Corki Build Guide

Sustain Lane Game

Updated 3 years ago
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Stay back in farm, if someone tries to poke you, don't take it for free, respond with a q or auto attack back, you're definitely going to hit harder because of your passive. Make sure you don't get too bullied or harassed out of lane so you don't fall behind. Make sure you rush for a triforce, and the first item that you should complete is sheen for the proc.

Start to roam and gain dragon control. If you lose tower early, freeze lane and just cs. This let's you catch up to the enemy's marksman and zone them from xp. If you do get their tower first, then just start to roam with your support, making sure you help the losing lanes.

Poke the living shit out of the enemy. Your ult does a moderate amount of damage for the frequency that it can be used at so use it often, and make sure to land \"Big One.\" Stay in the back lines of teamfights. Only leave to cs if you are certain a teamfight will not occur.

Stay in the backlines and use your triforce proc to your advantage. Use ult>AA>Q>AA>ult>AA etc. Make sure you don't get caught out. If you die your team has little to no pushing potential or baron damage (unless you have a riven/nasus/lee sin). You should be able to shred anyone who jumps onto you by: W>E>AA>Q>AA>R. Also don't valkyrie in, use it to escape or if you are absolutely certain that it isn't a bait or you can kill that champ, then you can use it to chase. Save ignite for when you duel life-steal dependent champs, or when you think someone will kill you with low hp.

Corki is a great marksman that can shred you and quickly escape. He can poke you from afar and can gap close. His cs ability is insane early game and can easily zone you. Trading against him is high risk. Make sure you don't take free autos, return them.

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