies as well! ----------Try to make it so it puts the enemy in a dangerous position. -----When you ult [img=skills/bard/r.png] on your carry, think \"If they had a zhonya's hourglass [img=items/zhonyas-hourglass.png], would they want to use it?\" ----------If the answer is yes, ult on them, and position yourself to protect your carry. ----------If the answer is no, holding onto your ultimate is not a bad idea. ----------Don't panic ult. This easily lead to a lost fight. Keep your cool to save your team. [center]Picking[/center] -Picking is useful to take out a member of the enemy team, allowing you to either have the pressure of a 5v4, or send someone to split push. -When you pick, you want to make sure that: -----You know where people are on the map. There's no point in making a \"pick\" that ends up in your team dying, or the enemy taking an objective that you can't answer. -----Your team has the ability to burst down the person being picked. If they escape without using important spells, you've most likely wasted a lot of time. -----Your team doesn't over-commit on a kill. A pick is good, but if you burn all your important spells, you won't have them to pressure. -Your ult [img=skills/bard/r.png] and E [img=skills/bard/e.png] naturally give your team huge pick potential. -----Use your ult to stasis the enemy, and use your E to close the gap. -When you ult, think \"If the enemy used a zhonya's [img=items/zhonyas-hourglass.png], would they be in a bad/awkward position?\" -----If the answer is yes, see who you're ulting. ----------If the enemy has no mobility, then go for it. ----------If the enemy has some mobility, then see if they used their mobility spell. Your ult can be dodged, so keep the enemy's escapes in mind.

-You picked Bard. Oh boy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bard in a nutshell----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Use the runes and masteries listed at the top. -Start out with spellthief's edge [img=items/spellthiefs-edge.png]. If you do well get a Frost Queen's Claim [img=items/frost-queens-claim.png]. -Buy a sightstone[img=items/sightstone.png] and sweeping lens[img=items/sweeping-lens.png], place some wards down. -Build these items after sightstone to get tanky: [img=items/randuins-omen.png][img=items/locket-of-the-iron-solari.png][img=items/frozen-heart.png]. Upgrade your trinket when you can [img=items/oracles-lens.png]. -Is your ADC fed/reliable? Get Zeke's Harbringer [img=items/zekes-herald.png]. -Need engage? Get one of these [img=items/talisman-of-ascension.png] [img=items/rigtheous-glory.png]. -Enemy team have alot of CC? Get this [img=items/mikaels-crucible.png]. -Need to protect your booty? Get this [img=items/banshees-veil.png]. -Use the skill order above. -Collect 5 chimes to get a slow. Every number than ends in 5 adds more to the slow. -Use Q[img=skills/bard/q.png] to poke in lane and peel in teamfights. -Use W[img=skills/bard/w.png] to sustain your lane. Watch your mana bar with these. -----If your jungler is one of these guys [img=champ/evelynn.png][img=champ/jarvaniv.png][img=champ/sejuani.png][img=champ/ekko.png] start w at the beginning of the the game and put down shrines in your jungle. They need it. -Use your E[img=skills/bard/e.png] to cut off people, or get teammates out of doge. -Use your ult[img=skills/bard/r.png] to pick off people.

Thank you for reading this guide, and best of luck to your bard! Feel free to comment below to tell me anything you know about Bard, League, items, champion match-ups, basically anything in this guide. [center]>>This guide has finished its general construction!!!!!<<[/center] [center]>>Over time, I'll add some more pictures to show some more things, but overall the guide is complete!<<[/center] [center]<<>>[/center] -8/26/15 added a TL:DR part and started arranging masteries differently. -8/24/15 updated summoner info -8/23/15 updated item descriptions, and added recommended items for match=ups -7/24/15 changed some descriptions around again, added some runes you can use. Waiting for new zeke's harbringer icon! (R.I.P. Zeke's herald). Also hit 5,000 views! -7/10/15 fixed some grammar errors, moved my account info up higher, and added Tahm Kench. -7/6/15 masteries were fixed! Yay! (R.I.P. Runic blessing) -6/26/15 updated masteries in the defensive tree -6/24/15 changed some pictures so they are easier to see locations, hopefully mastery pictures will be fixed at some point. -6/23/15 (midnight) fixed some more grammar things, the title and finished teamfights! -6/22/15 fixed some grammar errors, and updated some descriptions. -6/17/15 added a bit to teamfight, info about my player profile, and fixed some other stuff. -6/16/15 re-formatted items so it shows what stats the item gives, and cleaned up some champion match-ups -6/14/15 Changed skill orders -6/13/15 Added more info on runes/masteries -6/12/15 Finished up mid and late game, added more pictures and re-formatted early-late game so it's easier to see what's important. -6/9/15 re-formatted skills so it's easier to see what they do -6/8/15 added/updated a few pictures and added more content in mid-game -6/7/15 hit 1,000 views!!!!!!! -6/6/15 finished up some champion match-ups -6/3/15 added even more descriptions, finished early game, and added some champion match-ups. -6/2/15 added more pictures and changed some descriptions around -5/30/15 published guide

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