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Hi. I'm Heartbeat, from the formerly Team MRN. I'm also a high-ELO ranked player, who has three accounts in diamond 1 currently. I've played three roles competitively (mid/ad/support) and i consider myself to be a very versatile player with a good understanding of this game. u can follows me on twitter : @HeartbeatLoL or twitch stream: [imgext=] Okay. Enough about me, let's get into elise! elise is one of the most versatile champions in the game. She is played top, jungle, mid, and support competitively. There's a reason why she's so versatile - her kit is very flexible. So this guide will focus specifically on the elise support. [highlight]Pros[/highlight] [.]Very mobile in spider form. you can use her rappel to juke out your opponents or chase them! [.]Carries a catch ability (her Human form E, which is a stun) [.]does percent health damage, which means she will be relevant and strong all game [.]Her harass abilities are target spells on very low cooldown [.]she can brushcheck with her spiderlings/her human form W/rappel [.]Her mini-spiders can block skillshots [.]Does not use mana in spider form [.]Can assist dives really easily, because rappel gets rid of target aggro [highlight]Cons[/highlight] [.]mana intensive. [.]difficult to perfectly manage cooldowns switching between human/spider forms [.]Doesn't provide sustain for your support

carry support? what's that? well, currently I consider \"carry supports\" to be support champions that have the potential to completely \"carry\" games if they are able to win lane or snowball off an early lead. Elise is a complete lane bully, and her % damage poke and execute is extremely strong in lane. This is why she's played so often in the top lane. so, this means that you're actually going to be building a couple damage items, opposed to a completely support based (aura items basically) items that will help your team. so keep in mind in lane, that although you are a \"carry support,\" you still want to be trading with your ad carry, instead of trying to be a one man show by yourself. A lot of your ability to carry rely not only on your ability to harass/trade with your enemy bot lane, but also your ability to catch people with your cocoon (human form's E). SO! let's dive in!

because elise's kit encourages trading in lane as often as possible, this naturally makes AD carries that are good at 2v2 trades a good combination with elise. [img=champ/corki.png][img=champ/draven.png][img=champ/graves.png] - again, these three champions bring the biggest damage with their skills/autoattacks in lane. This means you can both walk up together to harass, and while corki/graves have the dash to follow up after you hit a cocoon, draven has another catch kill, stand aside, to possibly have more chances to catch your enemies off guard. [img=champ/caitlyn.png] - caitlyn is a lane bully, so is elise. Their skillset also works well with another. If you land your cocoon, caitlyn should be able to follow up with a trap underneath the same target, and her Q and your human Q/spider Q should chunk a HUGE portion of their health. [img=champ/tristana.png] - although trist is a short ranged ad carry in early levels, her all-in capability is probably one of the strongest. If you're able to land a good cocoon as you hit level 2 before your enemy bot lane, you should be able to get a kill with tristana's jump. [highlight]elise is NOT good with these AD carries:[/highlight] [img=champ/ashe.png][img=champ/vayne.png][img=champ/sivir.png] - because they have a rather weak laning phase, and their skillkit lacks damage early levels.

[highlight]I'll rate from 1(Easiest) to 5(hardest) on how difficult the match up is.[/highlight] [img=champ/alistar.png] - [highlight]3[/highlight] Alistar is a melee support, so you should be able to harass him pretty easily. However, he is really good at setting up ganks, so keep your distance under the enemy turret and be wary of his flash pulverize. [img=champ/blitzcrank.png] - [highlight]2[/highlight] blitzcrank is easy. if you get hooked, you can rappel and jump to a nearby creep. but you should stay near creeps, harass him whenever you can because he is melee, and this should be an easy lane for you. [img=champ/fiddlesticks.png] - [highlight]2[/highlight] another easy lane - you have a stun to stop fiddlesticks from using lifedrain freely, and your pokes do a LOT more damage than his poke. But still, be careful of his fear leading up to a jungle gank! [img=champ/janna.png] - [highlight]3[/highlight] This is a toss-up. Janna can just stay way back and shield your pokes. And her skillset makes her very difficult to catch and all-in. If you don't catch her early in lane, you might have a difficult time. [img=champ/leona.png] - [highlight]2[/highlight] Leona is a fairly easy match up if you rappel her combo correctly. when her cooldowns are down, you should be able to zone her completely from the wave. Make sure your AD carry is close to you so you can zone the enemy bot lane together. [img=champ/lulu.png] - [highlight]4[/highlight] Lulu outtrades you early, making this a rather troublesome lane. However you should start to do more damage with more levels on your Q, and because you have a catch ability, this should bring more pressure in lane than lulu. After 6 it becomes near impossible to kill a lulu lane because her ultimate is very strong.So be very careful about trading early with a lulu, and you will be okay. [img=champ/nami.png] - [highlight]1[/highlight] an easy lane because her sustain is way too long of a cooldown and you can free-harass her all day. Her bubble is also very easy to dodge. Back off when she uses her E on her carry, and when the cooldown is down you can completely crush this lane by yourself. [img=champ/nunu.png] - [highlight]1[/highlight] another very easy lane. nunu can't touch you - if he snowballs you, then your AD can engage freely on them. If he snowballs the AD, you can do a LOT more damage to them than the nunu can. So just be wary of all-in's past level 6, but levels 1~5 should be a breeze. [img=champ/sona.png] - [highlight]3[/highlight] This lane is a toss-up - the better player will win this match up. Sona is squishy early, yes, and if elise happens to catch her at early levels with her cocoon, you will be able to kill her. Other wise, if seh stays behind creep and sustain/poke from far away, elise will have a difficult time. [img=champ/soraka.png] - [highlight]2[/highlight] pretty easy lane. Take advantage of the fact that soraka's heal is on a 20 second cooldown. You should be able to dictate how the flow of this lane goes by always being aggressive when her heal is on cooldown. [img=champ/taric.png] - [highlight]2[/highlight] Just watch out for taric's stun into jungle gank. Other than that, taric is melee and should not be able to touch you. Just make sure you don't get caught by his stun when you're too far away from your ad carry - otherwise you will die by yourself if you get caught. Remember you can also dodge his stun with your rappel! [img=champ/thresh.png] - [highlight]5[/highlight] This match up is the toughest match up for elise. Thresh is really naturally tanky, and he can definitely out-trade you because of his passive bonus damage on his E. The only thing you can do is poke out the AD carry when you can, but after level 6, even that becomes impossible because of thresh's ultimate. You should still be able to go even in lane by standing near creeps and not getting hooked. Remember that you r spiderlings can block thresh's hook too! [img=champ/zyra.png] - [highlight]3[/highlight] skill match up. If zyra can land her snare, then you will take a HUGE amount of damage. But however, you can still outplay her by using rappel to dodge her snare, then hopping on her. so, YES, you can outplay her, but just watch out for the snares. they hurt.

you can position yourself in spiderform so that spiderlings will walk past the other side of the wall. here are some examples: [imgext=] [imgext=] [imgext=] [imgext=] you can use this tactic to scout without endangering yourself, especially at level 1. Remember these spots and use them wisely! :)

[twitch][/twitch] This game, I was able to play elise against one of her harder matchups, Lulu + Graves. So I played really patiently in lane, knowing that I can't outtrade lulu early on. If you play against a botlane who beats you in trades, you should still trade and look to use your Q when the enemy's AD is trying to cs, try to get in free pokes. If you get discouraged and don't do anything, that's when people believe that you're showing no presence in lane and become useless. I demonstrated a lot about how to do tower diving with elise's rappel, and how to trade properly in lane. so watch this quick video guide to get a grasp of how elise support works! although i didn't exactly show you guys a 'carry' part of the carry support, i was still able to make plays at bottom lane with my rappel often.

Okay. so let's talk more about elise's laning phase. You should actually read all the support match-ups i have above, and determine if you're going to have a relatively easier/harder time. If you're against an easy lane, you want to spam your Q as much as possible, until you have about 40% mana. Also, I advise you not to use Q too much when it is level 1 because it doesn't do too much damage in earlier levels. Q will start to really hurt a lot starting from level 3, in which then you should be full spamming dat Q. Try to practice elise so that you can throw out free Q's when the enemy is autoattacking or csing - you should be able to walk away after without taking any damage. If you feel like you have a good kill potential, ping the enemy, shoot your cocoon. If it lands y ou should be able to successfully kill your target with ignite and your execute bite. If you're against a hard lane, you're gonna have to learn how to trade with stuff like lulu/sona/thresh because it isn't just faceroll spam Q. Learn how to trade, you're probably going to trade with Q+one auto attack. If you land a cocoon, you shouldn't just all in with spiderform.. be smart about it. If you all-in all of these champions are resilient against your all-in so you should think twice about doing an all in. Another thing to note that if you feel like you can tank towers doing a dive with your jungler, do so! but you have to gauge how much damage the tower is doing to you because you don't want to kill yourself. The last tower hit you can take, you dodge that tower attack by rappeling before it hits you, and you should be able to successful tank extra towers shots for the dive using rappel. practice makes perfect!

okay! let's talk about teamfighting with elise now. First, you HAVE to realize that you're not a top lane elise. You're not going to be building sunfire, and you're not going to be tanky and diving their carries. If you feel like you're WAAAY ahead, having both your penetration items, then you can rappel onto a stray ad carry in teamfights and kill him. If you're not ahead, you want to stay with the AD carry, and use your cocoon as a peeling ability. You're still going to be doing % health damage to tanks, so you will pack a punch no matter who you're targetting. So just stay back with your carry, and learn how to make use of yourself. You can see what they have, and if you feel like you can use your spiderlings to tank some enemy skillshots, do so! Remember that you can always rappel important ultimates, such as varus ultimate or ashe ultimate for example. there are a lot of situations that a teamfight can bring, and i can't go over the millions of possibilties. So just play elise a LOT, and learn how to respond to a lot of situations. Before you fight, it's also really smart to throw out some cocoons at carries for a potential catch too. Just be smart, use your judgment, and learn from every teamfight! ^~^

thanks for reading my guide! I spent a lot of effort and time to make these guides so i thank everyone that takes time to read and appreciate my guides. I think elise is one of the most fun supports to play, and I actually played her for like 2 weeks straight because I thought she was OP. (shes op shh) Elise isn't too hard to play, you just need to learn trading with her for laning phase, and knowing when you can kill them with your execute skills. In teamfights, just make sure you stay alive as long as you can - it's wrong to just dive in to 5 people and dying. So be smart! do what you have to do to NOT DIE, unless you have to sacrifice yourself for a carry. tune in to my stream, i often do commentary and teach how to get better at the game, as well as me trying to get better myself. this is my stream schedule! weekdays (mondays~fridays) 12PST ~ 6PST and i stream on weekends on random times :p but DO tune in on weekdays! ^~^ alright. take care all!

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