Kog'Maw Build Guide

AP Kog'Maw - TONS OF DAMAGE!!!!! EET UR ENEMIEZ!!11!!!one! (Updated for Patch 5.6)

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Hello everyone! I am Javionne of the NA region, and I am currently Gold level. I fell in love with Koggy a while ago and I just think he is fantastically super and cute <3 I also love mages and magic, so I'm always eager to try out AP scaling champions. He's a full AP scaling champion (with a random AD ratio on his ultimate), and he has the ability to put out tons of damage in long fights. He's also one of the best siege champions in the game with his long ranges. I was stuck in Silver II-III for a long time, and one day decided to spam AP Kog in all of my ranked games. I quickly rose into Gold, and while I'm still learning how to play the game overall, I have been able to get into Gold II, around 80LP. I have played a little over 300 games with him, and I feel confident in my mechanical skills with him at my current level. http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/34182146#ranked-stats -link to my LoL King for updated stats This build guide is an adaptation of Aqua Dragon's build guide at Mobafire. I agree with a lot of his points, but I wanted to make some clarifications after playing AP Kog'maw for a while. Link to his build: http://www.mobafire.com/league-of-legends/build/master-1-ap-kogmaw-acid-reign-401859

AP Kog'Maw is a champion that has a terrible early game, but turns into a champion eating monster late game. He is perfect if you love to do long range poking and seigeing and you're comfortable with positioning. I love him, I do well with him and I hope you do too after reading this guide! P.S. Always remember to check runes, masteries, and summoners before the battle starts. GL HF loves <3

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